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February 25, 2011 Permalink

Libya: Unrest and uncertainty

As militiamen and mercenaries loyal to Moammar Khadafy ferociously strike back at rebels in and around the Libyan capital of Tripoli, much of the rest of the nation is embracing a bracing reality: After 41 years of ruthless and total control by Khadafy, they are suddenly free to rule themselves. In Benghazi, Libya's second-largest city and the cradle of the revolt, chants of jubilation are interspersed with quiet meetings. Neighborhood leaders are working to figure out such tasks as how to direct traffic and ensure utilities are up and running as they craft a plan for the future of the city. For guest workers and other expatriates, the future is no longer Libya. By the tens of thousands, they have been attempting to flee the violence, massing at ports as they await ships, overrunning the main airport,, and crossing by any means possible into Tunisia. Here's a look at one day -- Thursday -- in the life of those parts of Libya under rebel control. -- Paula Nelson (33 photos total)

Exclamations of joy fill the air as residents of Benghazi find themselves in an unimaginable situation: Freed from Moammar Khadafy's rule for the first time in more than four decades. (Suhaib Salem/Reuters)
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#20 Those are links to ammunition belts not grenades. which means they are showing that ammo was used against the protestors

Posted by OptimusMatrix February 25, 11 01:04 PM

Here's hoping this leads to peace. good luck all.

Posted by humanbeing February 25, 11 01:06 PM


Posted by VIMtheRaBBiT February 25, 11 01:14 PM


Posted by chinaboy February 25, 11 01:20 PM

This is journalism at it's best

Posted by Panchajanya Choudhury February 25, 11 01:21 PM


Posted by chinaboy February 25, 11 01:21 PM

у нас теж янукович

Posted by karl marcs February 25, 11 01:51 PM

#32.You're obviously confusing Crete with Cyprus.There is no foreign part of Crete.The whole island is greek.

Posted by Alexandros Argyropoulos February 25, 11 01:51 PM

Love the number 18

good photos

Posted by Cesar Rodriguez February 25, 11 01:51 PM

I've been waiting for those photos for quite some time, and I have to say, they didn't let me down. Stunning!

Posted by Konstantin Furrer February 25, 11 01:59 PM

We live in a sad world

Posted by Anti February 25, 11 02:08 PM

+1 for Alexandros Argyropoulos (comment #8)
#32 The whole island of Crete is Greek.

Posted by Γιώργος Κ February 25, 11 02:38 PM

Nice post. Just an observation: In the caption of image 32 is writen "...arriving on the Greek part of the island of Crete". To the best of my knowledge the entire insland is part of Greece, not just a part. Unless you know any better...

Posted by M. Sam. February 25, 11 02:43 PM

God bless them all...and may they get what they deserve. Brave people.

Posted by kay mcgrory February 25, 11 02:45 PM

Good pictures but Alexandros Argyropoulos is right. Crete is all Greek (but no Cyprus_

Posted by Russel February 25, 11 03:50 PM

We want freedom like everyone else, nothing MORE nothing LESS. I will prey for these brave youth. VIVA Libya

Posted by Adnaan Omar February 25, 11 03:59 PM

#20 (see also comment 1): to be exact, they look very much like ammunition links for ZU-23-2 23mm anti-aircraft cannon. It can be used to fire on ground targets also. Apalling if they have used them to fire on the protesters.

Posted by Arto February 25, 11 04:11 PM

Libertad y justicia, mi corazón esta con esta gente.

Posted by Akanali February 25, 11 04:30 PM

Gaddafi will pay for what he's done to libyans.

Posted by Tarek February 25, 11 04:39 PM

Something big is coming.

Posted by Nick February 25, 11 05:14 PM

Be careful, the revolution might spread to Wisconsin...

Posted by The Chemist February 25, 11 05:47 PM

#32: they must be confusing Crete and Cyprus

Posted by Peter February 25, 11 06:07 PM

Yes,the people are getting their hands on some decent weapons and the logical portion of his former power the military are going over to the side of reason and sanity! This is getting to be much more interesting in the way of what the turnout will be! Death just might wind up as a viable option for the madman? Thank you.

Posted by Raymond Clifford February 25, 11 06:11 PM

#32 caption is truly a shame. It's really a disgrace and embarrassment to state the obvious, that Crete is 100% greek (and always has been).

Posted by cretan February 25, 11 06:14 PM

Concerning photo #32, there is no such thing as "Greek part of the island of Crete". Crete is in its total part of Greece. You should at least know some basic European history and geography...

