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August 11, 2010 Permalink

Continuing Pakistani floods

The United Nations has now estimated that Pakistan will need billions of dollars to recover from its worst floods in 80 years - further straining a country already dependent on foreign aid to prop up its economy and back its war against Islamist militants. Over 60,000 troops are involved in flood relief operations trying to assist nearly 14 million people who are now affected by the flooding. The U.N. has just launched an appeal for $459 million in immediate aid, as Pakistanis have become more frustrated with their government's response and President Asif Ali Zardari's trip to Europe. [This entry is part II of a double-issue today, part I about Russia here] Collected here are recent photographs of Pakistanis as they continue to cope with their flooded country. [See previous entry]. (36 photos total)

A man marooned by flood waters, alongside his livestock, waves towards an Army helicopter for relief handouts in the Rajanpur district of Pakistan's Punjab province on August 9, 2010. (REUTERS/Stringer)
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Amazing pictures.
Hope help reaches everywhere it is needed.

Posted by Saurabh Sharma August 11, 10 01:27 PM

these are insane. i can't believe that's water in #1

Posted by cyrus g August 11, 10 01:28 PM

The last pic is astonishing touching! Nice pics, as always.

Posted by MaxH August 11, 10 01:33 PM

Great pictures, again!

Posted by derwinter August 11, 10 01:34 PM

Truly amazing and touching pictures.

Posted by Mr. W. Anker August 11, 10 01:44 PM

My favorite thing about this blog is that it always reminds me that there's a bigger world out there besides what I see every day. It's sobering to imagine myself in their situation.

Posted by Rich S August 11, 10 01:52 PM

"And so castles made of sand fall into the sea eventually..."

Awkward moment,.. I was just listening to some Hendrix songs while looking at these pictures. Isn't the whole Idea of us, humans, in control of any situation who concerns our enviroment a big castle of sand?! Unfortunatly thoe pictures show us a sad way to realize it!

Posted by Victor Dantas August 11, 10 02:06 PM


Posted by Blog Prosens August 11, 10 02:07 PM

Looks like they're throing the helicopter on #9 !!

Posted by Grou August 11, 10 02:11 PM

The pics made me cry.The worst thing is that we are sitting,watching and commenting while doing nothing for the flood victims.May Allah give us jazzah to help them in their time of need.I pray that these people overcome all their loses and come back to the normal routine.(Ameen)

Posted by Mariam Khan August 11, 10 02:22 PM

Imagine the image of the US around the world if we took all of our forces in Afghanistan and moved them a few miles east to help these people. Sad that our priorities are so backward.

Posted by Shawn August 11, 10 02:24 PM

If #36 doesn't get nominated for some sort of International Press photography award, there's something amiss.

Posted by Sam August 11, 10 02:26 PM

I will be praying for them, for help and for divine justice, they did not deserve to suffer like this, God most stop this suffering soon because is the devil making geological disturbances for to destroy humankind. I rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus.

Posted by melisa perez August 11, 10 02:28 PM

Where are the "America is Satan" mullahs now? They obviously have no problems taking help from the great Satan when they are in need...

Posted by Joe August 11, 10 02:40 PM

I wish God provides all the victims with food, shelter and clothing. Please have mercy god!

Posted by Amit August 11, 10 03:02 PM

it is a challange to humanity and human being can tacle such disasters if get togther and care for each other. my appeal to all those who are in safe zones plz come out of you confort zone and feel th pain of these effectees becouse no one knows; we may be th next victoms of natural catasrophy!!!! take initiative to help save th humanity

Posted by Ajaz August 11, 10 03:03 PM

Before more people like #14 show up and comment, the reason we must help is that if we don't, then groups like the Taliban will!

Who do you want Pakistan to remember as the people who helped feed survivors and rebuild their country? Them? Us?

Posted by Rob August 11, 10 03:06 PM

Shawn has the answer.

Posted by Shirley August 11, 10 03:12 PM

With 2 million people homeless, why isn't America getting involved like they did during the Haiti Earthquake? This wasn't even a twitter trend.

Posted by Jack August 11, 10 03:16 PM

When I look at photo #16, the flood doesn't look that big, relatively speaking. Are there more areas flooded? Or are all these photo's focused on that one stream of water shown?

Posted by Jojo August 11, 10 03:17 PM

Amazing images. It is pathetic for people to come in here to make their political points while so many people are going through such a traumatic events.

That is the state of discourse right now though. Kick people while they are down.

I truly appreciate the photojournalists that are risking their lives to bring these photos. Thank you for these images, they are hard to see, but definitely worth it.

Posted by Hassan August 11, 10 03:21 PM

Jeez, I love the people who comment on these who say its Satan or the Devil and God must have pity. God created this so called Satan according to the religion so ergo GOD is responsible...if you believe in that malarkey.

This is a man-made problem. Global climate change. I hope more relief goes into this area and will be donating money to the humanitarian causes aiding these people. (Not wasting my time in useless prayers to the invisible man in the sky.)

Posted by Jenny August 11, 10 03:29 PM

I wish all the best to these poor people.

People, please stop the Muslim hate... not all of them are bad.

...awesome pics

Posted by etienne August 11, 10 03:34 PM

n.1 is amazing... and terrible.

Posted by max August 11, 10 03:35 PM

#21 and #33 say it all......

Posted by keith August 11, 10 03:41 PM

It looks miserable!!

But just wondering, is it the first time they get these monsoon rains?

Posted by Johan August 11, 10 04:33 PM

I request all the readers to donate as much as they can and help save the lives of millions of people. The number of people killed by the floods so far is not that great but more than 14 million people have been affected and the UN says that 6 million are in need of immediate aid. People need medicines, food, drinking water, clothes, blankets etc. They have lost everything they had. Please contribute to the aid efforts. You may donate to the UNHCR, UNICEF, or any other aid agency.

Posted by Farish August 11, 10 04:37 PM

#19- When there's a disaster or a tragedy it's always "where's America"? But as soon as America turns it back it gets stabbed in the back and is hated for its military might-which becomes a big help in tragedies such as this.

#22 - Quit the nonesense of blaming God! Remember Satan rebelled against God just as you are doing now. Read first what His word says and then you can criticize Him. Prayers do help (just as physical aid does) for everyone as God is a God of hope and restoration. If you think prayers are useless just quit hoping for aid and start extending your hand now to help if you really mean what you say.

Posted by Anonymous August 11, 10 05:20 PM

is it water life?

Posted by michael August 11, 10 06:14 PM

Do not you think life is beautiful. Since the main purpose of human life on earth is a punishment. And there is nothing fun for a convicts, except for pseudo shadow. Like Adam who was sent to earth by Allah.

Don't be Sad .. because God Bless You.
La Tahzan ... Innallaha ma'ana....

Posted by Satrio August 11, 10 06:54 PM

such despair:(

Posted by violet August 11, 10 06:57 PM

Ayudar no debiera ser una reacción ante las catastrofes, debiera ser un estilo de vida. Me gustaría que fuera el mio...

Help shouldnt be a reacción, but a lifestyle. Id like it would be mine...

Posted by P. August 11, 10 07:32 PM

How can you not know your own age?

Posted by goatboy August 11, 10 07:35 PM

Politics and national differences fade into the background when you see human beings suffering and struggling to save their families lives.

Posted by Rob Jacob August 11, 10 08:07 PM

lol @ #7 Captain Red beard was in last week's flooding pictures as well. Lifting like 10 children on his shoulders. He deserves a medal.

Posted by Heinrich August 11, 10 09:24 PM

Exceptional work. Moving. Terribly moving.

Posted by Jose Ramon Perez August 11, 10 09:30 PM

heart breaking......

Posted by DD August 11, 10 09:38 PM

all picturs tells the true stories of flood affected illl fated peoples of pakistan. it isunderstood all the aids are reaching from america and other countries too due to lack of adquete policy for flood control this problems arises.govt. should start forestisation proggramme on vast.our best wishes to effected .thanks for photographs.

Posted by mukul kumar alkara August 11, 10 10:02 PM

Oh My God... this is a very big natural disaster. God Bless those who suffer in this situate.

Posted by Anis August 11, 10 10:06 PM

Hope the people can get more concern and help, less damage and victims

Posted by Connie August 11, 10 10:16 PM


Were you in this kind of need, I don't think you'd question the politics or religion of the hand reaching out to save you. Perhaps you'd even remember it after the fact.

How can anyone look at these photos and see anything but their brothers and sisters and children in danger and suffering?

I am proud Americans are there and helping, and perhaps we should send more.

Posted by Jim O'Hara August 11, 10 10:31 PM

These pics make me think of the earthquake happened in Sichuan Province of CHINA in 2008. So many people lost their lives during the tragedy.

Posted by Phebe August 11, 10 10:34 PM

my heart goes out to all the victims of this terrible disaster, if this is not a cry from mother earth for us to treat her and each other more kindly, then i'll eat my hat!

Posted by frances August 11, 10 10:56 PM

I seem to always learn so much about life in foreign lands through the Big Picture. Not so much about the crises at hand, but rather about the little things that define people's lives. But of course the crises are stunning and awe-inspiring.

One of the most shocking photos here is #22 which displays an opulence really out sized for the way almost everyone else appears to live in the country. To be expected, but still a shock.

Posted by Bruce August 11, 10 11:45 PM

# 30 is a very touchy picture, just shows general human psychology,

"Poverty mother of all evils".

Posted by Ihsan Khan August 12, 10 01:33 AM

My family is trying to help in relief efforts too as I plan on flying back to Pakistan next week. It's amazing how we sometimes are so negative about our own country, bombarding our own traits with negative comments everywhere. But when something like this comes along, the people unite. It is sad how we need a disaster to come together, like in the 2005 Earthquake but it still shows that we haven't died as a nation yet.

May Allah have some mercy on the people. No one deserves to go through what Pakistan is going through right now. I pray for all of humanity. Ameen.

Posted by Rizwan Takkhar August 12, 10 01:45 AM

Speechless !!! Donate as much as you can in the Holy Month of Ramadan

Posted by Ahsan Yawar August 12, 10 03:24 AM

I was waiting for this image set after seeing some the these pics in newspaper. Nice captures..

Posted by Sunnie August 12, 10 03:40 AM

These are too heartbreaking for words...we all need to work together to solve this humanitarian crisis...this country has been through much, war now natural disaster...

Posted by Najia Siddiqui August 12, 10 04:17 AM

the Nature takes its toll. why aren't we learning?

Posted by xngelo August 12, 10 04:29 AM

Those who question if the situation is really so bad as jojo commented,they should go there and see for themselves becoz nothing else can convince such people.

Posted by saima August 12, 10 04:37 AM

My heart goes out to these people. I am from India; I have donated to this cause; I just hope my contribution reaches the needy skipping the corrupt polititions and bureaucrats.

Posted by Sreejith August 12, 10 04:40 AM

The Flood is all over the country .. it started up north and is moving down to south damaging everything .. it is so unfortunate that a nation a already going through so much crises has even more to come and not a single positive hope for future specially for the poor effected..

Posted by Faisal August 12, 10 04:46 AM

If I had the power to swallow all the water, I would have done it very happily!!!! May God bless the people and save all of them from this situation!! My prayer is always with them!!!!!!!

Posted by venugopal August 12, 10 05:04 AM

Well the Pakistan Goverment/Military is busy buying F-16s from the Americans and Nuclear reactors from the the Chinese! And even worse giving money to the families of scores of sucide bombers they export world wide! If only the rulers of Pakistani wanted to help their own kin!!

Posted by Sam August 12, 10 05:07 AM

Joe, are you human?

Posted by Margie Jansen August 12, 10 05:10 AM

Very sad...

Posted by Nabeel August 12, 10 05:46 AM

The two sets of photographs really break my heart...and this is the fasting month of Ramadhan.

Posted by DD Ziyad August 12, 10 06:32 AM

good pics

Posted by hamid August 12, 10 07:10 AM

Veient les fotos m'han vingut ganes de llençar, en mig de l'aigua, els negacionistes del canvi climàtic... amb tots els seus diners, és clar.

When I see these photos, I would like to put into the water the people who says the climate change is not true... with all his money!

Posted by éDGaR August 12, 10 07:15 AM

Why beg the 'Kaffir' USA and West? where are the Ummah brothers? Does saudi arabia thinks that making world's biggest clock is more important than the 14 million fellow muslim brothers affected? Or is it the islamic centre who is willing to spend $100 million on constructing a mosque at ground zero but now give one only $23000(Value of Saudi Tents given to Bakistan) for fellow Ummah brothers in need?

The floods should also be the conspiracy of HINDU INDIA and Jewish Israel? What about the money given in Aid used to buy F16 and Apaches? Mortgage them , sell them for the food for your countrymen but how does the floods affect the Punjabi Army? They still can have tea in their manicured lawns.

Get Some more F22 and F18 for flood rescue from USA. Also ask for some attack helicopters. Shameless army .

Posted by Halagu khan August 12, 10 07:30 AM

amaaaaaaaaaazing pictures...
but really depressing...

Posted by Craciun Diana August 12, 10 08:17 AM

Looking at these pictures make me feel guilty that i don't do more for the world en especially for people in need.
and How can i forgive myself for doing nothing?

Stop talking politics and religion. Stop looking at governements and others.
There must be more than critic.
Me, you and we must act.

stop looking for heroes! it's a waste of time.

Posted by damien August 12, 10 08:36 AM

Beautiful photographs, if "beautiful" is the word to use for such a horrible catastrophe. Brings the floods half-way around the world into perspective.

Any one of them could win an award, both for the quality of the photography and for the content. But it was number 4 that really touched me--so reminiscent of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina almost five years ago.

Posted by Karen August 12, 10 09:02 AM

Yho!!!!! These pictures are amazing. I can not remember seeing pictures that took my breath away like these pictures. Well done to all these photographers who took these pictures. Lastly i wish the victims of these floods the best.

Posted by Simphiwe Nkwali August 12, 10 09:03 AM

Ya Allah inki maded farma

Posted by Atif August 12, 10 09:14 AM

#36, some people say it deserves a prize... but do you realize that the man is in distress and the photographer found the time to take the picture before taking the man in.

One picture is worth 1 million words, but is it worth more that a human life?

I hope these people get all the help they need.

Regards from Portugal

Posted by Andre Matos August 12, 10 09:20 AM

It is indeed a testing time for the millions people affected by the floods. On one hand, all the help that has been given by the United States is most appreciable as US has always been a friend in need to Pakistan ( Uneducated Mullas might think otherwise). The most notable thing is that the Middle East countries with so much oil wealth specially Saudi Arabia are nowhere in sight in helping their Muslim brother and sisters. Being a Muslim, I so despise the Arabs and want to bomb them to stone age.

Posted by Kami August 12, 10 09:48 AM

where the hell developed contries programme has gone!! its same on them.

Posted by ashok August 12, 10 09:54 AM

See beyond the pictures, will you! This spread isn't about America (one man) vs Pakistan (another man). It isn't about militant mullahs either. It's about the terribly large swath of grey in this world. If you have a stake in improving our lot, then help out, learn more, read more, listen more, and talk less.

Posted by Shawn August 12, 10 09:57 AM

It is amazing how simply knowing Pakistanis personally in the United States makes this natural disaster hit me deeper inside. I painfully, yet respectfully, look at these photographs wishing I could help, yet knowing the unlikelihood of the situation.
#20 is the picture that gives me hope.

Posted by Kate August 12, 10 10:11 AM

I am very happy to see a lot of pictures from the U.S. Army. It makes me proud. It's sad that Pakistanis hate us so much. We seem to be the only foreign country helping them in this disaster, and I believe we are the only foreign country helping to rid Pakistan of Taliban fighters.

Posted by JK August 12, 10 10:15 AM

at comment number 14
sir this is a tyme of need not of acusing one another..... wat if america is helping which indeed is very less if we compare to the help pakistan and its people have been to usa in these past nine years...... pakistan has lost many of its people's life's just in the support of the war on terror soo please mr joe....its hard time for Pakistan...usa is not doing Paakistan a favour right now.... thats all i have to say

Posted by taimur jang khan August 12, 10 10:37 AM

Oh !! Sad to see =(

Posted by ChristopherEmoracket August 12, 10 10:47 AM

very harsh situation for the people who r effected with it ..and God will help us to get out of it , it seem great that pak army is doing his great effert to help the victums..

Posted by ali August 12, 10 10:52 AM

These people really do need help, so why don't armys from every country all over the world that not being involved stop wasting time and money by entertaining themselves in wargames and do something useful? They have the equipment, the time and the human ressources. Focus the Army's powers on doing something good, not on destruction and "eliminating evil forces".

Of course this is only my personal opinion and I might be wrong.

Posted by Holger August 12, 10 11:02 AM

This is heartening to see how many human beings need help, Entire world should come together to help Pakistan to deal with disaster. I hope the money which will be donated by people must go to relief work instead of in Terrorist camps.

We all should pray for the people.

Posted by Novin August 12, 10 11:09 AM

Sir you have a wrong preception that we Pakistanis hate Americans.Any ways We have opened a camp here in lahore to help the flood affected people.We are not working with or for any government organization or an NGO.We are a group of motivated Pakistanis who want to do their best in helping the people who need the most at the moment.Those of you who wish to help in any way please visit our camp which is based in Lahore or call me on 0092-305-44066-41 or email me at and also my skype address is junaidzia111.First aid from our camp leaves on Friday.Please step forward and help the people who need the most.

Posted by Junaid Zia August 12, 10 11:36 AM

أن لله وإن اليه راجعون

لاتنسوهم من دعوه في هذا الشهر الفضيل

والله أنها لصور

تقطع القلوب ..

الله يرفع عنهم ما أبتلاهم به

الحمدلله على نعمة الامن والسلامة من الكوراث الطبيعية
لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

Posted by alaqsa August 12, 10 11:49 AM

Amazing pictures as usual.

I am curious about the red haired and bearded soldier in #7 who appears to be the same guy in #17 of the previous post. Is he just a really hip Pakistani or has he dyed his hair and beard like this for a reason? Is there a religious or cultural significance to this? Can anyone enlighten me?

Posted by JJ August 12, 10 12:41 PM

#15 are you sure you didn't put in a photo of New Orleans circa 2005?

#21 is a spectacular portrait, it's brilliant.

Posted by bhutanian August 12, 10 02:13 PM

Wrath of God! What went wrong?

Posted by Mirza August 12, 10 02:53 PM

According to a recent estimate of the United Nations, the number of people suffering from these massive floods in Pakistan exceeds 13.8 million which is more than the combined total of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Posted by Sarah August 12, 10 03:09 PM

How organized is the First Aid work going? What are the most trustworthy organizations that we should donate to?
Bless these people and all people in need.

Posted by bird August 12, 10 03:26 PM

where is the Muslim Ummah ????? why aren't any of them helping ?

Posted by dove August 12, 10 03:46 PM

so sad to see

Posted by Inyambo August 12, 10 03:48 PM

In response to #80, LOL, there is no religious or cultural significance behind his red hair.
He's dyed his graying mane using henna which gives this reddish/orange tinge to the hair.

Posted by Sana August 12, 10 04:00 PM

speechless... I just want to say that we people of Pakistan don't hate Americans. I don't know why we are discussing politics here.

These pics are not just from one place...The flood is no entering Sindh province and had already started its devastation in those areas.

To all the people ... These areas are not so well developed. these people are farmers and villagers. If you can help then HELP them.

@ JJ: there is no cultural or religious thing behind the red beard. There is a thing called (Mehandi) a sort of color, which brings out such color!!! hope you are satisfied.

Posted by FZ August 12, 10 04:04 PM

I'm cry.

Posted by Frank August 12, 10 04:22 PM

Response to comment # 80
The man has dyed his hair with a herb called "henna". It has cultural significance particularly in South Asia.Women use it to mostly to dye their hair and to make beautiful red patterns on their hands and feet.

Posted by Umar August 12, 10 04:22 PM

Really there are two worlds... when this class of things hapen in first world the damages are much less traumatic. I have felt specially sad with those tears on children´s eyes. All that our goverments and NGOs can do is insufficient. Life always hits the weakest. JOSE, Seville, Spain.

