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Christchurch earthquake

With hundreds still missing, and 75 already confirmed dead, rescuers struggled to find survivors on the second night after a devastating earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand's second largest city Tuesday. Buildings crumbled into the streets after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake, which geologists consider an aftershock to a 7.1 earthquake that caused no casualties in September. Tuesday’s temblor was more devastating and deadly because it was centered only six miles from the city's center and hit during the middle of a workday. The Government has declared a national state of emergency. Officials estimated there could be 100 people trapped in the CTV building alone. -- Lane Turner (36 photos total)

The 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck in the early afternoon Tuesday in Christchurch, prompting New Zealanders to flee into the streets as others rushed to the collapsed buildings in attempts to rescue those trapped in the rubble. (Iain McGregor/Christchurch Press/Reuters)
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God Bless the people of Christchurch.

Posted by Israel Silva February 23, 11 01:19 PM

Moving photos, what a tragedy!

Posted by dustans February 23, 11 01:27 PM

Kiwis in NY are sending every possible prayer and good wish to you all in Chch. People I've not talked to in ages have emailed -- concerned that my family has been affected somehow. While I have no family in Chch, we're all family, and everyone knows someone who knows someone there. We're with you in any small way we possibly can be.

Posted by Jonathan Gullery February 23, 11 01:28 PM


Posted by bob February 23, 11 01:30 PM

Sad :(

Posted by Jayan February 23, 11 01:33 PM

Thoughts and prayers for the people of Christchurch. Devastating photos - I can't imagine the pain.

Posted by Roz Mitchell February 23, 11 01:34 PM

Unbelievably moving. Stay strong, NZ.

Posted by jonathan February 23, 11 01:37 PM

O God move, O God act! Far be it from You to not show Your Goodness and Faithfulness to this city in which Your Name dwells! Move in power and might in lovingkindness and Healing! Make known to this people Your love and kindness and act for Your great Name's Sake!

Posted by Justin February 23, 11 01:39 PM

Unbelievably moving. Stay strong, NZ.

Posted by jonathan February 23, 11 01:42 PM

What a shocking devastation.

Not being a religious man but god help all those affected by this shocking disaster.

My thoughts and heart go out to those that have lost loved ones.

Simon, Portsmouth UK.

Posted by Simon Hillier February 23, 11 01:45 PM

so devastating; our prayers go to the people of NZ

Posted by mus February 23, 11 01:48 PM

God bless all Christchurch people.

Posted by Marcos February 23, 11 01:49 PM

#34 made me cry, they're celebrating for just being alive

Posted by me February 23, 11 01:51 PM

Gran tragedia. Mis condolencias a los familiares. ...Me extraña la calidad de las construcciones de ese pais.

Saludos desde Chile.

Posted by McClau February 23, 11 01:54 PM

#36 ... no comment!

Posted by Mohd Abdullah February 23, 11 01:55 PM

BP back to real topics, I like it.

Nice pics I didn't know it was that bad, I guess with what's going on in Libia we don't see much of the earthquake.

I like the blue icebergs!!

Posted by etienne February 23, 11 01:56 PM

My heart to you. Stay strong and find strength in each other.

Posted by Megan February 23, 11 01:57 PM

Quelle terrible tragédie !
J'ai visité il y a quelques mois ce magnifique pays et notamment Christchurch. Cela me peine de voir un peuple si accueillant subir un tel sort.
Nous supportons de tout notre cœur les Néo-Zélandais dans cette épreuve.

Posted by Gabriel, France February 23, 11 01:58 PM

oh crist! why?

Posted by Anonymous February 23, 11 01:59 PM

I look at #36 and I can't fathom the felling of losing everything in a matter of seconds.
Condolescences to the Christchurchers from Porto Alegre.

Posted by Luiz February 23, 11 01:59 PM

The last one is just heartbreaking.

Posted by Aleks February 23, 11 02:00 PM

Photo 8 caption is wrong - that is the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, not the Christchurch Cathedral in the square

Posted by Thomas Jackson February 23, 11 02:00 PM

Nice Photos of this catastrophe.

Posted by First February 23, 11 02:01 PM

Horrible, rest in peace to those who died

Posted by Sebastian Gorgon February 23, 11 02:03 PM


Posted by บุญชิต ฟักยู February 23, 11 02:04 PM

I visit this blog all the time and love your incredible pictures, but its crazy as a Kiwi to see our little country on here and in such a terrible way. In Auckland (2 hours North) we're all thinking of our friends and family in Christchurch.

Posted by Paul February 23, 11 02:05 PM

#35 made me weep.


Posted by Rick Harris February 23, 11 02:08 PM


Hugs from Mexico my friends

Posted by erykco February 23, 11 02:15 PM

Tragic events for a city just recovering from the last quake. I'm sure the Kiwi spirit will prevail.

All the best from Scotland

Posted by Andy February 23, 11 02:16 PM

So Sorry.
#25 Favorite

Posted by Alex February 23, 11 02:17 PM

Scary pictures. I dont know if I would be standing "there" in pic #20...

Posted by RIcky Blanco February 23, 11 02:26 PM

Oh my God. My brother and his family lives in Christchurch. Could reach him this morning on the telephone. They are all doing well but alot of other people didn't have the same luck. I hope that all of the people in christchurch and around christchurch have the strength to face this catastrophe. 2 earthquakes of this calibre in 5 months is hard to take even for the most hard. My prayers are with them all.

Posted by Salim February 23, 11 02:29 PM

So, so Sad.

Posted by R.Anderson February 23, 11 02:29 PM

Mother nature doesn't kid around

Posted by Toby February 23, 11 02:31 PM

The young man being recovered in picture 13 is obviously deceased if you've seen the video clip from which the video was taken.

The dust-covered man in picture 28 was identified as Shane Tomlin. His family recognized him in the photo, but has not been able to locate which hospital he was taken to after being rescued.

Still waiting to hear from my mother-in-law in Chch. My thoughts are with everyone who's been affected.

Posted by Katie February 23, 11 02:31 PM


Posted by Ryan February 23, 11 02:32 PM

Prayers for all victims, the living and the dead. May you find peace.
Warm regards from Gabriele in Munich, Germany

Posted by Gabriele February 23, 11 02:32 PM

Mother Earth can be very cruel...

Posted by Rick February 23, 11 02:33 PM

WOW!!! Prayers are with everyone involved...

Posted by Mike February 23, 11 02:35 PM

Absolutely shocking devastation.

Posted by Mark February 23, 11 02:37 PM

So sad. I'm sending healing thoughts to that city.

Posted by Marie February 23, 11 02:38 PM

I send New Zealand good thoughts

Posted by Raul February 23, 11 02:40 PM

#3 just broke my heart.

Posted by Mike Duquet February 23, 11 02:44 PM

Photo #8: the comment by Mayor Bob Parker about people climbing the spire is about a different church - the Anglican Cathedral in the city centre that lost its spire and possibly trapped people.

Posted by Jo February 23, 11 02:45 PM

Praying for you Kiwis!

Posted by NP February 23, 11 02:47 PM

crying for them.i' m with u

Posted by Girang February 23, 11 02:49 PM

my goodness.. me being a newly wed, #3 really breaks my heart

Posted by wes February 23, 11 02:55 PM


Posted by VIMtheRaBBiT February 23, 11 02:58 PM

To see such a disaster in a modern western country, is even more shocking. I can see their pain, I feel their pain. All my love to New Zealand.

Posted by D. (the Netherlands) February 23, 11 03:01 PM

yes!!! big picture stumbled out of the gate with the new editor(s) at first....but this entry is bringing things back to normal & showing us the quality stuff we are used to. keep up the good work & don't forget the monthly Afghanistan entry. keep it real, big picture!

Posted by BP February 23, 11 03:01 PM

Harrowing photos (which, for obvious reasons, redeem the fashion shoot). I am particularly stricken by #8, 17 and 3.

God Bless New Zealand.

Posted by Steve February 23, 11 03:02 PM

it hurts my heart to see all this pain. I hope everyone who is trapped is helped as soon as possible.

Posted by Mitch February 23, 11 03:03 PM

3 and 35 are just simply heartbreaking...

Posted by Rob February 23, 11 03:04 PM

all my hearts is with the kiwis, im sorry for you guys

Posted by H. Fm February 23, 11 03:06 PM

The caption on photo #8 is incorrect - the cathedral which lost its spire and where many are believed to have died when the spire fell, to which Mayor Bob Parker referred, is the Anglican Christchurch Cathedral in Cathedral Square. The Catholic cathedral pictured is another building entirely.

Posted by Lucy February 23, 11 03:17 PM

So sad to see this happen to such a wonderful city.

Posted by Terrence February 23, 11 03:21 PM

Why does New Zealand not construct anti seismic buildings ?

Posted by Poor guy February 23, 11 03:25 PM

no 3 is heartbreaking!!

Posted by anirban February 23, 11 03:27 PM

As a person from California, where earthquakes are a regular and on-going occurance, I share the pain that all the residents of Christchurch are going through. I pray for each and every person there.

Posted by Michael Mayer February 23, 11 03:27 PM

35 hit me hard--it makes me want to cry here at work. My prayers go out to Christchurch, and may God bless those that have survived and aid those still awaiting rescue.

Posted by tgrant February 23, 11 03:28 PM

La fuerza de la naturaleza.... Dios bendice a todas los ciudadanos de Nueva Zelanda y les dé fuerza para salir adelante.

Posted by pacojavier February 23, 11 03:28 PM

La fuerza de la naturaleza.... Dios bendice a todas los ciudadanos de Nueva Zelanda y les dé fuerza para salir adelante.

Posted by pacojavier February 23, 11 03:29 PM

Good collection of images as always. Im a New Zealander and I'm saddened by the third picture for the fact that the deceased names are yet to be formally announced; but it's the internet, so what can you do. It's truly tragic. The people of Christchurch were just getting their lives back together.

Posted by Simon February 23, 11 03:30 PM


Posted by Alexandre February 23, 11 03:33 PM

Praying for the people of New Zealand. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Off to find a good place to donate.

Posted by CB February 23, 11 03:41 PM

There won't be 1/50th of the casualties there were from the Haiti quake, however there will be more news coverage and more foreign aid.

Still, prayers with the families.

Posted by Joe C February 23, 11 03:48 PM

First? :D
Great and touching images though...
Picture 35 brought tears in my eyes.
R.I.P to all victims

Posted by lksdjlkdshf February 23, 11 03:49 PM

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Praying for you, Christchurch, especially Kent, Libby, and their dad.

Posted by Christine February 23, 11 03:55 PM

Extraordinary photos! My friends who live just outside the city are fine, but they are devastated at the losses of people and architecture in their beloved city, where I visited just a few years ago.

Posted by Janet Brown February 23, 11 03:57 PM

pretty sad pix.. still great job. Thanks

Posted by Jamen February 23, 11 04:03 PM

In picture 8, The Mayor's comments were made about the Anglican Cathedral, a historic landmark and a National Treasure. It is a different building than the one pictured.

Posted by Hennik February 23, 11 04:08 PM

I have been there 3 years ago.
stay strong people of NZ

Posted by Corto February 23, 11 04:11 PM

I've read this blog for a number of years always in awe of the worlds devastating events. But as a resident of Christchurch I now know what it is like to be amongst it, and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone!

I watched as the cities iconic cathedral spire fell in a pile of dust from my CBD workplace

A number of captions are inaccurate as mentioned, but this pales into insignificance compared to the content of the images really. Stay strong Christchurch

Posted by Dafydd February 23, 11 04:35 PM

so sad im with you new zealand

Posted by tim senior February 23, 11 04:45 PM

#3 broke my heart. So sorry to see this devastation. God bless the people of this city.

Posted by Anna J. February 23, 11 04:46 PM

Praying for everyone effected by this. Life is short make it count.

Posted by Kinu Grove February 23, 11 04:47 PM

Prayers to all in Christchurch.