Posted by Nassos T. February 25, 11 07:16 PM

The end is near for one ruthless dictator. A new day dawns for the people of Libya.

Posted by killcrypt February 25, 11 07:43 PM

Pictures say more than words. Thanks for sharing them.

Posted by Joe February 25, 11 07:45 PM

Wow, this is powerful stuff. It really helps open eyes to whats happening.

Posted by Katherine February 25, 11 08:27 PM

#13 broke my heart, excuse my ignorance, but what did she do to deserve to die?

Posted by Romain February 25, 11 08:52 PM

No veo mujeres en la revolución libia, en ejipto si se veian, una revolucion sin el 50% de sus habitantes no me parece un paso haca adellante.

Posted by revolucionario February 25, 11 09:12 PM

All the best to the brave people of Libya. Our thoughts and hearts are with as you fight for your freedom. May the violence end soon and you achieve all the peace in the world as you so rightfully deserve. You are a beautiful, brave, kind people.

Viva Libya!

Posted by Lola Flores February 25, 11 09:18 PM



Posted by WAQAR MAJEED-Karachi, Pakistan. February 25, 11 11:34 PM

Something big indeed!

Posted by Cuneyt February 25, 11 11:44 PM

Long Live a Free Libya...this should soon be over then will come peace we hope!

Posted by Thomas Watson February 25, 11 11:45 PM

#13 So heartbreaking. I can't help visualize my daughter in the same picture.

May god bless her with a happy long life in freedom.

Posted by Cuneyt February 25, 11 11:56 PM


Posted by sam wang February 26, 11 12:04 AM

God Bless the Libyan people, fantastic pictures, truly reflect the human experience

Posted by St1ngR February 26, 11 12:46 AM

Insha'Allah you will know the freedom that so many Americans take for granted - We are all one my Libyan brothers and sisters. God speed.

Posted by HN February 26, 11 02:14 AM

Rebels is not good term for these revolutionaries, there are two forces in Libya only one is revolutionaries and other is Qaddafi and his brutal loyalists. Long live revolutionaries and may Qaddafi step down soon without more bloodshed.

Posted by Atif Aziz February 26, 11 02:27 AM

hope these Chinese men have learn how to do this at home....

Posted by Bagudu February 26, 11 04:08 AM

I wish to stand with the Libyan people in fighting for Freedom.. Wish to express my Condolence to the families who have lost HEROS in the fight for second liberation..
Kahari, Kenya

Posted by simon February 26, 11 04:22 AM

Picture #20, those are in fact the safety (spoons) of Russian made hand grenades. Once you pull the pin and throw the grenade, the (spoon) will release sending a striker down on the fuse that will ignite the detonator approx., 3-4 secs later. They are NOT links to any type of belt fed weapon system.

Posted by 0311/USMC February 26, 11 04:26 AM

As always, this is a wonderful post.
Let's hope Lybians are looking into a brighter future.

Posted by Jasul February 26, 11 04:50 AM

that pic which is about the crying girl breaks my heart .

Posted by kawazoe kenta February 26, 11 05:17 AM

Children in army uniform already in Benghazi? What next in Libya? African refugees kidnapped and labelled mercenaries? The revolution is being bloodier than the government? Just to tarnish Gathafi more than he is; we do not need to degenerate in depictions or the difference will come back to haunt us. Jazeera films one dead body from six angles and claims a massacre?
Libyans, let us stop and think; the west will do to us what they did in Iraq...they are in a deep deep recession and want Libyan money

Posted by Al-sawari Omar February 26, 11 05:36 AM

The caption with photo 33 is one big lie! Why would the sea be on the right going out of Libya? Caption should read "Empty taxis in the town of Sallum (Egypt) on their way to the border to pick up Egyptians fleeing Libya". Be very careful of journos trying to twist the facts to make a better story!

Posted by Rutger Wegerif February 26, 11 06:10 AM

Great pictures, but I am worried that there are, apparently, very few women in Libya.

Posted by A.Bostonian February 26, 11 06:27 AM


Posted by 中国人 February 26, 11 08:06 AM

Egypt, Libya, ... Who's next?

Posted by ROK February 26, 11 08:46 AM

Life as they say has no rules ,those who fly the highest may fall with such a big thud that is hard to imagine
Who for instance could have imagined that the self proclaimed King Of African Kings Could fall

Posted by Calvin Otieno February 26, 11 08:47 AM

You would have thought after all these commnets about the #32 photo comment "Greek part of the island of Crete" somebody would have the desency to revise the text... ignorant Bostonians, a fine part of US media.

