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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Vacation vetoed


Just when they thought it was safe to lay out on that lawn chair...

In a move likely to send Waltham City Councilors scrambling back from vacation, Mayor Jeannette McCarthy has vetoed the creation of a controversial commercial zoning district near Totten Pond Road.

City Clerk Rosario "Russ" Malone said that he received the veto along with a related communication from the mayor to councilors on Monday, but that it had been signed June 30, just before the Independence Day holiday.

Councilor Robert G. Logan and other supporters of the ordinance, which narrowly passed June 26, will have to get an approval from two-thirds of the council's 14 members to override the veto, and they might need a special meeting to do it because they've adjourned for the summer.

Watch for more details in Sunday's Globe West.

-- Stephanie Siek

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