FAQ: The New Globe
1. How is The Boston Globe changing?

On October 24, 2008, the Boston Globe will be published in a four-section format (plus classifieds) Monday through Saturday. The sections will appear in the same order each day, providing more consistency to how we present Globe coverage. The change will make the paper easier for our readers to find the type of news and information they want to read.

An exciting and important part of this announcement is the introduction of a section that we expect to be very popular with our readers. It is a new daily magazine-style section called “g” that focuses on arts, culture, movies, entertainment, people, and lifestyles.

2. Why the change?

Over the last eight months, we spent considerable time talking with our core Globe readers, along with our staff, our advertisers, and our peers in the news business. We asked them how the Globe can better serve its readers at a time of rapid change in the news business. We listened. These improvements - the new “g” section; a consistent four-section format; a significant increase in color throughout the entire paper; changes in some story lengths (some will be longer, some shorter) – are products of your input. We hope these changes will deepen the satisfaction and engagement between the Boston Globe and our core readers.

In addition, it’s no secret that newspapers are going through a difficult financial phase and we have to conserve resources in order to maintain the high quality of our journalism. Reducing newsprint is one part of that strategy, so we need to make the best choices we can as to what is of highest value to our readers.

3. What are the four sections?

Our front page will continue to offer the full range of national, international, local news, arts, entertainment, and sports stories our readers want from us, though clearly our focus is on Boston and stories that matter most to us here. The inside of our A section (Main) carries international and national news, as well as the continuations of our Page One stories. The A section also features the Editorial and Op-Ed pages as well as the Globe’s Health and Science pages on Monday. The B section (Metro) provides city and regional news and includes the Business pages and Obituary listings. Names will run in this section, usually on a color page. The C section is Sports. Weather will appear on the back of Sports from Tuesday to Saturday and will float on Monday. The fourth section is “g” – our brand-new magazine-style section that covers the richly rewarding worlds of arts, movies, entertainment, people, and lifestyles.

4. What is “g”?

“g” is a magazine-style section focusing on arts, culture, entertainment, people and lifestyles. It will run Monday through Saturday and will cover the complete spectrum of Boston’s vibrant arts and entertainment world as well as present compelling lifestyle features and profiles. The section will be published six days a week, building to a peak of 48 pages in Friday’s weekend edition. The tabloid-size section is designed to be stylish, lively, and fun – filled with substance and personality. “g” will also contain comics and TV listings, which will be in color every day for the first time, as well as puzzles, horoscopes, and more.

5. What happens to the Globe’s other sections such as Living & Arts, Sidekick, etc.?

“g” combines Living & Arts, Sidekick, Food & Arts, Style & Arts, Calendar, and Weekend into an easy-to-read, one-stop section conveniently formatted and easy to use. “g” will be a themed section three days a week: Wednesday’s theme is Food, Thursday’s is Style, and Friday’s is Weekend. “g” will also include color comics, color-coded TV listings, and movie listings every day.

Expect to see new editorial content as part of “g” as well. “g force” is a featured daily interview with a person of interest. On Wednesdays (Food), “g” will feature recipes that are much easier to cut out and save. On the last page of “g,” our longtime columnist Alex Beam will appear twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. For the rest of the week, a new column will appear, featuring a different writer each day, and will focus on lifestyles, family issues, and relationships.

6. Calendar doesn’t appear to be one of “g’s” themes. Is anything happening to the Calendar listings?

On Thursday, “g” will present a new feature, “Next Week,” in which Globe critics and writers will provide “g” readers with at least five top picks in each of 13 categories of activities. For example, five picks for Pop & Rock, five picks for Folk, World, and Country music, etc. Broad categories cover Music, Nightlife, Arts, and Events. Picks include a brief write-up of the event to better inform readers’ choices.

A larger list of events will be available on Boston.com/ThingsToDo. The on-line searchable listings will replace the traditional free Calendar listings.

7. Does this mean that the Globe is cutting its arts and entertainment coverage?

No. There will not be any reduction of arts and entertainment coverage with the launch of “g”.

8. What happened to Sidekick?

Sidekick will no longer be published starting on October 24. Much of the news and information normally found in Sidekick will now be found in “g”.

9. Will “g” be online?

“g” content can be found on Boston.com under the “Today’s Globe” tab. It will appear as the Living/Arts section does now, except the name will change to “g.”

10. Are there any other changes to the Globe?

To further simplify the reading experience and present interesting stories at the right length, we have virtually eliminated “jumps” of our Page One stories from the Main section to other sections of the paper. Almost every Page One story will begin and end in the Main section. We have redesigned the Nation and World pages within the Main section to present condensed versions of news stories that are longer than single-paragraph news briefs, yet shorter than a traditional news story. The font size for the entire paper was also increased slightly. We believe these changes will help improve the readability of the Globe.

11. Is anything happening to the Sunday Globe?

No significant changes will be made to the Sunday Globe. Earlier this month, we announced that TV Week will no longer be available in the Sunday paper starting on Sunday, October 26. Instead, we are offering subscribers a discount subscription to TV Guide. We also have created a color-coded page of TV listings in our Sunday Arts & Entertainment section. Subscribe to TV Guide using our special offer for Globe readers.

12. Is any content, beside listings, being eliminated? Why cut anything?

We will discontinue the back-page Wednesday travel feature. We also will be reducing some of Thursday’s Style features, although the “g” section on Thursday will still be themed as Style & Arts. It’s no secret that newspapers are going through a difficult financial phase and we have to conserve resources in order to maintain the high quality of our journalism. Reducing newsprint is one part of that strategy, so we need to make the best choices we can as to what is of highest value to our readers.

It’s important to remember that we have been consistently expanding coverage on Boston.com – and that coverage is by the same journalists who gather news and information for the Globe.

13. Does this reflect a change in how the Globe covers the news?

These changes are intended to improve how the Globe presents news to its readers – it has no bearing on what the Globe chooses to cover and how the Globe covers it. The Boston Globe will continue to provide unique value to the local community – energetic, comprehensive daily news coverage that sets the news agenda in Greater Boston. These improvements are physical changes to the layout and structure of the Boston Globe but not its substance. The Globe’s editorial mission and our breadth and depth of coverage remain the same.

14. I’m an advertiser, how does this affect me?

For advertising information, please visit our special page for advertisers

15. How can I provide feedback?

We welcome your comments on these changes. You can tell us what you think in our feedback section.