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April 30, 2010 Permalink

Oil spill approaches Louisiana coast

Late on the night of April 20th, 50 miles from the shore of Louisiana, a fire broke out aboard the Transocean Deepwater Horizon oil rig under lease by BP, with 126 individuals on board. After a massive explosion, all but 11 of the crew managed to escape as the rig was consumed by fire, later collapsing and sinking into the Gulf. Safeguards set in place to automatically cap the oil well in case of catastrophe did not work as expected, and now an estimated 5,000 barrels (over 200,000 gallons) of crude oil is pouring into the Gulf of Mexico every day - and could possibly continue to do so for months as complicated efforts are made to stop the leak. Collected here are several recent photos of the developing situation along Louisiana's Gulf Shore - one with the potential to eclipse the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in scope and damage. (32 photos total)

Two brown pelicans and a flock of seagulls rest on the shore of Ship Island as a boom line floats just offshore Thursday, April 29, 2010 in Gulfport, Miss. Several hundred yards of boom line has been set up on the north side of the island to try and contain the oncoming oil spill. Crews are placing the boom in different areas on Coast waterways to help protect against an approaching oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. (AP Photo/The Sun Herald, William Colgin)
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Posted by alan taylor April 30, 10 12:14 PM


This could be a Katrina like catastrophe or bigger.

Posted by mark April 30, 10 12:34 PM

This is why we need nuclear power.

Posted by Ken Baker April 30, 10 12:34 PM

you get me closer to doom. devastating. just devastating.

Posted by crow_soup April 30, 10 12:41 PM

Nuclear power ... in our cars?

Posted by Bill the Cat April 30, 10 12:43 PM

This is why we need wind and solar... not nuclear.

Posted by shan April 30, 10 12:45 PM

the nature damage caused by man needs

Posted by Victor Guevara April 30, 10 12:46 PM

Sh*t, I have only this word when I see these images......
About nuclear power just remember Three Mile Island and Tchernobyl.....
We didn't see anything in Europe with the death cloud but it was really a death cloud.

Posted by Jean-Michel April 30, 10 12:47 PM

que desastre:(

Posted by jorge April 30, 10 12:49 PM

-> 3 This is why we need nuclear power.

You prefer nuclear plant accidents?

Posted by rw April 30, 10 12:51 PM

Drill Here, Drill Now = we should have seen this coming but we're greedy.

Posted by Ash A April 30, 10 12:52 PM

I'm not sure if Ken Baker intended the irony, but accidents happen nuclear power plants too just like they happen on oil rigs, in refineries and with oil tankers.

Posted by P Conant April 30, 10 12:55 PM

Ken, power plants do not on oil.

Posted by Lisa Reeks April 30, 10 12:59 PM

This is why we need proper regulation and oversite in ALL areas of the energy industry. For folks who are proponents of small government, this is just a taste of the the world you say you want to live in.

Posted by john April 30, 10 01:02 PM

Often, the pictures posted seem to tell a story. Since the events around this platform exploding are still unravelling, this collection seems a little disjointed and certainly do not reach a conclusion. I hope there is a resolution to this story that does not result in dramatic pictures of distruction.

Posted by Nick April 30, 10 01:02 PM

Drill, baby, drill

good job

Posted by AK April 30, 10 01:06 PM

It's easy to criticize when your on the outside looking in.

Posted by Matt April 30, 10 01:07 PM

Paraphrase of Stephen Colbert: This isn't so bad. Imagine if it was an accident at a wind farm and all that wind leaked toward shore.

Posted by Small April 30, 10 01:12 PM

Bill Maher: “Every ******* who ever chanted ‘Drill baby drill’ should have to report to the Gulf coast today for cleanup duty.”

Posted by Smalls2 April 30, 10 01:14 PM

"This is why we need nuclear power."

--Posted by Ken Baker April 30, 10 12:34 PM

And this is why humanity is doomed. The lesson that seemingly safe energy production can result in unpredictable and catastrophic outcomes results in: we should use nuclear power!

It's horribly depressing that the only way for humanity to learn what we already know is for the worst to happen. When the lesson is even lost now, then I don't even know what to do.

Posted by LorenzoStDuBois April 30, 10 01:17 PM

Don't worry...Earth doesn't need saving, it's the humans that need saving. Luckily, Peak Oil will take most of the humans out of the equation.

Posted by nm April 30, 10 01:21 PM

This is just sad - it's awful to see the damage an oil spill can cause. As to the resource debate, wind and solar are part of the solution but ignoring nuclear, or worse, fearing it, is foolish. Respect it, but don't fear it. Yes, nuclear power. It can be the source for hydrogen if we choose to use hydrogen fuel cells, electricity for electric cars, nuclear can even be used to recycle sequestered carbon into fuel. Cite TMI and Chernobyl if you like, but anyone who knows anything about nuclear can tell you TMI proved that safety mechanisms work and Chernobyl was a crappy tin-hut Russian plant completely different from the designs we use. Nuclear power plant safety is unparalleled, especially when compared to coal, oil and other fossil fuels.

Posted by SkinnyD April 30, 10 01:22 PM

I can't wait until oil finally runs out.

Posted by jg April 30, 10 01:27 PM

Why has it taken the President so long to respond to get our military involved to help cap the leak, etc... Why aren't the dems upset like they were with Bush's response to the Katrina disaster???

Posted by Dave April 30, 10 01:30 PM

Anybody who ever said "Drill, Baby, Drill" ought to be on a plane to the Gulf right now for cleanup duty.

Posted by Jeffo April 30, 10 01:31 PM

Thank you for the photo series. It is sad to see what is about to befall the Gulf Coast states. Maybe those states itching for their own off-shore oil rigs will think twice now.
Thank you Massachusetts for making the right decision and pushing ahead with the Cape Cod off-shore wind farm. At least if one of those sinks, it won't ruin your coastline, wildlife, and livelihood.

Posted by pcn April 30, 10 01:31 PM


Posted by Faisal Vakil April 30, 10 01:35 PM

I live in Britain, at the extreme west of France, we have experienced many disasters of this type (Amoco Cadiz ...). I sincerely wish all the inhabitants of the coast does not live an oil spill. This kind of drama takes years to disappear. Good luck to them

Posted by Jean-Marc April 30, 10 01:38 PM

Spill Here, Spill Now! Spill Baby Spill!

you betcha

Posted by Stav April 30, 10 01:42 PM

WE are greedy?? Aren't we just trying to get out from under the thumb of the Eastern Oil Powers? We are NOT the truly greedy ones.

Posted by Rick R. April 30, 10 01:44 PM

This is so painful to look at! But the photos are amazing...I have a better idea of what's going on now.

Posted by Nathalie April 30, 10 01:47 PM

This is incredibly sad. I recently saw a t-shirt design reading, "Spill, baby, spill!" which I though was rather poignant. Alternative energy is needed, even if it is less efficient than fossil fuels. Do we really need to use so much electricity on a daily basis? No. What if "Earth Hour" was all year long? As a New Yorker, I would personally love to pull the plug on Times Square, and all such locations throughout the city.

Posted by B. Hall April 30, 10 01:48 PM

Must be George Bush's fault.

Posted by lowell April 30, 10 01:52 PM

Number 20 is the most gut-wrenching of all. You think this is bad? Just wait until it reaches the wet lands. OMG it makes me sick. Innocent animals- sacrificed on the altar to our greed.

Posted by Amanda April 30, 10 02:09 PM

"This is why we need nuclear power."

--Posted by Ken Baker April 30, 10 12:34 PM

And this is why humanity is doomed. The lesson that seemingly safe energy production can result in unpredictable and catastrophic outcomes results in: we should use nuclear power!

It's horribly depressing that the only way for humanity to learn what we already know is for the worst to happen. When the lesson is even lost now, then I don't even know what to do.

Posted by LorenzoStDuBois April 30, 10 02:09 PM

PS: It happened 2 days before Earth Day too. THERE'S a lesson for you.

Posted by Amanda April 30, 10 02:10 PM

I keep thinking of The Lord of the Rings: "They dug too deep." The blowout that caused the explosion and perpetual leak came from hubris--the arrogance to see just how far down we could go and not preparing for all contingencies. Nature put the oil two miles down (one of water, one of solid rock) for good reason--not as a macho calling card to invite ecological disaster. The wind blows; the sun shines. Use the remaining oil wells to build the generators of the next phase of power.

Posted by Phoenixbeak April 30, 10 02:14 PM

Being convinced BY THE OIL INDUSTRY that the more advanced North Sea type safeguards would NEVER be needed here, lack of strick regulations and oversight, and lobbyist. All in the name of corporate greed.
Drill, baby, drill?!? Rock on all you baggers!
Better still - move to the currently-pristine west coast of Florida with us and watch your handywork unfold!

Posted by massguyinflorida April 30, 10 02:16 PM

This dramatic spill really just represents a more focused illustration of the otherwise slow-but-sure destruction that our civilization is wreaking on the natural environment.

Calls for nuclear power, or even alternative energies, just serve to "extend-and-pretend" that our way of life is sustainable, and it simply isn't. It isn't because it is based on false assumptions that we can maintain an endless growth economy on a finite planet.

This false assumption is becoming only more obvious by the day. We're in the end-game of an obsolete paradigm where we think we're separate from and entitled to Earth's endless bounty. Approaching quickly is our time of reckoning when we'll be forced to see that we're all interconnected and interdependent. It is folly to continue believing we're separate...from anything or anybody.

In the meantime, until we learn our lessons, our biosphere degrades, we soil our home, and ourselves, inside and out.

Posted by Alan Zulch April 30, 10 02:23 PM

The talk about greed is amusing. WE're not the greedy ones, since WE're not the ones drilling greedy out there. BP are the greedy ones.
As far as saying it's not greedy to "get out from under the thumb of the eastern oil powers" -- congratulations, you've been duped into taking sides ina propaganda war between two business factions. American oil, Saudi oil, what's the difference? Still ruins the planet.

Posted by Jonathan April 30, 10 02:23 PM

A la vista de lo sucedido, lamento el accidente, y deseo tengan la mayor de la suertes los norteamericanos en la recuperación de su costa (al completo) y de los fondos. Es claro y cierto que debemos exigirnos y exigir un importante control sobre nuestro modo de vida. Seguir alargando hacia el futuro la responsabilidad no nos traerá más que muchos más problemas.

Posted by fernando April 30, 10 02:30 PM

"Why has it taken the President so long to respond to get our military involved to help cap the leak, etc... Why aren't the dems upset like they were with Bush's response to the Katrina disaster???"-Dave

Well, Katrina wasn't caused by a corporation drilling for oil. This was. It was expected that if an oil exploration company was willing to collect on the profits from drilling the oil and sending it to market, it was also willing to pay for the inherent risk of an accident. They failed to fix their mistake, after having been given a chance to do so, and now the Feds are stepping in to protect our country from the damage impending. Again, Katrina was a hurricane, not an oil rig explosion.

Posted by Cohasset ex-pat April 30, 10 02:42 PM

all during the jazz fest

Posted by Anonymous April 30, 10 02:44 PM

If you don't like offshore drilling, tell you representative:

Thanks Surfrider

Posted by Sergey April 30, 10 02:56 PM

Humans are like plague. Everywere we go we destroy. And we do not even destroy for our survival, but for greed and luxury. I wish petrol was never discovered but more than anything i wish that money was never invented.

Earth will take vengeance on us and it will be well deserved.

In the mean time the responsible should be judged guilty and sent to jail for life. All other oil rigs should be shut off and upgraded with safety equipments.

Posted by Etienne Gosselin April 30, 10 03:11 PM

And Obama just gave the go ahead for more rigs off of the East Coast and Alaska. I hope this spill is a wake up call to recognize the archaic use of fossil fuels. It's hard to stay optimistic with images like these.

Posted by nathan April 30, 10 03:13 PM

Ugh..great job, everyone - thanks for ruining our water AGAIN and AGAIN

Posted by Dan April 30, 10 03:17 PM

The worst is yet to come . . .

Posted by Evan April 30, 10 03:28 PM

Time to change the way we do things ... no more talk ... the whole planet is at our mercy ... if we have any

Posted by pat April 30, 10 03:35 PM

Pauvre Louisiane...

J'espère de tout coeur que les américains vont employer tous les moyens possibles pour éviter le pire...

Pauvre Louisiane !

Posted by Sam April 30, 10 03:36 PM

Hey! Don't care too much about it. In a few weeks, it will be forgotten. I totally agree with comment #3. Nuclear power is more save and will help to prevent such tragedies. I additionally recommend to build new nuclear power plants as skyscrapers into the center of big cities.

Posted by Luke April 30, 10 03:37 PM

The worst is yet to come . . .

Posted by Evan April 30, 10 03:39 PM

As a chemical engineer, I've spent quite a bit of time studying energy. Things like the comment, "I can't wait until oil finally runs out." sound ignorant to me (no offense I get the sediment) , the fuel cell catalyst researcher who wants nothing more than to provide my children with clean energy. This is a tragedy and it makes me sick, but do you know how much our lives would be different without oil. The blood of the world economy right now is oil. All chemical feedstocks are oil-dervived, from the plastics in the computer your looking at, to the foam in the seat your sitting on. Virtually all transportation. Saying you want oil to run out is equivalent to saying you want people to be poor and starve.

Alternative energies cannot compete with the cheap nature of oil. It has the infrastructure and is a superior chemical. Until oil becomes more expensive you will not see alternatives on a mass scale. The government should tax oil heavily, and spend the money on the new infrastructure we need (nuclear). On the flip side, if they tax oil, they make everything more expensive (transportation, feed stocks) . This puts stress on the economy and as you all are aware, that may be a problem.

Future generations have a long way to go. Its not going to be easy. Do your part, and get educated, so we can solve these problems.

Posted by chemEman12 April 30, 10 03:41 PM

a sea bird:
morituri te salutant

a fish:
morituri te salutant

drown in you own oil please
and purchase ours

Posted by wiegie April 30, 10 03:43 PM

Just like Katrina sit back and do nothing until the worst happens. The Dem. are no better than the Rep. Then they set up the command post in Robert ,La. What't was wrong with the Air Base at Belle Chase? What's the matter do they think they may get to close and get their hands dirty.

Posted by Wanda April 30, 10 03:44 PM

Drill baby drill/ ONLY EXPERTS PLEASE !

Posted by fc April 30, 10 03:44 PM

nuclear power is a viable option -- consider all the naval ships that have been running on nuclear power for decades. Diversification is the real answer: solar, wind, hydro and nuclear. Distributing the sources will have the added benefit of making a more resilient power grid.

Posted by cjf April 30, 10 03:47 PM

Yes, nuclear power in our electric cars charged by nuclear power plants.

There have been two significant accidents in nuclear power in about fifty years of operating hundreds of nuclear power plants world wide. How many oil spills in that time? How many deaths in military conflicts over oil? Global warming is one giant world-wide fossil fuel accident.

I like windmills and solar power as interesting technologies, very useful in some places, but there is no way they can replace the power we currently get from oil and coal. The arithmetic just doesn't work out. A nuclear plant on ten or twenty acres can produce the same power as hundreds of acres of windmills, and it doesn't need a backup plant for when the wind dies. Nor does it pose a danger to migratory birds. It does, however, use a lot more water, which is problematic.

Rant over. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Ken Baker April 30, 10 03:49 PM

just so terrible
People died, ecosystem ruined
How to help, right now !!

Posted by philippe April 30, 10 03:50 PM

Great photos, ty.

Now to the fuel argument....

I keep hearing about oil versus nuclear, solar is better than wind, tidal power versus all the worlds hamsters in a treadmill.

We never hear the most obvious answer to our worlds energy problems.


Less people equals less energy needs, simple. 2 kids per couple. Easy as, population evens out, and the need for more and more energy for the more and more people with their more and more gadgets equals out too.

But no, 2 people having 17 kids is to be applauded. The world is doomed with thinking like that.

Posted by humanbeing April 30, 10 03:56 PM

so sad

Posted by Olsen April 30, 10 03:58 PM

"Chernobyl was a crappy tin-hut Russian plant completely different from the designs we use."

The Chernobyl disaster was caused by a human mistake, not by a crappy plan design.You are really stupid to believe that better technology can eliminate human mistakes.

Also, the Chernobyl disaster is still something to be taken care of. The casket of the reactor need to be rebuilt ASAP and all the crap that is inside will still plague the planet for millenniums.

Nuclear ISN'T an option. Oil, even if makes a lot of damage can be cleaned out. Radiation can stick there for decades or even centuries.

Posted by Jonathan April 30, 10 04:09 PM

Us 'lessers" must live a rationed subsistence in the “Mud Hut”… while our “rulers” reside in the “Mansion on the Hill”… this must be, because prosperity does carry some environmental and other risk, and our ruler class will NOT compromise their lifestyles!. To those who advocate no oil, no nuclear, no biomass and essentially want to make the Earth a “museum” the above is the only "no-risk" way! As of now and in the foreseeable future, there's NO substitute for what are known as "fossil fuels"!

Posted by Wes April 30, 10 04:10 PM

Why has it taken the President so long to respond to get our military involved to help cap the leak, etc... Why aren't the dems upset like they were with Bush's response to the Katrina disaster???
Posted by Dave April 30, 10 01:30 PM

Uh, dave, the military was there within 3 hours and has been there non-stop since. You can even see the boats in the pictures on THIS VERY PAGE.

Posted by Joe April 30, 10 04:10 PM

Anyone who thinks the US economy can survive with only solar and wind power is deluded. Short of drastic reduction in population, the world will continue to need to tap into all sources of energy. And big government is the answer, really? We have never had bigger government than we have today! It did not stop this event. We are flawed creatures and we will always make mistakes. We need to learn the technical lessons, clean up and move forward.

Posted by richard April 30, 10 04:20 PM

That's a good reason for EUA stop bothering Brazil about our problems and start doing someting in their own country.


Clean energy now!!!

Posted by Camila (Brazil) April 30, 10 04:21 PM

We haven't proved that it wasn't Environmental themed terrorists/nut-jobs yet. Maybe the ones that are less Envron- and more -mental. It could have been a show to help energize Arbor, er, Earth Day festivities.

Nuclear isn't so bad if you use thorium based fuels. But the EPA probably prefers the nastier U and Pu stuff.

And let's give cred where it is due, oil companies find ways to turn profits with out subsidies where the green wind and solar wouldn't exist without them.

Posted by Thomas Smith April 30, 10 04:22 PM

"Calls for nuclear power, or even alternative energies, just serve to 'extend-and-pretend' that our way of life is sustainable, and it simply isn't. It isn't because it is based on false assumptions that we can maintain an endless growth economy on a finite planet."

I just had to repost this because it is the root of our problems. We can update our technologies and look for "better" ways to feed our greed, but the current worldwide economy based on growth is unsustainable.

Posted by Tracy April 30, 10 04:24 PM

The "flock of seagulls" in #1 are terns. This is relevant because they are the soon-to-be victims of this spill.