Posted by Georges Glass February 26, 11 09:27 AM

Moved to tears. Magnificent photos. There is such unity of purpose. Soon the real work will have to begin - creating a better way in the face of tough realities. God be with them all.

Posted by Vance Millman February 26, 11 09:37 AM

#33 This picture is either back to front (reversed) or they are heading into Tunisia. The sea is on the right. If they were heading to Egypt the sea would be on the left. The only possible way for the sea to be on the right is if they are heading west or the picture has been inadvertently reversed.

Posted by John February 26, 11 09:41 AM

Yes OptimusMatrix, #20 is ammunition belt from the 30mm 2A72 naval gun, used at least in BMP-2 assault tank. Using AP or FRAG on on protestors would result in a blood bath that of a magnitude that the news do not hint to (yet). Probably (hopefully) used on a building / stopping a vehicle.

Posted by VM February 26, 11 09:47 AM

Unofficial sources told me that now that the powers to be are kicked out of Egypt, every Egyptian citizen now have a mercedes benz vehicle in their driveway.

Posted by Dwayne Menchenton February 26, 11 09:47 AM

FYI first commenter, at #20 those are "spoons" from used handgrenades

Posted by Anonymous February 26, 11 09:51 AM

So fascinating and upsetting to see these pictures and read people comments !

Posted by Franck February 26, 11 10:15 AM

absence of obstacles to the realization of desires is what we Libyans are looking for God bless my people

Posted by Munier Ahmed February 26, 11 10:19 AM

The Lybian army seemed to have a strong women corps. Where are they? Protecting the leader? Too afraid to appear on either side? Preparing their own thing? In the 21st century a revolution done without women, just does not happen; It may be shift of power, never a revolution.

Posted by mother of boys who will be men February 26, 11 10:32 AM

Pretty biased reporting. Where are all the pictures of the government supporter?

Posted by Reginald February 26, 11 10:45 AM

Send the Democrats from Wisconsin to show the Libyans how to resist power from on-high.

Posted by Reginald Highpockets February 26, 11 10:47 AM


Posted by Anonymous February 26, 11 11:22 AM

#32 - Crete is 100% Greek last time I checked.

Posted by Lupo February 26, 11 11:55 AM

lol et nous les français, trop cons, allez allez, laissez faire les grands hein.

Posted by soso February 26, 11 11:59 AM

#3, 4 & 5 shows that the rebels have also arms & ammunition...

#4 two of them doesn't look like Libyan. Are they mercenaries.
#5 some rebels in masks just look dangerous...

#19 Libyan defected policeman with gun (wow)
#21 Can we destroy a tank without arms? Without fighting? How many dead!!!

Poor old Gaddafi who is thinking himself as king of kings... is not loved by anyone abroad!!! He paid people to love him!!!

Libya was the poorest nation in the world when he took it in 1969... he changed the country to a wealthy one... but I think no one ever loved him... mainly because of the way he talked (& his arrogance)!!!

He had big dreams (pan Arab one) but none of his Arab brother love his idea.
He has a big African dreams but none of his African brother like it with him.
He is trying to bring peace to Darfur, Somalia, Mali, Niger etc by financing projects from the ruling party!!!

He should have lead with wisdom but unfortunately he was after-all a military man!!!

Posted by Yussuf February 26, 11 12:01 PM

the Arab nations come together and and take on Israel.... which start WW3 ... some peaceful protest leading to such a blood bath of a war... make peace with your god, the end is coming...

Posted by wispers of the firefly February 26, 11 01:17 PM

Barack Obama does not care about Libyans

Posted by Jimmy Carter February 26, 11 01:58 PM

The World is a changing. Let us hope it is for the best. For the majority that is.

Posted by Becks February 26, 11 02:08 PM

When i see Gaddafi's actions, i remember this quotes.
"It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it."

Posted by Bu February 26, 11 02:47 PM

كل الاحترام لشهداء الثورة الليبية
وعسى الله أن ينصر الثوار على الطاغية

Posted by barca fares February 26, 11 08:51 PM

love the captures but the content tears my heart.
God bless us all! may we have a peaceful living till the end! ;]

Posted by Farcot Maniri February 26, 11 10:51 PM

To #40 commenter Bagudu: Wow! Do you really compare the miserable situation in Libya with what China has today? And you are encouraging the people who have witnessed the great tragedy happened in Libya to go home and destroy what they already have in a booming economy like China's? Tell me you don't hate all human beings and you are not from Wisconsin.

Posted by Chen February 26, 11 10:53 PM

Viva Libya !

Posted by Fais February 27, 11 12:38 AM

Why are all protestors male? Women seem to be only shown in a couple of photos as 'refugees'.