Posted by JOSE August 12, 10 04:26 PM

Oh My God... vary bad
ya allah halp them i pray to allah

Posted by irsath kuwait August 12, 10 06:55 PM

Ai ALLAH too Raham farma,Raham farmaa,Raham farmaa aur hamari Qaum ko Muaf kar day aur inhain Sahi raasty ki taraf Rahnumaie ataa kr.Amin,amin sum Qaum nay Allah kay payaron kay dil dukhae hain to ALLAH nay is Qaum par azaab naazila kia he,Allah too hi Raham farma.AMIn

Posted by Afaq Ahmed Zahid August 12, 10 07:10 PM

Thanks Sreejith .. and thank you every one....

Posted by ghous August 12, 10 07:17 PM

@jj that red beard is due to hena. is does not have much religious significance except that its believed that the arabs used to do that too. but it is said that applying hena to the hair cools down the head. it has a soothing effect and it dyes the hair too at the same time. ppl use it to dye their fingernails too. it was mostly used as a nail coloring agent when there were no nail polishes. hena absorbs in skin, nails and hair. its also used in weddings to make "tatoos" in india and pakistan. search for "mehndi" u will find allot of information and pictures on google.

Posted by hasan August 12, 10 07:24 PM

well, what is the big deal about this? there are tons of such natural disasters in india like this and we always manage to handle them well.

Pakistan, already a failed State is now undergoing this. It should be a lesson for them not to mess with its neighbors on all sides. How come their allah didnt come to help the great islamic republic? He probably knows what they are doing to India, to kashmir, to afghanistan and all other neighbors is completely wrong.

while we hope they can come out of this disaster, we also hope they learn a lesson or two from this.

This is god's way, that too during ramzaan, of telling them to mind their own business and not to mess with others around them. Hopefully this flood would have also brain-washed those mindless fanatic mullas who rule that country.

good pictures by the sure one of these will go up the american pulitzer or whatever other prizes that americans take pride in.......

ah yes! today is friday the 13th...........

Posted by prangachary August 12, 10 09:15 PM

before making any comment-just think of this- at any given moment any natural disaster could hit any of us- in the end the politics or race or group of people do not matter- a human life no matter where it is or who it is , is of equal value- my prayers go out to the people suffering as well as the ignorant- may God protect the innocent (amin)

Posted by Ameem Yousaf August 12, 10 09:55 PM

I pray that help reaches to all those who are affected in Pakistan. All will be well soon.

Posted by Abhishek Sharma August 12, 10 10:38 PM

May ALLAH Bless Those Drowned & Survived In This Catastrophe and give strength to bear there irreparable loss.... (ameen)

Donate Generously !!!!

Posted by Syed Farhan Ahmed August 13, 10 12:04 AM

Please look at Pic # 21
I believe we are the selfish creature in this whole world. We only think for our Children our Country and our Religion not for others thats why we cant be the same. Do you notice all Animals other than humans have almost same life style. If any animal enjoying more privileges is also because of human race.
Please share and LIVE for others.

Posted by US August 13, 10 12:19 AM

heart touching pictures. I pray for them.........

Posted by Sanju.T August 13, 10 12:56 AM

My heart is bleeding.
Look at the live stock in peril i # 1 and # 13

Posted by Vinod Thumma August 13, 10 02:01 AM

I really appreciate the US for always helping Pakistan in great need.
I hope all sorts of relief reaches the victims.

Posted by Ahmed Mirza August 13, 10 02:03 AM

Tragic pictures. Always heart wrenching to watch people suffer after a disaster. I hope the Pakistani government is doing more to help the displaced. Well as usual USA is there to lend a hand and food. I hope that some of Pakistani hard liners see that the USA is there to help, not to be their enemy.
Picture # 29. I thought Pakistan is Majority Muslim, are those people "hunting" wild boar Non-Muslim cause I'm pretty sure they are not suppose to eat pork.

Posted by J. Porter August 13, 10 02:12 AM

No need to say amazing pictures. It's sheer horror and despair for them.
Its time to help them and do something for them. It coul dhave been anyone of us

Posted by M Pasha August 13, 10 02:22 AM

these pics are just a drop of a dead sea, we cant imagin this horrible views, just pray and help them as much as we can, by money by voluntary services even in prayers

Posted by M.Umar Sarwar August 13, 10 02:23 AM

here is a list of orgs that have been doing wonderful work. they have low overhead and substantial reach into affected areas. please give - these pople need all the help they can get.

Posted by Hamzah Saif August 13, 10 02:40 AM

Thank you all for your comments, like Sarah said the UN statistics (13.8 million) been affected by floods. areas of all five provinces in Pakistan has been affected by destruction. in many areas like Muzaffargarh coming 72 hours could be dangerous cuz of flood surge arriving from north.

Please, follow this link to help these people, trust me... even your little amount or any kind of help/effort will work for victims. Follow this link for national/international help details.

Posted by Sunny August 13, 10 03:19 AM

who ever said photojournalism was dead? these are stunning, moving, heroic, life changing

Posted by Michael Field August 13, 10 04:09 AM

LOL to Margarie!

#96, Your ignorant comment doesn't assist in any manner. It only rises a negative appetite the table.

What I don't understand is why the spoiled, power-hungry money-wasting gulf countries aren't doing anything! Is UAE too occupied in finishing off their useless million dollar tower to simply beat our Toronto (which by the way is doing a great job with our fundraising events!)? And to add to #61's comment, clearly these countries live in selfish apprehensions.

Haiti recieved aid from all over the World, forget America. But that was 3 million then. Here, we're talking about 14 million & counting.... .. .

Posted by Nidoo August 13, 10 04:15 AM

To answer no.55's comment. It is only at times of natural/national disasters that we Pakistani's actually appreciate the amount the govt spends on our military. Were it not for the immense efforts of the Pakistani army,NGO's and groups of civilans across the country, we would not have made it through most natural disasters, including the devastating earthquake a few years go.
They are once again breaking their backs to bring us through this one. God bless them all, God bless all those who are helping, irrespective of where they are from.

Posted by Mehreen August 13, 10 04:38 AM

Truly speaking pictures

Posted by Rashid Rupani August 13, 10 04:59 AM

I see no Hindu or Musalman (Muslim) there.....All I see are human being needing help.

Posted by sanjay August 13, 10 05:21 AM

Hey God enmity, never arise such unrealistic problem again ahead of any human being.

Posted by Amrish Sharma August 13, 10 05:29 AM

Its is just because of our Amaals, Tauba kar lo abi b.... abi warnings mil rahi hain allah ki taraf say aisa na ho k bohat late ho jay.....

Posted by Muslim August 13, 10 05:42 AM

We are a resilient nation. We can get through this. Its time to let go of our differences and come together to help those in need.

Posted by Salman Ali August 13, 10 05:43 AM

so sad:( god please help us

Posted by sarah August 13, 10 05:58 AM

Dear All,

I pray to the Heavenly Father to give peace to the souls of the dead and strength to all the people who are helping the people who have lost their dear ones in this catastrophe. Dear Mr Halagu Khan.. India does not have any command over the clouds and the natural ACTS OF GOD!!!

Even at these tough times how can people be so harsh in their thoughts and opinions??? Where is Osama Bin Laden? Where are the Lashkar E Toiba?? Will the Gracious Allah ever forgive these people?? I don't think so... I am a Hindu and I am fasting for the Holy Month of Ramzaan for praying for the people who have suffered!!!

May Allah or God or Bhagwan Whoever It may be (We have not seen either of them) help those who have lost and support those who are helping...

God Please forgive the sinners and don't let the poor and helpless people suffer for their sins!!


Posted by Rohan Bhatt August 13, 10 06:30 AM

We are only as strong as our weakest link, whenever any global event takes place, we are all talking about regional politics,races and religions forgetting the most crucial fact that we are all connected because we are all human beings. We all have the same body functions, the same heart and the same composition of blood flowing through our veins. When our fellow beings are hanging onto their life by a single thread, how can they or anybody else even think about who they are where they come from.

These people in the pictures are poor people, they probably don't even have the electronic resources to tell them what America is or how the global politics work. All they have ever known throughout their lives is basic survival for themselves and their families each and every day. How can any one of us question their religious or political beliefs. We need to rise above what makes us different and incline ourselves towards what makes us similar-the fact that we are all humans!

These pictures are really great because they let everyone around the world know what is really going on, the important thing is they are not just pictures, they are people like the rest of us!

Posted by M. Shah August 13, 10 06:43 AM

mr. prangachary control your toungue. or fingers or wherever ur brain is. we are brothers of the same womb.

Posted by gopal dadhich August 13, 10 06:43 AM

God will help them to survive .... my prayers

Posted by Lajeesh G August 13, 10 07:11 AM

sad sad sad sad sad !!

Posted by Murtaza August 13, 10 07:17 AM

now that the american president has decided to send the troops and helicopters in, are they intsructed to check the people they are rescuing for suicide vests and other explosives? these helicopters would be a massive target for all varities of the pakistani jihadis. Even if 1 of them succeed it may be too late for these brave american soldiers. Also does anyone enquire if the minorities are getting any of the huge foreign aids? minorities such as 1. ahmadis 2. Shia 3. Baloch 4. Sikhs 5. Hindus 6. Jains 7. Budhists 8. Christians (masih surname is a give away) catholics/protestants? It would be great if we could all email UN and other international and domestic AID agencies asking them about their policies regarding minorities in Pakistan. Finally a list of all the charities permitted by ruling ISI/ARMY to operate and assist in distribution to gain plaudits from the jahils of pakistan.

Posted by Bilal Khan August 13, 10 07:19 AM

allah you only give them shelter,thank you shekhar ji.

Posted by huzaifa chakkiwala August 13, 10 07:35 AM

I hate when people discuss politics when a natural calamity occurs. When will you ever learn. Death comes to all. But what makes us humans is feeling the suffering and helping each other. This cause is not any different from the Indian Ocean tsunami, the Haiti Earthquake or Hurricane Katrina. For all those who donate, I salute your efforts. You know who you are.

Posted by Haroon Riaz August 13, 10 07:36 AM

comment No:61, there is no question of kafir when we put religion in to perspectives, we also have many arabs who are worse than my country there ar many of them who sell alcool and beer.afganistan is a muslim coutry but the produced grugs in million of tons.what about all that? will u agree that there ar millions of arab kafir in the east just like the west? you as an individual what have u done to help the victims? please!! do somtin very fast. if u ar a poor brad then spent sleepless nights in a mosque to pray for the victimes.

Posted by Anonymous August 13, 10 07:36 AM

Stop the killing of innocent people which ever faith they are, and Muslims return (truly) to your lord and his religion. Only can then this cease. These are no more than reminders of the most powerful, the omnipotent.
Heartbreaking and reminding pictures for any one with a sound heart.

Posted by joe August 13, 10 07:44 AM

Really Sad to see these people in such desperate situations and believe me these pictures are true or i'll say the situation is even worse here in Pakistan than shown in these pics people are homeless, foodless and lack of access aswell to these areas n we are talkin abt 1.5 millions so far effected living every Second in these conditions, may Allah help them InshaAllah,
Also well done paki photographers, Awesome photography

Posted by Arsalan August 13, 10 07:53 AM

wow adorable work:)...........but m very sad for the victims

Posted by anum August 13, 10 07:53 AM

@35 is a breathtaking photo.

Posted by Meredith August 13, 10 07:55 AM

pray in every prayer of ramadan mubarak.these are really really sadest days of pakistan history.may ALLAH bless on PAKISTAN and rescued these people to live a new life..ameennn.

Posted by saamia August 13, 10 08:58 AM

the figure of affected people is 14 million not 1.4 million sorry abt the mistake,
and so far the aid money gathered so far is only $209 milion according to CNN and the aid money gathered, while in haiti's earthquake 4 millions were affected and billions of dollors were gathered and $12billion were gathered in tsunami while people effected were so much less than in Pakistan Floodings

Posted by Arsalan August 13, 10 08:59 AM

The world should stop fighting within itself...isn't there enough to deal with already???

Posted by ashw August 13, 10 09:13 AM

This can happen to anyone. This is spine chilling. I pray that all lost ones get united with their families and get a nice shelter to live in.

Posted by Anonymous August 13, 10 09:15 AM

I know I am being nit picky in the face of a natural disaster, but picture 14 gave me pause. I get the impression something is off about it.

His right patch on the jacket seems like it was placed there after the photo was taken. As if cut out from another photo and placed exactly straight on so the viewer can see what organization he is with. The patch on his left (the one with green) moves with the wrinkles and the top is parallel to the piping on the jacket. But the patch on his right looks pasted on.

I'm NOT suggesting that the man is not from that organization. It could be something as simple that the original patch was dirty or torn or not readable. He is working, so it could have been muddy and the photographer wanted it to be clean and make it clear what organization the man is from. This is fine for a hand out picture from the organization. But if so, the AP should not be using such a photo and neither should big pic.

As to the situation, I really hope the local and national governments can look after these people.

Posted by Maria August 13, 10 09:19 AM

me guess the silver lining to the national disaster that is occurred is that these fotos are amazing and absolutely delicate and super! no flood means no pictures. sad for people but pictures are very nice! :)

Posted by Georg August 13, 10 09:21 AM

Comments 61, 122 etc the so called Khans (presumed Muslims) are using negative language and venting frustration instead of being positive and re-conciliatory in time of need where all people are equally affected by natural causes and even though there own brethren are badly affected one way or the other be it both good and bad guys of the same community.
Stop blaming other countries, blame your country's (real) filthy rich leadership if at all, however, at this time of need please get out of the hatred cocoon and help in what ever way you can even if it be mere verbal support. Thanks

Posted by farooqui August 13, 10 09:21 AM

Paren de intervenir la naturaleza!! no les basta con las guerras que ya han provocado..

Posted by August 13, 10 09:49 AM

oh god help them..... my sympathy towards those who affected in this natural calamity.

Posted by pradeep dubey banglore August 13, 10 09:56 AM

God plz show your mercy to all victims.

Posted by Anonymous August 13, 10 10:05 AM

very moving and upsetting. wait till it reaches the will. this is just a warning of whats to come. global warming, so scary. I pray for the victims of the floods in Pakistan, and for our future.

Posted by M. Greene August 13, 10 10:21 AM

Pakistan has suffered tremendously after this tragedy. No country, society or person deserves this torment. I am very sad for the victims, but with every bad situation....something good always comes out of it. Maybe their hatred for the U.S. will subside since they are the only country that is helping the country. The Muslim ummah is good at giving sympathy and talk, but where are they now?

Posted by Shalin August 13, 10 10:36 AM

hvn't seen Laden or Hafeej saving life of common pakistani....

Posted by Anonymous August 13, 10 11:11 AM

really hartable disaster, whole world should be help to pakistan

Posted by Anonymous August 13, 10 11:17 AM

hope they all recover soon. feel very sad for the victims

Posted by bhanu August 13, 10 11:33 AM

Can u guys shut your stupid discussion over politics! and rather then accusing each other, try and help these victims!
and for god sakes these pictures are not here for appreciation but to make you people realise what really is going on in Pakistan, it hurts to see 'wow, amazing photo' is all some people can feel after viewing them

Posted by Zara August 13, 10 12:27 PM

himmatein ada karo o madadgar.

Posted by sandeep mishra August 13, 10 12:28 PM

People say time heals all wounds... I say time heals wounds but scars are left to remind you what you have been through and survived ! ! We should stand up with our affected bros and sis and help them as much as we can ! Allah hum sab ki aur Pakistan ki hifazat farma (Ameen)

Posted by Arshed Azam August 13, 10 12:39 PM

What is it? Does God want to teach us a lesson.The US is helping yet the so-called fanatic and fundamentaist Muslims think the Americans as enemies. May God restthe departed souls in eternal peace and save those in trouble. A well done job by the photographers although it is a very very sad situation. God bless us all.

Posted by James Cyprian August 13, 10 12:42 PM

God doesn't exist. But if he did, he must be the most saddistic MF of the universe.

Posted by DT71 August 13, 10 02:32 PM

ya allah is se zayada qayamay aur kya ho ge

Posted by saad August 13, 10 02:39 PM

ill pray to god deeply if dis situtn cn resolve soon in pakistan......piks r drastic to c bt realy wanna dat conditins gt better soon........god is grt!!!!!!

Posted by shikha tyagi August 13, 10 02:54 PM

Misery, tears and fears..Pakistan Today :(

Posted by Faiza Idrees Sindhu August 13, 10 03:02 PM

human v/s nature fight

Posted by raman sharma August 13, 10 03:29 PM

On 14th August (Independence day of Pakistan), I saw these pictures. Now one can imagine that on day of independence, if anyone sees these pictures, how much pain he will fell.... God Bless Pakistan. Ameen.

Posted by Akber Nizar August 13, 10 03:45 PM

My country is bleeding :(

Posted by Amina August 13, 10 03:47 PM

I think, who is able to have weapons of mass destruction ist also able to help his own people!

Posted by Andrew F August 13, 10 03:56 PM

may ALLAH protect our country

Posted by malik faheeem August 13, 10 04:25 PM

It's a terrible disaster, I think the whole world should come togather and help them ,especially the muslims n neighbouring countries should come forward. This can happen to any one at any time,its really sad !!!!!

Posted by Sayed Mesum August 13, 10 04:47 PM

Sad picture, climate changes are happening people!

Posted by Michael August 13, 10 05:37 PM

mai dua karti hun ky hamary pakistan ko masebton se nekalo ameen ya rubul alameen

Posted by Anonymous August 13, 10 06:49 PM

If you want to help, a great organization that i have seen first hand working on the ground during, for example during the earthquake rellief in pakistan in 2005 is Oxfam UK-- they have a very comprehensive network of local non-profits they work with that ensures relief gets to even the most remote locations.

Please give what you can, $12 will buy an emergency kit for a family of 7:

Posted by Sanaa August 13, 10 07:03 PM

pakistan is suffering from a horrific disaster......war on terror had already shaken the basis of country and this calamity is further deepening the crisis
International community must cast away her indiffernt attitude and help Pakistan in a fruitful manner
USA has done a commendable job so far,but the response from EU N MUSLIM COUNTRIES HAVE BEEN ABYSSMAL!

Posted by TAHIR JAMIL August 13, 10 08:08 PM

We gave a lot of help to Indonesia after the tsunami. Indonesia is the only Moslem country where a majority have a favorable opinion of the US.

We should be doing everything we reasonably can to help Pakistan. It's a lot cheaper than invading them, much more effective, and we need Pakistan a lot more than we need Indonesia (for geopolitical reasons).

(BTW, Indonesia was once an OPEC country, but has since been kicked out of OPEC, because they depleted their oil reserves and are now a net importer of oil.)

Posted by Mork August 13, 10 09:15 PM

“President Asif Ali Zardari is simply useless. We wish this flood would take all this corrupt leadership from Pakistan.

Posted by Umar - August 13, 10 09:51 PM

... these poor, poor people are helpless !

Posted by g.h. in Europe August 13, 10 10:03 PM

I hope this becomes a reality check to the fact that we all need each others help and that in this help relationships would be formed and it would all become clear that we are all the same.
Peace and love to you all!

Posted by Todd August 13, 10 10:43 PM

Very sad and disturbing.
It is all due to our own deeds as a nation. It is an Azzab, punishment and hope a warning from nature & Allah Almighty for all social and religious unjustice in so call Islamic Republic of Pakistan where corrupt political and religious leadership is pushing all the nation into this hell.
It is not the corrupt and selfish leadsership only but each and every single person of this society who even kept quite on this unjustice is the contributor to this mess.
May Allah help and guide this nation to learn and understand the path of rightous before it gets too late.

Posted by Tahir August 13, 10 11:45 PM

May Allah help and guide this nation to learn and understand the path of right before it gets too lat
yes ur right President Asif Ali Zardari is simply useless. We wish this flood would take all this corrupt leadership from Pakistan.
It's a terrible disaster, I think the whole world should come together and help them ,especially the Muslims n neighboring countries should come forward. This can happen to any one at any time,its really sad !!!!!