Posted by Hume Douglas April 30, 10 04:25 PM

"Humans are like plague. Everywere we go we destroy. And we do not even destroy for our survival, but for greed and luxury. I wish petrol was never discovered but more than anything i wish that money was never invented.

Earth will take vengeance on us and it will be well deserved.

In the mean time the responsible should be judged guilty and sent to jail for life. All other oil rigs should be shut off and upgraded with safety equipments."

Out of curiosity, why are you living? If you think you are a plague then why do you continue to live and use natural resources?

The earth was made for Man's use and stewardship, this tragedy is a sad example of how foolish men can be but it does not negate our God given responsibility to tend the earth and use it's resources for our benefit.

To all you who are spewing hate over this accident, let me ask you this, do you have a car? do you use oil or electric heat? do you ever use plastic? What about the rubber sole on your shoe? If you do any of these, and the list is immense, you can hardly blame the fuel industry for supplying YOUR needs.

Posted by JosiahE. April 30, 10 04:31 PM

oil is organic, no?

no more oil.. no more plastic for the computers dimwits post from...
that's not a bad thing.

Posted by fhlh April 30, 10 04:41 PM

The biggest problem with nuclear power, before even looking at the potential for accidents, is that there is still no good place to store the nuclear waste, which stays radioactive on out into infinity.

Posted by greenwarrior April 30, 10 04:49 PM

Let's have compassion for the lives lost and families in grief, and the eco-damage to our ocean and wetlands, and for the lost/interrupted livelihoods of the fishermen. This is a tragic accident, and if BP and Haliburton were negligent, they should pay.
On nuclear: I don't know of any nuke accidents in France, where 80+% of electricity is from nuclear power. Why? Because they standardized to the best design. Fact is, we need all sources of energy and more R&D into clean coal & renewables. Otherwise, you could starve in the dark..

Posted by Bob G April 30, 10 04:55 PM

Electricity by nuclear power is incredible clean compared with oil and gas sources

Posted by chemistj April 30, 10 04:59 PM

Chill out you green people. This was an accident plain and simple, just like some of you.

Posted by Roger Jean April 30, 10 05:00 PM

RE: 39 Alan Zulch

So says someone who obviously owns a computer and is connected to the internet.
If our lifestyle is unsustainable, I suggest you lead by example and stop using electrical power, or any energy or products made possible by evil oil.

Go ahead... we're waiting.

Posted by cwize April 30, 10 05:05 PM

I used to work for a major oil company (full disclosure). A little perspective is in order. There are about 3500 rigs or platforms in the gulf. This is the first major spill in thirty years. Nothing we do is completley risk free. Over 40,000 die in auto accidents every year. Airplanes crash and kill hundreds at one time. Those of us who worked in the oil industry used the best technology we had available to minimize risk. We learned form things that didn't work and improved designs based on what was learned. Lessons will be learned and applied from the investigation of this incident.
But risk will always exist in some form.

Posted by Bobof Texas April 30, 10 05:08 PM

This is completely devastating...

In response to most of these comments, I'll start by saying I am more than 100% for alternative energy.

But hardly anyone here seems to understand that importance of oil. It is not only used in the vehicles and planes YOU have driven and flown in all your life, its also used in plastics, rubbers, medicines, make-up, and countless other products. Remove all of these products from your life, then complain.

So don't be so naive (like Stephen Colbert as posted in comment 18) but realize the truth in comment 18 "its so easy to criticize when you're on the outside looking in"

I do hope this makes Congress reconsider allowing drilling around Florida and the East coast though, not only to reduce the chances of this happening again, but to help push for alternatives....

Posted by greanbean April 30, 10 05:14 PM

Everyone posting here criticizing oil and the industry...

as long as you're commuting by car and buying food that's driven from hundreds or thousands of miles from home, you're a hypocrite.

Ride a bike. Eat local. Then we'll talk.

Posted by Keanon April 30, 10 05:26 PM

Don't worry, everything is insuranced. Just be prepared to bail out insurance industry one more time.

Posted by hold on to your pocket April 30, 10 05:30 PM

La humanidad necesita replantearse su futuro, el de sus hijos... vivimos como si los recursos naturales fueran infinitos, pensamos como si nuestras vidas también lo fueran, como si quisiéramos que nuestros hijos vivan en un nuevo mundo diseñado para satisfacer nuestras frustraciones. Estamos viviendo una catástrofe natural sin precedentes, de un recurso finito que sirve para desplazar coches de 1.000Kg para transportar humanos de 80Kg para ir a comprar un litro de leche... Este es el problema, vivimos de espaldas a la naturaleza... y esto son los efectos colaterales.

Posted by Joan Carles April 30, 10 05:38 PM

Its really SCARY man seems to ruin everything.Wow wake up people,this can not be tolerated.I'm sad for the workers and their familys.Think of all the sea life thats going to be wiped out because of mans GREED and corner cutting practices.Mans Greed will ultimitely destroy all that excists

Posted by Alan preston April 30, 10 05:40 PM

It looks like the southern part of Louisiana has thinned out so much over the years. There is hardly any bayou left. Katrina must have taken a lot of land with it.

I am surprised no one has mentioned this incident to be an anti-oil inside job, similar to the way anti-war people said 9/11 was a conspiracy. It happens right after Obama says he will approve off-shore drilling, even though everyone knows he is anti-oil. Now he has his justification to not to drill... Is it at all possible this was not an accident?

Posted by Center April 30, 10 05:45 PM

I always wonder when folks call for the military....what exactly do you expect us to do? We are trained to fight and kill people, not clean up seaborne oil spills. Granted, there are a handful of specialized units but we can't do much to help at this point. Why aren't you all calling on the battalions of bureaucrats in DC- shouldn't they also be capable planners and organizers? How about our much ballyhooed EPA, NOAA, and other money-pit outfits?

Posted by cdrmike April 30, 10 05:52 PM


Posted by BO April 30, 10 05:59 PM

According to the CEO of BP the safe guards refered to in this article as not working, were never installed, as he said to ABC News. They were not required by the US for this rig. In parts of Europoe they are required.

Posted by Royce Day April 30, 10 06:11 PM


Posted by gats April 30, 10 06:11 PM

This is devastating how much we are killing Mother Nature, little steps at a time:( We need these oceans to survive, we need these animals to survive, we need the land to survive and we need clean air to survive. Stop being wasteful and start living responsibly people!

Posted by Danielle M. April 30, 10 06:12 PM

If the US decides to use nuclear power then does that mean we can recycle the spent fuel rods like France. Or are we too stupid

Posted by Laura April 30, 10 06:24 PM

This accident does not change our need for energy. The safety record for this work is extraordinary. Everyone has to m ake a political issue out of this.We need to stay focused on EVERY type of energy, nso we can be independant again. I am sickened by this tragedy, and I fish down in Venice every year. My heart goes out to all those affected.

Posted by Steve Keese April 30, 10 06:55 PM

Nuclear power is the cleanest and most efficient source of energy, the amount of resources/pollution generated in order to make solar power viable is enormous. Nuclear power only gets a bad rep because poorly trained workers with outdated equipment give you problems like Chernobyl. If done correctly, its bar far the best option.

Posted by LeDick April 30, 10 06:56 PM

Its unfortunate that something this bad had to happen but if there are anything positive that is to come from this is that since this happened the southeren regions are able to put as many as 8000 people to work in a time that work is badly needed. I work on a rig and I understand the risks there are out here but you want to complain about the gas prices and the lack of work then go ahead and chant SPILL BABY SPILL. Its that sarcasim that. The Oil and Gas industry are the backbones to this country and without that we would be as poor as a 3rd world country. So to all who work on rigs and in the Oil business BE CAREFUL AND THANK YOU

Posted by JACOB April 30, 10 07:01 PM

A Pray for the Gulf
Friday, April 30, 2010

Today I pray for those who lost their lives working on the oil platforms in the turbulent seas, I thank them for their lives and what they did so we can live in comfort. I also pray for those who continue to put their lives at risk each day in places such as this.
Today I pray for the first responders working to save those they could and protect the rest of us from the great damage that oil spills can cause.
Today I pray for the fisherman, the sportsman, the coastal guides and all those who depend on the bounty of the Gulf coast for their lives and livelihoods.
Today I pray for all the created world which is at risk because of humanities neglect to understand the harm we could cause, may we do all that is possible to protect the marshes, the birds, the sea creatures, and all the amazing life which flourishes in this place.
Today I pray to my God for forgiveness for living in a way that hurt's others when I can live more simply so others may live more fully. May we this day learn to live in a new way in which we will strive to never again put life at risk in so many ways, and may we learn to think differently and live better each and everyday

Posted by Brian Christoffersen April 30, 10 07:07 PM

Everyone I keep reading talking about no oil and stop drilling and man being greedy, etcetera should check themselves. I would bet my last nickel that all of you are driving a car. So, before you pass judgement and talk about greed, park your Expeditions and Suburbans (or Prius' for those of you that think you are making some contribution to the environment) and walk your chunky butts to work. Oh, by the way, stop turning lights on and watching TV or basically enjoying any of the essentials in your house, apartment or whatever else you live in.

I live on the gulf coast. I use as much oil as the next guy and don't pretend not to. But, bear this in mind, even when this country embraces a new form of energy, be it nuclear, hydrogen or solar as a primary means of sustainance, ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. I assure you that no one intended for the oil rig to catch fire, unless it was one of the environmental activists that started it. Nuclear has it's problems, as do solar arrays and hydrogen too (don't forget Hiroshima). Nothing is completely safe for humans, earth, animals or the environment. Stop being so critical of everyone else. Must be pretty easy to quarterback from 2000 miles away......

Posted by Ray S. April 30, 10 07:37 PM

For all you people that are gripeing about nuc power yeah go ahead and stick some nuc in your car and when you blow up your family or get some cancer from radiation then you can gripe more. you poeple are so crazy it aint funny. if you aint gripeing about the cost of gas its something. else. I guess they blew up the rig on purpose??? Get real accident do happen.

Posted by michael welch April 30, 10 07:49 PM

USA: Number of offshore power windmills....0

Europe: Number of offshore power windmills...380

End of story.

Posted by carl April 30, 10 08:07 PM

The movie Collapse, Michael C. Ruppert look it up. You will understand there are no alternatives to replace the edifice based around oil..... seriously stop kidding yourself...

Posted by Matthew April 30, 10 08:09 PM

Things like the comment, "I can't wait until oil finally runs out." sound ignorant to me (no offense I get the sediment)

- from chemEman

I'm just going to step on my own little soapbox here to point out that everyone - guys claiming to be engineers included - sound smarter and more reliable when they can use language properly. I am pretty sure he meant "sentiment", not river-moved particles. Pay attention in English!

In response to the "STOP BREEDING" comment - I agree, with the revision that the current human population is entirely unsustainable. The solution is not just to stop increasing our numbers, but to lower them. Have one child, or none at all. It's the biggest contribution to the environment you could possibly make. If parenting is something you feel the need to do, there are thousands of kids in foster homes who are already here and will probably never find a home. Then you get to help people and the planet. Just saying.

Posted by Jess April 30, 10 08:22 PM

This is why we need BIKES

Posted by toxickore April 30, 10 08:39 PM

So, how's that drilly, baby drill thing working for ya?

Posted by Geis April 30, 10 08:42 PM

The earth will repair itself once we're all dead.

Posted by David Nakamura April 30, 10 08:59 PM

Less than 10% of our electrical power comes from burning oil. Nukes, wind and solar will have no effect on production like this.

Posted by Scabby April 30, 10 09:19 PM

Somos una porqueria los seres humanos "civilizados"

Posted by Juan April 30, 10 09:21 PM

It still confounds me how terrified everyone is of nuclear power. No one seems to have a particularly good grasp of the actual risks involved. (And before you cite Chernobyl ... read up on the event a little. Bringing THAT up is like fretting about the risks of petrol because someone used it to burn down their own house.) Wind energy will never come close to meeting our needs. And solar won't be where we need it to be for a very long time. Nuclear is safe (yes, I'm serious), free of emissions, and we have the technology now.

And to the person who asked the rhetorical question ... of course nuclear can power a car. Electric vehicles, my friend.

It's all well and good to lament about oil and greed, but it's also useless and empty. Everyone posting here is devouring oil at the same rate as everyone else. You don't get the moral high ground. You don't get to shake your head and click your tongue. Reality trumps ideology every time.

Posted by Jo April 30, 10 09:40 PM

"This is why we need proper regulation and oversite in ALL areas of the energy industry. For folks who are proponents of small government, this is just a taste of the the world you say you want to live in."
Yeah John, obviously you have never worked for the government or have had a chance to be on the inside looking out. Everything the the Feds touch gets messed up worse and everything costs five times as much because they waste the money, because it is free money right? I mean it's just tax money. That is the attitude. A large proportion of the people working for the government are complete morons and get the job because of someone they know, not what they know. I live very close to D.C. I know what goes on here.
This is a terrible disaster but we will have it cleaned up and move on. We have to break our dependence on foreign oil somehow. I think we should make our energy sources more diverse, a combination of everything including more offshore drilling, more nuclear plants, more wind and solar.

Posted by Michael Davis April 30, 10 09:52 PM

Excuse me but does anyone besides me want to know what the hell happened to cause this catastrophic event? I believe we deserve to know exactly how this explosion occured and I want the truth, nothing less. I don't want to hear some sugar coated explanation, i want the cold hard facts. I appreciate endless publicity on how they are going to "try" to attempt to clean this mess up and I appreciate the concerns on how this is going to affect our marine environment as well as our coastlines, but what i haven't heard is the answer to "How Exactly Did This Happen" & "What can we do to prevent this from possibly happening again?" I mean someone needs to be held accountable and responsible for this tragedy!!!!!!!!!

Posted by bdh April 30, 10 10:01 PM

We can finger point and blame until we are blue in the face, and it does not change the matter at hand. What I find troubling is that (apparently) it was never contemplated that a scenario such as this could happen, and what measure could be taken to combat it , should it happen.

This effort is going to take people working together to contain it. and its effects will be for decades.. We can place blame on whomever we wish ,including the oil companies.
If only we made more effort to work together as one people and not to try and compete with each other , all of us would be better off. I personally think the focus now is to try outr best to contain this disaster, LEARN from an obviously huge mistake, and move forward. Just an opinion. We all have one

Posted by Tim K. April 30, 10 10:11 PM

A 2 child policy around the world is the only way for us to survive in this world. I'm glad China has had the 1 child policy for over decades, just imagine if they hadn't...

Posted by David April 30, 10 10:50 PM

For sale BP stock REALLY cheap. Inquire @

Posted by David Neidhamer April 30, 10 10:52 PM

This is why we need solar, wind, geothermal and tidal power. Definitely not nuclear.

Posted by Hagbard Celine April 30, 10 11:11 PM

To all the smug people out there who like to put conservative politicians and people down who are FOR drilling off our coasts, I'd like to ask them....DO YOU DRIVE A CAR? So then, you support drilling as long as it's half way across the world in someone else's backyard? So hypocritical.

Posted by Caryn April 30, 10 11:37 PM

Something big goes wrong and the mindless response of the masses is to put their energy into the blame game and political opportunism. There will be plenty of time, later, for that. What is needed NOW is actionable measures to STOP the leaking well. So far, the limited reports indicate the government is waiting for BP to do something, and if they don't end the problem quickly, to punish them. In the meantime, the oil it flowing. Why?

And the angry oil-haters on this list should be the first to give up their oil consuming vehicles, their plastics and synthetic fabrics and look for cave to move into.

Posted by theoldhorse April 30, 10 11:44 PM

I believe that Halliburton will ultimately be judged negligent for this "accident." Apparently the crew had just finished cementing casing in the hole (Halliburton's job) when the blowout occurred. The cement was too light, or it crystallized, or there wasn't enough cement in the hole or something. But it couldn't hold back the high pressure gas, and gas and oil came uphole so fast that the that BOPs (which are multiple redundant systems) couldn't handle it. Now they (and we) need to get an offshore rig to the site to drill a relief well QUICK!

Posted by RS April 30, 10 11:48 PM

Those windtowers silently and gracefully spinning in the wind, generating electricity we need that can displace fossil fuel use, suddenly doesn't seem so obtrusive or expensive anymore now, does it?

Green energy economy NOW!!!

Posted by Stefan April 30, 10 11:51 PM

sadness for the nesting birds, fishes, turtles and crabs and the beautiful landscape of the coast. sadness for the fishermen and people whose lives depend on the sea. i await the next big picture with dread and deep sadness.

Posted by bruno May 1, 10 12:09 AM

Deep or shallow mild explosives surrounding hole should settle and seal it?

Then pump hydraulic concrete.

Thorium nukes is answer.

Posted by Toby Hoffman May 1, 10 12:18 AM

This is in response to JESS - comment 98

"I'm just going to step on my own little soapbox here to point out that everyone - guys claiming to be engineers included - sound smarter and more reliable when they can use language properly. I am pretty sure he meant "sentiment", not river-moved particles. Pay attention in English!"

Stop criticizing others. Your English isn't great either. At least, his / her was a typo yours is a grammatical mistake.
The correct idiom is "Pay attention TO English!"

Posted by sensible123 May 1, 10 12:33 AM

I don't see everybody here posting that they are going to sell their cars and walk to the grocery store, or to work. I saw a posting saying that this is why we need bikes. Daaarnnnt, wrong answer, don't you know that the rubber for the tires, and seats are petroleum distillates. Who wants to wait on a stretcher to take them to the hospital, because we don't use fuel to fly the emergency helicopter that will save their life or their children's. How about all those bottled waters that you folks are gulping down, again, plastics coming from oil. That medical treatment equipement, your fancy laptops, your furniture, your dishes, your electricity, your food, all shipped to you or provided by oil. Get real folks, if wind, solar, coal, or the rest could take the place of oil, it would have. Everyone of those is not cost efficient. Why is it when you buy green, that you have to put out a hell of a lot of greeeeeen as in cash. You want to save the world. Invent a product like a cold fusion reactor, that supplies infinite power at bargain basement prices. Until then keep on chanting like fools, because you keep on buying gas, plastics, using electricity, and the rest. One day oil will run out, and if you choose not to use its conveniences, well I will use a little extra for you, because it is like using your hand to wipe your butt. It might save paper, but I sure as heck ain't gonna do it.

Posted by Jimbo May 1, 10 12:39 AM

All the products oil makes, as mentioned in comment 78 are ALL toxic. To the planet and to ourselves. I would happily see a world without these things. You do not have to run a vehicle on oil, there are other options. Recycle what we've got and use alternatives. Of course, money will be lost and with that power, what say do we have? none.

Posted by foozlebabe May 1, 10 01:32 AM

............que triste que un pais tan poderoso en muchos sentidos , no tenga el control de un desastre ecologico como este, afectara todo el agua y los ecosistema del golfo de Mexico, espero que verdaderamente se pongan las pilas para hacer algo, con los presupuesto de las guerra deberian de mejor invertirlos en desarrollo de medio ecologico y prevenir esto. QUE TRISTESA !!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Sergio Cantu May 1, 10 02:00 AM

Way to go Ray S #94... there's at least one person with common sense on this list of comments! Most people here easily complain or point blame, but take their car away or turn off their electricity or the do away with their computer and plastic water bottles, now where would they be?