Posted by Kora Kagaz February 27, 11 04:55 AM


Posted by Lecalle February 27, 11 09:53 AM

To #71 i think you need to give it a thought. Booming economy in China means child lebor, tragical working situations and people dying working hours and hours a day. Booming economy means more power (money) to the few most of the times (if not all). The proof i think is the bank account of every dictator that is falling this days.

P.S: 71 Billion dollars was mumbarak's (known) assets. For him economy was more than booming.

Posted by Pieros February 27, 11 10:09 AM

to Rutger Wegerif #46: I say be very careful of people who suppose a coast line to be a perfectly straight line. Skepticism is good, but only when practiced with rationality. The photo shows a very tiny part of some bay

Posted by dick justice February 27, 11 11:41 AM

The Polish nation salutes the Libyans who fought for freedom ..

Posted by achaj February 27, 11 01:16 PM

Mmmmmmmhhhhhhhh,from Cote'de voire to Tunisia,Egypt and now Libya..How i wish that Nigeria will stand up one day and say'' NO TO CORRUPTION''This is for Mommar Gaddafi.....''Beware of the Eyes of March'' Ceaser the Great underestimated these warning and never lived to tell the Story....

Posted by Ahanonu Nixon February 27, 11 01:26 PM

Merceneries should keep out of this war! This fight belongs to the Libyans.

Posted by Rosemary Carr February 27, 11 03:38 PM

Its the world saying

Posted by Anonymous February 27, 11 06:05 PM

@ 74
Remember in some of these N. African/Middle Easter/Islam-worshipping countries, Women are not supposed to be viewed in the public eye as rebellious, disobedient, and the like. So showing a picture exhibiting said behaviour may be offensive to some.

I for one, saw a picture of some egyptian women jumping into the fray, and i was glad that EVERYONE was getting involved.

Posted by Tenebris Visuals February 27, 11 06:25 PM


Posted by Keane February 27, 11 06:43 PM

Power to the People!!!!!!!

Posted by edd castro February 27, 11 11:54 PM

These are great pictures poignantly showing a situation that is rocking the world and impacting on local lives. Many thanks to the photographers.

Posted by Russell Cavanagh February 28, 11 02:42 AM

Nice transliterating, Khadafy. And the Crete thing.. You know mr. new editor, this blog used to be top class. Maybe you should do your work a little better.

Posted by Antlers February 28, 11 02:59 AM

Chinese are everywhere. thumbs up if its a fact 0_0

Posted by cho chang February 28, 11 03:21 AM

to dick justice #77: You are right, one should be careful drawing conclusions from a picture. However, I did investigate before making my comment #46. I found the location in Google Earth (31° 33.411'N, 25° 9.575'E) from where photo #33 is taken and a news report saying how these are empty taxis going towards the border. Clearly the journalist got her facts wrong but in this case probably mostly out of carelessness and the pictures are still impressive.

Posted by Rutger February 28, 11 04:39 AM

Governments/regimes these days forget that their mere existence is dependent on the people. Without the people, there is no need for a government.

That being said, all i have to say to the Libyan "leader" is....if the people don't want you, there is really no point in staying.

Posted by Abdallah February 28, 11 06:15 AM

One thing here, or two strikes our mind as we see the photos:
1-there are practically no women in the crowds or groups of demonstrators
unlike the snapshots made in Cairo and tunis (what about Yemen ones
that our suspicious press is hiding?) 2- People un armed, i.e. very few even light weapons in their hands.
There are too still too tribal or too shia as to the female presence in moments of decision, aren´t they?

Posted by augusto2 February 28, 11 07:15 AM

Up next: The United States. Down with Corporate Sponsored Government!!!!

Posted by Adrienne February 28, 11 01:19 PM

#4 - a peace sign and a pistol. The ironing is delicious... LOL

Posted by Smark February 28, 11 01:31 PM

First of all, there's an extra "h" in "http" in the link to the photos so the link is borked.

The things the men are holding in picture 20 are links from the shells for a 23mm ZSU anti-aircraft automatic cannon system. It seems likely they are showing that they've been fighting back against aircraft attacks, but of course I don't want to assume that. But the existing caption doesn't seem close to correct.

Posted by Jerry February 28, 11 02:49 PM

Isnt it the spelling Gaddafi???