Posted by Lubna Waqar August 14, 10 01:18 AM


Posted by SALMA August 14, 10 01:50 AM

Allah ho Akbar

Posted by Asim August 14, 10 02:55 AM

All the human rights NGOs waisting their money on human rights, which have never been successful iin their efforts should divert their funds to the flood victims irrespective of cast ,creed or nationality.

Posted by Rashid August 14, 10 03:13 AM

#96 - This is the first comment I've ever made on a blog because I couldn't believe your mindless, cruel and insanely uneducated comment. Being both "Indian" and "Pakistani", I don't resonate with or understand why you would make such a harsh comment except perhaps because you are very unhappy in your life or you just don't respect other humans. I hope you remember these comments when something very harsh should inflict your life - let's say losing your job, having your wife leave you for your best friend getting cancer, the type that has no cure, losing all your family & worldly possessions in a fire...

This is a humanitarian disaster so let's take the political BS out of this and focus on the innocent babies, children, teens, women and men. Most of these folks are simple villagers trying to get by. This natural disaster is not of their making (though some may argue the effects of Global warming on this one) so let's not get into the blame game.

So rather than write nonsense, focus on how you individually can make a difference - cash, provisions, prayers or even comforting those who may have family affected. As the saying goes, "the more you give, the more you get" - and it's taken all kinds of folks, regardless of race/religion/colour/social class/education to understand this message which is why organisations such as & FB groups like "Pay it Forward" exist.

Ramadan mubarik to all. May you all enjoy your peaceful, safe, warm and dry homes this evening along with your bountiful and delicious meal - all courtesy of God.

Posted by Sharon August 14, 10 03:19 AM

Aid, given by rich countries to rich people in poor countries. As a Hindu I offered to throw a dinner for Pakistani and each will contribute 500.00 and entire money will go to Pakistan including my contribution and I will undertake to write all expenses for dinner. they turned me down because I was Hindu

Posted by Prof Ramesh C. Manghirmalani, Geneva August 14, 10 03:29 AM

Heartbreaking reality brought out the these telling PICS. Pakistan and the fanatics rulling the country should well learn a lesson or two from this and should use the money to build a better infrastructure to avoid this natural calamities instead of pumping money for JIHADS and funding the extremist and propogating mindless violence across the border. They should stop meddling with INDIA then only they will progress.
Vande Mataram. Jai Hind.

Posted by Narendra M. Purabia August 14, 10 04:16 AM

its easy for people who havent been directly affected by the flood, to just say a few words of console and grief for those people but we can never understand the actual catastrophe that has befallen them.... just imagine... one min, u have everything and the next, u are left with nothing... that is what they went through.... that is what they felt....

plz i request everyone... that this is not the moment of fighting... this is the time to stand together.... to be the helping hands that are so desperately needed....

if one cannot do anything to help... the atleast dun talk in a manner that will create even more problems...

on this day, 14th August, 2010... .as many Pakistanis celebrate the Independence Day, i just request everyone to take atleast a little time off of their day and try to help our brothers in any way that we can....

Happy Independence Day to everyone....

May Allah help us through these desperate times...

Posted by Mak August 14, 10 04:17 AM

The disastrous effects of the floods have been compounded by the massive deforestation in the hands of the unscrupulous elements. Global warming and effects of climate change are there for all to see.

Posted by PakPower August 14, 10 05:05 AM

On 14th August (Independence day of Pakistan), I saw these pictures. Now one can imagine that on day of independence, if anyone sees these pictures, how much pain he will fell.... God Bless Pakistan. Ameen.

Posted by Saddam Akbar August 14, 10 05:19 AM

The images made me cry..My prayers to all the victims of the floods and their families abroad. Please donate generously to the relief organizations

Posted by Abdullah August 14, 10 05:30 AM

@ prangachary: It's so obvious people like you just go online to lash at others. If that's the case then your bhagwan should have lifted an arm and saved mumbai from bombings, saved trillions of poor people everyday who sleep on the steps of temples etc. I f you want to get personal, why not get some education first? and rid yourself of seeing what your government wants to see. Sadly, all this works because of people like you.

Posted by Aleesha from Mumbai. August 14, 10 05:32 AM


Posted by HUM AIK HAIN August 14, 10 05:54 AM

Pakistanis must learn that this is a wake up call.
Violence, killing and maiming minorities for no reason but for their faith like Shias,Ahmedias,Christians is abhorrent...Islam is hijacked for the benefit of violence!
Get on with your lives and build Pakistan ..Shun violence ...this time you have seen the world is not with you.......

Posted by Tanzanian patriot August 14, 10 06:00 AM

The pictures are expressing good enough that catastrophe...
All the nations should get together and help as much as they can specially in this period of time which is the most important ...

Posted by Larabi F August 14, 10 06:07 AM

Saudi Arabia is busy constructing $1 billion dollar clock in Mecca instead of helping our brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

Posted by Abdullah August 14, 10 06:13 AM

(:Plzz plzz I m requesting to all peoples to pray and help for them in this Great month of RAMADAN..

Posted by Abdul Raheem Khan August 14, 10 06:29 AM

After a prayer session on Aug. 14th for all victims of the present horrific floods and fires, the Dalai Lama said, "According to experts these very unusual floods and the devastating fires in Russia are symptoms of a deeper malaise occurring due to unprecedented global warming and other environmental causes." He said said that a concerted international effort was “needed to think about measures to preserve our common and delicate ecology.”

The Nobel Peace Laureate said: "Our effort should be that our heartfelt prayers and sympathy must reach out unconditionally to all the victims of disasters regardless of where they took place."

Posted by g.h. in Europe August 14, 10 07:18 AM

It is so sad.
May Allah (s) shower His mercy on those souls who did not survive and help those who have survived this calamity.
Encourage all to help the victims in any which way you can; financially, physically and if not possible then at least make dua.
Thank you.

Posted by M. Usman Baki August 14, 10 08:20 AM

Really sad!
may God help them n giv them strength to face this situation!
picture # 21 isn't going out of my mind!

Posted by Muntaha August 14, 10 08:34 AM

Allah 'll bless them all~

Posted by Muhseen Najaam~ August 14, 10 08:47 AM

God bless our home. very sad and disturbing. God helps us. Zardari is useless and burden on nation especially their viite forgien country.

Posted by shahid rasool August 14, 10 08:51 AM

Why is there enough religion to incite war, but not enough religion to install tolerance

Posted by Jeff from USA August 14, 10 09:15 AM

V heart touching pictures, am near to cry!

Posted by Khurram Abbass August 14, 10 09:22 AM

may ALLAH help them awl...!
i wish i cld do nythng fr dm =(
literly i ws crying :(

Posted by affaf fatima August 14, 10 10:47 AM

May Allah bless all those who passed away...and give patience to those who lost there homes.

and May Allah give brain to all these so called Indians who instead of saying something humanitarian talk shit.. though it was shocking and surprising to see!


Posted by aimnov August 14, 10 11:08 AM

There is no Allah, there is no god who care for us. The only lesson humans have to learn is to be humble in front of nature and the univers. Like the sun doesn't revolve around the earth, the univers doesn't revolve around humanity. This, is the result of human's arrogance facing life's harmony. It's a pity that religious fanatics will use thoses events to perpetuate ignorance instead of let appear new behaviours and new beliefs to finaly find some balance in this world.

Posted by Sapiens August 14, 10 11:21 AM

These are innocent people who have nothing to do with the politics of terrorism. Please HELP!

Posted by Anonymous August 14, 10 11:40 AM

Dear prangachary, Thank you for you concerned and productive comments. I appreciate your concern in this matter. If you have even the slightest of humanity left in you please dont come here.

This is not politics.. This is not a revenge.. This is the BIGGEST NATURAL DISASTER effecting more people than the Tsunami, Haiti Earthquake and 2005 earthquake that hit India and Pakistan COMBINED.

So please, if this is all you could come up with, after seeing these heart breaking pictures, then I feel for you my friend. I hope that you find peace in yourself..

May Allah help those in need, shower them with His blessings and help them recuperate from this. May Allah give peace to those, who lost their loved ones, and accept those who lost their lives into His heaven. Amen

Posted by Ahmed August 14, 10 11:51 AM

This is once again a difficult time for Pakistanis, May God help them to get out of it asap. At the same time, it's an opportunity for USA and Western countries to win the hearts of Pakistani people by providing all kind of help they can. Pakistanis should also look and realize who is helping them in this difficult time and who is just watching, sitting back relaxing, specially their so called brotherly rich Muslim countires.May God give rise to a really needed revolution in Pakistan and get rid of all selfish, un-qualified, un-sincere leadership whether political, bureaucracy, army, judiciary etc etc. Though this difficulty is from Nature but we should think that we are facing since many decades, what did the leadership plan over the years to face this challenge? How many water reservoirs did they build? Big question mark

Posted by Jim Canada August 14, 10 11:56 AM

@ Rohan Bhatt ::: Brother, I am a muslim orginally from Pakistan. In these pictures, I too don't see a hindu or muslim, Pakistani or Indian; I only see human beings who have lost everything they ever had, and are now only struggling to stay alive.

Brother, Let's pray together, let's pray for our minds and souls and cleanse our thoughts. You are indeed my brother and there is no difference among us. May Allah / Bhagwaan help those people... Ameen

Posted by Ahmed August 14, 10 11:59 AM

Let us use this as an opportunity to show a sometimes belligerent people that the world is not full of hostility and immorality, but rather love -- and that those who they sometimes revile can also be their friends.

Posted by Straight Arrow August 14, 10 12:23 PM

@ prangachary August 12, 2010 09:15 PM

Its plainly obvious you have no heart or compassion. For you to justify and boast that God is supposedly punishing millions of innocent people over some political agenda that is sick only to your mind and some others is completely wrong and shameful.

Allah means God.. and so for you to to 'their Allah' also proves your unparallel ignorance.

Ignorant and heartless people such as yourselves, regardless of whether your indian, pakistani, american, or any other nationality for that matter, do not deserve respite from God or humans.

Posted by jalal August 14, 10 12:45 PM

lots of thanx to the international community for helping pakistan out in such humanatarian crisis ..God bless u all plx keep up the good work

Posted by abbas August 14, 10 01:23 PM

Whenever any disaster like this happens. always western countries are first to come for aid. Where are all the islamic countries? What are they doing? When jihad comes into picture all you islamic counties get together to fight against the west.

What is taliban doing now when they see American soldiers helping people of SWAT? Pakistan only teaches "hate" but that is not going to help you. You might be successful in killing some people but you cannot win against "Allaha". B'coz Allaha (God) favors only those who know to spread love.

Try to learn to help and god will help you. Your jihad will always lead to hell.

Posted by Joseph August 14, 10 01:33 PM

mairay piayray allah g hum baybason par apni rehmat furma,hum ghunahgaroon ko min-has-ul quam mafi daiy daay ameen

Posted by mah i naz zahid August 14, 10 01:52 PM


I find it astounding that people need to vent their political agendas/views in the light of such tragedies. This is not the proper time or place for your vendettas. You can obviously see that the army is non-discriminatory distributing aid, and assistance to anyone affected by the flooding. In any of these photos did you see aid workers asking if the people were Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Ahmadi, Shia, Hindu, pink, orange, green, glow in the dark etc? That's how superficial you think people are. Several of the commentators make me ashamed to be of Indo-Pak heritage. I have family in Pakistan and I also have family in India that were separated after Pakistan seceded from India, many families in both countries suffer from the same predicament. Let me ask you something, do those families refuse to recognize familial ties just because half are now Pakistani and half are Indian? No.

We share the same skin color, we share the same heritage, and if you cut us open we all bleed red. The point I'm attempting to make is we're all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve/Hawa, we're all human so treat each other with respect and dignity no matter where your from or Who/What you worship, in person and online where no one knows who you are. Anonymity is not an excuses for lack of propriety, or manners. When you are anonymous that's when your true colors show, so check yourself and treat others/speak about others the way you would like to be treated/spoken about/to.

For the Muslims reading this please make your fasting Dua's for the victims of this flood and anyone else who is currently suffering in the world and may Allah SWT accept your Dua's and your fasts. For everyone else pray to whomever your deity is and I hope your prayers are accepted.We shouldn't make this about whose religion is right because that is irrelevant, just pray in your own fashion regardless of what others think or say.

Donate generously, Islamic Relief is a good relief organization to donate to if you live in the US or Canada and they are sending aid to Pakistan as we speak. There are various other organizations you can donate to in other countries but be sure to check their credibility before donating because they aren't always honest with what they are using donated money for.

Also to the person who had the audacity to call people "kafirs" who do you think you are, God? A kafir is someone who has understood religion and knowingly rejected it. You can't know if someone has throughly understood religion and rejected it unless you know what is in their spiritual hearts and God is the only one with that right and power so your use of that word is a form Shirk and highly inappropriate. May Allah guide us all Ameen.

May Allah SWT alleviate the suffering of the people in Pakistan, and grant them shifa and sabr Ameen.

Posted by Afshan Khan August 14, 10 01:54 PM

my college is collecting donations and foods we had a march on 14th august which was our indpendence day where we collected donations from people passing by and it was a big response and we are still hoping for more. our college collected around Rs 700,000 of cash plus good and have gone to sukkur to give it themselves and we will again go . if u want to donate just msg on this event and we will get in touch with you!/event.php?eid=148776621802853

Posted by pak August 14, 10 02:17 PM

Asif Ali Zardari and Yousef Raza Gilani among with their thugs have been useless and will remain as such. They have only one agenda, get Zardari's son in politics and make him next PM and continue to rob this beautiful country and its people from even the very basic needs.

People of Pakistan wake up and throw these pigs out...

Posted by Saqib August 14, 10 03:00 PM

Incredible photos...
Minor question, how come nearly every caption has a typo or a grammatical error? It distracts from the powerful stories they tell in addition to the images...

Posted by jj August 14, 10 03:02 PM

Allah bless all those people.

Posted by Muhammad Ali August 14, 10 05:35 PM

# 61 is really mad. He needs a doctor. Please take his comments as Individual not from all KHANS.

Posted by Shahrukh Khan August 14, 10 06:07 PM

I would like to thank all the countries, NGO's and individuals who are taking part in the relief efforts. Inshallah we will get out of this natural disaster soon.
Bro and sister Pakistan is a lovely country and the people believe in humanity, it’s just the media who is changing our minds, perception. No doubt the US and European are the helping the most but all the countries other Gulf countries are also helping us.
More than 14 million ppl are affected in this tragic time but inshallah we will cop up with this soon.
Pakistan is a responsible nation and the people of Pakistan is contributing the same way they have done it 2005 earth quake when the youngsters have moved forward and helped the affected areas.
Just want to mention here that the aid was surplus at that time.
Each and every family contributed in the best possible way...
If the people of Pakistan will contribute the same way they did in 2005 earthquake than i guess we will not look for a foreign aid.
In the end, am really thankful to all other nationals who are helping and keeping the moral high.
God bless us all,

Posted by Zeeshan Shafi Dubai August 14, 10 06:14 PM

This natural disaster is only horror may the PAKISTANI people never give up, and I pray that Mother Nature ease up the weather.

Please be strong we send you ll our love care and prayers.

Posted by Trinidad /Tobago West Indies August 14, 10 06:54 PM

There are still many who would call these innocent people terrorists. I ask the world to show some respect!

Posted by AT August 14, 10 06:56 PM

excuse me, I no speak englis, I am from Colombia, before...God help the people in Afganistan.

Posted by RAUL SANCHEZ JIMENEZ August 14, 10 07:15 PM

Allah Almighty forgive and help us . AMEEN ...

Posted by M.Mohsin Akhtar August 14, 10 07:32 PM

First of all thanks to all the photographers who covered the tragic event being an active spectator. Their efforts made me/us and world to witness/feel the pain and hard time faced by the rural people of Pakistan.
Secondly, I appreciate the effort made by the Pakistani and US army on rescuing the flood victims. without their contribution it was not possible to decrease the number of deaths. Every single life they saved, they saved humanity.
Certainly it is big and tragic situation faced by Pakistani people. however rest of nation is struggling and striving hard to collect donation and relief fund for the victims.
I will request Govt authorities to please come forward and give a generous and helping hand to all the victims and I pray to GOD to bless them with mercy and relief.

Again, a huge thank to Rescuers from bottom of my heart

Salman Sirhindi

Posted by Salman Sirhindi August 14, 10 08:11 PM

God give tham corage to fight with all these.........Ameen

Posted by Eco,Karachi August 14, 10 09:27 PM

May Allah help and guide this nation to learn and understand the path of rightous before it gets too late.
It has been the practice and sunna of Allah Almighty to guide the nations through His messengers. Once the nations ignore the guidance and and right path and despite of true signs,reminders and warnings from nature, it does not pay any attention but progress in unfairness and brutality then nature reacts and warns them through Azzab-e-iIlahee unless they as a nation realise and confess their mistakes. where is the concious and ego of this nation and Government when brutal attacks take place on innocents human in the name of religion, Khatam e nabowat & blasphemy (Their own version which is totally against the teachings of true Islam and humanity).

May Allah help and guide this nation to learn and understand the path of rightous before it gets too late.

Posted by Tahir August 14, 10 09:52 PM

Why did Allah let this happened and punished His children, so they have to wait for American help? I feel so sorry for these people, but floods in this part of Pakistan are annual occurrence, do they not learn?

Posted by drifter August 14, 10 10:26 PM

i m very sad to see what happened to those people

Posted by Anonymous August 14, 10 10:59 PM

sad to see this

Posted by mamdhamee August 14, 10 11:08 PM

Pakistan needs to stop blaming everyone and focus on themselves, America is helping us we should be thankful for their help intstead of pointing fingers at them.

Posted by Faisal August 15, 10 12:17 AM

God may please help these poor people. Best Chance for our 02 resourceful and power full leaders, just to bring their assets within the Pakistan,then we dont need to look others for any aid.

Posted by Tahir Jamil August 15, 10 12:26 AM

Please find a couple of minutes to read what I'm going to say here. Whether we as a nation die or live is NOT in our hands. If we come out of this, and we will, for the first time in my life I am getting the feeling we will come out stronger and a nation different to the one the world is used to seeing. This is the first major catastrophe of global warming, something that has been intiiated by and continues to be aggravated by the industrialized nations throwing trillions of cubic feet of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Please have another look at those new born twins in the helicopter...what kind of world have they come into. Do they or their mother know their lives have been impacted by the factories making the very helicopter rescuing them ? Why haven't been there such floods earlier...never. Why now ?
The UN and the US have responded swiftly without waiting for any call for help...and we should thank them graciously. As for those rich fat Arabs, thank you also for not paying attention.

Posted by Parvez Iqbal August 15, 10 12:44 AM

dear all, please offer prayer 5 time. now there are only 3 to 4 % people offer prayer which is alarming for all of us. Allah subhanwataala is most kindest on us but why we do not relies....... offer pray & pray to Allah to give us a honest leader. Zardari must die............ Allah ke lanat zardari per.....

Posted by irfan August 15, 10 01:14 AM

I agree with jj - post 207! Way too many grammatical errors that distract the powerful stories of the images.

May Allah help all those suffering!

Posted by Precious August 15, 10 01:50 AM
227. them all....

Posted by Ary Trianto August 15, 10 03:32 AM

Mera Pakistan aur meray loog :((

Posted by Jawad Aslam August 15, 10 04:29 AM

allahu akbar

Posted by Anonymous August 15, 10 05:01 AM

Dont have words to say anything...... :'(

Posted by YASIR SALMAN KHAN August 15, 10 05:22 AM

For all those people who are against helping Pakistan in its time of need, there is more than 160 million people in Pakistan. Do you think all those people are mullahs and militants? They are so many people who lost their homes and even their families. Do you think they deserve this? We need to help as much as we can. Please donate to foundations such as UNICEF.

