How about 1,001?

A few nitpicks with the 'Great Places' list.

By Charles P. Pierce
August 8, 2010

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Dear Great Places in Massachusetts Commission: So, you found 1,000 of them? Good for you. I knew there was more to this place than we let on. Of course, Boston has the most Great Places, and some of them would have been on the list if you had compiled it in 1775. I chose to look at the list autobiographically. Let’s begin in Worcester, where I was born. I don’t have any objection to the sites included, but, really folks, not a single saloon? No love for Wonder Bar’s pizza? I mean, I like the Higgins Armory, especially when all the school groups go dashing off to see the Sharp Things That Can Kill You exhibits, but just try and get a cheese-and-pepperoni there at 9 p.m. Moving on to the town where I grew up, Shrewsbury, you can pretty much throw a rock from the front lawn of the Artemas Ward house into the fountains at Dean Park, so you don’t have to stay long, if you don’t want to. And, elsewhere, I was supremely glad to see Douglas State Forest, where I used to work, on the list, along with the Old Douglas Center Historic District, which we once used to call The Place to Get Coffee. It was there that I learned that people throw charcoal from their fire into trash cans. On a Sunday, we rangers then had to put out a dozen tiny fires so the whole place wouldn’t go up. Please tell the people using your list not to do this, OK?

Charles P. Pierce /