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Obama’s compromise respects rights of church and of women

The compromise on contraceptive coverage announced by President Obama earlier this month has failed to quell the acrimonious debate around the issue. (Boston Globe, 2/20/12)

Cambridge mayor: The world is waiting

With the threat of an attack against Iran’s nuclear program looming, this is no time for the Cambridge mayor’s office to remain vacant. (Boston Globe, 2/20/12)

McDonalds gets the message

In an age of environmental anxiety, morality on the farm has a social cachet, and a potential payoff at the cash register. (Boston Globe, 2/20/12)

Mayweather: Shut up and box

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. would be wise to stop his comments about the NBA's Jeremy Lin and instead watch how an athlete proves himself. (Boston Globe, 2/19/12)

Begging for representation

If you’re an indigent criminal defendant, the state provides you with a lawyer for free. But there is no such guarantee for needy Massachusetts residents involved in civil cases such as foreclosure. (Boston Globe, 2/19/12)

UConn deserves no waiver from tougher academic rules

The University of Connecticut is asking the NCAA for an exception to tough graduation rules for athletes -- and shouldn't get it. (Boston Globe, 2/19/12)

More shame on former Auditor Joseph DeNucci

Seven years ago, state auditors had the number of Michael McLaughlin, the conniving former director of the Chelsea Housing Authority. But it appears they looked the other way. (Boston Globe, 2/18/12)

Big savings for small business in new, innovative health plans

New health plans announced last week will allow members of the first cooperative to save at least 20 percent, and in some instances double that, on premiums. (Boston Globe, 2/18/12)

Real problems, false solutions

Even as legislators in many states promote ID laws as the solution to an imaginary epidemic of voting fraud, the real deficiencies in America’s voter-registration processes go unaddressed. (Boston Globe, 2/17/12)

NStar deal, rise of Cape Wind will boost the state’s economy

The Patrick administration emerged with a fair bargain from NStar, requiring it to purchase electricity from Cape Wind as a condition of state approval of its merger with Northeast Utilities. (Boston Globe, 2/17/12)

Anthony Shadid: Bearing witness where others wouldn’t

The death of the award-winning journalist, after an apparent asthma attack at age 43, was more of a shock than a surprise. His reporting was his gift to the world. (Boston Globe, 2/17/12)

Hudak’s fountain of youth

Using a campaign list to push a dubious product showed poor judgment — especially if former Republican congressional candidate Bill Hudak is serious about returning to the ring in 2014. (Boston Globe, 2/16/12)

Mrs. Assad: Covering up with fashion

Amid a deteriorating situation in Syria, Asma Assad, wife of President Bashar Assad, has not been seen at New York Fashion Week, where she was last year's high glamour first lady. (Boston Globe, 2/16/12)

‘Esplanade 2020’: Dazzling vision, thorny questions about traffic

The more dazzling improvements in the Esplanade 2020 plan will require a diligent planning process and a long-term commitment from the community. (Boston Globe, 2/16/12)

Truro lacks cause to demolish home that blocks Hopper’s ‘view’

The objections to the home on Cape Cod, which was ordered to be demolished nearly a year after it was completed, are quirky and unpersuasive. (Boston Globe, 2/15/12)

Proving themselves by performing

While the for-profit business model may offend some sensibilities, students at such schools in Holyoke and Springfield consistently outperform their peers. (Boston Globe, 2/15/12)

For livelier debate over ideas, House must get bills on floor

Under a new reform plan for the House, representatives from both sides of the aisle would agree to support one another’s efforts to bring bills to the full floor, and resurrect the era of free-wheeling legislative debate. (Boston Globe, 2/14/12)

Dog show: Canine 1 percenters only

In dropping the Pedigree brand as a sponsor, and its ads supporting the adoption of shelter dogs, the Westminster Kennel Club highlights the disconnect between the plight of millions of mutts and the bizarrely cosseted existence of canine 1 percenters. (Boston Globe, 2/14/12)

Science loses out to adventure

President Obama's proposed budget puts too much money into a manned space program of questionable value and not enough into the scientific and robotic efforts that accomplish most of the exploration. (Boston Globe, 2/14/12)
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