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Bishops’ push to assert doctrine is what Founders wanted to avoid

"The Founding Fathers specifically sought to separate the influence of religious organizations from the practical task of running a secular government." - Thomas Claflin

George Washington’s words backfire

"I listen with great interest to the hue and cry about access to contraceptives for all women." - Sally Russell

No Child leaves much damage behind

"Teachers, parents, and most especially students should cheer the news that Massachusetts has been granted a waiver from No Child Left Behind." - Christine Beagan

If women’s rights are target now, what will GOP eye next?

"If a society will not protect its current and future mothers, it will not and should not survive." - Arthur Thomas

Brown lauded for defending religious freedom

"[Senator] Brown is trying to ensure that the law does not discriminate on the basis of religion." - Katie Martin

Onus put on US, Israel, with a nod to Palestinians

"James Carroll puts the onus on America, Israel, and the West for Iran’s behavior." -- L. Glovin

Nuclear ambitions grow regardless of our hawkish rhetoric

"A consensus has emerged among the United States and its allies that a nuclear Iran would pose a grave worldwide threat." -- Lester Fagen

A hope that diplomatic pressure is not off the table

"I hope that if we have learned nothing else from our recent forays in the Middle East, we have learned the limited ability of war to induce a policy change in another country." -- Martin Samuels

Foreclosure accord is a key step toward homeowners’ relief, banks’ accountability

"We have already recovered $600 million for Massachusetts borrowers through our actions against big banks and Wall Street giants." -- Martha Coakley

Problems with patronage extend to governor’s office

"The governor’s office should be ashamed for suggesting that their referrals don’t unfairly tip the scales in the hiring process." - Allan Fierce

Auditors failed to bring housing chief’s pay to light

"If a number of people are not fired, starting with every auditor and audit firm that ever had a look at the books, then this will be seen as government business as usual." - John Herrold

A virtual one-party state lets corruption go on

"Unless and until voters here wake up to that fact, the Globe will be destined to write editorials with the same theme. Only the names will change." - Donald B. Bruck

A tree or two, or three, would help

"What a difference a natural blend of maples, birches, and other plants could make to City Hall." - Robert A. Young

You can’t get there from there

"I visited Boston City Hall shortly after it opened. I was given a flyer on 'getting around' in Boston City Hall. Here is what it said." - Edwin A. Lane

In love with Boston’s architectural mix of innovation, tradition

"The greatest sensation for me was the experience of the new Boston City Hall set with full effect in its plaza and across from the venerable Faneuil Hall." - Roger Dunn

Its overseers have not been kind to this structure

"On a recent visit, I noticed that much of the metal work on the counters had fallen into disrepair, and that no one seemed to care about maintaining the lighted elevator signs explaining which agency is on which floor." - William Lee Roberts

Le Corbusier came first

"The monastery’s construction began in 1956, and whether consciously or otherwise, the architects of City Hall owe much to this earlier work." - Terrence Heinlein

Building’s design captured the essence of city government

"The spaces within City Hall are just as grand as the exterior — perhaps too grand for many Bostonians." - Herbert Gleason

Inspiration for Hub to think big

"We need to recognize the Boston area’s potential and the necessity of competing with the most attractive regions of the world." - Roger Wilson

Incomparable setting doesn’t need to be ‘transformed’

"Unless we simply want to copy London’s Ferris wheel idea, restoring the Esplanade to its original beauty and accessibility is enough imagination and transformation." - Nathan Green

Toymakers show little value for the young female brain

"Toys from companies as venerable as Lego reflect culture and values. The new products show little value for the young female brain, even today." - Nicole St. Clair Knobloch

Esplanade is a DCR priority

"Whether the events on the Esplanade are private, public, historic, cultural, or recreational, the Esplanade is never far from the DCR staff’s minds." - Edward M. Lambert Jr.

Encounter outside the food pantry

"To Ms. Well Dressed in the Back Bay: Come volunteer some of your time at our pantry, or at one of the many programs that serve meals to those in need." - Jim Vogel

Many draw strength from their religious beliefs

"Whenever fundamental questions arise about morality, and about the obligations and rights of the individual, the family, and the community, all believers should be ready and proud to join the debate with their opinions and reasoning." - Christopher G. Hebard

Change made to King Memorial shows how words matter

"Posterity will care far less about two different colors of granite on this important monument than that we have the accurate and profound quotation of King’s words." - Jonathan D. Scott

Cause of equality is advancing

"More than 42 percent of Americans already live in the 21 states that have various forms of legal marriage, including same-sex marriage, civil union, and domestic partnership." - Ned Flaherty

Focus on brand names underplays value of generic drugs

"In most cases, use of lower-cost generics is an opportunity for doctors and patients to reduce health care costs, with no impact on quality of care." - Dr. David Seldin

Elsevier committed to universal access to content, sustainable publishing model

"As the former president and CEO of Cell Press, which is an Elsevier imprint based in Cambridge, I can attest to the value added in the publishing process by the scientific editors and production teams Elsevier employs." -- Lynne Herndon

Yeah, right, doctor

"Did the so-called untruths counted by the Health Affairs survey include: During this procedure, you may feel a little pressure. Just try to relax’?" -- Kathleen Kilgore

In hiring, Patrick administration looks for shared ideals, goals

"When we hire the people who report to us, and when they hire the people who report to them, we want a team that shares the ideas and ideals that the public voted for." -- Timothy P. Murray

It’s the 2012 election, stupid

" 'Is there a legitimate reason for liberals not to vote for Obama?’ As a lifelong liberal, I say no, unless there is a more liberal politician who has a reasonable chance of winning the 2012 presidential election." -- Felicia Nimue Ackerman

How else can the left send Democrats a message?

"Most liberals I know hold their noses and vote Democratic anyway." -- Alan Peters

A certain gender divide

"If men became pregnant, there’d be no debate." -- Lee Ann Hoff

Church lacks moral authority to impose will on women’s rights, health

"Catholic leaders’ attempts to impose their medieval morality on employees of institutions that are religious in name only will not withstand public scrutiny." -- C. Gerry McGowan

Music is enhanced by a great conductor, but not defined by one

"Orchestras and conservatories have a history of placing greater value on the prestige and accolades of the conductor than on the sound and caliber of the ensemble." -- Joshua Levy

Debate highlights absurdity of our health care system

">Our nonsensical linkage of health coverage to employment not only means that you lose your health coverage when you lose your job, it creates endless opportunities for us to have silly arguments such as the one now playing out." -- Rand Barthel

Bruins goalie doesn’t speak for this former parochial student

"I have 13 years of parochial school under my belt, and Tim Thomas certainly does not stand with me." -- Louis LoRusso
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