Posted by Ingrid F May 1, 10 02:17 AM

If this catastrophe happened in America which was a super power nation with more advanced technologies what's more if this will happen to a developing countries producing oil. Where are the green peace advocate this is the time that you can help to use all your resources to limit the catastrophic effect of this oil rig explosion.

Posted by John Palisoc May 1, 10 02:26 AM

YA! that is what we need MORE Nuke plants ..Like the 60 some that we have in the USA alone is not enough. How about this, quit feeding the goverment pig and it will stop. Wind power and sun power. NO reason why is shouldn't have ben a choice in living for the beter of all. See if you get off the grid there is no money to be made. Big Goverment fails. No tax breakes for large corp America. With all that we have in this rich rich world we can't come up with a better way to fule our cars ,heat our homes to live a cleaner way of life. We have made it to space,used a pigs heart for trasnpants, Made a crazy amount of things to help add us in day to day life. An still depend on oil. It is in everything. Even your hand soap. Isn't that nice to know. You wash you hand with OIL!

Posted by Marrion May 1, 10 03:25 AM

“If you’re a seagull in the Gulf of Mexico you better pack your sh*t!!” We (humans) have done it again! Everyone talks about switching to solar, nuclear, or wind power but we have become so dependent on oil to manage our greedy lives. We should make strides in that direction. Who knows where we would be in 15 to 20 years. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Natural disasters are very upsetting but REAL people come together and rebuild. This incident is man made but labeled an accident. We put the rig in the ocean drilled a hole and tapped into a source with having no clue of its magnitude. Who certifies who to cover all angles of safety procedures? An executive of the oil company said the (BOP) BlowOut Preventer did not work when it was activated by procedure. You mean they could not have gotten the “smartest engineers from all organizations” to build this device flawlessy. With the oil industry leading the world in worth you would think there is a surplus of money to allow us to have backup plans for the backup plans. There is just that one constant us. We will continue to destroy this beautiful place but I guess it’s not that bad, we won’t be here in 100 years right.

Posted by Stranger May 1, 10 04:18 AM

To those favouring nuclear power stations: Uranium is actually a very rare element, and if the number of active nuclear power plants is increased significantly, resources might run out within a few dozen years as well. Using plutonium based breeder reactors would give us a few centuries, but these are actually far more dangerous than the pressurized water rectors that are most common today. Also, there's the problem of the waste, which is really a big almost eternal issue,

I for one would suggest at least trying harder to go with fusion (in addition to using the regeneratives to their potential, which at least for Europe might only cover about 1/3rd of the required electrivcity); it's very very hard to get working on a commercial scale, but it would be a nearly perfect energy source:
- The resources you need (hydrogen isotopes) do not run out
- no meltdowns (if containment fails, the reaction just stops)
- LOTS of energy...
- very low amounts of waste

Posted by nephylis May 1, 10 04:24 AM

Cette Louisiane c'est le Haïti des États-Unis, il leur tombe tout sur la tronche

Posted by Alizé May 1, 10 04:28 AM

The comment submitted by Tim K, in the post preceding this one, points to the greater and more critical need for people to find a way towards consensus.

These matters are going to have huge impact on each and every one of us alive today, and what must be of paramount concern is the effect of our actions on the children of our children, and their children..

It is the ultimate mark of a morally destitute society that lives in a manner disregarding the welfare of future generations..Our responsibility is greater than any generations before us, because the problems are growing to a tipping point, and we now have the scientific understanding of what needs to be done

What we lack is a workable political cohesion that is able to put aside the differences to see the priorities in a descending order of importance.

The orgiastic submersion in the pleasures of material consumption and well being must be seen as the inevitable death of humanity.

Posted by Michael P. Whelan May 1, 10 04:48 AM


In A Situation That IMPACTS OUR WORLD Such As This One;




THANK YOU, Respectfully, Michael V. Caldwell (Always Striving To Be Part Of The Solution)

Posted by Michael V. Caldwell May 1, 10 04:57 AM

These photographs are the proofs to show that man's actions against the nature is one day going to ruin all the living beings in this earth

Posted by C.Abdul Hameed,TamilNadu, India May 1, 10 05:04 AM

So much damned ignorance out there... try the wind power on for size. It's working here and we have the technology to (and have!) build cars or vehicles that run on anything but nuclear or fossil fuel!

Posted by V. Birch May 1, 10 06:31 AM

Can you really believe that in this day and age we cannot find a safe alternative to petrol/diesel (before the Chinese do)? This would effectively redistribute world wealth/power and stop such ecological disasters from happening.

Posted by rockpebblar May 1, 10 06:37 AM

Time for government (and BP) to bail out people who are really going to need it...the hardworking fishermen working everyday in an industry and lifestyle most blue- and white-collar workers will never know (myself included).

Posted by Texas May 1, 10 07:39 AM

Please sustainable energy NOW. GET OFF OUR BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING. No just close your eyes go on with your lifestyle maybe someone will take care of it. It has nothing to do with me.... It isn't real profit until nature people of third world countries pay the price. YES WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. No we can't. Where should I start? It's too complicated. I need my daily soap, hamburger and SUV. Please leave me alone I want to continue with my life. WHAT LIFE?

Posted by René Donders May 1, 10 07:51 AM

Greed, profiteering, Globalization, Capitalism, Jobs, Global warming, death sentence to planet earth. We will have cars, but they can't move because of lack of air. We will have Airplanes but no trees. We will have seas, but no water to drink. We are to blame. We elect the Politicians.

Posted by Heinz Rainer May 1, 10 07:51 AM

oil Chernobyl....

Posted by twohead May 1, 10 08:12 AM

Nuclear power??? Hanford in Washington where nuclear waste is stored over 1 million gallons have leaked.

See 60 minutes story on Hanford.

Posted by ray reynolds May 1, 10 08:12 AM

Think global, act local.

Posted by Fred May 1, 10 09:15 AM

Poor Mother Nature. She must be so sick of us... :-(

Posted by Louise May 1, 10 09:35 AM

To everyone reading and posting comments, which are needed to make us realize the vast views on this situation. Comes down to one thing. US, You, me, and everyone we know, to start TODAY. Make the needed changes in our lives. Even small changes done by millions of people would make a huge difference. We, myself included, are just so damn wasteful,and used to having luxuries that are really not needed TO LIVE . This may be one of the last wake up calls to us. Seems no one likes this disaster....We are all to blame. So, go outside and look around. Really look around. It could all be gone tomorrow. I pray it's not too late.

Posted by gail pirri May 1, 10 09:41 AM

Pic 21 also shows the Cypress trees and Cypress knees that are already dwindling at too rapid a pace. I grew up down there, in SE Louisiana and SE Texas. I'm all for renewable energy (love the sun and wind up here in Colorado now). But, down there just doesn't get enough sun, to my knowledge, for that to work very well. It rains and thunderstorms a whole lot. And a 10mph wind is "really windy."
Even if we find other forms of "better" energy production, well, the petroleum industry provides a lot more than just gasoline and oil. Think about tires, asphalt, plastics, and many, many more things we are use to using on a daily basis. The sun, wind, nuclear power can not replace those things.

Posted by Shirley May 1, 10 10:09 AM

Mieux vaut prévenir que guerir !....
mais l´avidité et d´impardonnables négligences font le reste....
Va-t-on continuer ainsi ?

Posted by Dora Dreyer May 1, 10 10:22 AM


Posted by diew May 1, 10 10:24 AM

Oil, nuclear energy, solar, and wind.... it really doesn't matter which we use, we are going to become dependent. Why? Because we crave progress and we are infatuated with what is new and upcoming. We do not want to stay behind on anything. So, it doesn't matter which energy source we use the ones in control are the ones with the money. When they get a dose of morality, integrity, and sympathy for overall humanity then we can possibly see a change. Remember the Earth will eventually bounce back, but will we be around to see it.

Posted by Mark A.G. May 1, 10 10:29 AM

chemEman12 - agree oil is an incredibly valuable resource. Shouldn't it have been priced to reflect that all along? It already is running out, in fact only reaching the oil peak has finally motivated government and business to even consider developing the alternatives. We've had those same alternatives for fifty years, but all the development money in these big corporations you seem to be defending has gone towards exploring to find more oil so supply can be increased and they can make more money (which has ultimately just devalued it).

If you think the day oil runs out will be the day we all starve perhaps you should think about the coherence of your arguments a little more; I don't see any of the large oil companies acting to protect us from that eventuality. They want us to use what oil exists faster, so they can charge us for it. No-one starved before oil was discovered - it is only the action of oil companies encouraging complete societal dependence on oil that has brought us to where we are. Renewables should've been providing all the energy they could for at least 25 years already, and this precious natural resource that does have so many valuable uses should've been preserved for the purposes where no substitute exists. As it stands, because of our greed as a global community, it will run out in thirty years and we will have nothing.

Posted by Victoria May 1, 10 11:10 AM

Ray S - What has Hiroshima got to do with nuclear POWER. That was a nuclear BOMB dropped by the USA on Japan deliberately causing the loss of life of over 160,000 people within four months. Don't forget Nagasaki (that was another 80,000).

It wasn't anything to do with generating energy, and it most certainly wasn't an accident.

Posted by Victoria May 1, 10 11:14 AM

The oil business should die a natural death, now! Once and for all.
Let us not be fooled.
sorry for my English.

Posted by Polak May 1, 10 11:50 AM

This event is small potatoes – why?

We are in a period of increasing unprecedented, uncontrollable, unsustainable, environmentally hazardous, EXPONENTIAL change. We have a chance to adapt to linear change, not exponential. Our society’s infrastructure has been maximized for production of consumer goods and is increasingly becoming more and more fragile and complicated as the world economy evolves. Not to mention the economy being driven by consumption of non essential goods which are responsible for the much of the environmental damage that is occurring.

This system cannot change overnight and exponential change won’t allow otherwise.

In the larger picture, considering the history of the earth, the human species is merely an algae bloom and nothing more. It probably is beyond our genetic ability to avoid what is coming to us and it will be the stuff of horror movies. Can't tell you when or how, but we will flame out and the breakdown of our society will start in the near future. There are way too many perfect storm scenarios to begin to address.

What we see are people of means basically maximizing their short-term benefits without consideration to much more important, life sustaining matters. Short-term survival decisions will always trump decisions regarding long term survival. As conditions continue to get worse, it’s guaranteed that you will see nothing but finger pointing, gridlock, panic and chaos. Look to history for validation.

The earth is nothing more than a small terrarium in space, inhabited by self destructive creatures too limited in thought to appreciate the amazing spaceship we call home. We have grown too arrogant to live within the rules dictated by nature and nature will not allow that to continue. As Einstein put it, “The human species is fatally flawed”. Who want to be the one to say he doesn’t know what he’ talking about?

As an analogy to our situation today, we are like the people on the beach unknowing that a hurricane was just beyond the horizon. Totally oblivious that in a short timeframe, the wonderful conditions they currently enjoyed would be transformed into an unimaginable fight for survival. Just that quick. The oil spill is a similar senario, as it mirrors our future fate.

Food for thought if your considering starting a family. Enjoy what’s left as the vacation will soon be over.

Posted by Ted May 1, 10 11:56 AM

usa ruin the world

Posted by Jonº May 1, 10 12:01 PM

Shame on you BP

Posted by Michel Van den Berghe May 1, 10 12:43 PM

Now you know why they shouldn't drill in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge

Posted by David Quidd May 1, 10 01:00 PM

خیلی دردناکه

Posted by Anonymous May 1, 10 01:46 PM

Thank you for these poignant images. Your page is a wonderful way to connect with the world.

~ Dave Dobis

Posted by Dave Dobis May 1, 10 01:59 PM

NUCLEAR,NO OIL, people make me sick. you sound like a bunch of kids,screaming that your hungry, but dont you dare give me anything less then candy for dinner. Unless you want to give up every thing you own i.e. cars,clothes,makeup,safety devices,toys,meds,even food.then you are going to need oil around for a long time. all that needs to be done is for the govt. that has been elected to do its job and make shure we are safe and saftey procedures are in place,and stop the brother-n-law crap that happens everyday in Wash. Remember people we are in charge so stop letting your govt. ruin what they swear to protect.If they dont do what we need them to then dont re-elect them!!!!!!Its past time to stand up for what we believe in and stop letting big brother run the mill!

Posted by R.J.E May 1, 10 02:24 PM

For too many people here are saying things like "You give up plastics, cars and electricity before you critisise current US energy policy". It's not an all-or-nothing choice. Energy reduction and efficiency measures are possible for everyone living a 'western' lifestyle. If you have a car you can use it less. If you have a house you can make it better insulated. You can fly less and buy more efficient electrical equipment. It makes no sense to require people to reduce their consumption to zero before you will listen to them, because of course that's not really practical.

I tried making some changes to reduce my energy footprint and I found it easy to halve the electrical consumption of this house by finding the wasteful items and getting rid of them or replacing them with more efficient ones, and learning to turn things off. I found I could get to work on an electric moped for about 1/20th of the energy it took to drive there (so the thing paid for itself in 9 months). I put solar panels on the roof which do most of my hot water, and I've enormously imporved the house insulation so it uses much less eneergy to heat, and that energy now comes from a woodburner rather tham mains gas about 90% of the time. I use the train rather than a plane when its reasonable (time and cost). I cycle for short journeys. And all of this stuff saves money as well as energy, so you don't have to be a 'greenie'.

Anyone can do this stuff if they want. And we're all going to have to eventually. The oil will run out, and probably relatively soon. Certainly it will become too valuable to just burn (except in aeroplanes): we need it for plastics. Big changes are going to be needed over the next 50 years.

All you people saying 'I'll listen when you get rid of your car' need to consider that the average US citizen uses 2.5 times as much energy as a European, and 5 times as much as an Asian. That suggests there is plenty of room for some efficiency improvements, to get energy consumption and thus greenhouse gases down to a reasonable level.

On the actual oil spill people asked what went wrong. Well, much of the problem is that the blow-out-preventer didn't work. If it had the rig probably wouldn't have burnt long enough to sink, and the oil definately wouldn't still be pouring out into the Gulf. I expect someone has questions to answer about that. But as many have pointed out there is always risk in engineering, and Oil is really useful stuff. We just shouldn't be taking it for granted, as some posters here seem to be - it's a finite resource.

Posted by Wookey May 1, 10 02:47 PM

couldn't they use the river to help flush the wetlands

Posted by don May 1, 10 03:27 PM

only beer, no oil...

Posted by michael May 1, 10 03:50 PM

"You will understand there are no alternatives to replace the edifice based around oil..... seriously stop kidding yourself... "

At least we never have to worry about running out of oil.

Oh, wait...

Posted by Another Duffus May 1, 10 04:03 PM

At this time my heart goes out to those who lost their family members and also to those who are struggling to contain the spread. It is understood that efforts must have made and are being made .There is no point remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That was the conscious decision and this is an accident. Reasons of the accident will be known later but at this point of time whole world should come together and ask "Whether help is required".Only thing comes to mind is that arrangement to prevent the spread what is being made now could have been made immediately after the breakout of the fire . If nothing can be done , I hope then ultimately well will need to be killed .After all one can not invite bigger risks.

Posted by RKGarg May 1, 10 04:56 PM

Nuclear isn't clean at all, the waste needs to be stored for thousands and thousands of years. What do we do now that suggests that we are capable of doing that?

Posted by Henk May 1, 10 05:34 PM


Posted by Gontard de Peyrus May 1, 10 05:38 PM

This is so disgusting, I live in Pascagoula and talked with a recovery worker today. He said that there is a very real possiblity that we here in Pascagoula may have to evacuate due to the strong odors from the oil spill.

BP should be fined quite heavily for running an unsafe rig and for not having correctly working equipment to cap the well that they were drilling. If we have to evacuate, BP should pay us for this cost.

Posted by Sue Palmer May 1, 10 07:02 PM

It's difficult to fathom the environmental damage caused by this spill, not to mention the socioeconomic repercussions this will have on people and communities who rely on the Gulf fishing industry for income. That being said, it's absurd that those same people are expected to VOLUNTEER their resources to clean up the spill. BP needs to take full responsibility for this tragedy, instead of relying on the free labor of financially strained American citizens. Yes, manpower and boats are necessary in the cleanup process. And yes, it makes sense to use manpower and boats that are already in the area, but the people giving these resources need to be reimbursed. Does anyone recall ever seeing a picture of an EXXON CEO volunteering his time or personal resources to clean up the EXXON/Valdez spill? Me either. We should not be expected to clean up the mess while oil execs watch from their ivory towers.

Posted by Jules May 1, 10 07:37 PM

@ 84, cdrmike

"I always wonder when folks call for the military....what exactly do you expect us to do? We are trained to fight and kill people, not clean up seaborne oil spills. Granted, there are a handful of specialized units but we can't do much to help at this point. Why aren't you all calling on the battalions of bureaucrats in DC- shouldn't they also be capable planners and organizers? How about our much ballyhooed EPA, NOAA, and other money-pit outfits?"

Initially reading your post was slightly irritating but manageable until I read your last comment. Are you seriously asking what the military can do and then turning around to call the EPA and NOAA money-pit outfits?

The US Military's budget in the 2010 fiscal year was $685 billion and change. Care to take a guess what NOAA's proposed 2011 budget is? It's on the order of that change in the military's budget. The total is right around 1 billion.

So to put that in perspective the US Military spent $3.1 billion on "Family Housing" or three times the budget for NOAA (apparently all you can do is fight and kill people so I'm assuming math is beyond that scope). There are 23 different "programs" (weapons and assorted platforms) that have a budget greater than that of NOAA.

I personally would rethink what outfit you're calling the money-pit.

So you ask why people are calling in the military? Well I guess people hope that when spending $685 billion on something they are at least capable of attaching buoys to their boats and cutting off the path of oil...apparently that's too much to ask though.

Posted by Alex May 1, 10 08:00 PM

Its extremely sad for the lives that were lost and for the marine ecosystems as well.The Planet Earth has another deep scar ! Why don´t we change our goals for a clean future. We are walking towards the abyss and we don´t want to change our direction because of the economic impacts. We my face a more difficult impact in the early future and/or perhaps a much more rocky road than we are facing now. The Oceans are our Planet. The Oceans are our lives and our Future. Let´s think about the children of today and our´s too as intelligent and creative human beings.

Posted by Trajano Paiva May 1, 10 08:07 PM

Points to raise:

1. The post #60 about reducing population is right on the money. This will reduce poverty, hunger and the need to provide energy.

2. Nuclear power is more refined and technically safer than it was when the accidents happened. Currently there are no other methods available that would deliver the quantity of power required in an economically viable way to the masses. Mass business should not continue to get power excises.

