Joe Kennedy

Return to government by the people, for the people

(Michele Mcdonald/Globe Staff)
By Joe Kennedy
January 14, 2010

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A CANDIDATE’S worthiness for office must be measured against the person being replaced. Whether you liked him or not, Ted Kennedy was a powerful force in the Senate, because of his passion, devotion and drive. He had little government experience when he took office, and yet his drive made him a leader. I disagree with Ted Kennedy’s politics, but I have drive and I am a proven leader. While nearly 30 unenrolled voters took out papers to compete in this race, only I had the passion, devotion and drive to get on the ballot.

I did not get into this race for fame or money. It cuts my pay and intrudes into my private life, but I expected that. I entered because every day I see more friends out of work, struggling to support their families, and I know how to fix it. Our taxes increase, while those on entitlements live better than those working multiple jobs to support their families. This must be stopped.

Like many in Massachusetts, I am fed up with government taking money and freedoms, giving us nothing in return. Everyday when you go to work to feed your family, Congress goes to work to take more from you. I will not let that continue.

We, as a nation, invade and occupy foreign lands to protect “our interests.’’ In truth, it is because of oil. Our interests should be the men and women who have completed their mission and want to come home. I receive emails from disabled veterans thanking me for wanting to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan because they know we cannot win. I will file legislation to bring our troops home, secure our homeland against threats, and save hundreds of billions of dollars.

Regarding healthcare, it was inevitable that both houses of Congress would vote for ObamaCare. Our government does not listen to what citizens say or feel. Politicians act without representing the people. Everyone else running supports government-run healthcare either on the state or federal level. Massachusetts small businesses and recent college graduates are suffering under a state plan they do not want or need. In Washington, I will oppose ObamaCare. Then I will get rid of government deals and anti-trust exemptions that cause our healthcare to be unaffordable and inaccessible.

Most importantly, I will file legislation to change government and make it illegal to buy votes in Congress as we have seen with the current bill. That is not right. I will ensure government by the people and for the people.

Lastly, I will fight cap and trade. The government itself is among the largest polluters, and cap and trade is a hypocritical tax that will decimate every business and family. I will go after the real polluter, the government, and ensure that it cleans the over 1,000 contaminated military and research sites.

This race is about our future, our jobs, and our children. There is only one way out of this recession and that is through spending cuts. I will go to Washington with a big eraser. Where I find waste I will work to repeal it and return every dollar to the taxpayer. If you care about our economy, jobs, affordable health care, our troops, and 100-percent equality for all there is only one choice on January 19th and that is Joe Kennedy.

Joe Kennedy, an information technology executive from Dedham, is an independent candidate.

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