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May 3, 2009
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Meaghan Wahl has a pretty sweet deal for someone living with two roommates: Because she has the smallest bedroom in her Somerville duplex, she also got the apartment's office. Unfortunately, she never made adequate use of the space (below, left).

"When I moved in four years ago," she says, "I didn't know I'd be staying for so long, so I didn't really decorate or anything." The room was doing double duty: Wahl, a fitness buff, was using it to stash gym bags, sneakers, and sports equipment. When she got laid off recently from her job as an IT consulting sales rep, Wahl felt she needed a proper office more than ever, and Dawn Link stepped in to give it to her.

"One of two things is usually happening," says Link of Resolutions Organizing. "Either there's too much stuff or there's not a system. In her case, clearly it's 'not a system.' "

"Just the motivation of knowing I was organizing the office," says Wahl, "got me to be a little more proactive about the job hunt." She already has three interviews lined up. "It's a more relaxing and inviting atmosphere, and I feel more mentally prepared in an organized space."