3. The time taken to clean/repair this event will go on for years - and they are not acting fast because acting fast means a change in the way things operate and in the way the financial world would benefit.

4. The compensations from this catastrophe will need to go to the fishermen and marine businesses rather than oil companies, and the share holders. Not to mention the everlasting impact on the marine life.

Posted by G May 1, 10 08:34 PM

This is the biggest tragedy that we will face, yes we use oil and need it for everyday life, but the carelessness of these big oil companies is devastating.

BP has killed the world, how will we bounce back from this. Exxon Valdez oil is still being found on rock and feet under the sand. Decades later.

Very sad, and what if this thing hits the gulf stream currents, then what?

Posted by angeryinseattle May 1, 10 09:53 PM

"Drill, Baby, Drill!"
Be careful what you ask for...

Posted by Tea Party Bagger May 1, 10 09:56 PM

"oil companies find ways to turn profits with out subsidies."
Posted by Thomas Smith April 30, 2010 04:22 PM

That's the most amazing thing I've read all day. Time to do some research, Thomas.

Posted by Alan Foljambe May 1, 10 10:05 PM

Like Pogo said..."We has met the enemy, and it is us"

Posted by Randy McCumber May 1, 10 11:38 PM


Posted by JUAN ANTONIO May 2, 10 12:20 AM

This is a terrible tragedy. It makes me sad to see what happens when we keep sucking the earth dry. I would like to see more Americans live like we do in New York City. The USA could cut it's energy consumption big time if they did. Less energy consumption could result in fewer of these types of man-made ecological disasters. BTW: for all you suburbanites out there, New Yorkers aren't prefect by any means, but did you know, the average New Yorker consumes less than half of the electricity of someone who lives in San Francisco and nearly one-quarter the electricity consumed by someone who lives in Dallas. We need to change our lifestyles if we want to support a greener planet.

Posted by Rich May 2, 10 12:24 AM

This is devastating and it will harm our eco system and already fragile wetlands leaving us no protection from hurricanes.

Thousands upon thousands of animals will die including the dolphins. This is heartbreaking.

Posted by U.S. Animal Protection May 2, 10 01:07 AM

The option is nuclear,when we talk abuot nuclear a thought of radion comes in our mind.There is one form of nuclear energy which is radiaion less and safe for humansfuel required is also abundant.
It is nuclear fussion instead of fission.
The conventional way is nuclear fission which requires radioactive materials as fuel and produces radioactive materials as residue,but in nuclear fusion we need only hydrogen which is abundant in atmosphere,this is source of energy of sun.
but a new techonological leep is required to make it functional.

Posted by himanshu May 2, 10 01:25 AM

"Electricity by nuclear power is incredible clean compared with oil and gas sources"

What? ever heard about Tschernobl????? You ar NOT right man!

Posted by thp May 2, 10 03:19 AM

Beautiful pictures from a very ugly subject. Well gathered, much appreciated.

Don't quote me on this, but as I recollect, Al Gore said that to curb the energy crisis, all that needs to happen is for people to change their SUVs into normal cars. Not too much to ask, as we do have an energy crisis on our hands.
These are pictures are showing the beginning, of starting to run out.

Posted by Sami Susiaho May 2, 10 05:34 AM

Everyone pause for a moment,please...Now,read comment #93,think about it for at least a minute.Now continue the ranting.My opinion of the event is far less important than the message Brian has for us all.

Posted by JoeWeiss May 2, 10 06:32 AM

It's difficult to believe that this is happening right now !!
One wants to believe that this kind of tragidies in the past, did bring more knowledge to prevent repeats...
However it did not work like that, while nature is perhaps the most precious treasure of mankind !!

Maritime artist Hans Breeman, The Netherlands,

Posted by Hans Breeman May 2, 10 06:33 AM

Nunca seran suficientes las palabras para expresar nuestra inconformidad, el poderoso siempre estara destruyendo la naturaleza y no me refiero al Dios supremo, me refiero a las mentes inconcientes que por amasar fortunas no sabe lo que esta ocacionando con el planeta en que vivimos, espero en Dios que halla alguna forma de detener estas mentes asesinas. Dios nos perdone a todos.

Posted by Edmundo May 2, 10 07:32 AM

they cant turn off the well,just like they cant turn off a melt down at a nuke plant. if you cant turn it off dont build it

Posted by dougiev May 2, 10 08:25 AM

there's one oil spill every day in nigeria, yet this is such a big news. you americans have the biggest heads ever.

Posted by paul tanner May 2, 10 08:29 AM

Four words: Bloom Energy's Bloom Box.
Check it out on CBS 60 Minutes.
The Genie is out of the bottle!!
Continuing to drill for oil tends to increase our addiction to it. I liken it to planting the Poppy field next to where the herion addict lives.
The new technology needed to make the transition is out there, we now need to get big oil lobby's foot off our throats.

Posted by Glenn McDonald May 2, 10 08:54 AM

The shameless profits BP and other oil companies enjoyed while we suffered at the pumps for the past few years will be needed. I hope they contribute all those dollars and more to the clean up. No time for greed now. Shut up, put on your boots and open your wallets BP.

Posted by garret almeida May 2, 10 09:40 AM

They should make all the welfare recipients that live in that area help with the clean up, make those slobs earn that Obama money.

Posted by Scott Latell May 2, 10 10:17 AM

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your sharing, it's very useful

Posted by China Mbt Shoes May 2, 10 10:26 AM

Management of Oil Contaminates
"The runoff from parking lots represents the biggest single source of tonnages of oil going into the ocean" - Brian Giroux, Port Hardy Forum on the Development of Off-shore Oil Exploration & Drilling.

Posted by Glenn Houle May 2, 10 11:45 AM

Yo pienso que este hecho lamentable afecta grandemente a la naturaleza, pero actualmente con la tecnologia se pueden remover estos hidrocarburos (haced uso de ella), no asi la naturaleza marina y aerea, pero se deben buscar esfuerzos para impedir que haya desastres de esta catastrofe.
saludos desde el D. F. México

Posted by HEBERT JAIR BARRALES CUREÑO May 2, 10 12:23 PM

"For all you people that are gripeing about nuc power yeah go ahead and stick some nuc in your car and when you blow up your family or get some cancer from radiation then you can gripe more. you poeple are so crazy it aint funny."

Uneducated rants are fun aren't they?
I suppose everyone deserves to throw their ridiculous comments in.

Posted by I lol'd May 2, 10 12:29 PM

I live here in Lafitte Louisiana Jefferson Parish, the only question i have to everyone concerned is why did it take 2 weeks to figure out we had a problem here, every 24 hours im being told by people who dont want to be identified with BP America and Halliburton ,every 24 hours at the very least 20000 barrels are getting pumped in the gulf of mexico not 5000 that everyones been hearing,we have got to do something here people this is my home my lively hood and my heratige thats being destroyed right before our very eyes,get of your asses and do something America

Posted by Craig Savoie May 2, 10 12:44 PM

If people were thrifty, rode their bike more often and were aware of the goods they buy, greed for oil would not leave so much room for hasty maneuvers to "drill ... drill ... drill" or to get their hands on oil in other irresponsible ways. Prices will rise due to this disaster, not to speak of ruined lives. We'll probably even have to sell our bike to buy a loaf of bread. No problem for people, who still know how to walk, to have no bike. Good luck with containing the disaster and prayers for the animals, who are at the mercy of mankind and thus have no chance of surviving !

Posted by gaby May 2, 10 12:51 PM

I get along just fine without a clothes dryer, a hair dryer, and using a small toaster oven instead of that big monster, and using a two burner stove, and no air conditioning. I feel guilty that my electric bill is $40. a month, but since I cut my own wood, sustainably, I have no heating bills and can cook on the wood stove in the winter.

Raise your own salads, try the Solar Oven, it's fun.

We can do it.


Posted by Cindy Iberg May 2, 10 01:04 PM

Yup, we've been growing our own food, heating with wood, and attempting to live sustainably since the 60's. Yes, we have cars, electricity, etc...I can't wait for the time that we have a cleaner way to get those luxuries. The Cape Wind Farm will look beautiful in the sunset. WE CAN DO THIS FOLKS! LETS GO! How many more years and opertunities are we going to let go by. The WAKE UP CALL IS NOW! My heart goes out to all of those involved in this latest oil spill... we owe it to you: nature and fishermen to clean up our act.

Posted by Renee May 2, 10 01:53 PM

Anyone concerned that it will enter the Gulf Stream, which turns into the North Sea Drift, or the conveyor, which is already slowing down because of the melting ice caps, which then also affects the climate!

Posted by Glynis Hales May 2, 10 02:00 PM

It's not hypocrisy to advocate for a different world while living and working in the current reality. If the only people who could advocate for decreases in pollution were those who did not pollute, only the dead could advocate for less pollution. And maybe not even then.

I personally use oil, oil products, energy from oil, and I travel with vehicles that demand oil. That's the world we live in. To expect me or anyone else to somehow purify themselves of oil so that they can advocate for using less oil--on a policy and individual level--is unrealistic and unreasonable. In the end, it's an argument not on the merits, but just to shut out the other side.

Posted by Bribes May 2, 10 02:29 PM

Reading all these comments reminds me how complex these issues are -- no tax breaks for corporations (so they'll go where the tax breaks are, good-bye more jobs) or they'll go where there aren't as many restrictions because the world does not play by the same rules (thus poisonous children's toys, etc. from China). Every one of us uses oil or benefits from a product made with oil at some stage in its production. It's impossible to isolate issues as though they are self contained; most are not. What we do with business here affects jobs, affects buying power, affects ways of living, affects the environment (including wildlife), affects the economy, affects health care needs and solutions, affects dollars for all kinds of research, and on and on.

Certainly, those responsible need to be held accountable for their action or inaction -- not for spite but for understanding, restitution, improvement, correcting the problem. If I were there, I would be doing whatever I could to help the people and wildlife whose lives are most directly affected.
Hopefully, none of us has total disregard for life and for the issues expressed in our posts. Most people posting here are people who care and want to try to do something. We are all part of the problem, and we are all part of the solution. We can never give up hope. What can I/you do today?

Posted by Concerned May 2, 10 02:43 PM

Hydrogen - This oil spill is a good reason to start thinking about hydrogen again. I wonder why we have to drill down 6 miles into the ocean, or into the land to get oil for powering our transportation, when we can put pipes into the ocean and draw on an unlimited source of water for producing hydrogen through electrolysis. I attempted to put this comment out here once earlier, but somehow it didn't make it.

There are systems that are used currently for producing oxygen from sea water using electolysis right now all over the world. The other product from electrolysis of water is hydrogen. Since the supply of sea water is unlimited as far as we are concerned, and when you burn hydrogen, you get water as a byproduct, this just recycles the hydrogen and water. It would save the expense of having to continually drill for more oil. It would save us from continually having to go to the foreign nations with hat in hand to buy oil at whatever price they ask for it. It would save us from these oil spills and the massive efforts to clean them up.

Turn the production, storage, and distribution of the hydrogen over to the oil companies. The production of hydrogen also, would produce a side benefit in that the electric companies around our country would be able to have a use for the electricity from 12 midnight until 6:00 AM. During this time, normally, the electricity generated by the utilities is not consumed in the quanities generated because people are mainly asleep. But, being able to supply the oil companies with the electricity to use for electrolysis of sea water would generate a use for the electric utilities during this time of the day.

Posted by Morton H. Savell May 2, 10 03:22 PM

I heard and read that BP had the capability to "install" a cap/valve, but decided NOT to take action. NOONE is reporting that! All those business and wildlife needlessly being DESTROYED!!!!! Not mention our precious Earth!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Scubagirl May 2, 10 04:49 PM

To all the BP bashers. Of the 150 or so working on the rig that exploded, only 6 were BP employees. A company named Transocean was operating the rig and drilling the well. Since BP has the lease for the tract the well was being drilled on, they have the responsibility for control and cleanup of the spill. I would like to know where poster 195 read that BP can install a cap on the well but decided not to. That does not make any sense. Remember that the leak in under 5000 feet of water. That is ompounding efforts to control it.

Posted by Bobof Texas May 2, 10 05:38 PM

Public transportation in US is very poor. They should entertain public transportation and the government should give tax benefits those who use public transportation so that people will prefer to use.

Posted by Resident May 2, 10 06:03 PM

It's really funny (actually disgusting is probably a better word) to see how cut and dry people's outlooks on life are. "Get rid of oil and fossil fuels they are evil" and "ha ha you're dumb if you think you can survive without oil. what about plastics?" and the popular "I don't see you selling your car". What about simply relying LESS on oil, and maybe a little more on alternative energy sources. What if we can at least cut back on our oil imports, maybe just rely on our own domestic oil, and use all of the programs that our "socialistic/communistic/evil/horrible" government has put into effect to create jobs in the clean energy field? What if our nation stopped trying to individually make millions and realized the potential of working together as a country? well, I suppose "reality trumps ideology" as someone put it, but if you don't dream, then there's nothing to work towards.

Posted by Booch May 2, 10 07:58 PM

É muito triste isso tudo. Quando o ser humano vai se dar conta de que dinheiro não é o mais importante? Quando for tarde demais? - Brasil

Posted by Ana Paula May 2, 10 08:24 PM

So much anger.

Posted by akzero May 2, 10 09:10 PM

we kill the nature, and we kill ourselves in the end!

Posted by allan May 2, 10 10:19 PM

An idea,
I have been thinking that many plane could spray wood dust over the oil.
Off course I have no idea if this would work.

Posted by clément May 2, 10 11:05 PM

If we had our trains, and street cars, and real bus systems back, (that the BIg Three destroyed before many of you were born..look it up) we wouldn't need so much gas, oil & tyres. If we legitimately used recycled cardboard and paper, we wouldn't need the impossible to open shrink wrapped and bubble pack products....oh yeah, that's right... we don't make products anymore.....

Posted by machievelli May 3, 10 12:05 AM
Posted by derek May 3, 10 01:07 AM

I just biked home from the grocery. I live in Florida, which is (unfortunately) not some hippy biking paradise. I bike to work most days in "business casual" dress code. When I do drive it's 1.5 miles worth of gas to because I choose to live near where I work. I drive on the weekends to faraway places sometimes but I can always cut back on that if gas prices go up. If you can't afford to live near where you work (or near a transit line that goes there) complain to your local government and tell them to zone for more housing near your worksite. And if you don't live close to work because you don't feel like it then fine; but don't scream bloody hell when gas prices go up. Your choice, your problem. If it's difficult or unpleasant to bike or walk in your neighborhood, find a better neighborhood (or lobby to change your neighborhood). If you can't find a better neighborhood, tell your city planners or elected officials they're doing a lousy job and if they don't shape up you'll get new ones.

It's not about eliminating the need for energy. It's about reducing it. Of course there will alway people who have to drive (salesmen, ambulances, the terminex guy) but we can make it easier for people who have choice to use multiple modes of transport. Heck, even if we just changed the behavior of college students and teenagers; the number of college students and teenagers with cars is ridiculous; everybody isn't a mini-van mom with that set of needs and challenges.

There's smart plastic and stupid plastic. Long-wearing plastic such as tires, plumbing washers, reasonably smart. Single-use plastic bags/cups/spoons etc, stupid.

My 2 cents on the spill, as long as the oil companies have to pay every dollar of cleanup (and maybe they should also pay the fishermen for lost earnings and any property damage) then I guess that's fair. And if they pass the cost along to consumers; well that's the cost of doing business. If we got cheap gas because they were cutting corners then we should get expensive gas because they were cutting corners. If you enjoy your driving-dependent lifestyle, go for it. Just be prepared to pay fair market value.

Posted by tebici May 3, 10 01:19 AM

La pollutions climatiques ou économique que vous infligez au monde vous revient sur le coin de la figure. C'est fort dommage et très contrariant mais c'est la suite logique des choses que vous imposez au monde de part votre égoïsme et votre prétention. Dieux ne vous aide pas remettez vous en question au yeux du monde, vous ne comptez que sur un homme mais c'est votre nation toute entière qui doit changer.

Posted by Boris Jorand May 3, 10 03:00 AM

I´m crying....

Posted by arek May 3, 10 04:33 AM

Jo, i agree with you. Nuclear power can be considered one of the possible solutions to avoid these problems. It is not easy to manage, but this is not a good reason to consider all the good points in its favour.
Chernobil is not the standard today. I agree that we have to dismiss these plants, but the modern Nuclear Power plants have a very high level of security.

Posted by Pip May 3, 10 05:08 AM

Not to sound all negative and stuff, but we're already way beyond redemption.
I highly doubt there's still a way for us to fix all the damage we've caused to our planet so far.


Posted by Jeroen May 3, 10 05:16 AM

"To all the smug people out there who like to put conservative politicians and people down who are FOR drilling off our coasts, I'd like to ask them....DO YOU DRIVE A CAR? So then, you support drilling as long as it's half way across the world in someone else's backyard? So hypocritical. "

It is not hypocritical we come to terms with that as a nation. We all as Americans come the the realization that our lives are a result from exploitation (Time will only tell if what we have done was really worth it).

Andi no Drilling on our coast is stupid. Just another way for big companies to make big money while we see nothing in return.

You are blind to see that you protect the very "people" that will only seek to use you while they take all the money. And leave you with what? Big ass mess of oil. Yet you still like children Yell "Drill, Baby, Drill".

Only in America do Corporation Control Government.

Privatizing Profits, Socializing Risk.

Posted by Anic May 3, 10 05:27 AM

Désolant, horrible!

Posted by yvette haldi May 3, 10 05:52 AM

@195 Electrolysis seem to be a very good option. Electrolysis can surely be the way of the future. However, Electrolysis requires Electricity. And in most places that Electricity comes from burning fossil fuels or nuclear energy. Hydro-Electric Dams are damaging to the local eco-system and have a limited life-cycle. That would leave solar energy. Solar energy and/ or Electrolysis seems to be a good avenue to spend those research dollars.

Till now most of the posts are just finger pointing from supposed moral high-grounds. How about admitting our faults and looking for solutions? Better investment of our time and energy don't you think?

Posted by Alex May 3, 10 06:33 AM

I used to be anti-nuclear- and if the old style water-cooled reactors were the only designs out there, I probably still would be anti-nuclear. But there are safer and better designs, these days. I don't think there's a need to mine for uranium at this point, either- we have plenty of plutonium already extracted and refined, that's all too high grade, stored in missiles.

"The U.S. plutonium inventory is composed of 85.0 MT of weapon grade, 13.2 MT of fuel grade, and 1.3 MT of reactor grade (Figure 3). Of the 85.0 MT of weapon grade plutonium, 38.2 MT have been declared excess to national security needs. The composition and location of this 38.2 MT can be found in Appendix A."

All that stored energy. The way I see it, we have three choices: we can use it in a paroxysm of devastation to destroy civilization, mankind, and the web of life on the planet; we can do nothing with it, while spiraling downward in an addiction to fossil fuels; or we can use that plutonium and uranium to supply enough power to the planet to get us over the hump to an authentic "green energy future" (because without some magic wand that hasn't been invented yet, it's going to take another 25-50 years to get there.)