Posted by andy March 1, 11 06:08 AM

@82 and @ 74
Muslim women particapated strongly in the demonstration of egypte. There is no problem with islam . Islam allow women to go out in the public areas, markets jobs...if they wear hijab like in the photos above(15, 24). The problem in libya is that it is highly dangerous to participate, there are thousouds of deads, so I suppose it's natural that women stay at home with child, they are the best that men have, and no one would like to have his wife, daughter or child in a dangourous situation..

Posted by yM March 1, 11 11:50 AM

I wish they didn't find it necessary to use force in order to achieve their means. I appreciate that the regime is violently oppressive but #16 and #4 sadden me. #4 the man holds a pistol in one hand and does a peace sign with the other, the conundrum speaks for itself. No revolution is perfect but it would be nice to see one where no one thinks they have the knowledge of who "should" live and who "should" die.

Posted by Alex March 1, 11 02:49 PM

Lot of messed up captions in this...the caption printed on the cup on #18 is wrong, too :)

Posted by Alex March 1, 11 04:49 PM

@76, how much do you know China ? - yes, China does not corruption problems, but you can not deny that original Chinese benefit a lot from the booming economy. Don't tell me that only the corrupted officials benefit from 400 miles metro lines built within 10 years in Shanghai.

Please be rational, hatred only blurs your vision!

Posted by Stone March 2, 11 06:13 PM


Posted by RIAZ March 3, 11 12:10 AM

It must be said that "RIGHT HAS MIGHT",those in opposition must be all to familiar with the regime they are fighting against.But suffer they must for the REAL change they want.

Posted by Tuckersson March 3, 11 02:27 PM

Those are the real freedom fighters. Congratulations from Brazil, Lybian brothers!

Posted by André LB March 3, 11 07:22 PM


Posted by 民生 March 4, 11 01:16 AM

@98. I can see your point of view that the last 30 years of booming economy it's a benefit for all, in the infrastucture and more. But my point of view is that world leaders except a few exceptions don't care about their people. Their just muppets in the global economic arena.
And my friend, i don't hate anyone. My rational thinking is, that if you assign someone to control you future, don't be so sure that your future is in the right hands.

Posted by Pieros March 4, 11 05:14 AM

lets see wha happen afetr this
love no#10

Posted by deleh March 5, 11 12:57 AM

Great lessons of life....thank you for sharing!

Posted by DD Ziyad March 5, 11 04:15 AM

Obama was wise enough to infilter people into lybia and egypt. Working with the mercenaries once trained by the bush or pre bush governments to bring unrest in the country. It just takes a few men here and there talking about lack of jobs and few cnn journalism and some economic and life threads and a final negociation with mubarak to make him resign and then ... they are doing the same in lybia. but gadaffi wont resign.. the us wants him to look like the bad guy in the world so they and their european allies have an alibi to invade.. destroy,,, and the make them ask for a loan to rebuild the country witha new us aproved government back to the us firms who will aparently help .. and look good whilst taking the money. i think this is the real deal. make countries owe money to the world bank and then make them repay. the world bank will get this money back via the us firms and via the country who owes money.. them push them to unfair deals to repay..... i dont like this world libian people will still live in poverty and they will only have gone thru this to really make the us government get out of their crisis by playing their loan game. Lybia was better off with gadaffi. as rally something even worse is coming.. the us wants afghanise the middle east.. take their oil and make them play the loan game. How... how convenient for Israel as well..

Posted by shlamit March 5, 11 11:31 PM

Wish we could dump the Wisconsin Democrats and Obama lovers over in a Third World Muslim nation and let them fight it out for socialized economies.

Posted by JDanleoni March 6, 11 10:19 AM

col khadfi is right for protecting the integtrety and security of the state since the prime duty of the government is to protect the soveriengnity ofthe nation irespective wheter it is right or wrong ok

Posted by Anonymous March 6, 11 01:35 PM

i am feeling really sad.

Posted by clippingimages March 7, 11 12:58 AM


Posted by WASOY March 8, 11 12:04 AM

A people toppling it's dictator is a good thing.

I see many commentators, saying they feel sad. I wonder if they felt better when we all could pretend that things were ok in Libya.

Posted by WB March 8, 11 04:50 AM

where is usa ? DEAD. no voice, no action

Posted by giovanni March 9, 11 09:17 AM

down with dictator ghazafi

Posted by arash2006 March 9, 11 03:05 PM
Freedom can never b denied.
Kashmir will also.

Posted by Kaiser Iqbal March 12, 11 12:22 AM

All due respect to the martyrs of the Libyan Revolution
And may God grant victory to the rebels to the tyrant
Allah akbar

Posted by abdulaziz ambarey March 20, 11 12:05 AM


Posted by jiangjiao April 26, 11 05:04 AM
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