Posted by R Pung February 23, 11 04:51 PM


Posted by Anonymous February 23, 11 04:51 PM

Prayers and healing to the people of New Zealand from Los Angeles, California.

You are a strong and amazing people. My thoughts are with you all.

Posted by Em February 23, 11 04:53 PM

I live in NZ and have been inundated with these images since it happened - thought I'd seen the worst of it. But I had to excuse myself to go cry, hard, for 10 minutes after viewing number 3. That one really hit home. God bless him and everyone else there.

Posted by Helen February 23, 11 05:14 PM

OMG im sitting here in tears! this is just ..............words cant describe it! my heart goes out to all the people who have been affected by this! hugs and love to you....... we must remember to hold our loved one and tell them we love them, as we never know when time is up...... mother nature can stop now!

Posted by Anonymous February 23, 11 05:24 PM

2012 is coming...

Posted by John February 23, 11 05:24 PM


Posted by kate February 23, 11 05:33 PM

Aki Aki, Kia Kaha New Zealand

Posted by Al February 23, 11 05:34 PM

Kiwis are strong people and will rise above. Kia kaha

Posted by ricko February 23, 11 05:38 PM

Sadly the people in #35 had their house looted whilst they waited in the city for news of their mother.

Posted by Ed February 23, 11 05:39 PM

Excellent pictures. Extremely moving.

Posted by Billy February 23, 11 05:41 PM

I was a visitor to Christchurch a few years ago, what I remember so vividly is the beautiful little park with the river running through it right in the middle of the city. The people were so friendly and kind. My heart and prayers go out to them and all NZ's. These pictures are so very sad. Stay strong my friends and know that we grieve with you.

Posted by Mike February 23, 11 05:41 PM

Mes pensées vont vers vous, si généreux, si accueillants, tellement affligés en ces jours sombres. Stay strong Kiwis !

Posted by Cathy, France February 23, 11 05:42 PM

I am living in Christchurch and have been through this and the previous earthquakes. My family and I are lucky not to have been affected too badly but many weren't that lucky.

Nice photos.

Thanks to everyone thinking of us.

I have a saying that I use here to explain what has happened. You may think it is bad taste, but I live here so I am entitled.

Shift Happens.

Posted by BB February 23, 11 05:44 PM

I am from Christchurch but working in the UK. I am just so grateful that all my family are safe. So sad for those who have lost loved ones and so devastating to see such a great place destroyed.

Posted by Pam February 23, 11 05:47 PM

as a resident of Christchurch there are no words to describe the horror of what has happened to our once beautiful city. My love and thoughts go to all those who have lost family, loved ones, friends

Posted by Paula February 23, 11 05:51 PM

Very moving photos. So sad.

Posted by Tom February 23, 11 05:54 PM

No 8 is Council Chamber, not the Catholic cathedral.

Posted by Dee Tang February 23, 11 06:06 PM

No 8 is Council Chamber, not the Catholic cathedral.

Posted by Dee Tang February 23, 11 06:06 PM

As a resident of Christchurch, I thank you for sharing our pain & suffering with your readers. It will take years to recover from this tragedy. We are still experiencing many strong aftershocks.

Posted by Kay & Alan Martyn February 23, 11 06:07 PM

So sorry for your losses.

Posted by Joan February 23, 11 06:08 PM

Horrific! Hard to believe in seconds the world you take for granted can be turned upside down.
# 13 photo there is a young man wearing a polka dot wool cap, sleeveless white tee shirt.and track pants. I noticed him in several of the early videos coming out of NZ. He seemed to jump right in and help. In my opinion he is a hero!

Posted by marilee pittman February 23, 11 06:11 PM

Another resident of Christchurch, and even though I am here experiencing all of this I still cannot believe these photos.

My thoughts, love and prayers to all my fellow Cantabrians. Stay strong and stay safe.

Posted by Emma February 23, 11 06:18 PM

To Justin: God's name might dwell in this city's name, but I notice Christchurch is abbreviated "Chch" quite often, seems to be the norm down under. Perhaps God does not like "Chch", it's as annoying as "Xmas". Maybe the people of Christchurch should quit x-ing the name of Christ from their city. Just a comment.

Posted by Joy February 23, 11 06:21 PM

I visited Christchurch a short time ago and stayed in the Heritage Inn on Cathedral square. Its heartbreaking to see these scenes of ruin. God Bless these fine people and their beautifull land.

Posted by George Barhydt February 23, 11 06:24 PM

Thank you to those of you who pointed out the caption error in photo #8. We rely on the captions provided by the photographers. I've changed it, with your help.

Posted by Lane Turner February 23, 11 06:26 PM

nos pensées les plus sinceres

Posted by moi February 23, 11 06:34 PM

My thoughts and prayers are with you wonderful people in Christchurch. About 6 yrs ago I visited your wonderful city and fell in love with it. Seeing this devastation makes my heart aches for you all. May God bless you all and give you some peace.

Posted by Ingrid from Colorado USA February 23, 11 06:35 PM

34 was heartwarming, 35 was heartbreaking

Posted by Matt February 23, 11 06:43 PM

#3 breaks my heart - my thoughts are with the people of nz

Posted by Shannon February 23, 11 06:53 PM

Godspeed people of Christchurch. The people of Wellington are praying for you

Posted by raina February 23, 11 07:05 PM

Very sad.
#3 Hit me hard.

Posted by James February 23, 11 07:10 PM

What a pictures... I wish all out there the best !

Posted by Bjorn Paree February 23, 11 07:12 PM

As christchurch was where I grew and where all my siblings are. It has been such a hard time for me as it was 36hrs before I could make contact with anyone because phones and also cellphones where done . My family are lucky they are all alive, stressed to the max but all alive. My heart goes out to all those other families that have lost loved ones

Posted by Trish February 23, 11 07:12 PM

Peace be with all those familys.

Posted by P.J. Layman February 23, 11 07:33 PM

'm sorry number 8 but you christian freaks are the last thing we need. Practical solutions not imaginary friends

Posted by james February 23, 11 07:38 PM

Sending my prayers and hopes to the people of NZ

Posted by Jimbo February 23, 11 07:42 PM

One of my friends just came back from a vacation in NZ, when he heard the news ,he is feeling so sad. He hopes to do something to help them.

Posted by Micheal February 23, 11 07:54 PM

Life is full of mystery. For sure there must be good in Christchurch after this. Our prayers with you all and God Bless.

Posted by Hendrawan Gamulja, Roseville, CA USA February 23, 11 08:02 PM

Praying in Jesus name. May He continue miracles there. For it is in His hand. May the people of God come forward to help, rescue, shelter and feed the victims. Amen!

Posted by Khursheed Alam February 23, 11 08:23 PM

#34 and #35 capture the range of emotions being felt here in New Zealand at the moment.

Sadly, the number of people being found alive is tapering off and with several hundred people still missing there will be mainly grim news to follow.

It is heartening to know people from around the world stand with us and search and rescue teams from Australia, United States, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and England are active in helping our citizens.

Posted by John, Auckland, New Zealand February 23, 11 08:31 PM

A terrible disaster........

Sincere condolences to Kent, Libby, their Father, and all of the proud Kiwis. I cannot imagine how you are feeling; I can only offer a wish for peace and hope.

Posted by chris glennon February 23, 11 08:45 PM

I'm a Kiwi living in the States. I was in Christchurch for Xmas with my wifes family and thats the first time I've ever felt an earthquake (We had 3 that week). Family are all fine and accounted for. When I see these pics I cannot believe this is New Zealand, Its like a middle east war zone. It makes me think, this is what NATURE can do, why would anyone ever cause this kind of destruction by their OWN hand? Then I think, peoples lives are in tatters all over the world, whether its the economy, toppling regimes, fighting over oil, SPILT oil, Dont we have enough to deal with in terms of what hand nature deals us? Please stop the fighting and live in peace. Enough is enough. PS...Comment 66 by Joe C adds no value here.

Posted by K. IWI February 23, 11 08:59 PM

I visited Christchurch and the rest of the South Island on a 3-week holiday about two years ago. I am truly saddened that much of your charming and beautiful city has been reduced to rubble in a few short minutes. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this terrible tragedy.

Posted by Marc in California February 23, 11 09:08 PM

Best wishes for all our kiwi brothers and sisters.

Posted by AnotherAussie February 23, 11 09:42 PM

I have been to Christchurch twice and enjoyed the fine hospitality of people there. Also visited schools there to do some research. Got very good help from people there.
I feel very sad about the strong earthquake tremors that have shaken Christchurch.
I pray for the safety of these fine people of Christchurch.
If there is some way,we international citizens could help in this hour of duress, would like to know about it.

Posted by Pradeep, India February 23, 11 09:44 PM

That's not mud the cars have sunk into: it's concrete. The earthquake has caused a reaction named "liquifaction". The asphalt returns to gray dust and water, and the re-solidifies after a few hours.
It happened in the Sept 04 2010 earthquake too/

Posted by Linda Penlington February 23, 11 10:00 PM

I lived just a few blocks from the city center, on Worcester St. I spent a lot of time at the Cathedral--used to carry my baby girl there all the time so she could see the steeple and bell tower. I am happy my friends are o.k. but can't shake the overwhelming sadness I feel for all the grief this has caused for so many. I am worried that another aftershock or quake will hit. It is always bad when something like this happens, no matter where it is, but when it hits home like this the emotions run much deeper.

Posted by Shawn Marie Hardy February 23, 11 10:00 PM

Respect nature's force. Pray for New Zealand and the victims and their families.

Posted by Alf February 23, 11 10:12 PM

Let all the energy in the world help all missing and give the muscle to the rescuers to find all absent. Rest in peace to those who are gone.

Posted by Peter Rios and Marissa Harris USA- LA CA. February 23, 11 10:16 PM

my prayers are with u kiwis God bless

Posted by keston February 23, 11 10:26 PM


Posted by WAQAR MAJEED-Karachi, Pakistan. February 23, 11 10:28 PM

I'm feeling this so close, just six months ago I was living in this nice city, it break my heart seeing all this pictures and all those sad faces....

Posted by leo February 23, 11 10:30 PM

Our prayers with you.. NZ

Posted by Jacob February 23, 11 10:30 PM

#35 is heart wrenching

Posted by Michael Casey February 23, 11 10:38 PM

my deepest sympathy to the families involved and to all Kiwis. we are all one people in this planet we call home. with all the turmoil going on all over the globe right now (specially the middle east), it's nice to see comments from people sympathizing or sharing the pain even if they aren't from new zealand. it's sad to think that when tragedy strikes, only then when we realize that we have to work together as one. i hope that even if there aren't tragedies may we be at peace with one another and get along. my best wishes to everyone. stay strong!!

Posted by Drew, Manila, Philippines February 23, 11 10:41 PM

Prayers from New York. Stay strong.

Posted by George February 23, 11 10:44 PM

@57 New Zealand does build to a very strict seismic building. But After a 7.1 in September and ongoing after shocks the Historic buildings gradually weaken. The 6.3 was so shallow and close that it would have caused massive damage/death in California, Japan Etc. Because Christchurch was originally built on drained wetland the ground becomes much more susceptible to liquefaction thus if the ground becomes as stable as wet sand, not many buildings can maintain their structural integrity.
Saying this, however, the CTV, PGG and now the Huge Grand Chancellor should not have collapsed in the fashion they did and someone will have to answer for this.

Posted by Joel, Wellington, NZ February 23, 11 10:44 PM

Words can not express the anguish I feel after seeing these photos. With tears streaming down my face, my prayers are with you all in Christchurch. I wish that we knew how we could help!!!

Posted by Broken 4 NZ February 23, 11 10:49 PM

peace to those who survived. # 35 broke my heart and brought me to tears.

Posted by Sam February 23, 11 10:59 PM

Poster #82, kiss my axe! Have some sympathy for New Zealand, especially Christchurch, I'm 360km to the south in Dunedin, and I have relatives in Christchurch.

Slan agat

Dr Gareth Thoams

Posted by Gareth Thomas February 23, 11 11:01 PM

Heartbreaking especially #35

Posted by DD Ziyad February 23, 11 11:03 PM

My heart goes out to everyone in Christchurch, such a beautiful city with such friendly people. I wish I could help.