Posted by Anonymous August 15, 10 06:19 AM

So very heartbreaking to see our people suffer like this. I wish there was more I could do, more money I could give. I pray that we see a collective effort from everyone around the world as we did when the earthquake hit Haiti. This natural disaster has nothing to do with creed or religion, but simply humanity suffering from a crisis. May we all put aside our biases, our prejudices, our hate and come together and help our fellow human beings in these dire times. Ameen. We will be asked what we did to help. What will you say?

Posted by Sleepless in Chicago August 15, 10 06:30 AM

Ohh! It is a great disaster. Let’s do some thing for them. Let’s think what every body has done for them? Can we spare some moments of our life for them? Can we spend some money for them so they might buy a dinner? Oh human beings!!! It is not the tragedy of “East” or “west” but this is the tragedy of "Human". Play your role. Come forward.....Oh God, help them and forgive us.

Posted by Wasif Khan Battagram August 15, 10 07:16 AM

Mother Nature
Mother Earth
May we all show our nurturing (motherly) feelings towards these innocent children and people in Pakistan.

Posted by e.a willow August 15, 10 07:24 AM

Ita very sad. Allah help us and make us strong nation! give us nijjat from our corrupt govt

Posted by Seema August 15, 10 08:11 AM

if it's not raining.......they are fighting........let it rain....maybe they will all be forced up on the highest mountain.....closer to GOD ALMIGHTY...and away from ALLAH........rain rain what a blessing......

Posted by ruby August 15, 10 11:15 AM

There are a lot of Muslim organizations helping out (just to clarify) and if anyone here is willing to chip in you can text "SWAT" to 50555 from your cell to contribute $10 to help flood victims in Pakistan.

and for the record to all the people who want to turn this into a political debate, go comment on some other Islam-related post. This has nothing to do with religion, only people, our people from another land who are going through hell right now.

Posted by Han August 15, 10 11:43 AM

Its not just the army who is assisting there, lets not forget all the efforts by the UN,local and international NGO's and prominently the civil service. Since the military has the equipment to fly out in remote areas, we only see pictures that portray only Pakistan military is helping.

In fact a lot more relief work is done by the civilian administration (municipal/civic agencies) and the international NGO's, and this is from my personal experience in relief ops.

Please appreciate and thank all for their help.

Posted by Syed A. Shah August 15, 10 12:16 PM

Honestly, this site is amazing and it tells stories with fantastic pictures but 90% of the people who comment on this site are idiots. How does a flood in Pakistan lead to comments about U.S politics and the war in Afghanistan?

And for the person that wrote a huge paragraph and noted that we should all take a moment to read wrote: "this is the first major catastrophe of global warming". ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What about every other natural disaster that has happened in the last 10 years? How do you differentiate which ones were caused by what? Stop posting ridiculous are wasting everyone's time.

Posted by TAKW August 15, 10 12:58 PM

This is a very very sad time in Pakistan's history !

Posted by Zulfiquar August 15, 10 01:21 PM

this is indeed a testing time for us as a nation n we all have to stand togethr keeping aside our grievances aside n help the food victims in evry possible way... tht shud be our foremost priority now... our pakistan needs us now the most n v shud do watver v can to help it sail thru this major catastrophe... May Allah protect our homeland... ameen

Posted by humaira falak naveed August 15, 10 01:32 PM

Seeing the photos, the babies,children, women, men, and animals, the destrution of the land is so overwelhming!What makes me even sadder is wondering who can we trust to send money to, how sick our world has become, how dishonest, always taking from the ones that need help the most!!It is true, my teacher Jesus says whatever you do to one of these little ones (meaning us the little people who are powerless, who depend on the big ones (our leaders)you have done unto me!I'm an American and let me tell you, we do love you and yours and how we wish you people knew it,learning to trust again is a two way street, giving to someone in crisis is an honor, praying for you is a duty and a priviledge, please pray for us!May God show all of us how to love each other from the heart. I've learned Forgiveness is the primary way and trusting anew is next, the rest will just happen, how, only He knows!God love us all!

Posted by sonya willis August 15, 10 04:52 PM

We'll need excellent governance to monitor and execute funds and resources to all the effected people. People, even in some parts of Pakistan are not realizing the magnitude of this disaster. Although this is not a time to point fingers, but I hope we have proper Risk & Disaster management planning after this catastrophe.

Posted by Yasir Amanat August 15, 10 05:06 PM

plz help them

Posted by raza lilani August 15, 10 05:10 PM

TAKW, now that you have seen what you call ''fantastic'' pictures, come over and join me in helping these people. No money is needed, no comments are needed...just your bare hands to pull them up. Let me know the flight details to Islamabad, I'll pick you up from the airport and on our way to the place we'll talk about what caused these floods. Looking forward to taking you along on my next trip to these people. Good day.

Posted by Parvez Iqbal August 15, 10 08:01 PM

These are sad pictures and people shouldn't wow them.
May god be with the people affected

Posted by Karan Dang August 15, 10 08:41 PM

Allah bless all those people., Allah save Pakistan :(

Posted by ayse August 15, 10 09:38 PM

allah hum ko bakhshe ameen

Posted by Ali August 15, 10 09:45 PM

Allah humlogon se bahut naraaz aour khafa ha. iIsliye sub Islamic mulkon me aafut aarhihai. Humlog Allah se dua karen aour sahi raste pur chalain.

Ager madad kerna hoto kisko dunation bheja jai take muzloom logon tuk pahuche.. Hukoomat to sub aapus men baant lenge aour unlogon ko to mazaa agiya hoga is halat per ke saari dunyan se unko donation mellraha hai.

Posted by zahooruhoda India August 15, 10 10:05 PM

Ya Allah Reham Farma hum pe

Posted by Anonymous August 15, 10 11:46 PM

Heartbreaking photos. The very first comment questions the existence of God. It is exactly the scope of human suffering seen here that should invoke one's sense of God's greatness and mercy. God sends the compassion and strength to bring us through the difficult times, and hopefully to move man's soul enough to engender a massive outpouring of support for Pakistan and its people.

Posted by Colleen Dykema August 15, 10 11:49 PM

No word to say, Ooohhh Allah bless to Pakistan Please.........!

Posted by Amirali August 15, 10 11:50 PM

He Allah!! please help those helpless people.... this is really a gigantic disester!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Faruque August 16, 10 12:02 AM

This is a time we should rise to help the people.... lets make small groups.. communities and forums to gather as much as possible and hand it over to credible Private organizations... As we are not sure of Government distribution system unless a joing committee comes up with people of good repute responsible for continuous Audit....

And lets not vote to those people who are enjoying their life inside and ouside the country at this time of great test..

Time is less... we have to react quickly..

Posted by Kashif Hussain Toor August 16, 10 12:08 AM

You may not agree with the theory with AGW, but what we seen seems agree with climatologists prediction.

Posted by Tommas August 16, 10 12:16 AM

May Allah help us in getting out of this tragic Situation

Posted by Azhar Hussain August 16, 10 01:04 AM

Allah Hum Sab per Reham Farmaye Ameen......!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ilyas Siddiq August 16, 10 01:07 AM

Assalam-0-Alaikum everyone,
Pls do not only pass word from mouth, its time to do something personally.
Please help these helpless ppl by providing cash, dry food, mineral water & medicines.
Pls submit your share to Pakistan Army camp otherwise I'm also collecting these things and will personally visit affected areas after every seven(7) days Inshallah to distribute them whatever collected till that time.

Lets hand together be a nation!

Allah Hafiz

Salman Ahmed Siddiqi
Unit Manager Credit Initiation

Posted by Salman Ahmed Siddiqi August 16, 10 01:19 AM

My ancestors are from Bannu and Kohat in NWFP (currently occupied by Pakistan). The radical islamists led by Muslim League forced them to flee to India (under threats of convert or die). If they had stayed back there, I would have been one among those hit by this flood. My sincere wishes with the survivors to recover from this tragedy and to heal their wounds faster.

Posted by Dev August 16, 10 01:32 AM

Asslam o Alaikum...
I was about to comment here, but when i read comment # 197, 199, 205, i guess, my fellows explained my viewpoint better than me... I totally agree with Ahmed and Afshan Khan... Hats off to you guys!!!
The people who wrote biased comments here, i just wanna say, please its not the time to reveal your polluted soul here...
I have tears in my eyes, otherwise i would have replied to all your filthy comments...
People!! please donate generously... Its our time to show our patriotism...Trustworthy organisations are EDHI TRUST and JAMAAT ud DAAWA.. I've seen them working effectively and efficiently...

Posted by SALMAN RAI August 16, 10 01:48 AM

yah sub hamaray amal ki wajah say hai hum ko apnay amal per tawajoo daina chayeah or allah say toba or mafi mangay takay allah pak hum ko maf fermadai or hum say razi hogai AMEEN.

Posted by SYED FAROOQ AHMED August 16, 10 01:51 AM

My God loves you all very much..We ptay for you...

Posted by Anonymous August 16, 10 02:05 AM

My country is bleeding

Posted by shahbaz August 16, 10 02:09 AM

May Allah Bless Pakistan... Ameen!!!!

Posted by A.R August 16, 10 02:31 AM

sad to say but it's too late for change brothers. 14 million people displaced w/ first case cholera broken out. if it spreads, all will die like flies, unfortunately. the poor is being suppressed to the limits and is again the "target of na...ture". it seems that we have lost Allah's support b/c Allah's azaab only comes when societies have gone beyond the wrong path and continue to exist like that. Remember Nooh's case? All was washed. We were warned back in 05 with the earthquake but we didn't change our ways. this time nature has struck full-blown and there is no way we can fight nature. the sad truth is that there is no hope left..take a look at this.. does this give anyone hope???? i don't think so. Quran is the voice of the poor and it tells me that we are in for destruction. people talk about janat and dosakh. this is dosakh we are witnessing, it is no less!!! we have created our own dosakh (hell) and we are bound to face it whether we like it or not

Posted by Nomaan August 16, 10 02:35 AM

Please come together and help pakistan, Pakistan is in crucial crises and rest of the world has a big responsibility to provide food , shelter and medicine to these people.

Posted by Khaliq uz zaman August 16, 10 03:37 AM

ALLAHA sub sailaab zadgan jo k es khofnaak sailaab main shaeed huy unain es Mah-e-ramzaan k sadaqy jannat main jaga atta farmay aur un k khandaan waloon ko subro jamil ataa farmay.(Amin).aur tamaam apkistanio ko mill kr es sourat-e-haal main mazloom logon ki madad karni chieye.hamary Hukamraan jb se hukoomat main aay hain,pakistan din ba din zawal ka shakaar hota ja rha hai.Allaha in hukamranoo ko hadayt nasseb kry aur humary pyary mulk pakistaan ko ta qayyamat abbad-o-shaad rakhy.(Amin)

Posted by RASHID MEHMOOD August 16, 10 03:49 AM

It has been very shocking to see these pictures. I pray to God for all the victims of Pakisan floods and hope that our leaders would learn the lesson and do something to avoid this sort of disaster in future and atleast minmise the losses as we all are answerable on day of judgement including the leaders who have undertaken to rule this country and provide portection to its residents.

Posted by AMIN DOSANI August 16, 10 04:04 AM

surely, the ones that will help the muslims will be the muslims.

Posted by Tayyeb Green August 16, 10 04:06 AM

This is trial for people of Pakistan specially living abroad and we need to step forward and donate as much as we can to help our nation in need.

Posted by sipak - August 16, 10 04:17 AM

"god doesn't exist"? what a load of rubbish. regardless of what people like whoever mentioned that say, there's nothing to disprove, it's like saying your ability to appreciate art doesn't exist, or your ability to feel emotion for these poor desperate people you've never met is a false one. I'm sure God is there for them all in some form, though how ironic it is that it's in the form of the Army....
Photo 32 is beautiful, everyone facing this together along the same path as it were

Posted by James August 16, 10 04:42 AM

plz plz all pakistani's plz help these ppl out its a test for all those who are affected and for all those who are safe....
so the ppl who r safe come out in help these ppl out in any way you can....
ALLAH ki raza k liye ya insainyat k liye or agar bohot hi byhiss ho tou apni hifazt k liye kyn k agar in logon ki madad na hoe tou yahi log chori daky dalingy or terrorist bany gy...
coz you know hazrat MOHAMMAD S.A.W ny farmy "karib hai k gurbat kufar tak pohoncha dy"
so help them with good intentions ALLAH ki raza k liye....

Posted by faisal sardar August 16, 10 04:59 AM

Allah ho Akbar
there will be a happiness after a sorrow and this is the promise of Allah, InshaAllah we will not loose our strength upon this test. Pak Army was, is and will be the best army of the world.

Posted by Tallat Satti August 16, 10 05:10 AM

So God/Allah is the thing people pray to now.... If he is almighty and can help you in time of need - which almighty entity then created the disaster in the first place?

Oh THEN God is without responsibility suddenly...

Sad days for the ppl of Pakistan. Hopefully they will start to rebuild their country after this is over - and then focus on building welfare and infrastructure - and not new mosques...

Posted by Daniel August 16, 10 06:15 AM

Would that, we will get awareness and start choosing the best ways for us at ourselves. Would that, we could be independent and can handle all the worst siguations at our own and it is only possible when we all including rulers are pretty sincere with ourselves and our country.

Posted by Ali August 16, 10 06:59 AM

It is a serious natural disaster. May Allah bless us in this great tragedy

Posted by Syed Muhammad Zeeshan August 16, 10 07:49 AM

@Narendra M. Purabia
I hope you saw on 15th August the coverage in international media of Indian brutalities in Kashmir where the biggest democracy of the world is maintaining a military occupation with the help of some 700,000 armed men...the movement is now authentically indigenous...any past involvement by Pakistan notwithstanding. So please examine yourself (if you have the courage to) before you start pointing fingers at others.

For us in Pakistan, it is time for some serious introspection, and some serious action.

Posted by NB August 16, 10 08:13 AM

May Allah bless all Pakistanis and bless Pakistan... Aameen

Posted by Hammad Abdul Khaliq (Bahrain) August 16, 10 08:23 AM

I want to help and donated money, but is money the problem?
It's nice to see how people are working hard to help.

Thanks for sharing the photo's, I like to know if I can do something too.

Posted by Wil Post August 16, 10 08:24 AM


Posted by maureen August 16, 10 08:29 AM

I know it's a sinister thought, but I can't but help whether nuclear weapons are waterproof.

Isn't it a paradox that a country which is so powerless in the face of natural disaster is among those countries wielding the most terrifying weapon known to mankind?

Posted by Tobias W. August 16, 10 09:25 AM


Posted by Anonymous August 16, 10 09:50 AM

My sincere pray to the god to help people affected in floods.Our Scientists need to think about the Natuarl Disasters and should be able to warn people before 24 hrs and govermnet need take steps to evacute thepeople.I cannot Imagine when total earth is submergerd in water .........

Posted by sandeep August 16, 10 10:01 AM

Saudi Arabia already donates 100 million dollar as immediate help to Pakistan.

Posted by Abdullah-M August 16, 10 10:10 AM

Responding to Daniel 274 who looks an athiest. We are muslims and we believe in Oneness of God i.e. Allah. And we believe that this calamity which has fallen on our dear brothers in Islam of Pakistan is PART OF TEST FOR US and Allah The Almighty and the Merciful is the only One who will grant us the courage to overcome this tragedy.
I would request you to keep your advise of focusing on building welfare and infrastructure and not the new mosques to yourself. As you dont know every muslim's heart itself is a mosque for himself. May Allah Help Pakistan

Posted by H. Hussain London August 16, 10 10:13 AM

Daniel answer for your comment is my above comment (#273)

Posted by Tallat Satti August 16, 10 10:59 AM

...some of us are collecting aid supplies here.however it's unclear if the aid is going to be accepted by the pak govt! hope aid reaches fast to the needy&let's all pray the rains&floods stop.we also have had cloud bursts&floods here but nothing like this scale.

Posted by aparna frm delhi August 16, 10 11:11 AM

Lets spend our money on helping the poor and needy instead wasting it on wars to kill more people. WAKE UP Governments - this is where money needs to be spent. Let's find it in our hearts to give of our time and welath to support worthy causes. May these people be rescued from their suffering!

Posted by Owais August 16, 10 11:24 AM


Posted by H. Hussein August 16, 10 11:24 AM

These pictures are pretty shocking in themselves. But what they don;t show is also pretty shocking. Where are the pictures of the 14 million people? Where are they located right now? I did not see any tent cities being erected, and no infrastructure to hand out relief supplies seem to be there. It just seems very chaotic and unorganized, just helicopters randomly throwing a few bottles of water here and there. Where is the infrastructure or the organization to handle a calamity of this magnitude? Where are the UN relief workers, the Islamic Relief organization setup, the Red Cross, etc? If I donate money right now, will it reach the people right away? Or will it sit in some relief agency's coffers because they have no way of using the funds to get relief to the people who need it most? It is frustrating sitting here in US and not knowing how the relief is going to reach the refugees. Like all things in Pakistan, the situation just seems hopeless..where are the tents coming in from? what about medicines for teh children, infant formula etc? Does anyone know which relief agency is the best equipped to provide the relief?

Posted by Adil August 16, 10 12:17 PM

اللهم الطف بهم وارحمهم

Posted by عبدالعزيز الجفن August 16, 10 12:47 PM

Pic #33 says it all.

Why can't you morons with your asinine comments see the depth of human suffering here?

Posted by F.S. March August 16, 10 01:20 PM

god help us
يالله الطف بهم وارحمهم

Posted by majed August 16, 10 01:55 PM

Why do we differentiate people by regilon,colour or beliefs. It sad that in death we gain knowledge we are all one and a part of God.
Always treat people the way you want ot be treated. Please help your family

Posted by Ouma Singh August 16, 10 02:22 PM

May Allah (SWT) support them in their time of need. And May Allah (SWT) help us to support them in every which way we can.

On a side note, I love how the Athiests that decided to comment come and spread their own beliefs about "No God" on such an article, and then try and bash and put down everyone else for promoting their beliefs. Hypocrites, as usual. Grow up guys. I think we can ALL leave our religious banters, pro-God or not, on a different forum altogether. Right now, this is to make people aware that these people need help, and our comments should only in direct support of the pakistanis.

Posted by T. K. August 16, 10 02:22 PM

mankind tries to control nature, but we still can't ... what we really can do is helping each other

Posted by wisch August 16, 10 02:57 PM

Ya Allah Reham Farma hum pe

Posted by Anonymous August 16, 10 03:14 PM

I m very thankful to all the countries who are doing relief efforts in my beloved country...i just want to say to my non-muslim brothers that islamic countries are also working alot to bring relief in blame muslim countries is not right....i appreciate all the countries who are helping us in this time of need...............

Posted by ana khan August 16, 10 04:15 PM

Pray that Nature forgives Humanity for its degradation and relents in the sufferings it is now causing to the innocent human beings and animals in Pakistan.
We are all to blame in one way or the other for this natural calamity.
Please the people of the World rise and speak in one global language - HELP THE INNOCENT VICTIMS IN PAKISTAN - as natural calamities spares nobody and you and your country may need such assistance tomorrow.

Posted by Harish Patel,Kenya. August 16, 10 04:17 PM

what ever u guys did was very touching it brought tears into my eyes i knew it was bad but did not know it was that bad i don;t know what punishment ALLAH is giving to our country and our country people but will keep praying for the victims of this disaster and may ALLAH HAVE MERCY ON ALL

Posted by AMAN August 16, 10 04:37 PM



The Kill with out a reason in islam is FORBIDDEN IN ISLAM

Killing your self or blowing yourself is FORBIDDEN IN ISLAM

those people has lost there mind and think if they blow myself like a hero

blowing is just in iraq not other arabian - islamic country

taliban think thereself muslims while there not ,, killing innocent people or with out a reason is FORBIDDEN like i said , but if ur on war its ok to kill the soldiers ,





i hope they get better =(

Posted by J-R August 16, 10 07:25 PM

I encourage everyone to put their political views aside and help these people. These are innocent, hard working people struck by tragedy much like the one we saw in Haiti. They deserve our aid. Please contact Red Cross, UNICEF and other help organizations to send your donations.