People keep bringing up Chernobyl- that was a reactor so poorly built that it didn't even have a containment vessel! And even at that, the ecological consequences are minor compared to what's happened with this latest Gulf of Mexico oil spill (and all of the other ones we don't hear about, from the Amazonian rainforests to the Niger Delta)- or even in the American coal industry, with mountaintop removal mining and associated byproducts, like the breaking of that containment dam for coal ash (which qualifies as both toxic waste AND low-level radioactive waste, incidentally) in Tennessee a few years ago.

I also think that nuclear power is much less risky than using hydro-fracking to extract natural gas from the Marcellus shale formation in central Pennsylvania, upstate New York, and the Catskills- a process which involves using huge amounts of that precious natural resource, clean fresh water, mixed with proven carcinogens like benzene, and then pumped into porous shale and limestone formations underneath the underground water table that provides the wellsprings for streams, rivers, and wells for hundreds of miles around. I know that the industry claims that it's "safe"- but my hunch is that what they mean is that "the toxic compounds won't migrate in our lifetime." Benzene is volatile, and it doesn't decompose into a simpler compound. In other words, it's a very mobile and very patient toxin. And that's only one of the poisons in the toxic soup that's required to chase the natural gas out from beneath the shale formations, to be pumped (hopefully without leaks, cough) in pipelines that basically go right through the aquifer...


Nuclear power is safer. It's less disruptive to the environment. Even the most historic disasters have proven more containable.

Except for the future potential for problems with nuclear waste, arguably. BUT the biggest problem thus far is from NOT disposing of the waste- from inaction, through simply leaving leaking waste on-site at places like Rocky Flats in Colorado and Hanford, Washington. Where it's begun to get into, yes, the aquifer.

I happen to think that there are some relatively safe places than that, to contain and store nuclear waste. I mean, anywhere has to be better than sitting atop an underground water supply, right?

Unfortunately, the waste problem in two nuclear facilities- Rocky Flats and Hanford- has been neglected for so long that a cleanup attempt may possibly do more harm than good. That's what denial and neglect can do. It's also a testament to the folly of nuclear weaponry, because those places weren't power plants, they're where the US military industrial complex built enough bombs to obliterate every large city on the planet 100 times times over, with plenty left over as spares...


But those are two lousy examples of nuclear waste (non) disposal. The worst in the USA, if I'm not mistaken. The good news is that is doesn't have to be that bad.

Various sites for nuclear waste disposal have already been researched and discussed, of course, like Yucca Flats. But even the most well-researched ones all seem to have the same problem: they're on land. That's where the fresh water is- and make no mistake, clean fresh water is the most valuable mineral resource on the planet. Also, that's where earthquakes can mobilize leaking waste- both into the water supply, and into the atmosphere. The atmospheric problem is an especially risky one, since as a rule the worst way to ingest radioactive material is to breathe it.

I'm going to go out on a limb and propose something, here. Nuclear waste would be better off at the bottom of the deep ocean- a natural "containment vessel" that will never evaporate and lead to "melt down"; will never mobilize into an underground water supply, and will never rise into the atmosphere as toxic dust.

Posted by Robert D. Reed, Jr. May 3, 10 06:40 AM

Anything can happen in the country, which uses the word "democracy" for such an obvious nonsense.

They could bring a tanker and pump that oil directly at the pipe together with seawater.

Meanwhile, what is douing that president? Feeding the nation with his maxims about changes?
People should not think that their president is loser, they should think that he is fighter with "terrorism". 10 millions nonregistered nobodies infiltrated the country and it still isists that it is fighting the terrorism? Is it possible to fight a terrorism without a border? Arisona accepted the law which is 20 years late and 98% agree - exept that president. How this can be named "democracy"? With such a system the country with go arbitrarily, like that oil and can finish anywhere.

That oil will never be stopped because there is no real system, which can make decisions and really change something. There is only wordy carousel.

What was Katrina? Katrina was chaos, without anybody named responsible for it. This oil spill is the same. No one entity exists which take real responsibility. There will be victims, but not anybody accused.

Posted by Second one May 3, 10 06:58 AM

Yes, crazy as it might sound- maybe the place for nuclear waste disposal is underwater, in the deep salt ocean.

I'm not talking about simply dumping atomic waste offshore in a few hundred feet of water- that was done in places like the Farallon Islands off the coast of California- and, to tell the terrible truth, at Hunter's Point Shipyard, right in the San Francisco Bay. It's hard to know what the health impacts of that folly are going to be in the long run. It isn't as if the results have reached anything close to horror story proportions. But it was a terribly risky thing to do.

Undeniably, it was a stupid, stupid idea to dump that waste in the Bay, and offshore in a rich wildlife and marine habitat like the Farallons, in only 300 feet of water.

The deep ocean is different. In many locations on the deep ocean floor, almost nothing lives down there. It's deep, dark, and cold. The pressure of the water is several Gs. Combine that with the fact that most nuclear waste is in the form of heavy elements, and it's easy to figure that nuclear waste is not likely to "contaminate the ocean". The metals will tend to settle to the bottom of the ocean, and keep going downward, buried by layers of ocean sediment over the centuries.

I think that for maximum safety, high level waste should be contained in a matrix or containment shell (even with a massive amount of shielding in place, one scuttled oil tanker could hold the output of many, many reactors.) And even hot radioactive waste would be no match for the cooling provided by the trillions of gallons of 36 degree Fahrenheit water found in only a few cubic miles of water.

How safe is the ocean, as a depository for toxic heavy metals? Consider the case of lead. The oceans of the Earth contain about 4 million metric tons of it. Unfiltered salty ocean water is, in fact, a toxic water supply to humans. But it's still safe to swim in. Even with 4 million tons of lead in it. That's just one toxic heavy metal found in the oceans of the world.

Why hasn't that sort of pollution led to environmental catastrophe? Volume.

How many cubic miles of sea water make up the oceans of the world?

321,000,000 cubic miles.

How many gallons of water are found in 1 cubic mile of water?

1.1 trillion gallons.

What's the total US inventory of plutonium, since it was first made from uranium in 1942? About 100 tons.

How much "highly enriched" uranium was made by the USA between 1945 and 1992? 994 metric tons.

Just from preliminary calculation, I submit that it's possible that the ocean could contain that much high level radioactive waste in its depths. Possibly much, much more that that, in fact- with the caveat that the disposal site is carefully chosen, and that some shielding would be put in place to slow the leakage of the waste.

(A related statistic: .6 cubic mile (or 600,000 gallons) of water is sufficient to offer a years worth of heat sink for a 1600Mwe conventional design nuclear power plant. That's the amount of water that flows through an operating fuel reactor producing 1600 Megawatts, or 1.6 Gigawatts, in one year. [1,144,000 gallons per minute/1600Mwe stats courtesy of the Union of Concerned Scientists.] Needless to say, waste material left over from such a plant- even high level waste material- does not produce and emanate nearly as much thermal energy.)

Not that I'm all gung-ho on throwing as much down there as possible, don't get me wrong.

But I think that it's worth looking into the possibility that the deep oceans can probably handle responsibly done deep ocean disposal of nuclear waste, a lot easier than marine shoreline ecosystems can handle a big oil well blowout.

Also: a lot easier than the deltas, bayous, rainforests, and wetlands can handle pollution, leaks, and subsidence from oil drilling and transport. A lot easier than primordial aquifers of pristine fresh water can handle the slow infiltration of carcinogenic compounds off of the benzene ring. A lot easier than forested hillsides and river valleys can handle mountaintop removal mining. A lot easier than rural communities and rivers can handle living around containment ponds for coal ash or hydro-fracking waste. A lot easier than the rivers of Canada can handle tar sand extraction...

Posted by Robert D. Reed, Jr. May 3, 10 07:05 AM

it hurts me...

Posted by Moon Suk May 3, 10 07:13 AM

For those of you who need something to fear, here is real terror.

Posted by J. Adams May 3, 10 07:45 AM

whoever clean this crap... good luck and keep your minds sharp...
its not the right time to boo this and praise that... even wind farms have an effect on nature... don't become smartasses and say what's right or not...

stay strong

Posted by siil May 3, 10 07:49 AM

Black or green: take your pic. It's a free world... sure, and it's free to eject us (people) at any time. Wakie wakie people. I'm selling my last petrol car this month and I've got 30 000 USD waiting for a decent electric version. Don't complain, act, today.

Posted by Christopher Human May 3, 10 08:08 AM

mother nature is going to get mad you better start being nice to her or a lot of peopleare going to feel the affect wake up all you money hungry bastards who just care about money nature is the most beautiful thing on this planet and your destroying everything in you path for f..... money all you oil people should talk to fix this problem you all have enough money to do it spend some of it to fix all the shit your doing in this world......thank you cya

Posted by marc masse May 3, 10 08:16 AM

This is yet another case of corporate greed. These lobbyists on CNN make me sick . They are paid to minimize the damage. We all know they are screwing us over and over. We have other fuels, why label them alternative? Because that's what the media tells us they are. In reality they are safe and cost effective . This crap has to stop, I hope we can all see this and act as far and reaching as necessary. Hydrogen, wind, and corn are great fuels. They are just as effective and safe. I am so pissed off and feel undermined by these evil people. Those poor fisherman, fish, birds, families, children.

Posted by John Traczewski May 3, 10 08:19 AM

I'm so sad :-(((((((((((((
Peolpe killing the planet!

Posted by Szilard May 3, 10 08:34 AM

hasta que el hombre no tome conciencia de que el único lugar que tenemos para vivir, y mantener nuestra especie es esta maravillosa y noble tierra, no podrá disfrutar de su entorno, es triste ver como los diferentes gobernate de naciones mantienen grandes recursos para la guerra y la compra de armamentos, pero que poco le dan a la creación de programas de como mantener y ayudar a la casa de todos, qqes trizte y desolador pensar, ¿CUAL SERÁ LA TIERRA QUE LE DEJAREMOS A LAS FUTURAS GENERACIONES? por favor siembra una planta cerca de tu casa, para ayudar a tu planeta. una planta salva una vida.

Posted by Victoria F. (fortunata) May 3, 10 08:54 AM

es lamentable que el hombre no tome conciencia de cuidar y ayudar a el unico habitad que tenenmos, los gobernantes de las grandes naciones gastan sus recursos en manetener guerras y en la compra de armamentos, pero hacen muy poco por ayudar en la protección de la casa de todos. ¿CUAL SERÁ LA TIERRA QUE LE DEJAREMOS A LAS FUTURAS GENERACIONES? Siembra una planta cerca de tu casa, en el parque en la montaña, ayuda a salvar vidas, las nuestras.

Posted by pina May 3, 10 08:59 AM

Unfortunately we believe this is not the first and only tragedy environment will face. For decades we have decided to proceed running on oil instead of other renewable energy already available. So let`s be ready for the next and the biggest one. This is just the beggining.

Posted by J.D. Castro May 3, 10 09:09 AM

Every jerk that cried, "Drill baby drill," should be down along the Louisiana coastline.

Posted by Kevin May 3, 10 09:24 AM

e este é o país que disse que o Brasil não tinha capacidade de cuidar da amazônia.

Posted by mendez May 3, 10 09:48 AM

thats not good for fishes and other water animals

Posted by azeemtariq May 3, 10 10:26 AM


Posted by Manolis Panagiotou May 3, 10 10:48 AM

Amigos de " The Big Picure ", he aqui lo que pienso:
Hemos estado matandonos y destrozando el planeta desde hace, poco mas o menos, cinco mil años, siempre culpando a Satanas, al propio Dios Padre o a su hijo, a los invasores, a los terroristas: Que tienen que ver estos con el ansia de poder y de control de unos inescrupulosos
individuos que, dia a dia tratan de controlar el planeta y a sus habitantes?
La ciencia ha avanzado increiblemente, pero la conducta humana aun se ha mantenido dentro de los parametros del primitivismo, o lo que es mucho peor, dentro del marco de la Dark Age. No seria nada extraño, que para el 2012, el desastre planificado del planeta sea un hecho inminente y de catastroficas consecuencias manipulado por humanos.
Debemos poner un stop y decir basta. Es la decision nuestra. Piensen en esto.
P/S Mi Ingles no es lo suficientemente fluido, espero que acepten este comentario en mi idioma, Muchas gracias.

Posted by Rita Collazo May 3, 10 10:53 AM

I know this has been said before, but let me reiterate: "Every a$$hole who ever chanted 'Drill baby Drill' should have to report to the Gulf coast today for cleanup duty." - Bill Maher

Posted by pablo cruz May 3, 10 11:17 AM

Conservation means conserving and we are all coming to realize that it's time to change our wasteful ways. Plant based plastics, wind, solar, conservation, public transit, walking, biking, etc...are all excellent ways to reduce our need for ever diminishing oil. We can and will make that change. We will do it now for to not is too invite more disasters until we make that change.

Posted by Earth May 3, 10 12:10 PM

Too often people associate oil only for cars and fossil fuel burning equipment. Unknown to many is that our lifestyle everywhere (not only US) depends very heavily on fossil fuel. Plastic & nylon are byproducts of petroleum drilled from the earth. It includes your mouse, computers, computer screen (your looking on), drinking cups, panels on cars. Nylon is used for stocking, gaskets, clothes. Hydrogen fuel, gas for heating, is also from the ground. Wind power can reduce dependence but not totally. Progress and man's lifestyle demands it. If oil is done away with we have to revert back to wood, coal and mining just like in the past. How would you like to have a steel or wood computer? This have had its share of environmental impacts such as mercury at bottom of lakes and rivers to this day.

Drilling is risky business. It has to be done to satisfy man's demand for energy, things, speed. I have worked in this business before. Tough maritime laws, engineering practices, codes are in place to prevent environmental disasters and loss of life at sea. Even if 99% is covered there is still that 1% risk just as you would drive a car.

Drilling on land is not as risky as it is offshore. It is more controllable than drilling in the open sea at 5,000 feet of water wherein access is dangerous, expensive and lmiited. It is multi-directional and is 2 vertical miles below the surface. Also, we are called the big Satan by those who pretend to be our friends in Middle East. They use oil as a pawn to manipulate us. Drilling in Alaska or within our borders removes this dependence on foreign oil.

Mother Nature? Let us look at our constant demands for fuel, things to sustain our life before we look at Mother Nature. It starts with us-our lifestyle which is driven by consumption. Trash you throw out is evidence. Reduce your trash to a bag and try recycling.

We emands of man.

Posted by trekker May 3, 10 12:49 PM


Posted by Dave Ryan May 3, 10 01:30 PM

I was in Science class when my teacher Mrs.Hobbs said for the rest of the year we will be learning about the april 21st oil spill.I was wondering what she was talking about till she told me more I was puzzed out man!!Now i got to do a research on everything about this oil spill.Plese help me or e-mail me if you know things about it........Thnkxs

Posted by the beautiful baby May 3, 10 01:44 PM

I live on the Gulf Coast and people seem clueless as to the catastrophy we are about to experience first hand.

Posted by Jimmy May 3, 10 02:44 PM

Place a frog in a pot with hot water and it will attempt to jump out. But place a frog in a pot with cold water and then slowly heat it, it won't jump out and eventually will croak, figuratively speaking. It may actually croak, too. It just has not evolved the ability to respond to slowly deteriorating environmental conditions with adequate corrective behavior.
It's a powerful metaphor for mankind's inability to deal with looming crises. Humans have a spotty record on social, political and environmental progress and their ability to solve problems by reason and rational thinking is frequently short-circuited by emotional responses which are fast-acting and powerful but short-lived and easily manipulated. One could argue that the vast majority of human progress on Earth has come from the use of the reasonable and rational parts of the brain. So when you think about important issues such as environmental degradation from oil spills or social issues such as abortion, ask yourself who is appealing to your emotions and you will know who is trying to manipulate you to respond a certain way. If you don't use your powers of reason, you will remain part of the problem. "Drill, baby, drill"? No, thanks. "Think, baby, think."

Posted by Manfred Kittel May 3, 10 03:04 PM


Posted by michael May 3, 10 03:12 PM

It's not our faults that the "leaders of men" we have elected have taken us down this path...

It's not my fault that the representatives I have elected have twisted and tainted the fate of my country to have wealth....

I can't help it that Corporate America has driven our country like a drunken psychopath into a pit, and my children are born into this world indebted....

I am only one man, oppression can't be overturned by the near silent whims and whispers of dissension by one man or of those from a whole country for that matter.....

For those of you who actually care think about this. In the time you spent putting your thoughts into words on this web page you could have contacted your state representavtives. If you care take some initiative. Nothing will ever change when you set at home in the airconditioning in your favorite recliner with your big screen TV or on your computer and voice your thoughts passively. The American people will continue to be unhappy with the way their country is ran if they have no involvement in the way their country is ran.

I hold these truiths to be self evident THIS IS STILL A DEMOCRACY PEOPLE. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

The turbulent have to be corrected,
The faint-hearted cheered up,
The weak supported;
The Gospel's opponents need to be refuted,

Its insidious enemies guarded against;
The unlearned need to be taught,
The indolent stirred up,
The argumentative checked;

The proud must be put in their place,
The desperate set on their feet,
Those engaged in quarrels reconciled;
The needy have to be helped,

The oppressed to be liberated,
The good to be encouraged,
The bad to be tolerated;
All must be loved.

Posted by BILL May 3, 10 03:33 PM

Magnifiques photos et merci pour les informations.
Bon courage à vous tous qui habiter la-bas.

Posted by Michel S May 3, 10 04:34 PM

It's the symbol of the whole actual world: Crazy, avid & durty.

Posted by piotr May 3, 10 04:41 PM

I haven't heard any reports about the cause of this accident. Doea anyone know what caused the massive explosion?

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 10 05:31 PM

Im going to start of by saying this sucks.I hate to see the earth bleed in vein.That being said If you want to be a "greenie" Are you doing it because you want to or..... because the TV has bashed it into your head .... or is your kid telling you to go green because thier being brainwashed at school?
Do you know how this "green" movement got started? Al Gore ring a bell? He wants to sell companies "carbon credits" ( I just want to slap him and tell him he owns the carbon like i own oxygen ) Have you seen Al gores house(s) with like 19 A/C units? or any of his dozen or so gas guzzlers?
Obama made a speech once on this movement and i quote
"People wanna drive alone in thier Suvs and leave the light switches on" I'm thinking are you going to come over and turn it off for me ? Whats really funny is how the president travels ALONE on AIR FORCE ONE with his tank catalac "the beast" flown on a seperate plane infront of him ...... when he come threw any town traffic is halted in all directions.... im sure youre getting your MPG then LOL

So dont push your green crap on me and ill try not to pass you to fast in your prius.

Think of all those wonderful trees were starving of carbon dioxide with this movement how will we get oxygen when they starve to death?