Posted by Foster February 23, 11 11:09 PM

God bless NZ, The people of China are praying for you.❤

Posted by Sunding Hsie February 23, 11 11:22 PM

May Lord mercy upon Christchurch.

Posted by xXfate February 23, 11 11:22 PM

#7 is actually the door exiting the shop of the Christchurch Cathedral

Posted by turner February 23, 11 11:25 PM

@ Joy (comment 100)

“Perhaps God does not like "Chch", it's as annoying as "Xmas".”

If so, then of what use is such a petty God?

Posted by Alex February 23, 11 11:29 PM

impactantes imágenes, siento mucho lo que pasaron en el terremoto y por toda esa gente muerta.
Soy chilena y vivo en Chile, por eso entiendo lo que están pasando en Christchurch.

Posted by Jacqueline February 23, 11 11:30 PM

I pray for you..all.. from India

Posted by Rajesh February 23, 11 11:31 PM

#7 is at Christchurch Catherdral not Pyne Gould

Posted by meredith brocklebank February 23, 11 11:39 PM

I live in New Zealand and while I understand the need to inform. I wonder if some of these images are not very personal and I do sometimes feel uncomfortable about peeping on someone else's personal tragedy. That said many of the non human grief pics say a lot. We will overcome.

Posted by Paul February 23, 11 11:42 PM

My Thoughts and Prayers are with them.Please God help them!!

Posted by Elene February 23, 11 11:43 PM

"oh crist! why?"

Yeah, what's the almighty and benevolent "plan"?

Posted by Steve Schlicht February 23, 11 11:43 PM

goodluck to you all

Posted by jack February 23, 11 11:54 PM

Very touching. Very moving. These images portray the enormous damage and the agony in the faces of the people of Christchurch. Two huge Quakes within six months is too much. May God bless them all.

Posted by Kanaga Siva February 23, 11 11:58 PM

3 and 35.... it's hard to know what to say. My heart goes out to all these people, what a tragedy.

Posted by Cory February 23, 11 11:59 PM

#57 - we do. Christchurch had never experienced an earthquake until last September, there is a newly discovered fault line because of that. I live in Napier, where the last devastating earthquake in NZ happened in 1931, all buildings have to be to quake standard - have to be, we have literally thousands of them every year.
It's really nice to read all these posts of support.

Posted by Angela February 24, 11 12:15 AM

35 is so sad. fffuuuuu

Posted by NIck February 24, 11 12:27 AM

God bless NZ. I pray for you all...

Posted by Thailand February 24, 11 12:45 AM

Heart wrenching moments.

The photographers did a great job sharing what happened with the world.

Posted by Marcus February 24, 11 12:45 AM

Such a beautiful city, such beautiful people, such a tragedy. Things will never be the same.

Posted by Anonymous February 24, 11 12:54 AM

#32. What amazing luck for this tanker on a mountain road (with a car sized boulder just behind it).

Posted by Maine February 24, 11 01:03 AM

so very sad, blessings to you all

Posted by Mark R February 24, 11 01:05 AM

Beautiful city, beautiful people. Be strong.

Posted by Susan February 24, 11 01:10 AM

Visited beautiful Christchurch three years ago -- such wonderful people there, and a city anyone would be proud of. We are praying for you here in the U.S. and will do all we can to help.

Posted by Heidi February 24, 11 01:10 AM

I have experienced the big earthquake in Kobe Japan at about 15 years ago. Therefore,the big earthquake of this NZ feels pianfull very much.
Many Japanese young foreign student's safety is also very worrying to it.
Please help disaster victims early.

Posted by Katsu Hayashi February 24, 11 01:11 AM

Prayers from Pakistan - its so sad.

Posted by Atta February 24, 11 01:32 AM

my prayers and thought are with all of u .... have faith, be strong.
God Bless...Prayers of people of Malaysia are with u all.

Posted by mich_W February 24, 11 01:35 AM

my prayers and thought are with all of u .... have faith, be strong.
God Bless...Prayers of people of Malaysia are with u all.

Posted by mich_W February 24, 11 01:35 AM

May God give the citizens strength to overcome the grief and shock of the earthquake.

Posted by Vids February 24, 11 01:38 AM

Istanbul‘s heart goes to Kiwis. It shows clearly how shonky the buildings were and how vulnerable we humans are. The Nature is so powerful and we still are antagonizing with it.

Posted by Selcuk Askin February 24, 11 01:44 AM

I pray to God for all of them.............. May God Help & Bless them

Posted by Jatinder Singh February 24, 11 01:48 AM

Nature hits people and nation randomly. Most of time for strangers and foreigners it sounds like a count. Thank you Big Picture to make me linger and realize that they aren't numbers but people.

Posted by Anonymous February 24, 11 01:52 AM

Nature hits people and nation randomly. Most of time for strangers and foreigners it sounds like a count. Thank you Big Picture to make me linger and realize that they aren't numbers but people.

Posted by Vannina February 24, 11 01:52 AM

Our thoughts and prayers are with you .......

Posted by Philip de Bruyn , Cape Town , South Africa February 24, 11 01:55 AM

we are praying for you all China

Posted by heyuan February 24, 11 01:56 AM

we are praying for you all China

Posted by heyuan February 24, 11 01:56 AM

We love you all for supporting us, your words mean a lot. Thank you.

Posted by J February 24, 11 02:03 AM

pray for newzealanders...
from china~

Posted by china February 24, 11 02:32 AM

So sad for all the victims. I am still wondering where god is when this happen?

Posted by Hai February 24, 11 02:49 AM

Shocking invasion of privacy some of the photos
Great tearkerkers and looking for an award?
Have some respect in this terrible tragedy.

Posted by PatL February 24, 11 02:57 AM

Praying God for all those who had been trapped in debris to get recovered very soon.

Posted by Ravikumar February 24, 11 03:02 AM

The power of nature is truly astonishing. Sorry it chose to pick on you guys this time around

Posted by Bagel February 24, 11 03:07 AM

Ihr tut uns so Leid, liebe Neuseeländer. Wir waren 1998 in Christchurch und haben die Menschen und das Land geliebt. Was für ein Schmerz.

Posted by R&M Ortner February 24, 11 03:21 AM

Man is no match for the power of nature.
We in the UK are praying for each and everyone. God bless them all.

Posted by Colin Usher February 24, 11 03:25 AM

god bless those brave people.....our prayers with u

Posted by sharmin February 24, 11 03:37 AM

Sincere condolences to all... unable to contact friends there - hope they're OK. And re #35: if the man there asked not to be identified, haven't you kind of given it away by naming his son and daughter? Really...

Posted by Phil February 24, 11 03:51 AM

How utterly horrible. I've been in several in Los Angeles, they're terribly emotionally jarring. Get treatment if you start feeling depressed or overly anxious.

Hands across the ocean to our friends in Christchurch. We're all thinking about you.

Posted by Adonis February 24, 11 03:52 AM

Having been in this earthquake, I find the publication of #3 grossly inappropriate. Immortalizing on the internet for your own financial gain the final intimate moments of a dying man is disgusting. For the sake of his loved ones, please obscure his identity.

Posted by turner February 24, 11 04:01 AM

Like other posters here, I have read and viewed this blog for some years and been amazed and emotionally captured many many times.
I was in the heart of Christchurch when this tragic event happened and there will be no way of describing it adequately.
This is the first time I have ever posted a comment on this blog and I wish it had happened under better circumstances.
Kiwis are a strong people. Christchurch is a resilient, proud city.
I thank you all for your kind thoughts.
We will rebuild and return stronger and prouder than ever.

Posted by M.M. February 24, 11 04:03 AM

It's so depressing to see my own city on this blog, it was always overseas. My whole love for this city gone in 20 seconds. We survived and went on, now to go through it all is just so depressing. Love you all Christchurch, we will carry on.

Posted by Sam February 24, 11 04:14 AM

this is really tragic, i pray for the ones gone and the ones to be saved.
we live in a world that is harsh to us because we dont care about mother nature... we think we know all that is there to know but the truth is this world is complicated.

my heart goes to all the people of faced with this tragedy

Posted by moshy pipes February 24, 11 04:42 AM

my heart and soul goes out to everyone in chch.its a shame its happened again in chch .it is a very nice place to visit very hard now for everyone there our thoughts r always there for the people who hve lost everything .god bless everyone .

Posted by bev gibbon February 24, 11 04:44 AM

after my critisicm: good choice of pictures this time

Posted by jake February 24, 11 04:50 AM

" Why does New Zealand not construct anti seismic buildings ? "
We have - for example, the university was basically unscathed. The biggest issue is that Christchurch doesn't have a history of earthquakes, so 'anti seismic' has a different and weaker meaning here. Also, many of the buildings that fell down were ones that had been damaged by the quake a few months ago.

Posted by chad February 24, 11 05:00 AM

Thinking of you all in Christchurch, especially my daughter and son-in-law. God bless them all. Stay strong.

Posted by Sue February 24, 11 05:02 AM

I wish people would stop bringing the invisible man(god) into this. Where was he when all these people were dying? Where is he when all of these natural events occur?

If you really wish to waste your time in prayer, then pray to mother nature.

Posted by Al February 24, 11 05:02 AM

Joy @ #100: So much pain and suffering and your response is to figure out how they ticked off God so you can dismiss them as deserving it. Nice.

By the by: the "X" in "Xmas"? That's a Greek letter chi... as in the first letter of "Christ." The "christogram" combining an X and a P (chi and rho) uses the same idea.

Posted by Joseph February 24, 11 05:04 AM

Sending my prayers and hopes to all Kiwis..

Posted by Shaul February 24, 11 05:21 AM

I was in your beautiful city 5 years ago and was saddened by the images shown, but the people of New Zealand are strong brave and will come through this in time. God bless

Ann Bevins U.K. 24.2.2011

Posted by Anonymous February 24, 11 05:28 AM

Lamentable, y mas triste llegar a casa y ver semejante imagenes, aca en mi pais no difunden mucho esta tragedia, mis mas sinceras condolencias,

Posted by Noe Sumuano February 24, 11 05:31 AM

Desde España con todo el cariño que me dieron en NZ, mi corazón esta con vosotros...

Posted by Guillermo Pintos February 24, 11 05:38 AM

My heart goes out to those people in Christchurch. They were so wonderful when I had visited in summer 2009 . My deep regrets to those have died and their families. Oh, god please help them out. ...

Posted by Raj. February 24, 11 05:38 AM

#35 made me cry. I just had to cry with them, very moving picture.

Posted by Sebastian February 24, 11 05:39 AM

Tragedy at its worst. My heart goes out to the people of New Zealand.

Posted by Steve February 24, 11 05:44 AM

Please take the pictures or the dead and almost dead out out this... what if this was your own? this is so sad and hurts more for Ch,NZ take them of kin don't might not even know about them yet....

Posted by Evan February 24, 11 05:57 AM

Viel Kraft den Betroffenen!

Posted by Tom February 24, 11 06:04 AM

Best wishes for all the people in Christchurch, It's time for them to work together and rebuild what was destroyed. We are with you in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Posted by Erik Herrera February 24, 11 06:17 AM

My heart aches looking at these photos.
Praying for all those in Christchurch

Posted by Lisa February 24, 11 06:31 AM

Horrible time for Christchurch and NZ, one of our worst tragedies

And some one needs to take down comment 100, that person has no soul..

Posted by AJ February 24, 11 06:31 AM

So many people around New Zealand want so badly to be helping. Myself, my family and my friends are all feeling so helpless not being able to do more than donate.

As an Aucklander, we are so far away from it all and Christchurch is such a gorgeous city. Such a rough few months since the last one than this. We are watching the news and thinking of all of the people dealing with this. Love to you all, stay strong and I pray that those who have loved ones missing still get them back alive and that no one else dies. 1 person is too many dead, let alone how many it is slowly becoming.