Posted by Tessa August 16, 10 07:30 PM

Shame to the politicians and the corrupt Government of Pakistan, who are accountable to such natural disasters. Allah will keep testing and keep sending "ahzaab"" untill the whole nation ponders on their morals, values and deeds.
May Allah guide us all, and put us on " siratul- Mustaqeem"
The masses are suffering because they are uneducated and the corrupt leaders will keep on exploiting them. They have to learn to protect themselves

Posted by Rubina Khan August 16, 10 07:32 PM

Allah help those who help themselves.
As a nation what are our deeds.
What have we learn from the previous experiences.
For how long we will keep begging from others but not from Allah.
What hate and destruction we have spread after all the great kindness and blessings from Allah.
what have we done to stop the injustice and brutality from the most corrupt religious and political leadership who have spread hate, uncertainty, ignorance and intolerance rather than love, peace, brotherhood and tolerance.

It is very sad and painful to see all this suffering of innocent human and hope that this nation will wakeup & learn from this warnings and Allah Almighty help us to understand and correct ourself through His kindness and forgiveness.
I am sure that by the grace of Allah and sincere efforts from this great nation, this hard time will be over soon but if we did not learn a lesson and corrected ourself, then ....??
It is very important to identify and correct the root cause pro-actively rather than reactionary fire-fighting and then asking for forgiveness which we have been doing for time and time over the years and years.
We need to spread and follow the golden principle & message of:


We should unite together as a nation to remove the corruption, selfishness and injustice and most importantly beg Allah Almighty to forgive us, be kind on us and help and guide us to follow the path of righteous.

Posted by TAHIR August 16, 10 09:02 PM

It is quite sad and disappointing that people even at these times do not leave a single chance to propagate their political, racial and religious agendas. It is a shame to read such comments.

For the racists I would say that we have been fund raising in Karachi for medical supplies since the flood hit and those who have donated have only done that on humanitarian grounds. People from all strata of society have come forward equally.

For the mullas telling you to pray 5 times a day, the people don't need your prayers.. They need your help, so do something. If god has bought this calamity we can tell him we are a people tough enough to face it. And mullas are the slowest ones when it comes to charity. A beard and white cap is not a certificate of morality.

For the zardarians, nawazaz, altafas etc... All these parties are running their own campaigns. Instead of throwing crap on other political parties, join the campaign of your own political party if you trust them and do something. Otherwise zip your lips.

Posted by Sarang Latif Qazi August 16, 10 11:13 PM

Allah Bless you all.....

Posted by Atif August 16, 10 11:47 PM

@ 269..
I have donated money for people who are suffering from this huge tragedy. But for your information I am not muslim. Of course most peolple who donated are not muslim perhaps are human.
Don't put religion poloitics here.

Posted by Siva August 17, 10 02:06 AM

May Allah support them

Posted by mohannad August 17, 10 02:34 AM

Catastroph au Pakistant

Posted by HEHE August 17, 10 02:38 AM

Its very shamed for our Government and also shamed for us

Posted by Sarwar nadeem August 17, 10 02:39 AM

May Allah Have Mercy on our Souls as this seems to be the beginning.

Posted by Kashif Mansoori August 17, 10 03:20 AM

Allah bless you all

Posted by salim khan August 17, 10 03:22 AM

I am from India, In my heart I still consider India and Pakistan to be brothers, just separated by British. May god bless all Pakistani's who are suffering in such bad times. It really makes you sad in the heart to see the families and life's possessions being lost in just a few days.

May peace be bestowed on everybody who are affected by this.

Brahmin from Mumbai

Posted by Amit August 17, 10 03:42 AM


Posted by MUHAMMAD ATIF BUTT August 17, 10 03:48 AM

I'm feeling like crying after looking at the miserable condition of these people. As Muslim we should do something for them by donating as much as we can. These poor people are now fighting for food n water.

Posted by Maliha August 17, 10 03:55 AM

pakistan need us

we r with u all my sibling we can feel ur position

Posted by zubi fatima August 17, 10 04:23 AM

This is truly heart breaking...Its happening to our countrymen, our country, its happening to us!

Sadly, we are a nation with no governance; they are there to embezzle and live a lavish life, but they are as good as dead for the people. Its upto us, the civil society of Pakistan, to unite and see our country through yet another humongous tragedy.
May Allah give us the capacity to do so, and may he grant subbar to the sufferers. We cannot even begin to imagine what our fellow brothers and sisters have gone through.
Pakistan Zindabad!

Posted by Maira Omair Rana August 17, 10 05:00 AM

I strongly agree with 239's comments. put politics away! you are useless to talk about politics here, if you are capible, you wont talk rubbish here.

Posted by sherry August 17, 10 05:05 AM

Any one who wants to send support/money/clothes.

Pakistan Army has setup its own camps where they are receiving goods & support directly. They are the only reliable support organization.

Posted by Raza Rehman Khan August 17, 10 05:16 AM

Aye ALLAH hamaray gunah muaaf farma aur hamay seedah rasta dikha.YA ALLAH hamari qoom ko qoi MAHATIR ata farmaday Aameen.

Posted by Muhammad Javaid August 17, 10 06:30 AM

Again another country gets hit with a natural disaster, exacerbated by the continuing ticking of the population time bomb in this region. Ironically as the world has various severe flooding situations, the lack of clean potable water will rise to become an issue that countries and regions will soon fight over. Indonesia, Haiti, Pakistan and a slew of other countries are just the tip of the iceberg of the eventual collapse of a big chunk of the countries of the world...

Posted by Stephan Lee August 17, 10 06:40 AM

It is a serious natural disaster. May GOD bless us in this great tragedy

Posted by Damien B. KABORE August 17, 10 06:41 AM

O God,
O Sufficer of the isolated and weak
and Protector against terrifying affairs!
Offenses have isolated me,
so there is none to be my companion.
I am too weak for Thy wrath
and there is none to strengthen me.
I have approached the terror of meeting Thee
and there is none to still my fear.

Who can make me secure from Thee
when Thou hast filled me with terror?
Who can come to my aid
when Thou hast isolated me?
Who can strengthen me
when Thou hast weakened me?

None can grant sanctuary to a vassal, my God,
but a lord, none can give security to one dominated
but a dominator, none can aid him from whom demands are made but a demander.

In Thy hand, my God, is the thread of all that,
in Thee the place of escape and flight,
so bless Muhammad and his Household,
give sanctuary to me in my flight,
and grant my request!

Let my provision in this world
be reverential fear of Thee,106
my journey be toward Thy mercy,
and my entrance be into Thy good pleasure!
Appoint for me a lodging
in Thy Garden, give me strength to bear
everything that pleases Thee,
make me flee to Thee
and desire what is with Thee,
clothe my heart in estrangement
from the evil among Thy creatures,
and give me intimacy with Thee,
Thy friends, and those who obey Thee!

O God,
bless Muhammad and his Household,
make me their comrade,
make me their helper,
and oblige me with yearning for Thee
and doing for Thee what Thou lovest and approvest!
Thou art powerful over everything
and that is easy for Thee.

Posted by H Ali August 17, 10 07:16 AM

Subahan Allah. Allah swt. is testing both the flood victims and the rest of the world. May Allah give patience and strength to the flood victims and bring them out of this disaster( Allah's help is always nearer) and give guidance to all of us, so that we support them at the time of their need. Please donate generously and pray for their from Allah swt. in your 5 time prayers. Ameen

Posted by Razi August 17, 10 07:34 AM

I hope all the relief funds that are provided to pakistan goes to the deserving ppl who have lost everything. Let this time the political mass and army not misuse the funds given to them....may god bless all those affected to speedy recovery.

Posted by Rashid August 17, 10 08:54 AM

Allah bless them all..

Posted by Shivanshi August 17, 10 09:43 AM

allah akbuar
i missing the words

Posted by fahad al ghamdi August 17, 10 09:50 AM

In a nation where every other person is corrupt,this had to happen sooner or later.Coterie of corrupt politicians and Generals who have made this country a mockery of the world and hollow within,now stands totally exposed before everyone.Also no sympathy for the poor unfortunately cos they are also corrupt in many a way,and to those who are going Allah Allah,what the hell do you think?Is He blind?Is He Silly?Why should he have mercy on a corrupt nation??
There is nothing right in this country,and there is no one right in this country.Good people are few and far between.

Posted by Tahir Khan August 17, 10 09:51 AM

Please stop cutting down trees. Do not destroy the nature. See how these people are suffering. Learn a lesson from this. The world leaders must get together on these type of issues. Please help them. How many billions are wasted for the weapons. Those weapons used to kill the people. Please punish the people who ever who destroying the nature.

Posted by dudley August 17, 10 10:17 AM

Ae Allah Muhammad sal ala alai hai wasalam ka sadka ham be bason pe reham farma .Ae Allah ham pe reham farmaRamzan kareem ka sadka . REHAM FARMA

Posted by Mazhar Rana August 17, 10 10:23 AM

ya allah ya kareem help our pakistani people

Posted by Abdullah August 17, 10 11:08 AM

Thank you USA for helping all the people around the world.

Posted by Pixy August 17, 10 11:17 AM

I wish everyone would stop making this about religion! Its about a catastrophe in which numerous men and women are dying every day. We need help! Just because the country is run by a majorly corrupt man and f****d up government does NOT mean that the rest of us are like that. As long as we care, he can go to hell (and probably will, I hope) Right now is not the time to judge the rest of us, who are honest and hardworking. Who want to get on with our lives. We are the one's gathering what we can and sending / taking it to the flood affected areas. Don't judge us, as we don't judge you! Just help in any way you can.

Posted by zoe August 17, 10 11:18 AM

Yah Allah aap Rahman aur Rahim hain,hamera gunahhon ko maaf farma,aur hamre saath woh ma-amla farma kis key aap laiq hai aur is baat key hum per girift na kar jis kay hum laiq hai beshaq aap har maharban sey bar kar maharbaan hai.

La illaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu menazalim.

Astagfirullahu,La illaha illa huwal haiyool qayoono watubu aliyhe

Posted by Imran August 17, 10 12:51 PM

The dude in image 1 appears to be making a corna with both his hands, not waving...

Posted by rockaholiciam August 17, 10 12:58 PM

We need to see the human face of this disaster, irrespective of religion, cast and creed. I appreciate the comments of my Indian friends who have shown compassion for humanity. To all my Western friends who are more focussed on making this a point scoring exercise, what can I say, except that your ignorance is not your own fault. May God bless us all and save us the agony that the people in the pictures are going through.

Posted by Sher Afgun Khan August 17, 10 01:04 PM

la illahaa illa unta subhanika...........inni kuntum minuzualameen.please forgive us dear God

Posted by amna August 17, 10 01:18 PM

We are a strong Nation ....we are strong people ...we have the strength to over come this devastation to rebuild Pakistan... and take it to new heights.

Posted by Jamil Bhutta August 17, 10 01:40 PM

As Salam O Alaikum, all of of you brothers and sisters of Pakistan and the International brotherhood. This is no time for poitiking or exploiting religion. Please act as you believe and pray to Allah, Eeshwar, Bhagwan, God and Jesus to give strength and resilience to the people of Pakistan and greater still to these that are hit by this catastrophe, to stand up errect in the face of this clamity and fight it. The world has not ended these are the ways the Almighty tests the resolve of His creation and then rewards them. Let us all stand up to this nightmare hand in hand and we shall all come out victorious, all of us Pakistanis and all our friends from the International Community regardless of faith and origin. In the end it shall be victory for all. Ya Rab ul Alameen hum ko Sabit Qadam rakh(O my Allah of the entire universe keep us all steadfast). Amin

Posted by Qaswar Nasir August 17, 10 02:42 PM


Posted by SABA August 17, 10 02:51 PM

as per my request BANGLADESH Government please help pakistan. they need foods and support.

Allah Bless you all

Posted by Shah Nawaz Khan August 17, 10 04:37 PM

pics r so touching to heart,good photography & they realley shows the ruins of flood.

Posted by usman August 17, 10 05:46 PM

theres not a word strong enough to express the heartbreak i feel looking at them pictures.GOD BLESS THEM ALL.

Posted by Sandra Graham August 17, 10 06:00 PM

What a terrible disaster! I hope this is a wake up call to all of us to get on our feet and do something to help the victims of these floods, and a wake up call to the Pakistani government - they need to shape up fast and start helping their people instead of stealing from them. I also hope that people will begin to realize that everything we hear about Pakistan being a terrorist country is just a generalization, and the victims of the flood are human just like us.

Posted by Sabrina August 17, 10 06:12 PM

i dont have any word to say except this kay ALLAH hum par raham farma AMEEN

Posted by JAMSHED August 17, 10 07:04 PM

La Hawla Wala Quata ela Bellah,,, Muslims must be stand by each other all we have to share this and help please advice trusted foundation that we can share with money with food or what ever please any one know let me know...

Posted by Human August 17, 10 09:28 PM

god safe you all

Posted by mohammed August 17, 10 10:14 PM


Posted by SYED KHALID AMEER August 17, 10 10:57 PM

May Allah Subhanaho Watallah help them on thier current hardship. And we are also obleged to help our families over there.

Posted by Ahmed August 18, 10 12:44 AM

Inshallah we will survive.This is an ASMAISH for all Pakistanis here or Abroad.This may be the turning point for rebuilding Pakistan.We need honest leadership and rule of law.We must spread true pictre of Islam to our brothers and sisters.We in Malir Cantt area Karachi collected Rs 25 LAC and giving to Pak Army for our flood affcted Pakistanis.My son who is still a student decided to give Rs 10'000 to TV Compare TALAT Hussain.Apart from few our political leadership has failed to deliver.What what face these MNAs and MPAs will go and ask for votes at the next election

Posted by javaid khan August 18, 10 01:13 AM

MAy ALLAH Forgive us.

Posted by Agha danish Khan August 18, 10 01:20 AM

Respected Friends.

As you all know and watch on TV every moment, the Situation at Flood effected Areas of khyber-pakhtoonkhwa, Punjab and Baluchistan divisions.
Millions of People effected. They lost their Houses, Animals, Children and Expensive things.
Thousands Of people have died.
Uncountable families are bound to live without shelter.
Hundreds of Women and children are suffering from big pain.
We need the following on urgent basis:
1) Milk for children - Most Essential
2) Clothes - For Women & Children
3) Sleepers - Every Size
4) Tea cattle - Low cost aluminum cattle
5) Drinkable water - We however prefer a bigger water filter.
6) Food ration bags - 1000+ bags required to suffice needs of 1000 families for a week.
7) Tents - many required
8) Life saving medicine - various
9) Funds for establishing BHU [Basic Health Unit] - We already have doctors to volunteer for us and need more doctors.
10) Volunteers - Boys and Girls, University/college students etc.
We know we can’t reach every place but we can do more efforts.
Please come forward and help out the needy nation. It will be your trade with God.

A/c title: Insan Welfare foundation Pakistan
A/c# 22417900128703
Swift code# HABBPKKAxxx
Branch code# 2241
Habib Bank Ltd. West Canal Road Faisalabad.
Farukh Awan

Posted by Syeda Bushra Fatima August 18, 10 01:29 AM

la ilaha illa anta subhanaka innee kuntu mina azalimeen

Posted by Usman Haroon August 18, 10 02:51 AM

There is no god to help anyone. There is no punishment by any god either as there is no god. Also, this flood is a "natural" event of nature. To ascribe this to god is heinous and a great way not to help these people as many think that they are gettting what they deserve for not following the word of god and such. Again, there is no god. Therefore, roll up your slesves and work for it is only in our work as people that we shall be able to relieve suffering and death. Get busy and suspend all religious talk. Get real. Deal with reality!

Posted by Anyse August 18, 10 03:02 AM

The very first pic looks like the Islamic cresent shaped mini island rising out of the flooded waters with a cylinder shaped star. By the way I am a non-practising Catholic.

Posted by Nelson Dalmeida August 18, 10 03:02 AM

May Allah help my brothers and sisters back in Pakistan. I have spent most of my life there and been to almost all the places shown above in the pictures. The condition of my people and the extreme agony they are in literally made me cry. May Allah give all of us the courage to stand out united in this test like we did before when the earthquake in '06 shook our grounds.
And to those ignorant bastards who are trying to bring up and blame the politics for all of this. For god's sake get an effing life and pray for our people rather than blaming others for what's happening. It's nature! you cannot blame a bunch of retards for that. Yes I called the politicians retards. This has been called upon us for our own deeds and learn to own up to it, or do not waste your or others time posting on here.
May Allah have mercy on all of us!

Posted by Armughan Khan August 18, 10 03:06 AM

Ya Allah hum per Rahim Farma .. aur hum sab ko apnay hifz o maan mein rakh ....
Ouch these pics were so shocking ... Ya ALLAH inhain sabar and sehat day ameen .. !! ;'(

Posted by Hassu August 18, 10 03:07 AM

So sad

Posted by Anonymous August 18, 10 03:17 AM

It's amazing to see how people use this forum to discredit others instead of raise awareness of the true problem - people are suffering and need help. All political, religious and personal genders aside, put your 'mudboots' on and get out there and help a fellow human. Do you really think that the parents whose child just died from cholera cares what political party or religion or country you belong to? Not at all!

Posted by S.Nicks August 18, 10 03:36 AM

On 11th august Quaid e Azam (founder of Pakistan) gave a speech which no one remembers. It clearly states guidelines which if we all had followed as a nation...we would prospered.

Now, if we want to make this great State of Pakistan happy and prosperous, we should wholly and solely concentrate on the well-being of the people, and especially of the masses and the poor. If you will work in co-operation, forgetting the past, burying the hatchet, you are bound to succeed. If you change your past and work together in a spirit that everyone of you, no matter to what community he belongs, no matter what relations he had with you in the past, no matter what is his colour, caste or creed, is first, second and last a citizen of this State with equal rights, privileges, and obligations, there will be on end to the progress you will make.

you can read the rest of the speech here :

Posted by Maliha Rao August 18, 10 04:12 AM

O God
Pls help them

Posted by lakshman behera August 18, 10 04:53 AM

Oh God.. save your sons and daughters....

Posted by Kaliraj August 18, 10 05:19 AM

We don't need help from out side world, we have enough strength and resources to over come this castrafee, all we need is the sincear approach to help our self (our brothers and sisters) in return Allah Bari Tala will help us (his help will be entrnal)

Posted by Syed Farooq August 18, 10 05:50 AM

God bless you'all
Do not give up.

Posted by adcha August 18, 10 06:25 AM

its not about god and its not about politics.
a natural disaster occured, nobody was prepared for it and the government lacks the logistical infrastructure and resources to react to this dilemna.
get together and help as much as you can.

Posted by Anonymous August 18, 10 06:31 AM

Dear Pakistanis May ALLAH BLESS YOU ALL.
the Flood victim really living in a miserable condition, till now the have waiting the aid not cash only food, shelters,medicine,cloths, shoes,
in my opinion dont look towards government, every individual Pakistani can help victims brother,sister, old person in providing the food, and cloths, it is our personal duty because Pakistan is calling to become unite again to save the country Pakistan. if we will not play our roll in this time,
do as you can. other wise ready for blood shed one day these victims become enemies of higher society. fight for their childes survival, help them before they kill the people for food for their child and old peoples those who are suffering and looking toward other brother for help.
unite once again for the solidarity and independence, now it is the war against water, we are brave Muslims of Pakistan.dont look towards your leaders, baddere, industrialist, Bankers, and other big financial institute.
request come alone and help those how and what you can do.

Posted by ISHRAT HUSSAIN August 18, 10 07:59 AM

may god bless them

Posted by abdullah August 18, 10 08:01 AM

May ALLAH almighty keep HIS utmost blessing upon all of us, bless us and keep us safe from all sorts of disasters.. Ameen..!!

We do and we know what to do and how to do in such situations, without ONES kind advice. We have pain for our brothers and sisters and we are doing our best for their releif.

Posted by A Pakistani....!!!! August 18, 10 08:03 AM

Horrible !!!
Help urgently needed!!!!