One last thing .... the earth wont be here forever thats impossible because the sun wont last forever also there is no global warming due to us the sun goes threw 11 year cycles of more output and less output they scammed you all on the rise. Thats right folks the Sun is not a heatpump with a thermostat.... guess we have to get used to that.

Posted by Josh May 3, 10 08:01 PM

We certainly live in interesting times.

As always, great pics.

I really hate to see something like this, it should never have happened.

Posted by paulj May 3, 10 08:05 PM

ces images sont plandides mais la réalité est toute autre,
ceci m`apparait être le pire désatre que le monde a connue
c`est pas rose pour les pêcheurs et pour les oiseaux ect

Posted by arthur déraspe May 3, 10 09:02 PM

Human scourge, blight, parasite on earth. We stand no chance to approach the longevity of the simplest forms of life. Greed, excess, corruption and aggression are the staples of our existence. Our synaptic function is flawed. If the direction of human evolution continues on the current path, we shall only be measured in terms of inches in the stratigraphy of global world events.

Complacency cannot be tolerated it we are to succeed as an organism. Conservation of energy and the fundamental resources of life will etch our fleeting legacy in the analog of history. Granted, we can all hope for the best and perhaps pray as hard as we can for the “change” in human spirit and ideology. However, the question is, are we already out of time?

Posted by Robert Peterson May 3, 10 10:06 PM

Those of you who don't want to drill need to remember that we had a major spill in the Mississippi River two years ago after a barge collision. That barge wouldn't have been in the river if we didn't import so much oil.

You also might want to inform yourselves on international law. Cuba, Russia, and China are drilling far closer to the coast of Florida than this rig was to Louisiana. And they are far less interested in safety and the environment than we are. Feel free to leave the playing field to them but in the long run we'll see more of these incidents, not fewer.

Posted by Common Sense May 3, 10 10:51 PM

Ted's post equals wisdom. It's amazing humanity has made it this far. We are really a little nuts, you realize, and violent to boot. I hope the Jesus chronicles are Truth and he comes to the rescue as promised.

Posted by Dave May 3, 10 10:58 PM

Spills like this can be prevented by installing a safety device called an "Acoustic Switch." These devices are required on drilling platforms all around the world, and used to be required in the United States, until the regulation was dismantled by the Bush Administration in 2001-02. Thanks, Dick Cheney! Oil men in the White House...what a wonderful idea that was.

Posted by Carbon May 3, 10 11:03 PM

That's incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Melisa<3:] May 3, 10 11:35 PM


Posted by Anonymous May 3, 10 11:46 PM

So F****** up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 10 12:45 AM

The Gulf of Mexico spill imay ultimately be the catastrophe of the decade given how it's only increasingly worse in estimates.  They're talking about potentially 2 to 4 million gallons being released per day, with no end in sight!  A recent Australian spill that was much shallower has had twelve attempts attempts to cap it prove unsuccessful.

But this particular disastrous GoM oil operation started out beyond the edge of existing oil technology's normal capacity, already at the edge of deep drilling parameters.  When you consider what "pressure" means, on a square-footage basis, it is the mass of everything that is piled in the one foot by one foot square above the area you are measuring.  Something on the order of a mile of seawater is squeezing down on every square foot of ocean bottom that was already subject to the tectonic forces involved of just being under the surface of the Earth's mantle. In other words, in complete disregard for the safety of the workers or the larger international environmental consequences, they've poked a f***ing hole in the skin of that balloon (however deep it really is). Even the submarines that would be addressing this mess have to be unmanned, because the pressure is so great at that depth.
This tragedy is just further proof that Reagan's role playing for megacorps 30 years ago has unleashed a legacy of universal death and destruction that has turned our nation into a world pariah.

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 10 01:40 AM

This is an Enviroment Issue,

Posted by Deepak Shah May 4, 10 03:02 AM

i live and work in new orleans for an industry that relies on people traveling to da city looking for oysters, shrimps, and catfish menieurs. what am i going to do now?

Posted by ttiow May 4, 10 03:19 AM

When money is more worth than nature...

If mankind had invested in re-newable energies, than in technology for conveying oil, we had been untroubled by desasters like these.
By the way: The first electric car was invented in 1834 by Thomas Davenport.
Imagine, what now would be!!!

Posted by Thorsten May 4, 10 05:05 AM

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama tells us: "Fortunately, more and more people are coming to recognize the importance of ethical discipline as a means to ensuring a healthy place to live. For this reason I am optimistic that disaster can be averted. Until comparatively recently, few people gave much thought to the effects of human activity on our planet. Yet today there are even political parties whose main concern is this. Moreover, the fact that the air we breathe, the water we drink, the forests and oceans which sustain millions of different life forms, and the Climatic patterns which govern out weather systems all transcend national boundaries is a source of hope. It means that no country, Be matter _either how rich and powerful or how poor and weak it may be, can afford not to take action in respect of this issue.

As far as the individual is concerned, the problems resulting from our neglect of our natural environment are a powerful reminder that we all have a contribution to make. And while one person's actions may not have a significant impact, the combined effect of millions of individuals' actions certainly does. This means that it is time for all those living in the industrially developed nations to give serious thought to changing their lifestyle. Again this is not so much a question of ethics. The fact that the population of the rest of the world has an equal right to improve their standard of living is in some ways more important than the affluent being able to continue their lifestyle. If this is to be fulfilled without causing irredeemable violence to the natural world-with all the negative consequences for happiness that this would entail-the richer countries must set an example. The cost to the planet, and thus the cost to humanity, of ever-increasing standards of living, is simply too great."

Excerpt from "Ancient Wisdom, Modern World: Ethics for the New Millennium" by Tenzin Gyatso, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. Published by Little, Brown and Company, United Kingdom J 999. (pp 2 J 3 -220).

Posted by Gaby Hollmann May 4, 10 06:29 AM

I think it is telling that there are more pictures of dirty animals than of the families of the deceased rig workers.

Posted by treeworship May 4, 10 06:52 AM

The answer to renewable fuel and a cleaner environment lies in the Hemp industry.

Posted by AK May 4, 10 06:54 AM

people screaming about how BP should be paying this and being fined that and should be cleaning it all up themselves and what not are missing the bigger picture.

i know BP history isnt a clean sheet... but i would always assume things like this are purely accidents until proven otherwise. thats another thing, people seem to of forgotten that accidents can and do happen and sometimes its nobodies fault....just a series of events that coincided to produce a terrible outcome. its basic probability people.basic.

anyway.... the bigger picture is.. the oil slick. it needs cleaning up, fast. there is no time to wait whille BP amasses an army of ships and crews. everyone and anyone who can should be helping to clear this up before its too late because the ramifications are just too great.

ok once its cleared up they could maybe look for renumeration from BP... but until then people need to put their opinions and differences to one side and work together to avert what is likely to be an environmental disaster.

Posted by manthefookup May 4, 10 06:57 AM

Folks,,,get over the "world is falling" mindset. The Earth will take care of itself. Much worse things have happened long before we were born and the planet if fine. God is much bigger than this oil spill or anything that we have done. He'll take care of this and the world will be safe.

Posted by Scott May 4, 10 07:45 AM

more personal responsibility for actions should be immediately developed.IJ

Posted by Inka Jochum May 4, 10 07:53 AM

wow thats crazy

Posted by emsw271Jeremy May 4, 10 08:11 AM

Obama signed a bill allowing more offshore drilling. This could just be the tip of the iceberg if stricter safety rules & regulations aren't put in place AND inforced. We may just become as extinct as the dinosaurs, thanks bp.

Posted by Theloonman May 4, 10 08:15 AM

When I see the pictures of the attempt to extinguish the fire, I get the strong feeling that they sink the hole floating structure because the effect of free water surface due to the amount of water they used. Was it not better to let the whole tructure cauterize, while cooling the floating parts which are already submerged.for the most part? I think if you have the haughtiness to drill at such a depth which is not reachable for divers, you should have an approved emergency procedure already stand by. Like the drilling to reduce the pressure. Now it will take at least 90 days . This should already been done before any production might be commence A better plan is to prohibit all the drilling work at those depths until a 100% proven guaranty will be given by all environmental organisations. and other concerned parties.

Posted by Emil Peters May 4, 10 08:16 AM

We are all aghast at this tragedy, yet we are the ones, the consumers, demanding the oil. Go ahead and fine BP...who will pay for it when gas prices increase? Us.

Your only vote is your dollar. Period. Next time you're at the gas pump and swipe that card, you are voting "yes" for more oil drilling. Stop waiting for elected officials to change things and empower yourselves.

If you want change in the world, become it yourself.

Posted by Drake May 4, 10 08:23 AM

NPR (National Public Radio) states that there is a federal law capping the amount BP would have to pay to reimburse people for the damage caused by this spill at $75 million! That's chump change for a company as large as BP. There is a bill introduced in the Senate to raise that cap to $10 billion. Please contact your legislators to support this bill or an uncapped one! I hope this link works for you:

Posted by Ian MacFarlane May 4, 10 08:51 AM

"In theory, the system should collect 85 percent of the oil gushing from the sea floor, but BP has never deployed the structure at a depth of 5,000 feet and cannot guarantee that the effort will pay off. "

Obviously BP failed to fix this.
Even more - the implemented solution can make it difficult to apply another one.

The problem with the government is that they apply usual formal approach.
If fact they don't care. It was obvious from the beginning that the problem requires more wide team, help of science, help of government organizations, etc. It is a worldwide disaster.

Mass media is focused on economical impact, not on stopping the oil.
But if that oil will not be stopped then impact will be equal infinity.
I do not see any signs of understanding of this simple fact neither in the news nor in this discussion.

Posted by Aleksey May 4, 10 08:55 AM

Tudo isso é muito triste, ver o mundo nesta situação é desanimador, o homem com sua ganancia não mede esforços pra atingir metas que o elevem ao topo do mundo e menospreza elementos fundamentais da vida ...é lamentável

Posted by Billy May 4, 10 09:33 AM

@comment #70:
"The earth was made for Man's use and stewardship, this tragedy is a sad example of how foolish men can be but it does not negate our God given responsibility to tend the earth and use it's resources for our benefit."

Wow, JosiahE, who fed you that twaddle? Josie, you are just a bleep in the ever expanding universe. No flying spaghetti monster "bestowed" this big blue marble on you for your "use." Wall Street and the disaster capitalists (in this case the oil conglomerate) love to tell this same tale of yours about themselves. So who are you really?

Moreover, why are you against allowing everyone here to confess that they've come to terms with the fact that we really did ourselves wrong?

Posted by can't spin this one May 4, 10 09:49 AM

The acoustic switch that everyone is whining about would not have stopped this thing from continuing to leak. They have already attempted to operate the BOP valve, it is failing (either due to damage or blockage). Having a remote switch to try the same thing would make no difference.

Posted by MikeTV May 4, 10 10:13 AM

crap this is going to make filling up my BMW more expensive. I dont care much about the marine life, Im just worried about gas costing me another 10-20 bucks every time I fill up.

Thanks BP.

Posted by TMF May 4, 10 10:22 AM

Oil is not man made, it is natural to the Earth.. the earth knows what to do with it... Humans suffer, the Earth endures. The insignificance of this occurance is lost upon most of you. The lessons here are lost as well.

We would find some way to screw up whatever technology we use for power.

The ignorance of the masses is beyond belief.

Completely agree with #271 above...

Posted by One of many May 4, 10 10:38 AM

Lots of people on here Complaining about this, and blaming the big oil companies. The Government and anyone they can think of.

PEOPLE ARE DEAD!!! Who gives a he!! about a couple turtles when 11 People never returned home to their families. When a mother is preparing to give birth without her husband by her side. When children are crying out for their DEAD FATHERS. There is a mother who had to Celebrate her daughters 3rd birthday with tears in her eyes instead of joy in her heart. A Child who does not understand why daddy didn't come home.

Wake the hell up and look around you. Since when did Material Goods, Money and some Turtles and Birds becomes more important than the 11 families who are in pain right now at the loss of their loved ones?? Where the hell are the volunteers going over to the families and helping them? Why is the news agencies not highlighting the death of these 11 Hard working men, instead of some Wild Life?

I'll do it then.......................

1.Jason Anderson,
2.Aaron Dale Burkeen,
3.Donald Clark,
4.Stephen Curtis,
5.Roy Wyatt Kemp,
6.Karl Kleppinger,
7.Gordon Jones ,
8.Blair Manuel,
9.Dewey Revette,
10.Shane Roshto,
11.Adam Weise.

To these men who Died just trying to provide for their families. I will remember you. I wont forget your deaths.I did not know any of you. But anyone of you could have been my Husband, My Brother, or My Father. So I will grieve for you. Rest in Peace. I hope your families can get through this okay. Can heal and know that somewhere out there, they are not alone in their grief.

Posted by A Mother in Kansas City May 4, 10 10:38 AM

Whilst this accident sucks, I am glad its happened off the coast of America, because it might help the USA realise that their dependency on oil has gone on too long. Here is Britain we drive petrol cars, but they are generally far more efficient than the models sold in the USA. I gave up my car a few years ago, choosing to cycle for local trips and hiring a car when I need to go further afield.

Posted by Mark Barker May 4, 10 11:17 AM

To all those who think God will just fix this - maybe, but fixing Man's blunders will take centuries, if not millennia. I agree with the quote from Bill Maher, and to it, I would add that Sarah Palin ought to be chief among those reporting for cleanup work, since she's been so busy working everyone into a frenzy chanting "Drill, baby, drill" and "Mine, baby, mine." Just apart from the human costs (29 miners at Upper Big Branch last month and 11 at Deepwater Horizon, may they all rest in peace), the environmental costs are getting to be too high to count. Al Gore or no Al Gore, we still need to consider green energy as a necessary alternative - we have to dig up desert flora to place solar panels, but that's a lot less damage than what's being caused by this oil spill. As to wind turbines, surely we can find some way to shield the blades so that birds don't crash into them?
I told myself I could understand why Obama went with limited offshore drilling - it's because we really need some sort of step-down method from oil and coal to green energy. Now, it looks like one of the biggest mistakes he's made yet (and while I support the man, I certainly don't agree with everything he's done), and it's my hope that he'll reverse that particular decision until this fiasco is resolved. I like the other poster's idea about getting hydrogen from water electrolysis; if we can purify ocean water for human consumption (as they do in Saudi Arabia), surely we can extract hydrogen for use as a clean-burning fuel, and set up an infrastructure to handle its distribution.. Changes must needs be made if we're going to not wipe ourselves out within the next millennium.
Lastly, folks, remember the words of Chief Seattle: "Only when the last fish is caught, only when the last river is poisoned, only when the last tree is cut down will you realise that you cannot eat money."

Posted by redwolf68 May 4, 10 11:17 AM

i dont care how much the gas prices go up as long as the wildlife and marine life are saved.

Posted by Robert May 4, 10 11:18 AM

after seeing this, I still had to go this morning to fill my carr... its sad, that we are prisioners of oil

Posted by otmar May 4, 10 11:22 AM

Look at those urban land whales crying. Am I supposed to feel sorry they lost family? I don't. How about they step away from the twinkies, put down the tissues, and open their eyes to see what their relatives were involved with. How about we all step back and take a good long look at the picture. This is all of our faults. Every time you fill up a car, you are contributing to this. We are far too dependent on oil. It's 2010, people. Get with the program.

Posted by qwerty May 4, 10 11:37 AM


Posted by Anonymous May 4, 10 12:11 PM

To A Mother, #275:

Me. I give a he!! about those turtles. I am truly deeply sorry for those who have lost friends and family, I am.

But I am more sorry for the environment. In fact, your dismissal of a "couple turtles" stinks of self centeredness and ignorance. By the time this disaster has come about, birds, mammals, fish, amphibians (let's leave the discussion of how we humans are decimating their population for another time), plants and more will have been affected. It will take hundreds of years before the area has regenerated.
You saw the photos of the fishermen, worried for their own futures, pledging their assistance. What about their families?

I make no apologies for the shouting:

Posted by Richard May 4, 10 12:14 PM


Posted by Anonymous May 4, 10 12:32 PM

i think that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was because it was run by stupid idiots that didn't know what they were doing by not planing emergency evacuations.

Posted by Susie Harper May 4, 10 01:03 PM

Oil is not the answer, oil is the problem. We are so tangled in the web of oil usage and big $ it will take a lot of guts to switch to renewable energy, it will also take much sacrifice. During the transition everyone will be inconvenienced, and we as Americans don't like that. Can we be the generation that demands a change, and makes it happen? I sure see many people pushing back every time a change is suggested, we want our $ and our comfort. I would pay more taxes and sacrifice many conveniences if an effort would be made nationally. Would you?

Posted by mike May 4, 10 01:13 PM

"Live sustainably! Cut your own firewood!" Yeah...lemme get in my car, drive through city traffic, find a place that has enough wood growth there I can chop down a tree and replant one (assuming I can get permission from the land owner), chop it up with my...well, what, chainsaw I'd have to buy I guess, then make 10 trips or more to and from the city, in my car, trying to lug the wood back to...well, storage across town I guess since it won't fit in my...HEY, WOULDN'T IT BE NICE IF I HAD A FIREPLACE?

Look, live how you want to live but don't shove it on anyone else: no one likes your arrogant crap but other arrogant people with their heads in a permanent self-proctology exam.

As for 'omg, oil is evil' er, on, oil is a natural product we utilize -- you do know that nature will break that stuff down on its own, right? Is this tragic, yes it is, and if the Administration had given BP the help it needed early on, it wouldn't be as bad but still it's going to be problem. Then again, a hydro-electric dam break would be similarly catastrophic, but we still love those buggers.

Hey, I'd been on the 'let's get off oil' bandwagon since I was old enough to realize the problems we have in international policy we have b/c of it -- thank YOU Jimmy Carter! -- and b/c of the pollution (REAL pollution, not plant-food/CO2) but so far NO ONE has come up with the ability to produce hydrogen or any other alternative on a 1/10,000,000th scale for our needs, let alone to replace oil as an energy source (regardless of the OTHER necessary products oil provides us with) and pissing and moaning about it won't do anything but make you look like a whiney little child that should be seen and not heard.

Do something useful: INVEST YOUR MONEY in a company with a real commitment to being an energy company and doing active research into alternative energy sources. Then SHUT UP and recognize that our children MIGHT see a return on that investment as they retire but that we never will see a world replacing oil as the dominate energy resource.

The best we can hope to do is keep our economies working well enough to FUND that research, much of which is being done by the companies associated to -- and hated for -- oil. You know, that stuff that made your leasurely lives remotely possible.

Animals are smarter than humans: they don't feel guilt for being alive.

Posted by V May 4, 10 01:14 PM

"Drill, baby, drill!"
Um, yeah, about that, Ms. Palin....

Posted by ElleEm May 4, 10 01:26 PM

The eleven dead men are miners of another stripe, doing our dirty work for us, like it or not (admit or not): all concerned should consider the dead as our own...especially if all of this could have been prevented by design.