May nothing else bad happen to you all xoxox

Posted by Charlie February 24, 11 06:40 AM

Kent, Libby and your Dad. A universe of pain within you. My heart cries out too for you.

What God?.!................

Posted by Susanne February 24, 11 06:56 AM

The manning family in picture 35 illustrate all. It is dreadful to notr that someone broke into their house while they were waiting outside the CTV building for news.

Posted by John February 24, 11 07:35 AM

Aotearoa still has a place in my heart since I visited the country back in 1999. I pray for those who've lost everything. Remember God sees misery (Psalm 10:14)

Posted by Jan February 24, 11 07:36 AM

My prayers are with all NZ .. stay brave .!!

Posted by Yusuf February 24, 11 07:48 AM

Be Strong!!! from Malaysia

Posted by Jeff Lee February 24, 11 08:04 AM

My deepest admiration to the rescue and emergency teams and what appears to be spontaneous assistance from those at hand. No thought for their own safety as they clamber over the ruins of buildings seeking out survivors.
I grew up in this city and took its natural beauty and civil pride for granted as a youngster. While I am grateful that my family in Christchurch are safe, my heart goes out to, and wishes strength and resilience to those who have suffered family tragedy and injury.

Posted by Mary Fraher February 24, 11 08:05 AM

This Californian was only a few miles from the epicenter of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake when it hit, and that day is forever firmly etched in my mind.

That one was bad enough; that you New Zealanders have had to cope with two massive ones in such a short timespan is horrible.

I realize there is very little I can actually do, but I want you to know that you are in my thoughts, and I wish you a rapid recovery.

To the people questioning the earthquake codes: They were still recovering from the last huge quake, and this one was shallow and near. On top of that, Christchurch's geology is about as bas as it gets in terms of earthquake resistance; it's a testament to how good their codes are that the city isn't worse off than it is.

Posted by Robert February 24, 11 08:05 AM

The whole of India's prayers are with people of Christchurch and NZ.

Posted by George February 24, 11 08:27 AM

I am a kiwi my mum and dad removed us from Newzealand when i was just seven, i have since been back with my family and we are coming home to live in Cust in April,.Mother natuire can do some terrible damage and i as the rest of my family are devasted to see the distruction to such a beautiful city and wonderful people but i have faith we will be home soon good or bad what will be will be god bless everyone.

Posted by Michelle February 24, 11 08:38 AM

Que el Señor Dios Todopoderoso que les ayude y les de la fortaleza necesaria para salir adelante en estos terribles momentos, nuestras oraciones les acompañaran en todo momento.

Posted by luz marina Segura ordoñez February 24, 11 08:53 AM

I am feeling so sad for this was my country and I used to live here....
May God gives strength to these people who are facing terrible loss

Posted by shyam February 24, 11 08:54 AM

Sorry happening but possible! At least this should flick a switch in the guys who pray "god". :)

Posted by Jackjack February 24, 11 09:06 AM

Very sad and very well documented photographically. "Time heals all wounds" so they say, but we're talking decades here. Be strong! New Zealand is a special place and will recover and be all the better for the pain it has endured here.

Cris Yarborough

Posted by Cris Yarborough February 24, 11 09:07 AM

These powerful pictures show the true extent of the tragedy. Until I saw them I could not understand the devastating effects of Nature over human lives.

Posted by Javier Cassio February 24, 11 09:18 AM

Fuerza Christchurch... Sabemos perfectamente por lo que estan pasando, muchos de mis compatriotas murieron para el terremoto de Chile del 27 de febrero de 2010, fue un 8.8º y con tsunami.
Tengan fe y miren hacia la reconstruccion.
Un saludo muy cariñoso desde Concepción, Chile.

Posted by Gloria Gutierrez February 24, 11 09:22 AM

Be strong all of us in SA are feeling for you christchurch.

Posted by riaan February 24, 11 09:30 AM

Firstly, do you have permission to post such a personal moment of incredible grief on the internet??


It is so hard to believe that this is our country. Our people, our buildings, our streets.. Our garden city will never be the same...

It's especially crazy as Christchurch had never been known for earthquakes before this.

If you don't believe in God, that's up to you, but if people want to offer their prayers then let them. You don't know that it's not helping.

Posted by Rachel February 24, 11 09:42 AM


Posted by kazuo hiraki February 24, 11 09:49 AM

My heart goes out to all the people of ChCh New Zealand. I hope you find strength, healing, peace and love from your families and fellow people.

I have to comment about all the GOD comments here. For example, "2012 is coming", "God have mercy", "God Bless you", "God help them", and my favorite... "maybe God doesn't like you abbreviating the name of your city". This is the work of your all loving God? Right.
Get real people, the EARTH is shifting, changing, warming, and physical changes are happening all the time. It's ludicrous to think any other way. It's so unfortunate and very sad that this city was built on a precarious spot and it is very sad for the people who have suffered.

Posted by Carol February 24, 11 10:04 AM

My prayers are with you all nz. May the Lord fill your hearts and comfort the people of nz

Posted by joe February 24, 11 10:26 AM

bless our earth and all creation

Posted by kb February 24, 11 10:33 AM

So sorry for your loss. May you guys recover soon.
Praying for you all!

Posted by Udit February 24, 11 10:41 AM

After much thought I still feel the need to say this. While I don't live in Chch now, I am, and always will be, a Kiwi girl from Christchurch. These comments have touched heart, for my family and friends thank you so much for all your prayers and thoughts. However, for poster 57 I say the following, DAH. We live in an earthquake zone, if this quake had happened in any one of 100 other cities the destruction would have been 100 fold. For poster 66 - as far as I am aware Chch didn't get any international handouts after the 2010 quake and we wont be standing around after this with our hands out either. Kiwi's help themselves, we do not sit around whining "someone help me". Less than 1 hr after the quake there was already heavy equipment getting people down from upper floors, and 15 minutes after victims were being taken to local hospital - one on top of a stationwagon. The only kind of aid we have asked for is for Urban Rescue Teams. Your criticism at this time of peoples suffering is really thoughtless. Christchurch WILL recover from this, to all you my prayers.

Posted by Judith February 24, 11 11:03 AM

Christchurch is still home to me even though I moved to the State 13 years ago. I came home a year ago and I'm so sadden about the destruction the earthquake caused. My family are OK but my heart goes out to the once that lost their loved ones.

Please pray for the people of this great city.

Posted by Toaiva (NC) February 24, 11 11:13 AM

It is heart wrenching to view this tradgedy of your beautiful area which I spent seeing 2 yrs. ago. My sincere prayers are with you all and may God guide you back. He guides us all in whatever befalls us. You will be in my prayers.

Posted by Ruth Kirschner February 24, 11 11:14 AM

My wife & I visited your beautiful country in 2006. It was a truly wonderful experience. We have many fond memories of New Zealand & its very special, warm-hearted people. We are devastated to see the very tragic consequences of the quake. Our thoughts & prayers are with all of you.

Posted by John, Cape Town February 24, 11 11:16 AM

prayers from chicago to all kiwis affected by such a tragedy.

Posted by Mike February 24, 11 11:17 AM

Semoga Tuhan memberikan kekuatan pada para korban bencana...INA

Posted by DSUS February 24, 11 11:26 AM

God, I'm so very sorry. I so love that place. Best wishes and safe recovery to everybody.

Posted by James Hanson February 24, 11 11:37 AM

i hate this so called god he never helps anyone!

i meditate to give you power to get as many people as possible out of those crushed buildings alive.

Posted by Jack C. February 24, 11 12:17 PM

Tears and hope from a kiwi in NY. Stay strong Christchurch, we're a tough breed, we will rise again...just stronger. Thoughts to all those who have lost someone, #35 rips at your soul...if it doesn't, your not human.

Posted by Kiwidoc February 24, 11 12:54 PM

Words cannot touch the pain and shock you must be going through.
Having spent many years travelling to Christchurch, I am in shock to see the Cathedral in rubble as many of your buildings. Having experienced a 7. in San Diego during last years earthquakes and the terror it induced, I cannot fathom what you must all be feelilng. I wish I could help comfort you personally, but all I can give is a prayer from a world away.

Posted by Katherine February 24, 11 01:05 PM

The Kiwis are tough and they will pull together. Our hopes and prayers go out to you in your time of shock, loss, and grief.

Posted by Robert L. Parlette February 24, 11 01:18 PM

may God grant you dear brethren from NZ every kind of health & strength

Posted by LANCY PINTO February 24, 11 01:29 PM

I agree with 193's comment, I went to school and uni in ChCh. my brother and family live there, I don't thank god etc. they are alive!! What I "prey" for is we as a species get real some day!! If you want to pray for anyone send them again to Haiti, yet to rebuild, ChCh could hold the 2016 games....... if you get what I mean.
Stuart Bishop in the UK

Posted by Stuart Bishop February 24, 11 02:00 PM

To Justin (8) and Joy (100):

First Justin questions his god for hitting a city with its name in it, as if an earthquake in the city of "Johnstown" (for example) would be perfectly acceptable behavior from a deity?

Then Joy claims that it might have happened because the residents may have had the gall to abbreviate that name?!?


Posted by YouCantBeSerious February 24, 11 02:02 PM

The cross remains steady while the world turns.

I pray that goodness and redemption will issue from this suffering, and that there will be peace in the hearts of the survivors. I pray for the repose of the souls of those who have died. And I pray that this evil which has come to pass will be for the good, as I have trust in God it will be.

I'm not ashamed to invoke God in this; why should one dramatic tragedy disprove God when the whole world are marked men, each of us will die, and when the God I confess Himself suffered and died of His own free will?

The cross remains steady while the world turns.

Posted by Sean February 24, 11 02:04 PM

my heart goes out to all the people of chch,, Christchurch was my home and so sad to see all damaged,, god be kind to you all..

Posted by Anonymous February 24, 11 02:07 PM


Posted by Pablo February 24, 11 02:10 PM

Sad to see this terrible carnage. I was in Gujarat, India during a 2001 earthquake and can relate to seeing all this rubble and lives being destroyed and changed forever. I hope and wish you are able to find the strength to carry on. Wishing Christchurch all the best from Canada.

Posted by Stephen February 24, 11 02:13 PM

Oh, New Zealand. My heart breaks for you. Stay strong--our prayers are with you.

Posted by Mary in the USA February 24, 11 02:29 PM

I was on the 3rd story in a building in the CBD and it was very scary. One building collapsed next to ours and another slumped in the middle behind us. My office is wrecked and the building will have to come down most likely. The buildings around us are on a lean and have massive cracks. When I got outside I got my car and drove past the flattened CTV building. I reckon every second building in there will have to come down, so many are damaged. Its much worse than it looks. So many busineses will go broke and have to let staff go. There are hardly any pictures here of the surrounding eastern suburbs, all the streets are full of silt/sand so many houses are wrecked. The roads are wrecked. I visited my sister on the hills and luckily their house is ok, but most are trashed. I don't think we'll be allowed in to the cbd for months, the risk is too great to find a body or have a wall/building collapse. The place is totally stuffed.

Posted by nick February 24, 11 02:36 PM

So sorry for your loss. We are all thinking of you here in North Carolina, USA.

Posted by JNunn February 24, 11 02:37 PM

It just gives me goose bumps and so much of sadness looking at these pictures..

Posted by MJ February 24, 11 02:49 PM

These photographs have turned the news of the earthquake into more than just a story; it's brought the reality into sharp focus. My prayers are with all of you in New Zealand. Thanks to the volunteers from across the globe for your helping hand!

Posted by Sedica Knight February 24, 11 02:52 PM

If graphic photos make people reach into their hearts and pockets for CHCH then its a good thing. There is no sugar coating for tragic events like this. As tragic as it is, this is what creates sympathy for those in horrific situations, and as so many bloggers have mentioned, they feel empathy having suffered similar circumstances before. Just think of Horoshima and one image comes to mind - the power of photography.

Coincidentally the Manning family have been on the TV news since Monday - the photo is nothing different to what we all here have seen - they are distraught and we should all be distraught with them.