Posted by Govaert Nicole August 18, 10 09:14 AM

I am stunned after viewing some comments.. Come on people whats wrong with you.. is this the time for discussing politics or Religion?? NOOOOOOOO.. Its the time to come over this disaster and to help the victims.. and we have to do some thing practically... i am sure we can live for a while without discussing GOD & Politics..

Posted by Human Being August 18, 10 10:23 AM

Mighty Allah Bless the victum of flood.
Come ahead and help these person
Think what a feeling of a man loose his whole life earning

Posted by s.m.salim August 18, 10 01:57 PM

I looked these pictures and felt dear sad emotion. I almost cried but shedding a tear doesnt help. Living in the UK with prominant Pakistani communities around me I 'know' these people. Sad thing is there is a voice, whether your from the East or the West that whispers the moral, political & religious implications of what this human tragedy. Admit it there is almost a voice that want's to say 'hmm you follow religion and look what happened to ya.' If it was the other way round (and it happened in the West' in the conversations I have with Pakistani Taxi drivers there would be some that would say 'It's an act of god and his punishing them [us] for what they have done and doing.' I heard from one recently who said the Oil spill was Gods way of saying to the US 'you want oil? there, there you have it'.
290 & 305 offer good food for thought. I @ times think the best way to help is to go out there and do what you can if poss. Offer your skills and time.

Posted by SilentRio August 18, 10 02:04 PM

Genesis 6 recounts God's promise that he never again would destroy the earth by flood....
...but it must feel a lot like He has, to the families whose livelihood and entire community have been devastated by this.

The difference today is that we now know, and we care, and we will help Pakistan to live through this, and grow from this into the future.

Our house in England was lucky to escape the mild flooding in Sheffield in 2007. It was a strange feeling, seeing rain fall, and watching impotently as more and more of your world just vanished under water, and even our intricate society ground to a halt when travel, power and communication stopped dead.

How much worse must this feel, though?

Posted by Phil August 18, 10 02:17 PM

Pakistan is facing the worst disaster of his life after the partition genocide and massacres. But they will have to take a deep breathe and think seriously, what they have achieved politically, religiously, socially and ceonomically keeping enimity with India and fighting with India for any reason or no reason? Kashmir issue must be resolved; terrorism killings must be stopped and real democracy and rules of laws must be established in Pakistan to survive and prosperous in coming years. Just by begging from China and Saudi and America cannot make the most powerful Muslim Nation rightful leader of Muslim ummas of the Globe.

Posted by JOHN DAHODI August 18, 10 02:40 PM


Posted by NASIM JAMAL August 18, 10 03:29 PM

yes pakistan needs help...but please pleeaasee dont give money to the pakistan's president & prime minister!...

Posted by Anonymous August 18, 10 04:01 PM

I hope that Politics will not get in the way of the relief effort but in such a politically charge area that may be asking too much...

the Pakastani people need to demand great awareness of natural disasters so at least some of the devastation can be avoided by early warning systems

Posted by REALPATRIOT August 18, 10 04:42 PM

pic #19 says it all... just watch the expression on that old man's face....

Posted by Abishek August 18, 10 05:22 PM

This is a test from the God for all of us. May Allah pass over test. May be this is because of our deeds and diverting from Islamic rules regulations. Allah is the one Who can only help us to over come on this disaster.
All the people on whom the zakat is to be paid, should help the affected people by providing food, shelter and little bit financial help to these peoples.

Posted by Ejaz Ahmad August 18, 10 05:46 PM

May Allah be with you Pakistan

Posted by ZAIN August 18, 10 06:23 PM

Russia in the fire, Pakistan in the water....
I think that after this governments our countries reflect on our way of life, and we ourself must do for this anything...
I hope that we can do this...

Posted by Maximilian August 18, 10 06:28 PM

This is the punishment for us because we elected those "Monarchs", whose forefathers always looted this land and now they are looting.... its time to change our mentality and choose the ight persons which belong to our community and dont count their money in foreign exchange.... Do We Need another French Revolution..?.... To Avoid this, I give this slogan .......... "Now Think Before Do, Otherwise They will Undo You"

Posted by Bilal August 18, 10 07:31 PM

God Bless these people. I know Americans are already helping and will continue to help the people of Pakistan.

Prayers from an American.

Posted by Carl August 18, 10 07:35 PM

Allah-Hu-Akber. Nobody but Allah can help when humanity become helpless. So sad to see the misery in Pakistan. May Allah condole our sins and give direction to people not to choose/vote this kind of leaders who bring them this type of Azab.

Posted by Dr.Ozair Caudhry, Toronto Canada August 18, 10 08:29 PM

May Allah be with you Pakistan !!!

Posted by schan August 18, 10 09:27 PM

Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

Posted by schan August 18, 10 09:29 PM

Ya Allah Hmarey Mulak pe reham farma,
Be shak afwaj pakistan ne har mushkil mor pe mulak ko sahara dia he,
Pak Army tujey salaam,
Hmarey leadrz k leah esi pani me doob marney ka makam he k arbon dolarz ki imdad k bawjood b mutasreen ka itna bura he.

Posted by Tahir August 18, 10 09:49 PM

innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiuun.....
bersabarlah wahai saudaraku di Pakista atas apa yang menjadi kehendak ALLOH subhanallahu wa ta'ala

Posted by Hazka August 18, 10 10:58 PM

MY GOD. Picture #36 (the last picture)...look at it.

Look at the man; his hands wrinkled and utterly saturated from being inundated in the flood waters...his body limp from exhaustion...all while during the month of fasting (Ramadan). The despair millions of people are facing in Pakistan right now is articulated in this shot. These people are helpless without the aid and helping hand of other human beings...these people are human beings too; going through a disaster they probably never even imagined they would go through.

Please not only pray for these suffering people; but please do what you can to help in relief efforts. Godspeed to the people of Pakistan...our prayers and help here in America and elsewhere are with you. God Bless.

Posted by Patrick August 18, 10 11:47 PM


Posted by Anonymous August 19, 10 12:12 AM

Ya Allah we know we are not on siratul mustaqeen we suffer, but you are the lord of is you who forgive the people,wa tu izzu mantasha wa tu zillumantasha(Izzat and Zillat is from Alla) we seek only your help, we know no one can help us unless u forgive us, so ya allah please Forgive our sabira or kabira Gunah and help the victims of pakistan and the whole world from these disastors..when i see the pic of victims i feel cry are the rehman so hum par aur in logo par reham farma ameen.

hume siratul mustaqeen pal chala aor apna reham wa karam banaye rakh,
ya Allah Tamam Rozedaron ki dua kabul farma ..agar hum gunakaron ne apne zindagi mein kuch ache amal kiye hein to is towefail mein pakistan ke logon par aor hum par reham farmate huey hum sab ke madad farma.

Posted by Asgar Ali Khan (India Currently in Qatar) August 19, 10 01:22 AM

this is our national duty to come forward to help them out from this AAFAT by donating to bring out of all suffering of our brothers n sisters

Posted by sheikh August 19, 10 02:05 AM

In this hour of need all local people are assisting the affected ones to their best, I am proud of my nation...
I request to all other countries that help the "Dying People" before its too late. If you do not trust Pak Govt. then provide your assistance through other ways.

Posted by Umer Saleem August 19, 10 02:12 AM

If Allah brought this upon poor people of Pakistan; then why we are asking Allah to help? If he wanted to help; then he wouldn't do it at first place.

Posted by Anonymous August 19, 10 02:49 AM

army did everythng our politionz did nfng.......

Posted by Anonymous August 19, 10 04:01 AM

La hawla wala kowata illa b-Allah

Posted by waleed August 19, 10 04:26 AM
Posted by g.h. August 19, 10 04:34 AM

Help them to your limits....and believe in Allah, you will be returned much more...

Posted by Asad August 19, 10 06:33 AM

Allah Save us and forgive our sins....

Posted by Anonymous August 19, 10 07:18 AM

ça me tue de voir ces images qui sont si expressives !
il faut que le monde aie de la pitié ,, il faut aider nos frères...
que dieu soit avec eux :( Ellaf fi 3awnoukoum

Posted by kenza August 19, 10 09:21 AM

How much is enough for us? May we find the strength and courage to donate more and generously. It is what we are able to do today for humans that happen to be muslims that will define us and hopefully not let our savings for materialistic possessions. We all know deep down, we can offer so much more help.

Inna Lilla Hay Wa Inna ilai Hay Rajayoon.

I hoep we are able to do so much more for MOST BELOVED and MOST PRECIOUS PAKISTAN

Posted by Countryman August 19, 10 10:48 AM

ALLAH for give us.. may GOD bless the affectess on wards

Posted by hassan khattak August 19, 10 12:40 PM

Please see the book by Bill McKibben, EARTH, Making a Life on a Tough New Planet, Times Books, N.Y., 2010, 253 pages. He writes: We need cultures that work for survival ... cultures that work for everyone.

Posted by g.h. in Europe August 19, 10 01:21 PM
Posted by g.h. August 19, 10 01:40 PM

#29 - Why would they hunt the boar? eating it isn't allowed by islam as far as I know. Could it just be mindless brutality bursting from their fear for survival?

Posted by Msk Ind August 19, 10 01:56 PM


Posted by Bilal Aziz August 19, 10 02:08 PM

Although we hate the Americans, they are the ones helping us. I am ashamed to admit that my fellow Pakistanis will say it's because the US has hidden evil motives. These same people will just post comments on webpages and do nothing else to help their fellow Pakistanis who have lost everything; all they do is be very religious (in words only).

Posted by A concerned Pakistani in Lahore August 19, 10 05:43 PM

Allah in sab per apna Rahem o Karem farmaaye aur hamari Goverment ko Hidaayat de k woh in sab k liye naik niyatti se kaam karein

Posted by Umair August 19, 10 08:58 PM

Aa Allah hum per apna reham farma or hum per anay wali yeh musibat jald se jald daor farma.hum tuje se APNEY GUNAOE per Mafi mangtey hai.

Posted by Muhammad khurram bukhari August 19, 10 10:58 PM

There's so much with the talking!!! These Pakistani people needs unconditional help. So let's move to help them in anyway we can.

Posted by victor dequito August 19, 10 11:01 PM

We on this planet r as backward as in stone age, we have done no service to mankind rather harmed it. O world leaders of today,see floods, sonamie,wars, earthquicks, fires and droutghts on this humble earth. set ur preorities accordingly.

Creator of mankind will judge us on our deads. O God forgive us.

Posted by m ramzan butt August 20, 10 03:41 AM

any difficult things will be gone.....better future in front of you.

Posted by xiaoyao August 20, 10 05:12 AM

may Allah tala have mercy on our people and us

may He forgive us for our sins/mistakes that we committed, intentionally or unintentionally.

Have mercy on our muslim nation, have mercy on us ... Ameen !!

Posted by Faiza August 20, 10 05:22 AM

ALLAH plz save our brothers and sisters...

Posted by malik usman sarfraz August 20, 10 06:09 AM

There is not God or Allah to help them. Every country in our earth should come and help victims as early as possible.

Posted by Indranil (From India) August 20, 10 07:12 AM

inja pakestan ast.

Posted by basim August 20, 10 07:32 AM
Posted by Gabriele in Europe August 20, 10 08:20 AM

It is my dIt is my dream land, but since big supper power have decided to smash and crush this nation morally, financially, nationally wise, educationally, health wise, destroy our Military, nation prided, community, social life, present us in front of world, as terrorists, barbaric, cruel, uneducated, disloyal, thief, and the worst national on the surface of planet. From the last 25 years this game is started and it will go on and on unless we will say to America good bye. Leave us alone. we don't want the crown od defecting Russia. It was our big mistake that we supported America in their War of capitalistic and communistic. Gen. Zia ul Haq was the most stupid person that he was fighting of American war on the land of Afghanistan. He started this calamity and some one with revolutionary command to clean up the mess , which is grown up , in our infrastructure. The don't understand that they are the braches of same tree , the one they are selling the roots and stem.

for God sake this game of destroying a very honest ,sincere, humble, hardworking , Nation, Military, and poised people must be stopped by third line leaders, from young generation.
ream land, but since big supper power have decided to smash and .

Posted by Anwar Khan August 20, 10 08:35 AM

ALLAH hm se naraz hai, ye halat ne bta dia.
mere watan ki halat ne guzarte badlun ko rula dia.
hawaun ki narazgi ka tab ilm hoa hm ko,
jab usne kisi parwaz ko zmeen oe gira dia.
yun khoon ko bhta daikh k darya se ra na gya,
ik ansun ka sailaab galiyun main baha dia.
ye PAK SIR ZAMEEN ro ro k khti hai logo,
aise gunahgarun ko yaa rub q tune mjh pe basa diya. :(
pray people pray

Posted by ali raza August 20, 10 09:22 AM

My heart is breaking for the people of Pakistan, my purse is not very full but I will send what I can, my prayers are earnest and urgent. May God pour out His mercy as the rain falls and may we give all the help we can. When a child cries in hunger, in pain, in fear, how can the whole world not hear. How can we bear to sit by and not do something.God be with you all. Blessings from England and much love.

Posted by kim wilson August 20, 10 10:00 AM

May Allah forgive the sinners and show HIS mercy on them. Ameen.

Posted by Moid August 20, 10 01:32 PM

ya ALLAH hum sab par Rehem Farmaa, Apnaa Karam Farmaa

Still ALLAH gave us a Chance, its time for Tauba ....
Kasraat say Astagfaaar Parhney ka time aa gaya hai ...
Wake up nation & ask forgiveness from ALLAH.

Ae Allah ham sab per reham farma, Apna Karam Farmaa aur humko seedhaa raaasta dikhaaa, Jo ghaltiyaaan hum ney kein unko maaf Farmaa,
Hum ko sach Muslim banaa, Rang Nasal Zabban aur Zaat waghera humarey Zehnooon say NikaaL aur hum ko sach muslim aur Pakistani bana ...
Soochey ki salaahiyaat dey aur saheh aur ghalaat ki pehchaan farmaa
Hum ko Maaf Farmaa , Gunehgaaar bandey hain hum terey apna karam farmaaa ek doosrey ki maddaaad karney ki taufeeq ataa Farmaa Ameen

Posted by Ali August 20, 10 02:44 PM

realy iam very sad to this flood allah khair kare insaallah sab thik hoga

Posted by ibrahim nepal August 20, 10 03:18 PM

allah yardımcıları olsun...

Posted by resul August 20, 10 03:40 PM

allah please suvive the people in pakistan and try to make the huge flood away

Posted by Ramisha August 20, 10 04:37 PM

Helping people is great but I have my concerns about aid reaching people. . I am concerned about millions of dollars reaching terrorist hands. I think one should find ways of helping people directly instead of through Pakistani authorities which has hand in glove relationship with terrorists. Here is an old Pakistani newspaper report on mis-utilization of previous natural calamity aid given to Pakistan

Posted by Shiva Doshi August 20, 10 07:21 PM

throw out zardari, then aaaal iz well

Posted by tim houston August 20, 10 08:47 PM

Always make Dua' that AZAB E Allahi se mahfus rakhe humsab ko. Ameen.

Posted by Waheedullah Khan August 20, 10 09:56 PM

I am from India, and the sheer devastation and misery caused to the people has left me speechless. My sympathies, support and prayers are for the Pakistani people, hope the reconstruction efforts quickly restore the lives of these poor people.

Posted by Rohit M August 21, 10 12:02 AM


YA- ALLAH hum par REHAM Farma dey...


Posted by Naveed Ahmed August 21, 10 01:46 AM


Posted by ZOHAIB August 21, 10 02:13 AM

The people of Pakistan are political idol worshipers who vote and again vote to those corrupt politicians again and again. When the nation was drowning and their inept and most corrupt president was busy making mockery of Pakistani insects (peoples) while traveling to Europe. The thief does not have any feeling for the people, his moto is to loot and loot nothing more than that. These illitrate flock are just animals and idol worshipers though they claim to be muslim, yet they are idol worshipers. Worshipping the same old corrupt politicians.they do not take the risk of tryingn the new blood, more educated and more honest.

Posted by M August 21, 10 04:30 AM

Since the floods, there is no terrorist attack in any city. The military operation against the Taliban has also gone on low priority. The Taliban, in their capacity as individuals or under the banner of their proscribed religious group are busy helping the flood strangled people and undertaking relief work. After the flood water recedes and people start going back to their homes, there will be more sympathizers of the Taliban because people hate the government. People at the helm of affairs should do something at this moment otherwise the Taliban groups will emerge much stronger after the floods.

Posted by Bakhtiar August 21, 10 06:42 AM

O Allah Please forgive us, Hum ghunagar hain Khatakar hain, ..........Yeh Insanoon ki khatoon ki waje se hai....O Allah Hamari Madad Farma.........Hum ko sidhi rah per chala.....Aameen

Posted by MOHAMMED YOUSUF August 21, 10 09:48 AM

I am shocked that on the web site of a major newspaper in the United States, on the topic of a major natural disaster of international concern, the vast majority of posters appear to be Pakistanis. I am ashamed for my country that, during the darkest hour of the nation of Pakistan, the only thing we can talk about in America, the only thing we can protest, is about a mosque, which will be administered by a man, who by all honest accounts, appears to be good and decent, striving for reconciliation, the Imam Rauf.

And all the while millions of Pakistanis are being swept away by an epic flood. America (the few of you who are even reading this), these are your fellow human beings! In any true religion or philosophy, it is your MORAL DUTY to come to their aid. There is no excuse. No matter how badly you think you are doing, you are able to help.

There are literally tears in my eyes as I write this. Please give what you can.

Posted by Dan G. August 21, 10 10:27 AM

Shame on those few heartless souls,inside and outside Pakistan, who do politics in this tragedy, ....Pakistanis remain grateful to those who care for it is Pakistan tomorrow it could be somebody else. Pakistan has had more than its share of adversity in the recent past but Pakistan has proved time and time again that it is one of the most resilient nations on earth. With the help of sincere friends the world over, we shall come out of this adversity even stronger..Allah willing.. But we need to start helping ourselves first and than ask others.

Posted by Kamran Z August 21, 10 11:10 AM

People Allah has nothing to do with this its a natural disaster, get over your bloody bigotry, politics, inhumanness, animal callousness and above all religious racism and try to help another human being for a change

Posted by Imran August 21, 10 12:29 PM

In this hour of pain and unrest, we all are with the victims of flood to support, help and rehabilitate them. This is indeed a great test from Almighty for those who were not tested through these floods. At this moment, we must only focus on immediate relief to 13.8 million people (a greater number than jointly of Tsunami, Kashmir and Haiti Earthquakes). People of Pakistan should stand up to provide food, shelter, clothing to our brothers in need. Our NGO (Students Welfare Society, Rawalpindi-Pakistan) has already launched releif efforts and sent teams to the affected areas.
Thanks to international community for their feelings and support. May Allah Karim bless the afftected people with rest and reward the helping hands. (Ameen)
A.Waheed Jan, Chairman (SWS)

Posted by A.Waheed Jan August 21, 10 12:32 PM

You use less fellows will blame India that it has diverted water to Pakistan and causing floods, if ever India had that capacity to divert and flood the 1/5th of Pakistan it would have flooded Paksithan full, the great India contributed my sending money, blankets, resources and saved may terrorists who once dried their cloths will start attacking India. Shame on Paksitan politics and military stop spending money on your military sell it to Taliban and use that money to save those poor.
Pakistan is share on face of world, once a home of great Indus Vally civilization now you useless fellows have made everything useless.

Posted by Zafar August 21, 10 12:39 PM

oh them..

Posted by amit August 21, 10 12:42 PM

Agreed with Comment #354 and #359

These people did not deserve it, and if there was a god and he did it....the victims would have been the politicians not the people they steal from.

It's just a natural (disaster) wake up call.

Posted by Rahat Malik August 21, 10 04:12 PM

god bless hime no 1 can help..they vl do some time but as usual now a days every thing have doulbe n triple prise ..n it has effected al pakistanian ........GOD KNOWS beterr then us.........pray all of these peoples which has been disturbed about flood n pray 4 thes sister that thay have misssing from her family....
God bless ALL of us

Posted by SHAHZAD AHMED August 21, 10 05:04 PM

The people of Pakistan want to live and are experiencing so much pain. Please respect them and know that children want to sing their prayers ...
Thank you for helping them, even if only in slight ways.