Posted by JoeOvercoat May 4, 10 01:33 PM

I love the guy that says "... who cares about a couple of sea turtles..." as he goes on to lament the deaths of the rig workers. Human death is unfortunate... but it pails in comparison to the combined butterfly effect(s) this sort of thing will eventually represent to all of us. I personally think we are doomed. "Idiocracy" the movie. Rent it. Because you are living it.

Posted by Kenn May 4, 10 02:03 PM


Posted by MAURICIO May 4, 10 02:27 PM

Using the millions of unemployed and welfare recipients that receive government money to clean this mess up is the obvious choice. Plus getting them off the sofa and out working will help their health and reduce our health costs.

Posted by Max Karlos May 4, 10 02:53 PM

Take a moment of silence and pray for the loved ones of the 11 killed on the rig listed on #275. May God comfort them in their time of need.

Drilling is a very risky-whether offshore or onshore. These men lost were some of the toughest, hardworking people in the US-really! Having worked in this business before I have a lot of respect for those who build the rigs to those who work on them in exploration and drilling esp. the rookie roughnecks. It puts to shame the pen-and-paper pushing jobs. Someone had to do it due to man's demands.

#279 you're right! We are prisoners of oil from auto fuel, plastics, to natural gas, synthetics, polymers - which are all oil byproducts as I've mentioned on #234. Clean up, improve technology and safety at sea and laws on MODU (Mobile Offshore Drilling Units) and American Bureau fo Shipping (ABS) regulatory laws which govern offshore drilling, and then move on. What else can we do? Everyone needs oil. It's the source of a lot of products.

Posted by trekker May 4, 10 03:06 PM

@275 A Mother in Kansas City

So you are saying that 11 men are more important than thousands of fish, birds and animals? Just becasue wildlife cannot express themselves the way we can does not make us superior to them in any way. Everyday millions of animals are killed because of our greed and selfishness thinking that we own the planet. They are also killed trying to get food for their children and trying to survive just like those 11 men. So now I ask you again are those 11 men more important than all the other life out there. Of course I am sad for their families but there are alot or other beings that will be affected by this, not just 11 families. So lets look at teh bigger picture.

Posted by Vims May 4, 10 03:07 PM

I think what we can do to help is to get a soaker and soak up all the oil if it is somemore then get another soaker and soak the rest of it up and keep repeating this over and over till gone.

Posted by malaysia tyjuan coopersmith May 4, 10 03:13 PM

To #266 Emil Peters - Allow me to educate on offshore drilling rigs or what we call MODU (mobile offshore drilling rigs) in the offshore drilling industry. This rigs cannot be sunk by the firefighting water poured out on it by the boats unless the hatch doors have been left open. Rigs float on 2 pontoon-like structures like submarines that are ballasted up and down by pumping seawater into ballast tanks. Judging by the intensity of the fire that engulfed the rig, the columns (legs-4 on a rig) that connect to the pontoons may have been weaked by the fire and allowed seawater to flood compartments. It's also in these columns were rig's diesel tanks are usually located. These may have caught fire too. These columns are double-hulled for collision but if there's an intense fire the steel plates would buckle, fail and allow flooding from outside. Flooding of compartments would cause the rig to list. And if it lists beyond its "damage stability limits" or allowable list angle it may sink. This was evident in one of the close up photos. Back in 2000 or 2001 a similar incident happened off the coast of Brazil when the Petrobras P-36 had an explosion in a diesel tank, listed for days while attempts were made to float but eventually sunk. Offshore drilling is risky. It is all over the world from the coast of Afrca, to the Shetland Island (UK), the North Sea, the Bahamas, Artic, off Russia, off India. Man needs oil for everything.

Posted by trekker May 4, 10 03:35 PM

this is realy messed up

Posted by jordan foreman May 4, 10 03:44 PM

thank you for your information

Posted by steve May 4, 10 03:46 PM


Now if anyone is really interested things are about to get really, really [BAD!!] from the;


David Kotok of Cumberland Investors, a much-watched [CNBC] Consumer News and Business Channel, market analyst, put out a very gloomy analysis of the economic impact of the [BP] British Petroleum offshore oil spill. Entitled [Oil Slickonomics]

And in the worst, David thinks:

This spew stoppage takes longer to reach a full closure; the subsequent cleanup may take a decade. The Gulf becomes a damaged sea for a generation. The oil slick leaks beyond the western Florida coast, enters the Gulfstream and reaches the eastern coast of the United States and beyond. Use your imagination for the rest of the damage. Monetary cost is now measured in the many hundreds of billions of euros.

Now, all this was based upon the concept that nothing was going to happen that would interfere with such a clean up. But folks that ain't going to happen, IT IS HURRICANE SEASON IN JUNE, do you remember what happen with the class [5] that just hit the Gulf Coast? Look out here she comes and it doesn't even have to be Hurricane Katrina or Sister Big Bertha either, pushing her either.

IT'S GOING TO BE THE GULF STREAM EXPRESS, on British Beaches, and beaches reached by the Gulf Steam Effect, near you, [800K] Eight-Hundred Thousand Liters per day from the Deepwater Horizon.



I want to express my sadness that our society places a higher value on financial profit than on human life and the environment.

Just as an individual only has one life, the human race only has one planet. Wealth is not more important!

On another note:
For the person who suggested sawdust...I saw this on a clean-up site :

"Peat Moss (absorbent) is a natural product readily available and is so close molecular to crude oil (product) that it instantaneously binds with the fluid oil to create a solid which becomes much easier to recover and will not be readily absorbed into sandy beaches and grass lands. These solids are more easily trapped by boom type barriers and will greatly enhance the recovery. Any debris (product and absorbent combined) recovered may be burned as fuel at utility companies or other coal fired furnaces facilities. Any debris left in the open environment will develop bacteria and decompose natural."

Posted by Lisa May 4, 10 04:00 PM


How's that working for you NOW, Sarah Palin?????

This is why I consider her and others of her ilk to be dangerous people. If it will advance their personal power, they will gladly, happily endanger other people or the earth.

(Yeah, I'm talking about you, Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly...)

Posted by ld May 4, 10 04:08 PM

whats the latest on the 40 ton funnel that engineers are working on to divert the oil to ships?..................................................

Posted by edmund May 4, 10 04:42 PM

Все это блядь очень грустно..

Posted by alex May 4, 10 04:49 PM

help the sea animals`

Posted by kale May 4, 10 04:55 PM

The ONLY way BP can be trusted to operate in an environmentally friendly manner on the Gulf of Mexico ( or any other marine setting ... ) is if their future operations are 100% restricted to the mining & transport of SEA WATER only.

Posted by John A. Joslin - Detroit, USA May 4, 10 05:24 PM

From the WSJ:

Federal regulators learned in a 2004 study that a vital piece of oil-drilling safety equipment may not function in deep-water seas but did nothing to bolster industry requirements … The equipment, called shear rams, is supposed to seal off out-of-control oil and gas wells by pinching the pipe closed and cutting it.

In 2004, a study commissioned by the MMS raised significant questions about the ability of rams to cut through the stronger pipes used in deep-water drilling. Those thicker pipes—as well as the shear rams—must withstand the enormous pressures found at 5,000 feet below sea level …

Only three of 14 newly build rigs had blowout preventers that were able to squeeze off and cut the pipe at the water pressure likely to be experienced at the equipment’s maximum water depth, the study noted.

Posted by WSJ May 4, 10 05:59 PM


Posted by NEVIL SANCHEZ May 4, 10 07:07 PM

Drilling here has nothing to do with's all about greed. God forgive us all.

Posted by K. Newman May 4, 10 07:10 PM

People who waste heedlessly and mindlessly contribute to the poisoning of the earth and it's living inhabitants ARE shoving it on everyone else.

Some of these letters imply that the only pollutant produces by fossil fuels is CO2. Fossil fuels extraction and use cause many more types of pollution problem than that.

In the case of some of the letter writers here, it's evident that their education in hard sciences like biology, biochemistry, botany, and ecology stalled out around about the time they started sleeping through 8th grade biology class.

Also- I don't see where anyone gets the idea that the people condemning this disaster don't care about the families of the oil rig workers killed in the explosion.

Posted by Robert D. Reed, Jr. May 4, 10 07:15 PM

Build large ships to vacume the oil from the water.And make all oil company's pay to maintain the they can be ready for disasters like this.

Posted by jacob May 4, 10 08:15 PM

I feel that the incident is a tragedy and humans as a whole are selfish. we should really be worried about how it can affect or environment in the long run: ecosystems, aesthetics, wildlife, drinking supplies, etc. the soil !

Posted by SoiLNeRd May 4, 10 08:23 PM

how did it explode

Posted by linda May 4, 10 08:38 PM

Assim caminha a humanidade...para a sua própria destruição!!!
A Mãe Pangeia chora os crimes dos seres humanos...merecemos ser varridos do Universos como especie...

Posted by Ignacio May 4, 10 08:52 PM

The Coast Guard is the only military service undergoing a budget cut in 2011. We need everyone to standup and tell their congressperson to fight this.

Posted by pvincent May 4, 10 09:52 PM

Spill HERE! Spill NOW! Spill, Babies, Spill!

Posted by MeTeeCee May 4, 10 10:24 PM

my heart is hurting for all the birds, fish, turtles, etc who cannot control the actions of humans but have to suffer the consequences of what we do.

Posted by Alison May 4, 10 11:50 PM

I completely agree with #275, A Mother in Kansas City. It is incredibly sad to see how the effects of the teaching of evolution (theory, not fact) have made people so careless about human life. If you believe life came from "goo to you by way of the zoo", then why, indeed, would you value those men's lives more than the wildlife? If, on the other hand, if you believe that human life is precious b/c God made it that way, created in His image, you will be much more saddened over the loss of human life than many here seem to be.

Nature has recovered from other oil spills. It will recover from this one, and no, it will not take hundreds of years. There are, in fact, many natural releases of oil in nature that no one is getting all excited about. The men are not replaceable! God bless their families.

Posted by Lisa Beth W. May 4, 10 11:51 PM

Drill, Baby, Drill :(

Posted by Claudio May 5, 10 02:26 AM

Insted why don't all of you that can find the time to post messages here and complain go out and help clean this up and as for all the unemployed and welfare we are not all spending all of are time sitting are fat A$$ on the sofa watching tv I spend all of my time trying to find work but there are no jobs #291. The people on that rig that were not part of the problem they could have quit but what would tat have done Bp would have hired someone else and the one that quit would be unemployed. Keep in mind does it matter what the work is rite now if it feeds you family complain about people being unemployed then complain about the work they can get MAN just a scum bag no matter what you do AND REMEMBER THERE IS ONLY 1 JOB FOR EVERY 8 UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS

My hearts go out to the families that lost loved ones and the families of the other workers on the rig that are most likely unemployed now

Posted by Shawn R May 5, 10 03:24 AM

To 295 Trekker, maybe you are right Trekker and I truly believe you can teach me a lot of offshore installattions, but it is just like you say Nothing is normal anymore in such a heat. and you get openings where you never want them.. But I can taste that you are one of the unteachables.with your words "Man needs oil for everything". This gives "man" never the privilege to put live and environment in a risky situation. And 215 Second one, Don't put the blame to our president. You better put the blame to his predecessor and his friends who are really accountable for this disaster and only interested to exalt their bank account.

In remembrance of the 11 victims and their loved ones.

Sleep well Mr.?Trekker

Posted by Emil Peters May 5, 10 08:47 AM

WoW, overwhelming

Posted by Rich Wielock May 5, 10 09:20 AM

Wow!! And people think the Canadian oil sands is dirty... what a disgrace!! A small mining operation with almost zero environmental impact compared to this!! That's the real future to sustainability on this continent.

Posted by Jason May 5, 10 10:47 AM

To #311-How did it explode? I would not put anything ahead before investigations are complete as to what actually happened on the Deepwater Horizon. Most likely it was caused by a "blow out"-a drilling term wherein there is a sudden release of oil and gas into the wellbore or bored hole. The earth's formation can contain immense pressures in thousands of pounds. The sudden pressure release of this into the wellbore can cause formation fluids such as oil, natural gas and/or water to flow into the drill pipe. If the well is not shut off (via the blow out preventer or BOP) these fluids reach the surface, and if it contains gas, it expands rapidly and is ignited along with flammable fluids by sparks from debris or friction. Old land rig photos sometimes show oil gushing from it. A blowout preventer (BOP) is a large valve, which sits on ocean floor on top of well head, is installed to prevent this. Unfortunately, this BOP didn't work or the blowout may have been too sudden to allow the crews to activate the hydraulic actuators to close it & shut the well. As of today 1 well has been shut (out of 4) by ROVs similar to the ones used to explore the Titanic. Just to give an idea on the pressure from underneath the BOP parts are rated for 15,000 psi pressure. That is over 375 times the 40 psi pressure on a tire. The equipment used for offshore drilling are some of the most expensive equipment in industry to safeguard lives of people and the environment and protect vessels. Yet incidents like this can happen. Taking risk advances the human race. Bridges failed, medicines failed (& companies are sued), space vehicles exploded, patients take risk over experimental medicine before success is attained. Man learns from tragedies and mistakes including stewardship of the environment which he has been given by God. Out of something bad, something good comes out. I don't take this light heartedly especially when 11 are dead. However, something good will come out of this.

Posted by trekker May 5, 10 11:33 AM

i love

Posted by Anonymous May 5, 10 11:54 AM

#293 or Vims-Yes, the lives of 11 men lost are more important. This is not to say that animals, marshlands or the environment in general are not as important but God Himself has given us the order of importance. First, He created each man in His image and then gave him dominion over the earth including animals (book of Genesis). If we look at it closely, we are the weakest living creature on earth. But we were given brains such as the biggest animals fear us. He gave man stewardship over all the earth and made it to provide for man including the oil and minerals. Now, we do have to do this part of stewardship but concerning the valuation of human life it is first and foremost. God gave us a hint. It does not have to be reinvented. In the design of oil rigs, refineries, which I do, the safety of man is first and foremost.

We like to be free in America. We build sprawling subdivisions. We don't walk and become fat. We want everything easy and quick. Machines and energy is required to do this. We buy packaged food and throw out 2-3 bags of 33 gallon trash bags (every 2 days!). The problem is actually our lifestyle and our demands which is a form of greed. We can contribute by altering our lifestyle simply by using more energy efficient bulbs & appliances to reduce fuel demands at power plants, throwing less trash. I am doing this myself. How about any of you? It starts with us-from our demands.

Posted by trekker May 5, 10 12:02 PM

Well, i would say it is not so much a matter of needing "alternative" energy but the necessity of an alternative lifestyle. We don't have a replacement for what oil can do and oil will run out. It's like maxing out credit cards. Look at all the stuff I bought without putting in the work. At some point, reality must be faced. If our nation, for example, comprises five percent of the population yet consumes 20 percent of the energy then we are creating debt. Our lifestyle is not sustainable. Until we are realistic about what IS sustainable, we are headed for more problems. We must ask the hard questions. Where is that energy going? What is a realistic amount of consumption? What does life look like based on that? Are you willing to sacrifice things you currently take for granted? What are you going to do to make that happen?

Posted by Alexander Lewis May 5, 10 12:27 PM

What makes me laugh is that I bet you at least half of the conservative politicians in those southern states are getting huge payoffs from oil companies like this and they're screwing over their own states. Big business is not the way to go America!

Posted by Lisa May 5, 10 12:35 PM

#277(redwolf68) - I agree with your ideas to resort to cleaner energy. However, the Saudi Arabia plant is a desalination plant which is the biggest in the world. We have it on Navy ships too and seaside plants. Guess what they use to run the Saudi desalination plant? Fuel oil. Hydrogen plants currently extract hydrogen gas from natural gas. Electrolysis, to extract huge amounts of hydrogen, requires immense amounts of power or energy-again supplied by power plants which use fossil fuel or oil. I think in Japan the process of electrolysis has been harnessed in a car but it can do only 35 mph now. Harnessing hydrogen has its dangers and even dangerous than hydrocarbons or oil. Wind farms were proposed on the east coast but even the former Sen. Ted Kennedy opposed it. I like wind turbines and solar energy. I can install one around my house. These are already out there that's why there are tax incentives. A group of techicians have even invented some gadgets attached around the knees that convert motion into energy. Some are expreriment with harnessing energy from rain drops. Toyota has started harnessing electrical energy on the Prius every time the brake is applied. We can alter our lifestyle say like by using energy efficient bulbs (they'll cut energy cost by 40-50% as I have experimented for 3 months) some small solar or wind gadget. Power plants require diesel fuel nat gas or coal to run it. I'm optimistic about this but each one has to take the initiative and not the government. It does not require a big effort but it can start with us. Try committing a day by walking a lot more, eating less packaged food (equals lesser trash) and using energy efficient equipment at home. Now if this is hard then we're not willing to take on the challenge ourselves. I'm always looking around for things and means to cut down energy cost as I pay for it too!

Posted by trekker May 5, 10 12:47 PM

this is a very good site if you want to learn bout the oil spill in louisiana

Posted by tyler May 5, 10 01:14 PM

whatever happened to those "FUSION" experiments Princeton University did many years ago,..??..about the early 70`s,..???..never heard a word about them again,..??..they DID work,..."they"created electricity WITHOUT fossil fuel,..??...I guess the oil companies bought the "formula",...???...reminds me of the movie with Alec Guiness,.."The Man in The White Suit",..??..he invented a fabric that would NEVER get dirty, wear out,wrinkle,ETC...the fabric manufacturers bought the patent and burned it,...???...hahahahahah....then the BIG guys did a job on Tucker and HIS set of wheels,..remember,..??..Oh well,..PROGRESS,..??..hahahahah....

Posted by George Kozlow May 5, 10 01:20 PM

Has anyone considered this might be an act of terrorism?

Posted by Cherlyn May 5, 10 02:00 PM

we need all the help we can get to save all of the fish.Please get philippe cousteau.

Posted by Angelica May 5, 10 05:14 PM


The first decade of the 21st century has impressed upon us one very important thing: oversight and regulation are NECESSARY for human beings to be kept honest. It is unfortunate that we've not evolved enough implicit moral values to be naturally honest and considerate. So, we need laws to help keep us in line. We do have some laws... but enforcement is clearly lacking.

* We saw the Bush administration take us into an illegal war in Iraq, based on false evidence presented as truth. We have lost so many millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives (foreign and domestic). The political and socioeconomic ramifications are going to be felt for decades, setting us back in the progress we so badly need.

* We witnessed a man like Bernard Madoff craft a 20+ year Ponzi scheme and be allowed to sneak around just above the surface of regulation without getting caught. He finally did get caught, merely because the economy was suffering a severe downturn, causing tremendous financial loss to millions. We know of this one man, and yet how many hundreds of others like him are still lurking about?