Posted by Demelza Murphy February 24, 11 02:55 PM


Posted by G February 24, 11 02:58 PM

Our hearts are with you Christchurch. We ache for your pain and yearn for your healing and renewal. Sending hope from Washington State USA

Posted by Suzy Wenger February 24, 11 03:01 PM

This is so sad as are all atrocities that happen here on earth. Seeing these pictures while studying on the other side of the world really makes me think about how meaningless my realestate career is at the moment.

By the way there is no god(I'm pretty sure as anything like this should be enough proof to you religious people out there) and praying is just a substitute for doing nothing. You're actually "praying" to this "god" that caused this act of nature to save the people that "it" harmed?

Posted by James Doultry February 24, 11 03:08 PM

True news photography brings the viewer to the scene and gives them the raw reality. This unvarnised series does exactly that. It draws you in and gives your perspective. I pray for my Kiwi friends and family.

Posted by Teg February 24, 11 03:22 PM

So sad to see all these heartbreaking pictures. My prayers goes out to all the people of Christchurch. May the Lord bless and comfort all the families who are affected by the earthquake. So sorry for your loss.
We're all feeling your pain at this time. Keep the faith and be strong!
We have some relatives living there, and we lost connection of them. We hope and pray that they are alright. Our prayers for all of you out there; and to those who are helping as well.
Love from Utah

Posted by Anonymous February 24, 11 03:28 PM

My thoughts and prayers to all, I hope my friend and associate Wayne Lamour and his family who lives in ChristChurch are safe.

Posted by Chip Zolinski February 24, 11 03:32 PM

All my thoughts and prayers are with you guys over in NZ! Hearing the news was horrifying, seeing the pictures even made it worse! I hope you all will find the strength and courage to recover from this!

Posted by Mona February 24, 11 03:34 PM

Mon coeur est avec vous !

Que les morts reposent en paix.

Courage pour la reconstruction il en faut

Posted by agharass February 24, 11 03:41 PM

So very prayers are with all of them...

Posted by Debs February 24, 11 03:43 PM

que Deus console essas famílias...

Posted by Sarah February 24, 11 03:43 PM

Prayers for your comfort, peace, and hope come from Pennsylvania.

Posted by Fredp February 24, 11 03:49 PM

Prayers from Mexico

Posted by Frank February 24, 11 03:52 PM

from Chile

Posted by Mauricio February 24, 11 03:58 PM

REMOVE PICTURE NUMBER 3 You insensitive Jerk Richard Cosgrove!!!! How would you like it if your close family member died and some a hole took pictures and posted it around the world..........GIVE THE VICTIMS OF LOSS A FREAKING BREAK! - citizen of christchurch.

Posted by Mel Ngahooro February 24, 11 04:00 PM

People question the building standards here but we have the some of the best geotech engineers in the world because of the very seismic conditions that has created the devastation. Most of the buildings that failed were pre seismic design with unreinforced brick facades built 1880 -1970.
Typical design for new buildings allow for applied stress to be .66G to .8G.
Because of the close proximity of only 3km underground and 10km from the epicenter, this earthquake applied equivalent of 1.6 G force to Christchurch, a city aready with weakened strutures. The miracle is that the whole place wasn’t flattened.

Posted by JM February 24, 11 04:00 PM

My heart goes out to you. Sending you prayers and healing vibes. Stay strong.

Hanan from Egypt.

Posted by Hanan February 24, 11 04:10 PM

We were just there a few weeks ago and fell in love with your good people and beautiful city. We are so so sorry for your suffering. Stay strong.

Posted by GMV February 24, 11 04:11 PM

This breaks my heart!!

I live in Auckland NZ, and have family in Christchurch. Thankfully after 24 hours of calling, texting and using facebook I managed to find out they were all ok. Some of them have lost their homes, but they are together and they are alive! I still have a couple of friends unaccounted for though. As a kiwi I'd like to thank everyone world-wide for their support and sending search & rescue teams to Christchurch. We have a long road ahead but NZ will get through this!

Posted by Lyndz February 24, 11 04:11 PM

Solo queda aceptar con humildad, estoy seguro que el pueblo neozelandes sabra salir adelante con ese temple y dignidad que los, comparto su dolor y no dejen de pensar en Dios........
un chileno cualquiera

Posted by Galmier Morales February 24, 11 04:26 PM

our dear Kiwis our prayer is with you .we knew you will rebuild your city but more important you will rebuild your life .friend from Geelong

Posted by Anita February 24, 11 04:26 PM

My heart goes out to all of you who suffered this disaster! Prayers from Colorado!

Posted by Kathy February 24, 11 04:29 PM

Please REMOVE IMAGE NUMBER 3!! How could you be so cruel to even think of showing that poor man dying on the street while his wife was holding his hand.

Posted by Anonymous February 24, 11 04:30 PM

Their suffering is ours, from Chile a hug of hope, we live as well and understand their suffering, is just recovering strength to keep going ...

Posted by Mauricio February 24, 11 04:30 PM

@ Paul #147...
Why nobody says the same thing when the earthquake happened in Haïti?
That's the question, I'm sorry, but information is information, and that's really qualities pictures.

Posted by Emma February 24, 11 04:36 PM

can you please remove picture three as thats my cousins husband dyin right there and there is no need for that picture to be there as you have not asked family members if it can be shown over the world!!! have a bit of respect!!!

Posted by stephanie February 24, 11 04:38 PM

Be tough Kiwis! Big cheers from France! We love you!

Posted by Boris February 24, 11 04:40 PM

i can only thank God that this has never happened to us. My heart goes out to those in Christchurch. My prayers also go to them.

Posted by Thelma Winks February 24, 11 04:45 PM

Absolutely heart wrenching images.
I wish you strength & hope.
Kia kaha

A Kiwi abroad.

Posted by Ramesh Singaram February 24, 11 04:48 PM

I have to say I'm appalled that the full names of the kids in #35 are given, when it says the father didn't want to be identified. How is naming his kids not identifying him?

Posted by Carol February 24, 11 04:48 PM

Dios, ayuda a esta gente a salir adelante y sobreponerse a semejante tragedia.
God help these people overcome this tragedy.
You´ll be praised

Posted by Jo February 24, 11 04:55 PM

Totally agree with Emma (276). How much haïtian victims on pictures, and there was no problem to publish them... and here ? Just say why...
Totalement d'accord avec Emma (276). Combien de victimes haïtiennes sur les photos, et pas de problème pour les publier.... et ici ? Dites-moi juste pourquoi ...
Pensées pour les habitants de Nouvelle-Zélande. Et pour les Haïtiens oubliés.

Posted by Audrey February 24, 11 04:58 PM

I am amazed that the lessons we should be learning from this tragedy are being ignored by those criticising peoples expression of their faith. Tolerance has not been displayed. In this time of great emotion, people are comforted by sincere expressions of condolences, which may differ from their own. We, the lucky, watchers should respect the victims and keep our personal faith opinions to ourselves.
My sincerest condolences go out to all who have suffered loss and grief in this tragedy. My strength is yours given freely and with love.

Posted by David Curl February 24, 11 05:03 PM

Yes, I agree, it is terrible to see the faces of the people, they are so afraid,
suffering, in shock and the man, who died on the street.
But it makes it all so real, and now I fully understand what happened over
there! I hope that the rescue teams will find more people alife
and I wish all the people from Christchurch a lot of strenght
with the loss of so many people!

Posted by Marry Emma February 24, 11 05:03 PM

Evidently many people feel better when they've invoke a god or two and prayerfully asked him/her/it to intervene in someone else's tragedy. There's a word for it, and it's not in the Bible. As for those complaining about the graphic nature of several of those pictures, relax. If you hadn't seen them and had your empathy and/or hostility stirred by them, you'd have felt nothing much at all. Stay stupid, good folk, it keeps you comfortable.

Posted by Barrie Watts February 24, 11 05:28 PM

I was in Christchurch 2 days before the earthquake (road trip in this incredibly beautiful country for 1 month)...
Thoughts to the victims...

Posted by Yann from France February 24, 11 05:44 PM

I was in Christchurch when it happened. I just want to say thank you to you all for your words support. The emergency services and military from around the world are doing such an awesome job we're so proud of them.

Posted by Glen Ross February 24, 11 06:02 PM

Russians are with you people of Christchurch and NZ.Stay strong!
Русские скорбят по погибшим в Христчёрч.Новозеландцы,вы крепкие духом.И БОГ поможет вам!

Posted by Andrey Borovkov February 24, 11 06:14 PM

Hola soy Adrian de Chile, sufri el terremoto de 27 febrero, se por lo que estan pasando, desde aca solo puedo darles mucho animo para que tengan mucha fuerza, esto pasará ...
sé que no es fácil, lo sé... fuerza mucha fuerza...

Posted by adrian letelier February 24, 11 06:18 PM

We are so sorry for such a terrible and huge misfortune. We pray for you New Zealand brothers and sisters.

Posted by María Herrera February 24, 11 06:37 PM

We are so sorry for such a terrible and huge misfortune. We pray for you New Zealand brothers and sisters.

Posted by María Herrera February 24, 11 06:38 PM

Why doesn't the media leave these people in peace to deal with this - if your family member had just been crushed to death would you want your devastation recorded or photographed and beamed around the world?

Posted by Anna February 24, 11 06:45 PM

The strength of the kiwi spirit will out way the force of mother nature this i am sure.... arohanui

Posted by Anonymous February 24, 11 07:03 PM

I am a Bostonian who has lived in Christchurch for the past four years, and I am an earthquake survivor. I'm thinking about writing more about about my experiences thusfar, but I have one message for everyone at the moment.

#1 PREPARE AN EMERGENCY KIT! Everyone thinks, Yeah, yeah I will but, DO IT. I am living proof that emergencies can and DO happen to people you know! And chances are it WILL happen to you one day.

#2 HAVE AN EMERGENCY PLAN! Same as above. My partner and I had one, and it worked.

#3 Tell your friends and family how you feel about them. People have been killed in Christchurch. I hope their family members told them that they loved them the last time they saw them. Because 'the last time' might actually become the final time.

Posted by April February 24, 11 07:18 PM

it is very painful from the bottom of your heart if you lost a memer of your famileis.....i pray God will comforts every hearts.. From Vanuatu Ralph

Posted by Miller Salyor February 24, 11 07:44 PM

Strength New Zealand's People! From Italy.

Posted by Roberta February 24, 11 07:50 PM

There is a BIG difference between photos of a grieving family and those of a person dying...and if it happened is Haiti then that is just as wrong and immoral and should have never have happened...however the family of these people have contacted and requested that it be removed...for the sake of his child and ignore that request goes beyond inhuman, and CANNOT be defended...if it takes images like that for people to open their wallets then then NZ would rather take support from humane and caring people anyway...we here in Christchurch have retained our humanity, shame on you Americans for losing yours...but that is all a debate they will be having with the lawyers of the family they have in America

Posted by G February 24, 11 08:06 PM

I have just seen that the image has been removed....that you very much on behalf of the has returned my faith in humanity

Posted by G February 24, 11 08:08 PM

Yes, NZ building codes are top-notch. What most people (save a few) don't realise is that a lot of the buildings that did fall in this 6.3 'aftershock' were the older ones built pre-1970s. Not only that, these buildings were weakened by the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that occurred only 6 months ago, and by the 5000+ shallow depth and close proximity aftershocks, ranging from magnitude 3-5 with an MMI of 4-6. There are still buildings standing in the CBD like the Government Tax Department building located opposite the fallen CTV building and that huge glass structure, the Christchurch Art Gallery, seen in the media as the Civil Defence HQ, are still standing tall and unfased by the 6 months of seismic activity and this 6.3 aftershock.

Also, what the media don't show is the suburbs surrounding the CBD. A lot of the residential and commercial properties outside of the CBD are standing with moderate to no damage. I believe Christchurch has a very good emergency response team. Within days, 75% of Christchurch has power back up, main water supply to 50% from only 20% two days ago. It's fast. Not as fast as it was when the 7.1 earthquake hit us, but fast. I'm proud of the City Council, the Civil Defence, and the compassion of the people of the city during this difficult time. Can't ask for more from a city. Of course, we can't forget about the International aid (Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, U.S., and U.K.), helping in the search and rescue, working alongside our people.