Posted by g.h. in Europe August 21, 10 05:13 PM

yah allah rehm

Posted by Adnan August 21, 10 06:03 PM

how u will be safe, by doing wrong things to good muslim, u munafiq, Allaah is with us, Allaah has shown u the power, so pls dont forget to help good muslim,

Posted by maaz August 22, 10 01:21 AM

"The similitude of the Believers in their mutual love, compassion and sympathy is like that of a body: when one part hurts then the rest of the body calls out in sleeplessness and fever." [Muslim]

Posted by Insignificant August 22, 10 02:36 AM

We are all equal we are all one as a race of man. We need to get together all of us no matter what creed race colour or religion. We need to help our brothers at times of need. One man said on the news its better to die then he got no pain no misery. It saddens me to see so many people suffer. While those that are sitting in their house nice and safe and can talk words of wickedness. We need to better ourself as a race of man and start loving and respecting each i hope peace and love can conquer

Posted by Aisha khan August 22, 10 03:53 AM

Ye koi gham hi tha jo chalka to nam-nak hui dharti...............

Posted by Bint ul Islam August 22, 10 03:56 AM

Please donate your share if u didnot

Posted by Nasar August 22, 10 04:21 AM

Can we do three things as pakistani,
1) Ask pardon form Allah on our previous mistakes/ blunders, especially this holy month of ramadan.
2) Donate as much we can to help the victims
3) Just decide today that we will never give vote to the corrupt and illiterate peoples on the absis of cost only.
Believe me , if we follw the above misery of this crises will be reduced and it will proves an oppertunity for Pakistan. INSHA ALLAH.

Posted by Safdar Iqbal August 22, 10 05:40 AM

Khuda khair kare

Posted by kedar sharma August 22, 10 01:06 PM

Just Help, Help, and Help these people,No excuse,if you are really human being ,then help these people NOW,It is time to take action,people are waiting for help,think this way, it could be you or me from this disaster.
Please help as much as you can.

Posted by Abid Qureshi August 22, 10 01:45 PM

ya ALLAH hum sab par Rehem Farmaa, Apnaa Karam Farmaa

Pakistani Flood victoms are in need of desperate help, of all kind of things, food, clothing and what ever you can imagine. Please open you heart and pockets to help these victims.... ALLAH will bless you 10times
please donate open heartedly to your brothers and sisters trapped in Pakistan Flooded areas.


Posted by Imran Aftab August 22, 10 03:07 PM

Our life is in Allah hand, May he have mercy on us and give our Muslim brothers and sisters faith. Yaa Allah your humble servants needs your help. My heart is breaking.

Posted by Muslim sister August 22, 10 04:57 PM

inna lillahi wa inna ilahi raaji'un.May Allah help Pakistan and China out in earnest and convert this test to an eternal happiness. Borno State, Nigeria

Posted by Dr Khalifa Dikwa August 22, 10 08:22 PM

God save those poor souls

Posted by Haider August 22, 10 10:48 PM

We in America are very saddened by the political events of Pakistan and by the corruption of Mr Zardari and others like him. Though actual corrupt people will be a few dozen unfortunately I can not help the people of Pakistan who are suffering directly but will continue helping through our US Red Cross and Oxfarm. What happened is very tragic and my condolence to all those who have lost love ones. The people who are suffering are just victims of nature and nothing more. Please don't give up how resilient you all can be.

Posted by Nana Brown August 22, 10 10:55 PM

poor them..... :'(

Posted by yus August 22, 10 11:28 PM

:'( !!

Posted by AMIR ASLAM August 23, 10 12:30 AM

Allah pakistan per apna rehm o karam farmae - AAMEEN -

Posted by Asif Ali August 23, 10 02:17 AM

belive that all good and bad from allaha

Posted by nisar August 23, 10 04:06 AM

May Allah be with you Pakistan

really all pakistani wait for your help
i hope every body with respect help all pakistani brorher,
ap un ke madad karo gay allah p ke madad kaary gay.????**


Posted by NAVEED August 23, 10 04:08 AM

Ya ALLAH hum sab par Rehem Farmaa, Apnaa Karam Farmaa, Har Musibathonse Door Farma, Hum Sab Ko Sahin Rastepe Chala........ Ameen

Posted by Abdul Rayees & Abdul Qhadar August 23, 10 04:52 AM

me and myfriends collecting Donation for these people if any one want to donate kindly contact.


Posted by Bahadur Ali August 23, 10 05:12 AM

The Almighty is the greatest planner. We do not know what is in the store of our future.We can and we must pray for the welfare of all !!!!!!!

Posted by Varsha Khanwalker August 23, 10 06:09 AM

I am hurt deeply seeing the miseries and plight of our brethern affected by the unpresented floods in various parts of our motherland. This is an extremely difficult time for many,yet we the common people not affected by the flood havoc are with you. In our humble capacity we are doing and will continue to do what ever we can to alleviate your difficulities and help in relief efforts. We have mobilised God fearing and like minded people to come forward with food, medicines, medical supplies, clothing, shelter relief items; the response is extremely positive. Just be resolute and steadfast a bit more and we will reach you brave and honourable flood victims of Pakistan. God Almighty be with you, you will be safe soon Inshalla.Sa

Posted by Sajid Razvi August 23, 10 07:10 AM

Oh my God... That's so sad, i'm crying... I'm from Brazil, someone know how can I help these people? Please, send me an e-mail:

Posted by César Augusto August 23, 10 10:55 AM

It show that natur is still powerfull than human also that she is merciless.

My sympathy is to affected people.

Posted by parvesh kumar August 23, 10 12:38 PM

الله يعينكم ..

Posted by abdall August 23, 10 03:31 PM

May God help this nation & forgive all the sins & shower His Mercy on them also help us to help them. All our prayers are with them, Inna Lillahi wa Inna ilayehi wa rajeoon.

Posted by Mehdi B. Syed August 23, 10 05:50 PM

#21 broke my heart. It's beautiful. I agree this is not about politics or religion. This is about humanity.

Posted by Karrisa August 23, 10 06:53 PM

It is a real crisis, need the International aids especially the Islam world.
Islam people alover the world shoul pay their Zakat to the Pakistani people.

We are in the holy month, so all muslems must relief their brothers in pakistan immediately.

Daud Almakhafi, sana'a.

Posted by Daud almakhafy August 23, 10 08:18 PM


Posted by Anonymous August 23, 10 11:16 PM

Where is Saudia Arabia in all this? WHY ARE THEY NOT HELPING ANY MUSLIM COUNTRIES? people see them as the muslim head quaters,ITS A BLOODY DISGRACE THEY HAVE NOT EVEN BATTED AN EYELID? They have not helped Palestine, Pakistan, Kosovo, Bosnia or anyone else for that matter not Finacially or any other way they havent even commented on the sitation. I for one would love it to see the good for nothing arab kingdom named and shamed. These kafar's have done a million times more then this so called number 1 race..

Posted by wasim August 24, 10 03:10 AM

yes pakistan needs help...but please pleeaasee dont give money to the pakistan's president & prime minister

Posted by wasim ahmed khan August 24, 10 04:04 AM

Allha take care them. long live pakistan ,

Posted by tayeb abu August 24, 10 04:07 AM

i am a pakistani of 10 years in age and i watch the news every day.i live in the only city where there hasn't been a flood,lahore.i just wanted to say that i am very thankful to the nations that have given various donations to pakistan and i am hoping for more donations i also gave up my yearly savings for the lives of flood survivors May ALLAH guide them to safty

Posted by sasha roshan August 24, 10 04:26 AM

Dont see who is there muslim/hindu/chirstan,,,all of them same facesing this problem,,,,,

Dont tell ,,,,,,,,, any good or bad world---HELP OUR FRIENDS
you have money help them or pray to god--Alah/Chirst/Bagavan....

Dont make same story again any world,,,,,,,pray to god,,,


Posted by shajicdavis August 24, 10 10:33 AM


Posted by SOMIA ALI August 24, 10 11:25 AM


Posted by Reshu August 24, 10 01:50 PM

May Allah swt grant the ones affected Iman, Patience and Taqwa, grant them ease after this hardship and grant them Jannah inshallah ameen.

That’s not to say, that after more than 60 years of Pakistan, successive leaders have not established a flood-management system! Monsoon rains are common there and we’ll get an occasional severe deluge or two, but nothing has been done by the govt as they don’t care and don’t have the will. All the money they generate and receive gets diverted by corruption! All they have for all this time are warning sirens but how pathetic is that?! This time they did not even sound them until too late!! There are so many Muslim civil engineers around the world who can do an excellent job designing it and construction workers and manpower to build and maintain them. But they are all impotent due to the lack of a sincere leadership. This sincere leadership is the KHILAFAH!

In the meantime - Free Airlift of Relief Goods by PIA:

Here is a PRACTICAL and EFFECTIVE way for people based in the UK and US to help the flood victims in Pakistan. PIA is taking boxes of goods free of charge for the floods victims in Pakistan...Please read and forward. Jzk.

Posted by Imran Siddiqui August 24, 10 08:20 PM

Allah is the only One who can help all of us out of this crisis
but we have to renew our commitment to him as good muslims

Posted by ASHFAQ ANJUM August 24, 10 08:31 PM

The photo entitled "Pakistanis struggle for survival" is a brilliant photo with the women standing in line with their dishes to get food. The colors of their clothing is unbelievable-unbelievably beautiful in spite of the sad situation. Cudos to the photographer.

Posted by Anonymous August 25, 10 01:33 AM

Allah hum per karam ker , hamray amaal (deeds) na deikh apna karm deikh.... hum ko is takleef say najaat day.......

Posted by zahid qayyum malik August 25, 10 05:21 AM

There is no Allah - there is no god. Stop being so utterly ridiculous and actually put your hands in your pockets to help these people instead of spouting complete nonsense about a fictional character, who if DID exist, is surely doing a very bad job!

Posted by Mike Franklin August 25, 10 05:58 AM

May God help us and move our spirit to aid.

Posted by Shariban/ Stephen Flynn August 25, 10 09:12 AM

Please also read the eye witness reports ...

Posted by gaby August 25, 10 11:58 AM

May ALLAH help them for the sake of HIS Dearest Prophet (SAW). Please help them as more and as soon as possible.

Posted by Nisar Elahi August 25, 10 08:23 PM

God help us, this disaster is unrecoverable, but how we can participate ? dear peoples your are kindly requested to help the nation PAKISTAN in this moment. MAY the blessings of GOD with us all.

Posted by Awais Qurni August 25, 10 09:16 PM

I am deeply saddened and depressed. This was a disaster of epic proportion. The government should extend the relief operation in a channelized manner. And the people around the world has a responsibility to help them overcome is crisis. May Allah Subhana hu wa Ta'alla bring ease and comfort for them.

Posted by Shazia Sabeen August 25, 10 10:41 PM

YE ALLAH sab muslims par reham farma sab ki gunah bakhsh day or hamaray b AMEEN

Posted by SWEET August 26, 10 01:20 AM

Oooh, my brothers and sisters and the poor childrens in Pakistan. I will surely pray for them and help them the way I can.
My sympathy and love to all of you.

Posted by Suleiman R.Resosemito August 26, 10 03:39 AM
Please see the video in this report. Gratitude to the helpers from Western countries who are voluntarily risking their lives to help the people in Pakistan.

Posted by gaby August 26, 10 05:40 AM

Dear All Muslims PLease pray for them and May Allah provide them with good health and hosla and forgive them all who left us in this Holy month of Ramadan.Oh Allah Mercy on us plz

Posted by farhan qazi August 26, 10 07:25 AM

Us people as not only as nation in America but all over the world are colorblind. We do not see that in the end of everyday we all have something WONDEROUS to contribute to a world that belongs to all of us. I see the distraught and hidden secrets our government keeps from us. I see the hate everyday, I live in a city where kids are killing kids. The way we live is not right. We are all covered in skin. We are all people. But we are people of different backgrounds, it should not matter what color, or where your from. It matters that we are all PEOPLE, we are HUMAN BEINGS. No one deserves bad things to happen to them. I just WISH people all over the world would take one good look at what were doing to eachother, and to ourself's. I dont think people take the time to realize that for everything we do at least 25-30 people outside of our "circle" are affected. With over 6 Billion people in the world we are all affecting eachother in one way or another. Now, im not saying that we can create a utopian world, but I am saying we CAN make things better. We need to work together as a ONE, not as seperate nations. We need to put eachother's differences aside. No matter what has happend in the past, the past is the past we CANNOT change it. We CAN however create a better future. So, im asking as just another person; Why cant we start now? Why is there so much hate? What is the difference in one person to another besides there culture, place of residence, color, or appearence? We need to ask ourself's why.

Please help these people. God is a being, he manifest's himself in ways we do not understand. We will never understand, he is working to help all of us even though we do not see the reasoning. Even though we do not understand, we are all his people. He loves each and every one of us equally, there is no favorite. We are his people.

Posted by Nicolle August 26, 10 10:09 AM

allaha help those who help themselves. so joint hand like a chain and depend on God . inshallaha God must help us.

Posted by SAJIDA FARNAM August 26, 10 03:20 PM

Que dieu soit avec eux.
Mon coeur est avec vous.

GOD bless them.

Posted by Thouraya GHODBANE HADDADJI August 27, 10 04:35 AM

thanks keep it

Posted by Esaya nkhoma August 28, 10 01:29 AM

I pray that Allah bestows his mercy upon them, amin.

In response to comment #406 Posted by Msk Ind - there are cases when impermissible things become permissible in Islam under dire necessity. I doubt that they are playing brutal games.

Posted by Muslimah August 28, 10 03:25 AM

Thanks for infoming the problems faced by pakistani peoples

Posted by Arshad August 28, 10 03:52 AM

My deep sympathy for the people of Pakistan. I am deeply hurt. May God bless the people of Pakistan at this difficult time.

Posted by Arvind from India August 28, 10 04:49 AM

Yah Allah,
Forgive our mistakes & remove Zardari being the corrupt persone as Preseident.

Posted by Arshad javed - UAE August 28, 10 07:45 AM

ohh god help these innocent people.

Posted by sweety August 28, 10 07:46 AM

to #408 " the concerned Pakistani in Lahore",
Why would you say that "Although we hate the Americans.."? I am a Pakistani but I don't hate Americans because not all of them are same... you can't based your judgment and opinion about a whole nation just because few people aren't doing what is right. If you are thinking like that then can you really blame the whole world for thinking that all Pakistanis are bad and support terrorism?
Only because a handful of people out of the billion population are playing with and misunderstanding the teaching of Islam, most of the world thinks that ALL the Muslims are terrorist!!!

..I admit that some US policies and actions aren't good towards Pakistan but that doesn't mean that every American hates Pakistan!!! All I'm trying to say is that we as Muslim can't hate others because that is not what Islam teaches us!! so please be careful with your words next time but if you must use those words then at least use only "yourself" to represent them.. and not all the Pakistanis!

Posted by sa-pk August 28, 10 06:02 PM

The time has come for Pakistain to raise the flag of La ilaha illAllah. Remove your corrupt puppet government and establish the law of Allah (SWT) in your land! Leave the hinduism behind.

Posted by FearAllah August 28, 10 10:11 PM

may Allah help all humanity from these disasers and give us a vision o have lesson from his ameen.

Posted by Anonymous August 29, 10 12:52 AM

Ya Allah hamain Azaab -e-Ilahee say mehfooz rakhay ,,, Ameeen

Posted by farah siddiqui August 29, 10 01:05 AM

Almighty save our nation and country.
I am so sad that cant say more

Posted by Dr.Muahammad Bashir August 29, 10 06:09 AM

yah ALLHA !!!!!! reham kr hm sub per......

Posted by mehroz August 29, 10 08:23 AM
Posted by gaby August 29, 10 01:54 PM

poor young kids even look @ the new born twins.

Posted by Laurel Finucane August 29, 10 07:04 PM

اللهم سلّم سلّم

اللهم ارحم الشيوخ الركّع والأطفال الرضّع والبهائم الرتّع برحمتك بلطفك يا رحمن يا رحيم

اللهم ارفع البأس عن اخواننا المسلمين
اللهم اجبر كسرهم وارحم ضعفهم
اللهم لا اله لهم غيرك فتولى امرهم

اللهم ارحم إخواننا المسلمين في باكستان
اللهم ارفع عنهم البلاء
اللهم أحفظ بلاد الحرمين الشريفين معقل السنة النبوية المطهرة المملكة العربية السعودية
من كل حاقد ومتربص يريد الشر والخراب لشعب وحكومة هذه البلاد

اللهم انا ندرأ بك في نحورهم ونعوذ بك من شرورهم
اللهمّ رد كيد الكائدين في نحورهم واجعل تدبيرهم تدميراً لهم...

اللهم آمنا في أوطاننا، وأصلح ووفق أئمتنا وولاة أمورنا، وأيد بالحق إمامنا وولي أمرنا،
اللهم وفقه لما تحب وترضى وخذ بناصيته للبر والتقوى..
اللهم وفقه ونائبيه وإخوانه وأعوانه إلى ما فيه صلاح البلاد والعباد.
اللهم أعنهم على البر والتقوى اللهم وارزقهم البطانة الصالحة الناصحة يا رب العالمين

Posted by سيف الرويس August 29, 10 10:38 PM

plz helpe these peoples

Posted by umer August 30, 10 04:03 PM

Ya Allah Help the peopel of pakistan and All Muslim in the wold

Posted by NoorUlah Mashwani August 31, 10 04:55 AM

اللهم أرحمهم وعافهم وأجبر مصابهم وخفف آلامهم و أعنهم و أكفهم شر هذه الفياضانات والكوارث .

Posted by أبــو أســامــة August 31, 10 06:28 AM
Posted by gaby August 31, 10 07:44 AM

plz helpe these peoples

Posted by bhawani singh August 31, 10 09:54 AM

I know only one thing: we are human and we have to have compasion. But pakistan people they have to think: what are there mistakes, that God got engry with them.But it is not only with them, in many places in the world there are storms, tajfunes, whater coming.... More and more.
It is meaning that all the people have to think ....

Posted by poland August 31, 10 04:11 PM
Posted by gaby August 31, 10 11:20 PM

Yes people!
Exactly, risk the death of hundreds of thousands of people just to make sure that some of the money doesn't get in the hands of alleged terrorists. Way to be human!
If u have a way to donate and help them just do it and hope nothing bad happens, 20 MILLIONS are affected now, more than the tsunami+haiti earthquake and mooore damages and juust a little news coverage, why is that?
Oh Wait! it's a MUSLIM country, of course people won't help them cause these stupid a**holes think that ISLAM = TERRORISM, wake up earth, ISLAM could even be the best religion on earth not that i'm a religious person !!

Posted by A conscious mind September 1, 10 10:02 PM

May Allah help us all, its a real tradegy for Pakistani people. Allah pakistan per apna rehm o karam farmae - AAMEEN

Please donate Generously

Posted by Jamshed September 2, 10 07:58 AM

Inshallah It is In the hands of ALLAH to convert the whole Happening to Good by the word "Kun" and my Sincere Duas to ALLAH to happen the same.

Posted by Md.Khaleelur Rahman September 2, 10 09:34 AM

Sad that such situations happen. But is there any lesson that Pakistan will take home? The other feature I was viewing was just as gory. Americans killed in Afgan war. Who is to blame. That war is Pakistan designed calamity. People and soldiers are losing their lives. Imagine a situation, where soldiers are willing to sacrifice their life so that other nation civilians become just and learn to live a civil life. Sad, such man-made situations and natural calamity are put in a same light. But then there has to be a learnings from it...

Posted by Martin September 2, 10 09:40 AM

Allah Masoomo Ki Hifazat Karna Apne Raham Karam se is Museebat ko talde

Posted by Farhat Master September 2, 10 01:08 PM

Those who are dead in this crisis may Allah bless them.
Those who survived, please be kam may Allah give success in this world and in the day of Jugment
Those who are not effected there is lot of learnning may have lot of thanks of Allah

Posted by M Shujaat Ejaz September 3, 10 01:26 AM

What should we do? Help the Pakistani or run for our life?