Posted by Christchurch resident February 24, 11 08:49 PM

To PatL, agreed that photos may seem a bit intrusive, but pictures such as these portray how great a tragedy this is to the world. Pictures of Haiti in a similar state spread grief and sympathy across the world. Intrusive, perhaps. Necessary, I sure think so.

Posted by PatA February 24, 11 08:57 PM

From Barcelona (Catalonia-Spain) we send our most sincere and affectionate encouragement.
Força New Zeland !!!

Posted by Romà February 24, 11 08:57 PM

Godspeed New Zealand... prayers from Philippines...

Posted by nestle poell February 24, 11 09:00 PM

this is terribly sad. my thoughts are with all these poor people. i cant even imagine losing my mother like that.

Posted by Rebecca February 24, 11 09:21 PM

This breaks my heart. Prayers from a Canadian cousin.

Posted by Canada February 24, 11 09:49 PM

Fabulous Photojournalism Essay. I'm a Kiwi. Thanks for posting these images to allow the world to see our grief and sadness and loss. This event needs to be remembered and the images captured here will go down in the history of NZ's darkest day. NZ has excellent anti earthquake infrastructure. Many of the buildings here are very old, and already weakened by the September earthquake.

Posted by Think1st February 24, 11 10:46 PM

I was in Christchurch for the World Netball at the end of the of the last decade. A beautiful city,my heart goes out to you all. S>E Queensland has had its share also. Chin up NZ

Posted by Carol French-Toowoomba February 24, 11 11:25 PM

Brilliant pictures. Congratulations to your photographers who captured the heartbreak and the bravery so well. We in the rest of New Zealand can do only a small amount compared with the Christchurch people involved but we applaud the selflessness and courage of the emergency workers, volunteeers and journalists who are there, including those from overseas. Thank you.

Posted by Catharine Franks February 24, 11 11:52 PM

God bless New Zealand!

Posted by Anonymous February 25, 11 12:42 AM

How some of us complained about the fluff and of dog shows and fashion week pictures. I'm sure we'd look at a thousand dog show pictures if it meant there were no floods or famines or wars or disasters to photograph :(

Posted by Hope February 25, 11 12:54 AM

No practical help here, but my tears were from genuine crying when I first realised the horror, just one hour after it happened. And since. NZ is a favourite place of mine, knew it first over 50 years ago, worked in Christchurch, rode past the Cathedral every day. If wishes were horses, everyone and everything would be "fixed up" pronto. Wishes are not horses and reality reigns. So do our human feelings of grief at the nightmarish tragedy, see-sawing with jubilation on successful rescues. The worst brings out the best. Love and prayful thoughts to all Kiwis.

Posted by Dorothy Longfield February 25, 11 01:49 AM

i dont wanna see more pictures of disaster. china. chile, haiti and new zealand.

god bless

Posted by joo February 25, 11 01:51 AM

Aquí sabemos muy bien la amargura que están pasando. Arriba el animo
que siempre habrá un mañana mejor. Harta Fe y fuerza para reconstruir y sanar la herida que deja esta catástrofe.

Posted by CHILENO February 25, 11 02:06 AM

These photos made me condolences to the departed one and God bless you New Zealand!

Posted by Sin February 25, 11 02:31 AM

God, this is devastating. I just don't even know how to function right now.

And for everyone talking about how they should remove number 3 - honestly, shut up. Don't pretend to be so so outraged when you yourself clicked a photo you KNEW showed someone's death. You're just as morbidly curious as anyone and how dare you get on a soapbox and scream at the rest of us.

Posted by chessy February 25, 11 02:40 AM

It is so sad to see how the earthquake has devastated the beautiful city of Christchurch. Our heart with the New Zealand people. -Andri,Jakarta-

Posted by Andri February 25, 11 02:44 AM

יהיה זכרם ברוך ...צריך להיערך תמיד לארועים כאלה .

Posted by אוהד מ צפון ישרא&#1500 February 25, 11 02:48 AM

After seeing the destruction of this earthquake in New Zealand, I count my blessings that our worst earthquake seemed minor in comparison. Yes, we had the inconvenience of the bridge collapsing that took only one month to repair, but the loss of lives was minimal. Hopefully, with these photos, the world can reach out to help the people in New Zealand recover more quickly with financial, medical and material support.

Posted by Joanne Muench February 25, 11 03:19 AM

Insallah en kisa zamanda depremin yaralarini atlatirsiniz. Turkiye'den gecmis olsun, basiniz sagolsun diyoruz

Posted by cuneyt February 25, 11 03:37 AM

Deepest sympathies to the loving Mums and Dads whose children came here to learn English or to travel, and were overtaken by an act of nature.
Many of the dead are visitors to our country. Thank you to the search and rescue teams from overseas. We could cope in September, but this quake was devastating.

Posted by jane February 25, 11 03:46 AM

My prayers go to my brother in law who lost a cousin.
God bless his family and may He give them strength to
endure this time of sadness.
I extend my prayers to all in New Zeland at this time of sadness,
and may flights of angels guide those who passed home to Jesus.


Posted by Christopher Pauli / Brookline, MA February 25, 11 03:59 AM

I was there 14 days before it struck. I can't believe what I am watching now!
Condolences from "other side" of the World, from Slovenia.

Please donate to NZ Red Cross. Unfortunately that is the only help I can give and I urge you to do the same.

Posted by Jaka February 25, 11 04:15 AM

I was working in central Christchurch when the earthquake struck and to see buildings fall down around you as you frantically try to get away from it all was truly scary.

It might take some time before we are back on our feet again, but one thing that Cantabrians will not allow this tragedy to do, is take take away our spirit.

Thank you to all those around the world who have us in your hearts...

... we feel the love ♥

Posted by Dot February 25, 11 04:32 AM


Posted by Joe Sheffer February 25, 11 04:57 AM

All my prayers to people in NZ!

Posted by Anonymous February 25, 11 05:14 AM

Oh my God, these pictures really break my heart! My prayers are with you all!
Blessings from The Netherlands!

Posted by Johan February 25, 11 05:27 AM

Это ужасно! Нельзя передать горе этих людей! Бог благославит Новую Зеландию! Держитесь! Весь мир с Вами!

Posted by Irina. February 25, 11 05:48 AM

My partner and I stayed in Christchurch last month while travelling around New Zealand... what absolute lovely people and city just cant believe it !!! Our prays and sorrow go out to you all, it was such a shock to see the devastation you have been through. Prays and sorrow from England

Posted by Denise February 25, 11 06:02 AM

I now have a moral issue. I was supposed to go to Christchurch in october as part of a trip around the world and I'm asking myself : should I go anyway, help a little and inject some money in the community or should I butt off and let the people get back on their feet and consider coming to New Zealand later in my life.

To all of you that I wanted to visit because of the flawless reputation of your country/city, know that I feel for you and that whichever decision I end up taking, I'll do my best to act in your best interest as mine are totally not important at this moment.

I'm not a believer in god as I would have to kick him in the nuts for all the crazy stuff he is letting go by every day, but I believe in the human race and that, unfortunately, it sometimes takes those kind of tragedies to reaffirm a sense of community. It won't bring back those who died, but you kiwis are proving once again that when it counts, people are people.

Best regards from Canada

Posted by Dominic Roy February 25, 11 06:43 AM

im sorry,
vito from italy

Posted by vito February 25, 11 06:56 AM


Posted by DANY February 25, 11 07:47 AM

Cheer up, anyway.
God bless you all.

Posted by KCC February 25, 11 07:53 AM

Our hearts are with the people of New Zealand.

Bahraini citizen

Posted by Z. Qaddumi February 25, 11 09:15 AM

Be strong okay. Sedih apabila melihat perkara yang tidak di ingini berlaku. from Malaysia

Posted by Nabel February 25, 11 09:17 AM


Posted by Mauricio Dominguez February 25, 11 09:18 AM

Lets wake up New Zealand

Posted by Emwady February 25, 11 09:30 AM


Posted by ryan February 25, 11 09:33 AM

Best pray to all people who in CHCH, and i feel so sad for those victims.

Posted by Boson February 25, 11 09:37 AM

My heart breaks for all of New Zealand, my tears shed for those that are lost and suffering, courage one and all, God Bless.

Posted by Barb USA February 25, 11 09:58 AM

my uncle is among those believed still trapped in the ctv building. please find him.

Posted by eelynn February 25, 11 10:13 AM

#27 awesome composition.

Posted by Pernas February 25, 11 10:24 AM

Why you remove picture 3? Because isn't poor people of Haiti... or Africa?

Posted by Juan Carlos Posada February 25, 11 10:32 AM

My heart goes out to all New Zealanders and to those brave souls who are doing everything they can to help those in need over there. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.

Posted by Amarie February 25, 11 10:50 AM

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all New Zealand... Our hearts mourn for you in Colorado! Thank you to all Emergency Workers and Volunteer's for the CORAGEOUS efforts to save lives!

Posted by Bjorn Bjorklund February 25, 11 11:07 AM

California prays for NZ. Our turn will come...

Posted by richard February 25, 11 11:33 AM

I disagree with comment #181. MAN certainly has shown many times over that he can deliver destruction, by his own hand, at an even greater level than NATURE. Just look at the Middle East! For all of those damning God for this tragedy, get-a-life, this IS NOT the work of God, this is PLANET EARTH!

Posted by K. IWI February 25, 11 12:09 PM

Prayers from California! We hope that there isn't any more loss of life and damage. Wish I could help out. It makes you feel so helpless and frustrated to not be there with you. Thank God for the teams working in New Zealand.

Posted by Mrs. Carri February 25, 11 12:29 PM

I am from Long Island and will keep all of New Zealand in my heart, thoughts and prayers.
I was in a 6.0 in So Cal back in 1991 and the devistation was nothing like what you are all going through.
I hope your countrie's Leaders will begin the process of rebuilding with new technology of stablizers in apartment buildings and high rises as to prevent this kind of devistation. The fault line runs right through your country. It is not safe.
My heart goes out to everyone.

Posted by cocokat_89 February 25, 11 12:30 PM

prayers to you guys hope all goes well

Posted by isaiah green February 25, 11 02:26 PM

I was almost brought to tears by some of these images. I can only offer my hopes and wishes of recovery and comfort come to the Kiwi, so from New York City, Godspeed, and good luck, my fellow human beings.

Posted by ASW February 25, 11 02:27 PM

May God bless those that survived and all the rescue workers that risked their lives to save them. May he also grant strength and comfort to the families that have lost loved ones in this tragic event as they struggle to deal with their loss. Our hearts and prayers go out to you all.

Posted by Ian Macdonald February 25, 11 02:51 PM

I wonder what would've happened if someone from Haiti called and asked to have a picture removed...I agree with it being taken down, but I disagree with the obvious double-standard. Something about photo 34 bothered me as well; I know you're excited to be alive, but people are dying all around you and you're jumping around all happy must be hurtful to the surviving families.

Posted by SoulChorea February 25, 11 02:53 PM

Prayers from India.

Posted by Irfan February 25, 11 03:02 PM

The emotions captured in pic #35 brought tears to my eyes.
May Allah bless us all.

Posted by Shaqueel February 25, 11 03:02 PM

# 35 is heartbreaking.

my thoughts are with the families of those who have lost loved ones.

Posted by Paul February 25, 11 03:36 PM


Posted by SH February 25, 11 03:47 PM

May all my strength be with you. From now on, rise your minds and let's move on :)

Prayers from Portugal

Posted by Anonymous February 25, 11 04:07 PM

May all my strength be with you. From now on, rise your minds and let's move on :)
In times like these, we can understand what happened, but we can't bring families back, unfortunately. We must move on because, that's just it! Cry now because ''tomorrow'', you will be better. We can think that today a tear can come out from your eyes, there are people that cannot do that anymore.
What doesn't break you, makes you stronger :)

Peace from Portugal

Posted by Luís February 25, 11 04:19 PM

Incredible, the Christchurch cathedral destroyed, just like "die Frauenkirche''.
Christchurch looks like Dresden revisited....only on a much smaller scale 66 years on almost to the day.
May God have mercy.

Posted by Dagmar Brenne February 25, 11 04:49 PM

Mein Beileid auch aus Berlin.
Have been around in Christchurch a year ago and
still feel schocked. Take care of all -

Posted by Sven Brummack February 25, 11 04:59 PM

God bless u all.

Posted by Warrick grace February 25, 11 05:33 PM

My husband and I were devistated to hear about and see the pictures of the earthquake in Christchurch. We have visited your city and have fond menories. Our prayers go out to those who survived and to those families that had loved one that didnt. May God Bless you all.

Posted by Joan and Lee Porter== California February 25, 11 05:50 PM

Maybe it's just my imagination but a lot of the pictures of the rubble of the buildings looks to be rather cheap and un reinforced in the matter of steel struts and other such stabilizing elements of construction? A question which needs some serious consideration? G'day.

Posted by Raymond Clifford February 25, 11 06:19 PM

I have worked on "The Ice" since 1991..after having left Chch and returned to that wonderful city during my 5 times down to Antarctica, my heart goes out to each and every Kiwi who has endured all the seismic activity there. The U.S. people ALL pray for your strength and hopefully the survivors who are still trapped will be found ASAP!! May those who have passed rest in peace, watch over your families and the survivors. Stay strong NZ, donate to NZ Red Cross!!

Posted by Martin February 25, 11 06:41 PM

In regards to the earthquake and many of the posted comments, I am reminded of what Jesus said. "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, But see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation,and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains." Matthew 24:6-8niv The birth pains are indications that Jesus is coming back soon.

Jesus told the church about such things ahead of time. May the Lord strengthen Christchurch. May God heal the broken hearted and places that has been long devastated all over the earth. May all men come to the realization that Jesus is Lord, and that He loves them so very much. That's why He came to die for us, saving us from our sin by accepting or receiving Him into our hearts.

Those of you who are in the body of Christ "...Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27niv I can understand what it's like to loose someone you love dearly. My spouse died suddenly, so I can relate. Yet, God is very good, and He really has been there. He will not leave you nor will He forsake you. Be encouraged. We are praying for you all.

Posted by a Christian February 25, 11 07:01 PM

We pray for all New Zealanders and specially for the suffering people of Christchurch from Budapest / Hungary.

Posted by dhtm February 25, 11 07:02 PM

Hang in there guys, best wishes from Canada. We sent a donation to the International Red Cross on your behalf.

Posted by Paul Wilson February 25, 11 07:52 PM

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in NZ , this has affected everyone in the world in some way or another. Love from all Aussies.

Posted by Vicki Donnelly February 25, 11 07:55 PM

Very very sorry! I hope this does not happen any more bad days. Tell us if you have anything you want. Our strenght is the extent're here to help.

Posted by Oktay Özçelik February 25, 11 08:15 PM

I am ashamed..we think we have problems daily..........the pain these brave people show, and the sheer guts of the rescuers, helpers,and survivors,and the horror they have all been through,the loss they all face,.... I can only say,the world is with you NZ we hope you get the help you need to overcome this tragedy,and rebuild your lives and the rest will follow.Thinking of you all,
Maureen in Spain

Posted by Maureen Singleton February 25, 11 10:11 PM

I cry for all those who have been victims of this tragedy. Our prayers are with you.

Posted by Cecil February 25, 11 10:15 PM

Kiwis are the friendliest and most authentic people I've ever met.....why does this happen ? No one knows, no need to philosophize... keep strong.

Our prayers are with you
from Shanghai

Posted by Wei Wen February 25, 11 11:09 PM

So sorry, I pray for more survivors. Everyone pitching in and working so hard must be exhausted. The love from around the world is wonderful, I send mine from the Mojave Desert, California.

Posted by Jody February 26, 11 12:31 AM

I live in Nelson, New Zealand. About 400km from Christchurch. I recently moved back to Nelson after working in the Christchurch CBD for about 5 years.

I have family and friends there and thankfully all are safe!

Unfortunately for CHCH, about 1/3 buildings are built pre 1950 with many built in the late 1800s. Our building code is very strict and has been since the later half of the 20th century. These buildings withstood this earthquake nicely. Most damage to recently built properties with the result of liquefaction and not in the inner city CBD.

Every Christchurch building that is rebuilt will be done so to the same very strict building code we have now. They recognise too that now is a time to ensure any new building is done in a way that beautifies the city and adds to its character when looked back in 100 years time.

To those still in CHCH, Kia Kaha!

Posted by Ernest Cunningham February 26, 11 01:07 AM

I have experienced the big earthquake in Kobe,Japan at about 15 years ago. Therfor,the big earthquake of this New Zealand feels painful very much,
I hope ,Many young foregin students will be help immediately.

Posted by Katsumi Haya&#65 February 26, 11 02:27 AM

i m very upset nd with new zealand people so tht they can over come early frm this tragedy.

Posted by sudhir kumar February 26, 11 03:04 AM

Why was pic number 3 removed?

Posted by Anonymous February 26, 11 03:21 AM

@ Soulchorea, comment 353 regarding photo 34 - these men just realised they will see their families again, let them have one moment of sheer relief and joy! I thought it was a wonderful picture.

Posted by Paul B February 26, 11 05:47 AM

Prayers From Hungary! Our hearts are with the people of New Zealand.

Posted by Anonymous February 26, 11 05:49 AM

I have been watching it on the news ,all week. My heart gos out to those who has lost love ones.My husband works for the salvation army. We pray that they might find some more people alive.

Posted by Vicki February 26, 11 05:50 AM

deepest condolence to all Canterbury & Christchurch people.
I believe the kiwis have the strength to recover from this devastation.

Posted by dra February 26, 11 06:58 AM

Feel very sorrow ,CHCH is a peaceful and beautiful city!!!!

Posted by Eric Huang February 26, 11 08:58 AM

Have faith. The Filipinos are praying for all of you. Have faith.
Carolle Chan-Agbulos

Posted by Carolina Chan-Agbulos February 26, 11 09:05 AM

Our prayers are with you as you, our friends who have made Christchurch their proud home. Stay strong and courageous, may rescue parties from all corners of the world reach you God speed. You will build this city again from it's ruins...

Posted by Michael Ho February 26, 11 11:36 AM

I've been there in Christchurch 15 years ago. I'm so sorry, I hope Indonesia will help you too. We are countries of the rings of fire.

Posted by Rizky February 26, 11 11:58 AM

Emotional pictures capture such terrible devastation. How small our world truly is. Specialty rescue teams come to support from around the world.
It takes a tragedy like this to remind us to enjoy and be Thankful for every day.

Posted by Birney A February 26, 11 12:05 PM

Prayers go out to the people of Christchurch from Washington, DC.

Posted by Bruce Barclay February 26, 11 12:17 PM

Be safe, be strong, be kind and be hopeful my wonderful Kiwi's. We are thinking about you all the way from Austin, Texas.

Posted by AusTexUke February 26, 11 02:12 PM

We are all New Zealanders. Prayers that we learn
easily and quickly what the earth is trying to teach us.
May all who died pass over into spirit easily
and may the grieving find comfort and release from their grief.
I plan on acting with love and compassion as much as I can.
Please all who read this, join me.

Posted by Ellen February 26, 11 04:02 PM

Love and prayers from North Carolina, USA

Posted by Julie February 26, 11 04:41 PM

God bless Christchurch , NZ
I am praying for Christchurch.....Romania

Posted by Elisei February 26, 11 06:02 PM

A pray for all the suffering people.
New Zealand people is very kind and friendly. I miss them.
We are with you from Argentina

Posted by Norberto Almada February 26, 11 06:29 PM

Jesus is always with you....Steve from India

Posted by Steve February 26, 11 08:41 PM

Our hearts and prayers are with you all. We visited your beautiful city a few years back and have wonderful memories.
May God be with you all.

Posted by BiLL and Mary Kyle February 26, 11 09:01 PM

kelso tangimataiti of tokoroa , make sure people arent stuck in under broken buildings incase building collapses , roads are clear , using gloves while cleaning areas , use helmets working around buildings ,working with a safety manner, stopping for breaks so they dont strain themselves, basically cleaning up , clean area where injured are and if is too seriouly they need to be sent to hospital , mark all danger areas with danger tape condoned off to all people ...........

Posted by kelso tangimataiti February 26, 11 09:41 PM

kelso tangimataiti of tokoroa , if there is no communication use walkie talkie to conduct your safety and clean up and recues , and have medicine avaliable to people that needed etc antibotics , pinacillin etc

Posted by kelso tangimataiti February 26, 11 10:08 PM

I have cried just watching the news. It makes me feel guilty each time I go & turn the tap on knowing all these people have to cue up to get water. My heart goes out to all of you. God bless each & every one of you.

Posted by Patricia February 26, 11 10:31 PM

Death is hard but unforeseen tragedies are drastic. Keep up the Kiwi spirit and "this too shall pass". Life is good, but world is in turmoil. irene

Posted by Irene Loshny February 26, 11 11:29 PM

Prayers from India...
Stay strong!!!

Posted by Mita February 26, 11 11:59 PM

A vast tragedy...I wish NZ and all in Christchurch every strength and resilliance in coping with this.

PS I assume picture 3 has gone at the direct request of the family - if so surely it is understandable to remove it rather than refuse to.

Posted by Paul W February 27, 11 03:39 AM

@ 343, 378

Give the poor mans soul and his family a break. There is absolutly no need for that picture to be there since it should not be needed to understand what happend there and feel with them.

To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.
(Alfred Tennyson)

Posted by T.P. February 27, 11 05:19 AM

Ook in Nederland leven we met jullie heel erg mee temeer omdat er oude kennissen wonen van ons Alex en Siska. We hebben ook geen adres meer van ze. we hopen het allerbeste voor hun en hun kinderen
Groetjes van Eveline en Ton Heesakkers uit Eindhoven

Posted by Ton Heesakkers February 27, 11 08:18 AM

Our hearts are with you from New York

Posted by Dominic Pace February 27, 11 09:29 AM

Take care my dear KIWI's . Be safe, strong and hopeful. We are thinking about you all the way from Austin, Texas - y'all.

Posted by Chris Wilson February 27, 11 12:28 PM

Thoughts of hope and and renewal to the people of New Zealand. I'm so sorry for the tragedy. These photos told a story that I had not previously seen. I know now the full scope of the disaster. Some excellent captures.

Posted by Kris Hockley February 27, 11 12:29 PM

Our thoughts and prayers from Ontario, Canada. God be with the people of New Zealand.

Posted by Anonymous February 27, 11 03:38 PM

Fueza para New Zeland desde Chile

Posted by Anonymous February 27, 11 04:39 PM

In 3-6 months, most of the damage will be cleaned up, rebuilding will be underway, and life will return to normal. They won't just live in the rubble, waiting for the International community to cough up billions. They won't devolve into rape gangs that attack Red Cross aid workers. That's just what's still happening in Haiti.

Posted by Carbon February 27, 11 06:12 PM


Posted by LINDA B February 27, 11 06:38 PM

When you see images and scenes like this you realise just who and how fragile we here on Earth are and the arrogant clowns like julia gillard, penny wong,Garrett and the master of all Dopes Al Gore think that a tax can stop this are fooling themselves , It makes you realise there is No time for gossip and and making enemys because our time on the beautiful planet could evaporate in a puff of dust , My heart goes out to all Kiwis in this time of natural disaster and pray they can rebuild there wonderful city God bless the people of Chistchurch Take care
Wayno Melbourne Australia

Posted by Wayno February 27, 11 07:16 PM

Que lamentable tragedia en Nueva Zelanda, en verdad que no existen explicaciones para todos estos destrastres que estan sucediendo en todo, el mundo desde Naturales, Politicos, Sociales, etc, Díos estamos contigo, ayudanos en estos momentos... Caracas, Venezuela.