Posted by g.h. in Europe September 3, 10 01:24 PM

ya alla almadad,almadad

Posted by younis September 3, 10 09:48 PM

allah rahem...
allah hamare gunahon ko maaf karey ..or hum sab par apna karam farmaye

Posted by samiya sayeed September 4, 10 05:54 AM

our prayers are with u all, may Allah give u the strength to overcome present events.

Posted by a n masoom September 4, 10 01:46 PM

UNITED NATIONS WORKING FOR...........????........

Posted by MILOSOVITCH September 4, 10 04:35 PM

Inshallah It is In the hands of ALLAH to convert the whole Happening to Good by the word "Kun" and my Sincere Duas to ALLAH to happen the same.

Posted by ADAMOUABI@HOTMAIL.FR September 4, 10 05:01 PM

اللهم لاحول لهم ولاقوة الابك يالله
الله كن معهم اللهم اللطف بهم اللهم وارحمهم
اللهم من توفى منهم فاقبله عندك من الشهداء يارحيم
الله سلم سلم
اميييييييين الللهم امميييييييييييين

Posted by عدنان September 5, 10 03:20 AM

ya allah iss holy month & dayss ka sadka hamra gunha mafe kar da, aur hum logo pa raham kar, bashak to sab sa bar ka rahman karna wala ha,aur hamra mulak aur logo ke musibat door kar da


Posted by M.Siddique September 6, 10 01:58 AM

Oh God! Please help them. And to all others I'd say Pakistan is going through th hardest times. Please donate as much as you can.

Posted by Komal Sattar September 6, 10 06:47 AM

اللهم فرج همهم ونفس كربهم

Posted by Sami September 6, 10 07:08 AM

Saeed should understand that if only India is responsible for the floods then he should also mind that next time India will release so much more that the whole of PAK would vanish. But it's not so/ This is the land of Gandhi n we don't retaliate when people are dying. Jaago zardari, jaago Sayyed , jaago Mussarraf.... bachao Pakistan Ko. We will surely help you.

Posted by Cp maurya September 6, 10 09:13 AM

Allah Reham farmayee......

Posted by Anonymous September 7, 10 04:31 AM

اللهم لاحول ولا قوة الا بك ولاخشية إلا منك ومن عذابك ولا مهرب ولا فرار الا إليك........فيا الله لانسألك رد القضاء ولكن نسألك اللطف بإخواننا المسلمين وارحمهم برحمتك الواسعه....ويعجز اللسان والقلم عن التعبير عن ما تراه العين !!!!!!!فسبحانك اللهم ما أعظم قدرتك...والحمدلله....والله أكبر...ونستغفرك اللهم ونتوب اليك

Posted by عبدالله September 7, 10 11:44 AM

It is not fair to call each country and it's population as cursed every time a disaster hits them? Otherwise check all the disasters that has occurred during 2010 only within all continents (Hurricanes/Floods/Land Slides/Volcanic eruptions/Earthquakes/Forest Fires).The cursed are the ones who have no considerations to nature and turn a deaf ears and blind eyes to any issues related to reducing pollutions to ground and over ground fresh waters and to earth soils and to space that is now full of man made debris which could be behind all these disasters and so called global warming incase it is possible that it could reflect sun rays towards earth causing beside other pollution's all these endless side effects?
We are not supposed to judge people like that otherwise any disaster happening any where on the world any race any religion we should not help or sympathize with because they are cursed by God??? Friends/ Brothers fill your hearts with love and not hate (God is Loving) and crises like that are supposed to have had purified the country and souls of man kind from being unjust to them selves and other helpless ones.      

Posted by Muneef Suleiman September 7, 10 09:49 PM

The word of God(Allah) is all about God sending Messengers (Prophets of God) From Noah to Muhammed to teach us the words of God and for what is that? Isn't it about mankind purifying their souls from sins become to have Morals and Ethicals among our selves and with all nations? But today on the contrary we see that mankind has used all technologies to teach and spread all that is opposite to (God Messages to mankind) if God say we spread life we will spread death, if God say spread love we would spread hate, if God say spread Good Morals we would spread ill morals? Some of us speaks of hate to others beliefs with out learning about it and maybe take the Good and leave the doubtful, God has given us Mind and Heart to think and feel the truth of things from what we read and learn from not one culture but from all cultures to learn to think and see God through them.
We ought all to seek God and wisdom of God from all his creatures, we should be seeking the light of God like the night flying insects seeking for the light? That's why we are here for? God said that he had created us nations and tribes to become to know each other and that best of all to God are those fear him most and do as been told to his Messengers to inform and teach their people, here now God is with those who fear him most and are with good intentions whether are Jew or Christian or Muslims or any other God Worshipers, God is not with those with bad intentions, blackhearted, hateful ,unjust and so on of negativities whether are Jews,Christians,Muslims or any others worshiping any thing than God or are Anti-God or Devil worshipers.
So you see God (Allah) is only with the Good and Goodness of Mankind what ever the name of their religion is, since their minds and hearts are as pure as milk, free from guilt and full of love. Kindly allow me to mention here that the first spoken word ever prophet Muhammed learned from the Holy Spirit was (Iqra) which means (Read) in Sura 96 of the Quran, which you maybe should read

Posted by Yemen September 8, 10 02:44 AM

We Changwani baloch are with our brothers,.
Mohammad tahseen khan changwani.. dera ghazi khan, paigah, basti daddy wala

Posted by Mohammad tahseen khan changwani September 8, 10 05:00 AM

Allah helps u patient

Posted by syam September 8, 10 12:17 PM

my people i loveyouall iamvery said for you i am praying for you allah will halp you inshalla allah ki madad sabsey bary madad hai insan cant do ay thing allah will make sume thing for you inshaallah my paying with you.

Posted by Anonymous September 8, 10 12:35 PM

Allah reham : Moula raham
ba haqe muhammad raham

Posted by sahebju September 8, 10 12:40 PM

im speechless..
may Allah swt save us from such punishment..
and i feel very very bad for my muslim brothers out there.. may Allah swt grant them patience..
i hate Zardari, the pakistani govt..
they're throwing foodstuff as if to animals not it the way to distribute anything..??

Posted by virda September 8, 10 01:31 PM

كل ما يمكنني قوله ويترك هذا الصبر قد يكون اختبار من الله سبحان wata'ala نتمنى الخير لجميع النازحين والمتضررين في باكستان

Posted by ahmed awil September 8, 10 01:46 PM

Allah please save our Muslim brothers............i and all of our Muslim brothers believe that Allah is always with us. May Allah protect our Muslim brother and sisters.......

Posted by Roman September 8, 10 04:58 PM

Don't know wht to say.....God help us...

Posted by sharukh September 8, 10 06:30 PM

Somebody asked where SAUDI ARABIA is in all of this and why they are not helping. I'll tell, they don't give a sh*t about anyone especially Muslims. Same applies to all Arab countries. Most of them are sitting on billions of dollars of cash and oil. And put together they've probably donated less than $100 million.

Wake up Pakistan. Not even the Arabs and other Muslim countries care for you. And you go out in the streets and protest and stand up in the UN for every Muslim cause and all they do is throw pocket change at you. Wake up call.

Posted by Dawood September 8, 10 10:01 PM

Oh! It is really true that only two religions in the World ! One is nature and the other is Human Being ! Only one Nation i.e. the Earth ! We all are brothers and sons of the nature.I am really very sad that i can't do anything for my brothers and sisters located in Pakistan. I will pray the MIGHTY GOD whomsoever he may be (May Allah,May Rama, May 30 crores,May Zisus,May Budhha ) to give power to the people to settle as early as possible.

Posted by Mahesh Joshi September 8, 10 11:28 PM

i must agree wd dawood even arabs dnt give sh*t n so our basturd president n other politicians who r playing wd money still not doin anything.our goverment z sleeping so how cn we blame others,we r helping 2 da extent we can,da need of 2day z dose ppl who dnt feel 4 thier brothers plz wake up ur conscience,dis z atym 2 make ALLAH happy n make urself satisfied dat u hv done sumthing good,plz jago jo so rhay ho n i request da president 2 stop filling his pockets wd money its all useless ,cz v hv 2 go bare handed 2 our ALLAH

Posted by Anonymous September 9, 10 02:08 AM

اللهم ارحم الشيوخ الركّع والأطفال الرضّع والبهائم الرتّع برحمتك بلطفك يا رحمن يا رحيم

اللهم ارفع البأس عن اخواننا المسلمين
اللهم اجبر كسرهم وارحم ضعفهم
اللهم لا اله لهم غيرك فتولى امرهم

اللهم ارحم إخواننا المسلمين في باكستان
اللهم ارفع عنهم البلاء
اللهم أحفظ بلاد الحرمين الشريفين معقل السنة النبوية المطهرة المملكة العربية السعودية
من كل حاقد ومتربص يريد الشر والخراب لشعب وحكومة هذه البلاد

اللهم انا ندرأ بك في نحورهم ونعوذ بك من شرورهم
اللهمّ رد كيد الكائدين في نحورهم واجعل تدبيرهم تدميراً لهم...

اللهم آمنا في أوطاننا، وأصلح ووفق أئمتنا وولاة أمورنا، وأيد بالحق إمامنا وولي أمرنا،
اللهم وفقه لما تحب وترضى وخذ بناصيته للبر والتقوى..
اللهم وفقه ونائبيه وإخوانه وأعوانه إلى ما فيه صلاح البلاد والعباد.
اللهم أعنهم على البر والتقوى اللهم وارزقهم البطانة الصالحة الناصحة يا رب العالمين

Posted by essa September 9, 10 10:31 AM

please read what #497 has said.... allah , christ. or any god we call by any name is within us.... the human beeings .!...... so it is hight time that we practice in whatever faith we belive but learn to respect humanity . faith is something which gives peace and strenghth to ones ownself but the religion of love for humanity makes this planet worth living . Where is Taliban ? where is Osama ? and where are the fake and selfish sympathisers of islam at this hour of berevement ?why dont they help nice and innocent people of Pakistan now .... these fraud men only want islaam to spread .... kill anyone who refuses to believe in islam ? .. where the hell they are now when millions of MOSLEMS are suffering ? . I follow no religion but i am more than sad to see miseries in pakistan and i have already sent my humble contribution to help the needy ..... have courage all good or bad things have to stop one day .... pakistan the humanity is with you

Posted by human September 10, 10 01:16 AM

De très jolis clichés, très émouvents. Bravo aux photographes.
Very nice photos, congratulation !

Posted by Benoit V September 10, 10 02:41 PM


Posted by :o September 11, 10 07:33 AM

May Lord Almighty come close and answer each one's prayers and give them an even better life.

Posted by Prabhjot Kaur Anand September 12, 10 03:48 AM

Nuclear warheads or peace ? Just think and set priorities. Request to Pakistani leaders (political/ Ultra)

Posted by John K Chandy September 12, 10 02:21 PM

M frm paksiatn.....i know my Gvorment...My paksitani Gvorment is not good...this is not help poor pepol .............

Posted by kamran ali September 13, 10 01:32 AM

Oh my god...this is so bad flooding in pakistan..god please save pakistan from this...and please guys dont compare your religion or other countries here.please try to provide your donation to pakistan.I am a student from India & now i am studying in USA.I have given my minimum fund of $20 , i couldn't afford more , else i would have given more.

see that poor child waiting for food.......i can't bear with this..Please all pray for pakistan's recovery soon.please guys please donate money to pakistan.your contribution will save many children and help all of them in need.

Posted by Srinivas September 13, 10 07:19 PM

My heart goes out to my brethren facing such pain and sorrow. My prayers for them hoping God carries them through this struggle. Hope they find a reason to smile and overcome all difficulties, praying for their well-being. The government of Pakistan has an inflated ego and wont take Indian help, not even, when our brothers from across the border suffer and when all the hatred cannot serve any purpose. It pains to be silent spectators. Hope you a speedy recovery.

Posted by Sudeep Gangadharan September 14, 10 01:28 AM

Pakistani Govt should take some positive action

Posted by Atif September 14, 10 03:51 AM

These pictures are heartbreaking.May god help you.

Posted by Gaurav Shrivastava September 14, 10 04:01 AM

i sincerely pray all my gods 2 help da people of pakistan ,affected in floods.may it b hindu or muslim ,we r, please all my brothers & sisters give a helping hand 2 da needy.and also pray 4 da early recovery from dis disaster.

Posted by man maohan September 15, 10 07:18 AM

allahuakbar, may allah help them

Posted by Anonymous September 15, 10 03:18 PM

Pakistan suposed to build five big dams but because of hatred among the provinces, for the last forty years they did not build even one, the old dams are half fill with dirt cant take much water. The result is so much water devastated the country and no reservior, the water end up in sea which was enough for seven year for the country agriculture. Please do not give any money to Pakistan so as the result people will wipe old politician and new group will start building dams so this tregedy will never happen.

Posted by Mohammad yusuf September 15, 10 07:20 PM

Allahuakbar inshalah allah will help them with miracle. make duaas

Posted by zahoor September 19, 10 05:55 AM

الله يرحمهم برحمته أن الله لاينسى عباده اللهم ارحمهم واعنهم على ماهم فيه ويسر امورهم واجمعهم ببعض يا ارحم الراحمين

Posted by Anonymous September 19, 10 06:45 AM

اللهم ارفع البأس عن اخواننا المسلمين اللهم اجبر كسرهم وارحم ضعفهم اللهم لا اله لهم غيرك فتولى امرهم اللهم ارحم إخواننا المسلمين في باكستان
اللهم ارفع عنهم البلاء

Posted by Faihan Al-Hadba September 21, 10 02:22 PM

الله يعينهم

يا رب ارحمهم برحمتك يالله

يا رب انك تعافيهم وتنجيهم

اللهم آمين

Posted by بو وليد September 22, 10 10:42 PM

الهی که این مصیبت پایان پذیرد ...

Posted by mahdi bedashti September 23, 10 06:38 AM

Astaghfir ULLAH...

ALLAHumma Ighfir lanaa..

Posted by Abdullah Biag, Islamabad September 25, 10 02:04 AM

اللهم ارحم الشيوخ الركّع والأطفال الرضّع والبهائم الرتّع برحمتك بلطفك يا رحمن يا رحيم

اللهم ارفع البأس عن اخواننا المسلمين
اللهم اجبر كسرهم وارحم ضعفهم
اللهم لا اله لهم غيرك فتولى امرهم

اللهم ارحم إخواننا المسلمين في باكستان
اللهم ارفع عنهم البلاء
اللهم أحفظ بلاد الحرمين الشريفين معقل السنة النبوية المطهرة المملكة العربية السعودية
من كل حاقد ومتربص يريد الشر والخراب لشعب وحكومة هذه البلاد

اللهم انا ندرأ بك في نحورهم ونعوذ بك من شرورهم
اللهمّ رد كيد الكائدين في نحورهم واجعل تدبيرهم تدميراً لهم...

اللهم آمنا في أوطاننا، وأصلح ووفق أئمتنا وولاة أمورنا، وأيد بالحق إمامنا وولي أمرنا،
اللهم وفقه لما تحب وترضى وخذ بناصيته للبر والتقوى..
اللهم وفقه ونائبيه وإخوانه وأعوانه إلى ما فيه صلاح البلاد والعباد.
اللهم أعنهم على البر والتقوى اللهم وارزقهم البطانة الصالحة الناصحة يا رب العالمين

Posted by ge6ar magarez September 27, 10 04:11 AM

hope that people that have been affected due to this historic and dangerous flood start thier lives again and they will hope fully meet thier family members which they have lost.may god help them.

Posted by tooba fatima October 3, 10 05:50 AM

may god help those who really need help.

Posted by tooba fatima October 3, 10 05:53 AM

can you preayer

Posted by abdul jabbar mp October 5, 10 01:41 PM

Inshallah It is In the hands of ALLAH to convert the whole Happening to Good by the word "Kun" and my Sincere Duas to ALLAH to happen the same.
Allah please save our Muslim brothers............i and all of our Muslim brothers believe that Allah is always with us. May Allah protect our Muslim brother and sisters.......

Muhammad Nadeem

Posted by muhammad nadeem October 7, 10 01:02 PM

YA ALLAH Rahem ... hum tujh say raham ki bheek mangtay hein hum sub per apna fazal-o- karam aur rahem ker beshak tu bht gafoor-o- raheem hai........ aur hum say anjanay mein jho galtian ho gyee hein un ko darguzar farma...

Posted by syed Asad Ali Shah October 10, 10 04:20 PM

awwwwww i fell sorry for yall

Posted by tanajah October 12, 10 01:18 PM
Posted by g.h. in Europe October 14, 10 04:49 PM

I pray for them, "Ya Allah pak tu reham farma de hum per, humaray watan per, in bebus logon per, in be gunah masoom bacho per, in k mal_mawashion per."
Ya meray rab teray khazanay may kisi cheez ki kami nahi, tu maaf farmanay wali pak zat hai, agar tughay humari koi bat nagawar guzri hai, to ya ilahi humay maaf farma de, hum per reham kar, hum teri makhlook hain, tughy se madad mangtay hain, or tuhi wo pak zat hai jis nay humay paida kia, ab jab hum per mushkil waqt hai to hum per reham farma, humara sath de. Humaray mulk ko in zalimo se bacha lay, jin ki waja se humara mulk aj tabahi k kinaray a khara hua hai.

Ya rab hum sab ko maaf farma de, or hum par reham farma.
Beshak tuhi pak zat hai, or hum umeed kartay hain balkay humay ye yakeen hai k tu humay zaror maaf farmaye ga or apni naimaton se nawazay ga, jaisa k tu humesha se nawazta aya hai.

Posted by Chaudharay Muhammad Shahbaz Anjum October 23, 10 11:51 AM

god help the little kids

Posted by sarsa October 26, 10 04:51 AM


Posted by NIRANJAN October 29, 10 09:03 AM

ALLAH help us all..

Posted by Abdul aziz November 2, 10 03:54 PM

ALLAH TALLA hum sub per apni rehmat fermai or hum sub ko apney hifz o aman main rakhey... or hum sab ko aik dosray k kaam aney ki tofiq ata fermai... amin

Posted by rukh November 11, 10 08:32 AM

that look sad

Posted by i dont know November 17, 10 10:39 AM

i am leving in dubai i see pakistan floods pictur i want to be cray but we can pray only; if pakistan govrment all funds money give to fluds peopel proprley thy can handl this problam

Posted by Anonymous November 25, 10 05:45 AM

may Allah help us ... Ameen

Posted by Anonymous December 12, 10 03:01 AM


Posted by MUZAMMIL December 20, 10 06:55 AM

يا ا لله تو كرم فرما ان سب كو أمن ايمان سلامتى فرمااور رزق حلال عطا فرما

Posted by محمد اسلم خان شا&#1607 January 1, 11 04:09 AM


Posted by Haltta January 17, 11 09:35 PM

omg that musssed of sucked

Posted by Anonymous January 24, 11 02:24 PM

Allah is the greatest. Allah is kareem. There is no doubt that Allah will not help these people who are effected direct or indirect from the flood. I am hopefull that Allah will forgive us for our each and every Evils of all muslims. I pray that Allah will give much more to these people whatever they were having before. I pray that Allah will show us a straight path/Sirate mustakeem.
Allah my heart and my best wishes are with these deserving people who are in trouble this time. Ya Allah accept my pray in the favour of these maskeen people. (AAMEEN).

Posted by Ahmed Raza January 28, 11 02:46 AM

may ALLAH bless them,,& help these people.....ALLAHU AKBAR.....

Posted by mohammed jakvan February 9, 11 12:32 AM

Pray to the God Almighty to forgive the ailing humanity and not to put any of His creatures to any of His test.

Posted by Devinder Singh Gill February 14, 11 02:19 AM


Posted by lallan siddiquee February 26, 11 12:03 AM
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