Posted by Alberto Farias February 27, 11 07:51 PM

When one person suffers, it is felt in the hearts of all mankind. As we live our separate and separated lives it is true that there is no space between hearts. In tragedies such as this, let us remember that we are ONE and across the miles we can send love and comfort to our brothers and sisters.
I hold you all in my heart.

Posted by Jeannie February 27, 11 08:41 PM

My prayers and blessings go out to all of those who have either suffered or lost a loved one due to this tragic event... New Zealand is perhaps my most favorite place on the planet.. This is so tragic to see and hear about... God bless all of you and keep your chins up....

Posted by Raymond D. Archambault III February 27, 11 08:47 PM

My Prayers to the whole city---what else can we do---this is TAGEDY all over the World--Pray, Pray our Prayers are heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous February 28, 11 12:26 AM

There is no god "blessing" anything or anyone here in this great tragedy. Thoughts and words are just that. Actions speak truth and reality. The pictures show a lot of that. We don't need some invisible and ineffectual "supreme being" to be pleaded with. God is not doing anything there or anywhere, so get used to it! We do see reality in the heroes and caring people who are risking their own lives to give aid and comfort!

I have been to Christchurch twice and love the place and people.

Posted by Joe Rice February 28, 11 10:40 AM

Jesus bless you and keep you all. We are thinking and praying for you. What a terrible tragedy. God give the first responders and the medical staff strength and endurance to serve these poor people.

from MD, USA

Posted by Rebecca February 28, 11 11:26 AM

what the name of this city named after, clearly didn't help with the earthquake.

Posted by TS February 28, 11 12:04 PM

Sadly, the man in pic #28 didn't make it :o(

Posted by Angela February 28, 11 12:59 PM

...on this situations we are able to show from what we are made.....
...get closer to one another as humans and cheer up ours souls.... prayers to whole people there.....
...from one who was in Chiles earthquake year ago....

Posted by Rene February 28, 11 01:11 PM

double standards time

where was the international brotherhood when french terrorists invaded new zealand, when new zealand, as a proud nation declared itself nuclear free at the cost of the anzus treaty?

as a a new zealander overseas i mourn the loss of a great city and the citizens but know christchurch will be even better, even stronger

go crusaders

Posted by ray February 28, 11 06:01 PM

what sorrow heartbreak and still hope, ther is no way we can understand nature and see purpose. we must treasure every day and valuelife and see the blue sky behind the terrible couds of disaster

Posted by Anonymous March 1, 11 03:40 AM

God give peace and rest for the souls & living ones.

Posted by sandeep March 1, 11 07:40 AM

Why has picture #3 been removed? So, it is okay to show death and misery that happened in a third world country but not in NZ? Why? Is it because it is a developed country or is it because it's full of white people? Since when did the deaths of one kind of people got different than the other?

Posted by Boston_Monkey March 1, 11 10:31 AM

For Juan Carlos Posada:
Show some respect. It doesn't matter if they're rich or poor, it still is a tragedy.

Posted by Irene Armesto March 1, 11 12:19 PM

and prayers from Mexico!

Posted by Irene Armesto March 1, 11 12:20 PM

We visited New Zealand several years ago. Christchurch was one of our favourite cities. It is deeply saddening to see the city and surrounding areas devastated - place like Littleton and the surrounding small towns with their beautiful beaches, dramatic scenery, quaint shops and cosy cafes. Our hearts go out to the people of Christchurch.

Posted by Mo & Carol March 1, 11 01:09 PM

We can see the Spirit.Courage,little or no panic as we experienced
during the London Blitz in WW2.Well done Kiwi's God Bless you all.
Our Prayers go out to all who are still trapped,Their Families and the
Surviver's.All Canadians are with you in their thoughts & Heart

Posted by Alf & Dorothy Rackley, Canada March 1, 11 01:36 PM

God Bless all of you in New Zealand you are in our prayers. Denver, Colorado USA

Posted by Theresa Finley March 1, 11 04:40 PM

I spent my honeymoon in New Zealand in 1970. We traversed the length and breath of your beautiful country and were met with kindness everywhere.
My heart is with the people of New Zealand in this, their darkest hour. May
God give you the strength to overcome this great tragedy and return to normality as soon as possible. God bless New Zealand.

Posted by Richard Gomez March 1, 11 09:29 PM

God bless u...

Posted by Samrat Roy March 2, 11 01:30 AM

God will put a new place for you

Posted by Arnold Q. Calaguas March 2, 11 05:09 AM

It's sad to see the situation in christchurch. It's reminds me that God is in controland He knows everything. May God comfort all those who are effected and strengthen them to live life according to his ways and wills.

Posted by Maheshwari March 2, 11 05:17 AM

be strong all somthing will be good

Posted by khaled egypt March 2, 11 05:40 AM

Oh My God ! Words can not express what one feels inside ! I saw a foto of two women who look like family ! I pray for you all overthere in New Zealand. May our Lord be with you ! We are living in the last days and no one knows of the things to come ! I just want to encourage you all, to flee into the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ, for HE is the Prince Of Peace !

Posted by Thurid March 2, 11 06:09 AM

My thoughts are with you, lovely Newzealanders, be strong, and try to think of renewing and repairing your beautiful city. South Africa grieves with you all. Merle Abrams, Johannesburg

Posted by Merle Abrams March 2, 11 06:52 AM

I pray for a speedy recovery for those affected by the earthquake and of course for those who died or were seriously injured. I also pray that family and friends that lost loved ones will eventually come to terms with their grief.
I congratulate and salute all the emergency service workers and all who participated in the search and rescue of those that were trapped in the rubble. It must have been extremely daunting for them and will probably haunt them for a long time. They too suffer. Well done

Posted by Bob Macdonald (UK) March 2, 11 08:06 AM

God understands more than anyone all will be well.

Posted by augustus March 3, 11 07:35 AM

I have a brother in N.Z. he works in an office in Christchurch, but doesn't go into the office every day--that day he didn't. I am grateful for that, but my heart goes out to everyone in Christchurch. Those that have lost loved ones especially. I hope with all my heart that soon all will be well with everyone there. A big thanks to all of the rescuers, as always you but your life on the line for safety of anyone--you are a special kind of people.

Posted by Carol Corrin B,C Canada March 3, 11 10:07 AM

Prayers for you.. from Romania.

Posted by Lidia March 3, 11 02:20 PM

I lived in Los Angeles before and was always afraid of earthquakes - seeing this I was just devastated. My heart and prayers go out to these poor people.

Posted by Edith olah March 3, 11 06:28 PM

May God help the people of Christchurch and those who have been trapped in this terrible quake.
In South Africa we think of you.

Posted by sophie strydom March 4, 11 09:10 AM

this is a disastar

Posted by Thomas Mitchell March 4, 11 09:53 AM

#25 - no comments.. :(

Posted by Yuriy March 4, 11 02:40 PM

My prayers go with all those still missing (not heard from my brother in law since the quake he lives in North Beach). Also thanks to the rescuers who have done a tremendous job pulling people out of collapsed buildings. My condolences to the families who have lost someone they love. We Brits are sending you our love.

Posted by Rita Burke March 4, 11 06:41 PM

Why is pic#3 removed?

Posted by simon March 5, 11 07:54 PM

I was just forwarded these pictures. Yes, I believe these were caused by nature but this was all predicted in the Bible. So yes, I believe we are in the "end times". This being said, the "end times" may last for decades or when ever God decides to end things.
My heart and prayers go out to ALL who have been hurt in this awful catastrophe. The devastation that has occurred should tear at all of our heart strings. My heart, my love goes out to everyone who has posted - you have shone great caring.

Posted by Kay Forman March 6, 11 11:54 AM

I want to add to the concerns of the people in Christ Church. Prayers are with you from all over the world. Thank God. But please, ask the Media to present the positive when the rebuilding begins. Many businesses who depend on tourism will go broke if the Media doesn't respond. This happened to San Francisco after the big quake of 1989. Tourists avoided San Francisco for three years, and small businesses that depended on tourist trade couldn't survive. Pictures of the many,many buildings that withstood the quake were not shown. The same devastating photos were shown over and over again. My plea is for the Media all over the world to help Christ Church in their uphill job to recovery. May God bless them all.

Posted by Mrs. Florence Spanier Walnut Creek Calif. March 6, 11 04:40 PM

Montana prayers for our cousins in Christchurch and all the people there. God Bless you and take good care of you.

Posted by Anonymous March 7, 11 12:15 AM

Lord forgive us and Help us Lord,Give us a Second change Lord.

Posted by Mark Anthony T. Perez March 7, 11 07:51 AM

i feel sorry for all those people in Christchurch.

Posted by Sian March 7, 11 05:18 PM

I worked in Christchurch assisting with the inspections following the quake, I travelled down from Auckland the next morning and spent 10 days there, the people are so beaten up but still surprisingly determined it was my privelege to meet and help them

Posted by Mark Murray March 7, 11 08:18 PM

Hearts shed tears at so much suffering. This is not Gods system it is to the one who rules this whole world. "We know that we originate with God,but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one" 1John 5:19. Hope for the future is a peaceful earth under the rule of the Kingdom that is prayed for in the Lords Prayer. Conditions promised are found at Isa.65:17-25. He does not lie! The scene of this world is changing, 1Cor.7:31. We are in the last days! Isaiah 52:10"Jehovah has bared his holy arm before the eyes of all the nations and all the ends of the earth must see the salvation of our God" John 5:28-29, even the dead will be brought back to Life. Look up and see Jehovah!

Posted by Maryann Bliven March 7, 11 10:39 PM

I.n so sorry. I've been to Christchurch. What nice people!!!!

Posted by Tom Tracy March 7, 11 11:00 PM

May Allah and Buddha bless these poor peeps. :D

Posted by Paul March 8, 11 09:39 AM

omg please help these people survive !!

Posted by saleena March 8, 11 11:03 AM

We left Christchurch a couple hours before the quake. Out hearts and prayers go out to the wonderful people we met in that beautiful city!

Posted by Connie Strappello March 8, 11 02:22 PM

I'm, so glad 8 of my friends from New Zealand are alright! Eberything is just so overwhelming to look at..

Posted by Jamiey Smith March 8, 11 02:28 PM

Love people...

Posted by Hamilton from Chile March 8, 11 04:02 PM

Dear Christchurch I hope IT Does Not Happen Again. Good Luck Christchurch. All are hopes and wishes go out to from Parklands school . CHRISTCHURCH YOU ROCK.

Posted by CHERISH March 8, 11 08:54 PM

New zealand is a good country. I hope u will get developed soon.

Posted by Naren March 9, 11 09:59 PM

May ALLAH bless all NZ and increase their patience to overcome the tragedy, heal their pain and gain strength to rebuild their life.
We from Kuala Lumpur.

Posted by saleha March 10, 11 12:07 AM

Thank god you didn't blame it on the Muslims this time

Posted by M. March 10, 11 05:59 AM

My heart leaps out of my throat in pain and anguish after viewing Picture#36. Pray to Almighty God to give the owners (Murray and Kelly James) strength, patience, peace to overcome the calamity struck their humble abode. Aameen

Posted by Muhammed Zahid Hussain March 10, 11 11:41 AM

My heart leaps out of my throat in pain and anguish after viewing Picture....

Posted by subratasarkar March 12, 11 01:18 AM

God bless U

Posted by 悲伤的日子 March 12, 11 04:28 AM

Dear Christchurch,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day, I am on the net daily,
We lived in Redwood CHCH, in 1966-1972/73, we have happy memories

Love Stewart and Betty

Posted by Betty Fleming March 14, 11 08:26 PM

Praying for these people as well as those in Japan who just suffered an earthquake and Tsunami. My heart goes out to everyone. God bless and keep you all in Jesus Christ.

Posted by Ashley- USA March 15, 11 12:26 AM
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