* We experienced a constant emphasis from the previous US administrations that we need to deregulate to allow business to thrive, with a crowning comment by Bush that "business can take care of itself better than anyone." But that deregulation diverted attention away from treacherous risks being undertaken in the financial markets, leading to credit default swaps on mortgage backed securities with falsified ratings. This artificial perception of wealth continued for many years, with only a few people raising concern (who were brushed aside), until... the economic meltdown ensued. The newspapers will declare we've got a recovering economy, and yet the damage from this will be felt for many years to come. So many lives ruined or set back 10 years in progress.

* We learned that enormously powerful financial institutions will take advantage of the public if they have no cause for reprimand. And that they did. So much for business taking care of itself, at the EXPENSE OF PUBLIC WELFARE. And so investment firms like Goldman Sachs made self-serving deals that misled many and profited few. They could have warned about what they witnessed regarding the plethora of poorly rated mortgage securities, but they decided to profit instead. And got paid 100% on the dollar from AIG on their insurance contracts, while many others got pennies on the dollar. Despite the recognition of their deeds only now coming to light, their skilled lawyers will get them off. What will we have learned? The US government is a captive audience to big business, no matter who is in charge.

* And once again, here we have an example of a company like BP so aggressive about making profits that they lease an oil drilling platform from Transocean, a company that had previously been cited for many safety violations including faults regarding the blowout prevention valve, and proceed about their business with no doubts.

Although I really do hope the oil leak is contained and cleaned up as soon as possible, in all likelihood it will leave lasting damage. But BP's stock will recover and they will continue on. The mantra of getting off of foreign oil is strong. I certainly understand the need to do it... but what about the dependence on oil as a fossil fuel, no matter where it comes from? We still see cars produced today with relatively low miles per gallon efficiency. Car commercials boast 31mpg, but later you learn that this is if the car is driven at 55mph steadily with cruise control activated. When driven normally, the vehicle will get 18mpg city and 25mpg highway. That is still way too low from where it needs to be, and is hardly different from 10 years ago. We need to back off from that mantra of "more horsepower is better" to "greater fuel efficiency is best!"

But even more important is the recognition of the anemic public who can't be bothered to do anything about all of this... "we the people" can vote. We can stand up. We can get involved. We can shed the mantra of "buying makes me happy" and put our time and effort towards more fruitful pursuits, such as giving the USA another lease on morality. Our nation must begin the change now, or we will surely lose our global standing and slip into the ranks of obscure 2nd class nations.

Posted by Gary in NYC May 5, 10 07:43 PM


Posted by DALIEL DEFOSSEZ May 5, 10 08:18 PM

No matter how careful we are these things will happen, hopefully rarely. We need to have a rectification strategy in place, before we start such hazardous projects. BP need to know a way of stopping the oil leaking out and cleaning up all that is in the sea. And if they do not know how, they should be stopped from further exploration and penalized for all the environmental damage caused. There will be a solution and someone else will know how and should clean up, at BP's cost.

Posted by Dileep Deshpande May 5, 10 11:11 PM

Ente los grandes desafíos del siglo XXI la sociedad tiene que aprender que los Océanos son fuente de vida como también puede serlo de la muerte. Los océanos deben, por tanto, ser apreciado y protegidos; y si se relegan al olvido las necesidades ecólogicas de los ecosistemas oceánicos; el estado del medio marino se convertirá en impedimento del desarrollo sostenible en lugar de un recurso para el mismo.

El mundo debería replantearse la manera en que se está midiendo el crecimiento económico. Durante mucho tiempo las prioridades de desarrollo se han centrado en lo que la humanidad puede extraer de los ecosistemas, sin pensar demasiado sobre como afecta esto la base biológica de nuestras vidas. Se puede decir que ha habido un progreso muy limitado en la reducción de la pobreza en los países en desarrollo, y la Globalización, por si misma, no ha beneficiado a la mayoría de la población mundial. En general, los intentos por impulsar el desarrollo humano y para detener la degradación del medio oceánico, no han sido eficaces durante la pasada década. Los escasos recursos, la falta de voluntad política, un acercamiento no coordinado, y los continuos modelos derrochadores de producción y de consumo han frustrado los esfuerzos de poner en ejecución el desarrollo oceánico sostenible, o el desarrollo equilibrado entre las necesidades económicas y sociales de la población, y la capacidad de los recursos oceánicos y de los ecosistemas para resolver necesidades presentes y futuras.

La responsabilidad de proteger los océanos recae no sólo sobre los políticos quienes definen las condiciones nacionales e internacionales de protección de los ecosistemas, sino también es tarea de cada individuo. La exigencia a los políticos para que tomen medidas más efectivas frente a esta problemática debe de estar acompañada del compromiso de cada uno de nosotros por actuar en una forma más responsable en la promoción de la defensa de las metas por la protección de los océanos.

Posted by Oceanógrafos Sin Fronteras May 6, 10 04:31 AM

If the oil reaches apalachicola Florida it will totally ruin our bay. We live off of it. I hope and pray everynight it wont reach here and for all the places it has reached i know how you feel... I dont know how this happen and I wish it wouldnt have our way and ocean is everything to us..

Posted by Nicole May 6, 10 09:01 AM

#391 Emil Peters: We're very civil with our discussions here. I was just sharing what you don't know as I worked and designed rigs myself. As a mechanical engineer I am sworn to uphold life in my design work more than you probably would. Safety for people is no.1 and environmental protection is in the codes set by maritime regulatories we follow to the dot and yet incidents like this happen. You misunderstood me as pushing for dependence on oil. I'm but being realistic about it as you lack (and not appear to lack) an idea of chemistry yourself. Plastic on your mouse (which you now hold), computer, microwave, car panels, synthetic fibers on your underwear and clothes and even your contact lenses or plastic eyeglass frames are made out of polymers created from petroleum byproducts. Fossil fuel if not natural gas(obtained by drilling) runs your computer is from fossil fuel or natural gas We depend so much on it. We have tried corn but it does not contain the essential elements. We work day in day out in designing plants that strive hard at discovering alternative energy sources. Now I build plants that make liquid oxygen from air to make life sustaining medical oxygen. Now do you understand?

If you say "Sleep well?" I have to. I worked in the offshore industry and you didn't. These guys who died probably worked harder than you will do for the rest of your life-in rain, sun, freezing weather and now they are dead. I prat

Posted by Anonymous May 6, 10 11:05 AM

#273-our class is doing a research project over this choas n what i have found is a rich son of a bleep that only cares bout himself..(U can get out n find ya ways to fix ya gas problem 4 ya BMW or get rid of it no1 cares!!!)
these marine wildlife cannot help themselves.

Posted by Sandra May 6, 10 11:16 AM

i feel really bad for the people that live over near all the stuff that spillt and the families that lost stuff

Posted by lindsey May 6, 10 11:24 AM

#319 Emil Peters: I'm back! Not only do I have to sleep but I prayed for the families of those 11 men lost at sea. How about you? Now you would say "Nonesense" or "what could prayer do?" I still believe in God as a man of science and believe that His Spirit would console them better than I can. You can do that too. Contribute to bettering the environment by your daily life, quit pointing fingers and being harsh to people with your words (see #324). The President cannot do it all. Be civil to people if you want them to treat you good. There's bitterness in your heart with your posted words: "Guard your heart for out of spring the issues of life." (Proverbs 4:23) Please be civil in discussions.

Posted by trekker May 6, 10 11:29 AM

#338 - I may not know everything but can share some info as I work in this industry. Pending investigations my theory, as most drillers may agree, is that a "blow out" occured. See #322. Investigations may require probing into the log book of the rig which may have an electronic record onshore, and may require diving (with remote operated vehicles or ROVs) to the sunken oil rig at 5,000 feet of water.

Environmental impact can be huge as the oil slick disperses, scatters and reaches the coast. Most vulnerable is the wetlands, marshes and islands along the Mississippi River Delta (coast of Louisiana and between Mississippi Coast) where a lot of wildlife esp. birds live. It can be made worse as the waters get choppy as hurricane season approaches the Gulf Coast between June to September. Oil when it lands on the shore is like tar. It's gooey stuff similar to tar used on your roof. It sticks to your sole and would require chemicals to clean it. When this gooey oil gets on birds it sticks to their feathers, weighs them down and as they try to clean their feathers (called preening), which birds normally do, they ingest it and poisons them. This why those working to save them along the coast clean them up and force-ingest them with Pepto-Bismol. Oil will eventually break down over time but the main concern is its impact on wildlife and marine life which get tainted with oil as they ingest them. Check out,,

This is not the first incident. There have been other oil related disasters world wide. The worst was in Alaska when the Exxon Valdez run aground releasing a more tar-like oil into the sea. In World War II thousands of ships and submarines have sunk from sea battle. Some have come as close as the Louisiana coast and sunk. Ships leave an oil slick from the diesel oil and lubricating oil inside it. The sunken USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii is still leaking oil to this day. What makes this bigger is the amount released which threatens the coasts of LA, MS, AL, and FL. Not to mention the loss of livelihood for fishermen, and shrimpers from these states. Hope this helps.

Posted by trekker May 6, 10 12:29 PM

I am from Louisiana. I live in Jonesville, La. Approx. 6 men that died on that rig live within 40 miles of my home. Wyatt Kemp's mother-in-law grew up with our family and we are attend the same church. This tragedy hit home. My father, brothers, nephews, uncles, cousins all have worked and still work in the oil field. The job is very dangerous, just like many other jobs. Saying that, we should never forget these guys and their families. We must pray for God's grace and peace to fill their lives so they can pick up the pieces and move on. I am sure that is what each of these men would tell their families "MOVE ON". It is not easy, we must have God to do that successfully. Accidents happen, but we cannot stop the livelihood of many people that depend on the oil industry. An average of 75% of our surrounding parishes someone works in the oil field. People that are quick to say we must stop this or that, including our President really does not understand if you stop offshore drilling thousand will be out of work. Land rigs are just as dangerous. I understand the enviromental affects in the gulf but if we stop drilling then we must depend on other countries for oil and where do all those people work. We have enough problems in our country today, let us not depend on others let us take our country back and take care of ourselves. Starting today with the national day of prayer.

Posted by jenelle barnes May 6, 10 12:46 PM

WOW how amazing are we, we can make holes in the deep ocean, but we can't go that deep to fix a problem??
I think is time to focus in the real problems, like:

STOP OIL, START Alternative energy sources.
STOP PLASTIC, MAKE NEW Types of earth friendly Plastics


Posted by Social Understanding May 6, 10 04:22 PM

Humans chose to drill in this location.

Humans failed to contain the drilling resulting in damaging the surrounding area.

This has nothing to do with green this or that. It has to do with failure and what we as the human race are "willing" to deal with.

We cannot have our cake and eat it too.

Posted by Realist May 6, 10 06:26 PM

Stop nukes- I believe we should tell that to Iran's (who supplies Iranian Light Crude to the world) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Medical Research have 2 major sources in form of grants-the fed govt and corporations including BP Research, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Dow Chemical, DuPont, Shell. Malaria research - Exxon-Mobil. Believe it or not BP is among oil companies who's into alternative energy sources. Not defending these companies but check it out.

And last of all for all, read #342 to get an understanding from someone in Louisiana. Today is indeed the National Day for Prayer - Pray for the govt. and this nation that we may have peace in this land, that we may know what is right from wrong, the families of the 11 dead that the Lord comfort them. Pray for the safety of those in the oil fields who have to do it so we can live comfortably.

Walk the talk. Use less energy at home and throw lesser trash. Get rid of materialism. The more you buy from China the more pollution they create on their part of the world which will eventually ends up in our oceans and air too. Walk more often too. See 325 and last 2 paragraphs of 332.

Posted by trekker May 6, 10 07:43 PM

BP's Liabilitiy for this is capped at 75 million bucks!
The rich win and tax payers lose again.
the petrochemical industry is keeping us in the dark ages!

Posted by bob dobbs May 6, 10 08:34 PM

The comment from 248: regarding oil spills, that basically "happen. . . ." I can be compared to Nazis killing Jews in World War II and our ancestor's kidnapped Africans for American slaves, would mean that killing Jews and acquiring slaves is okay too because there is a precedence for stupidity? Educated people should learn from their historical errors and prevent a reoccurrence. I must believe that commentator 248 must already be in public office. Bureaucrats NEVER learn from the past - just repeat failures over and over again. Stupid statements referring to barge spills versus something that dwarfs the Valdez @ 1/20th the size of this mess - is, well something I expect from someone with a Congressional Attitude: Which means screw Americans for a private profit.

Posted by thomas Ebert May 6, 10 09:05 PM

you would think in this age of scientific breakthroughs that we would have solutions to our energy needs? why don"t we? I"v heard of other ways that we can do to eliminate the fossil fuels" and get away from gas and oils? why arn"t we? I just can"t understand" with all this technology" why can"t we figure some other way" instead of destroying our one and only planet"! I do think" if we don"t do somthing? mother nature will!

Posted by mike May 6, 10 09:44 PM

Shall we feel proud of us ? But fuel consumption didn't regress of one litre.

Should we continue to pretend minimal risk ? But extra nuclear plants planning don't stop.

Should we still pretend that 10% reducing of our consumptions of raw materials (specially the energy) is an impossible objective ? But still taking the car to get some beers bottles that will end in the trash at the mega Walmart two blocks away.

Should we pretend of the intelligence superiority of the human race ?

Come on ! We are all egoists and that's gonna kill us. But you know what !? Our planet will change but will stay. Making room to new occupants. We are just dinosaurs. That's evolution !

Posted by François Brion May 6, 10 11:48 PM

well, i am furious ! for many reasons. First, the fact that there was no thought of, what if something happens and what do we do and how do we handle it? Nothing!!!!! and here is the result of absolute greed... disaster!
I live in NYC and when Obama was running he was all against off shore drilling and now, he sounds more like Sarah Palin, "drill baby drill"!
well, i hope he has changed his tone!
the plans are to drill off the whole eastern shore... from Maine, cape cod, nantucket, martha's vineyard, long island, down to the outer banks of North Carolina! imagine this oil spill here?

Posted by jesse May 7, 10 12:22 AM

In response to 261:
If you drill a big hole in the ocean floor, for whatever reason, you become responsible for for what's coming out of it. Just as BP gets to profit from the oil they collect from the hole, they are also responsible and liable for the consequences of the oil that they fail to collect (i.e. the oil that is now leaking out into the Gulf). It may have been purely an accident, and we can forget about who is at fault. But BP should be financially liable for the damages and the cleanup. If I drill an oil hole in my backyard, I may get to keep the profits from the oil that I pump, but I'm also responsible if something goes wrong and oil spills all over the entire neighborhood - my neighbors should not have to clean it up. If I can't take that responsibility, then I shouldn't drill the hole in the first place.

Posted by Aaron Schurger May 7, 10 05:23 AM

probably the Taliban, you fools.

Or else...BP does get contracts to drill and has no idea what it is doing.

Take your pick

Posted by edith hughes May 7, 10 08:59 AM

i think that bad

Posted by mark May 7, 10 09:49 AM

I think that bad for the animal

Posted by Mark May 7, 10 09:52 AM

how is your oil spill and how could we hlep

Posted by amanda guajardo May 7, 10 10:21 AM

How interesting it is the number of people attempting to convince others to not listen to what our politicians and large corporations say and then proceed to discuss God in the matter.

So, a religion, which influences people in the same way as propaganda produced by politics and large companies, is trustworthy while the other two are not? Do you see the inconsistencies there? Why is it you question two and blindly follow the third, despite the third being the least convincing?

Posted by Adam May 7, 10 10:43 AM

The oil spill in the Gulf is certainly a tragic event. It seems, from all that I have read, that the cement job failed and the Blow Out Preventers also failed to operate properly. A major "accident" to say the least. However, as an engineer with 25 years of experiance operating Oil & Gas wells both on-shore and in inland waters, I am of the opion that the majority of this oil spill could have been avoided had the organization (Coast Guard…???) (U.S. Government…???) in charge of the fire boats had not orderd the sinking of the “floating” Deepwater Horizon drill “ship”. Had the ship not sunk, bending and twisting the riser pipe at the BOP’s on the sea floor, the second set of BOP’s on the sea floor may have been able to be closed properly thus stopping the flow of oil in a matter of hours not weeks. Thanks COAST GUARD…..!!!!!!!


Posted by Anonymous May 7, 10 11:34 AM

As if this tragedy was not bad enough and could have been prevented. BP and Associates took it to a level so wrong it is hard to even believe it. Check out the story from NPR about the survivors of the explosion. Even in the face of disaster, money is all that matters to most people.

Posted by lucesco May 7, 10 12:54 PM


Posted by JAIRO ALBERTO PARDO LEON May 7, 10 03:12 PM

Please Mr. President, Send help! Send in troops! Take it out of the oil company hands. Save the USA!

Posted by Mary Gierczak May 7, 10 05:19 PM

It is a tragedy of what has been happening,yet no one has said what caused the explosion that created the spill.Was this a Terrorist attack??????

Posted by Ray Ray May 7, 10 06:16 PM

I, for one, am numb. The older I get, the more numb I feel. I care. I care immensely. And I am horrified at my lack of really feeling the pain, you know? It's like, oh well, another disaster.
I believe in God. I believe it pains God. I think it pains God more than me. I know it does. So what's wrong with me that I go about my work all day long and only think about this thing when I hear or read something about it?
God, give "them" wisdom and give "them" favorable conditions to help right a terribly wrong thing. Amen.

Posted by K. Emery May 7, 10 08:07 PM

How many of you, that a raising hell about the spill, actually are helping clean it up and stop the spread? You know nothing! I lost some friends on that rig, and trust me their lives were more valuable to me than that of birds and turtles. As far as the "treehuggers" go, where the hell do you think the plastic comes from to make the wind turbines and to make little cars out of plastic. The men on the oil rigs were heroes. Oil rig work is dangerous and harsh. Any minute the rig could explode and collapse. You people who are bitching about the oil, you need to take a minute and think about how it feels to be burned alive. You are so caught up with the agenda of shutting down oil drilling that you have become ignorant. You shut down drilling, unemployment goes up. You need to remove your heads from your butts, and show the men who died and their families the respect that you would want and the respect that thye deserve. You know nothing and you will never know anything, unless you look past your selfishness and quit finding something to raise hell about.
Also, some of you ignorant idiots need to learn to spell.

Posted by Howard Tomas May 7, 10 09:18 PM

I love bloggers.

A blog about an oil spill mentions everyone from the Flying Spaghetti Monster to Chief Seattle. One analysis discusses the role of globalization in the spill, while another compares the spill to the Holocaust. Proposed solutions range from prayer to peat moss to bringing in the army or truckloads of welfare deadbeats.

There are the inevitable rants, with all the usual suspects hauled up for either praise or damnation -- the president, Al Gore, Sarah Palin, even Ted Kennedy. Ms. Palin is neither a goddess nor a devil in this, because she has appeared on the scene too recently. Instead, she's a symbol, a saint to some, a sinner to others. Her rise to national prominence is a consequence of the intensity of the energy debate -- not a cause -- although she is now becoming another contributor to it. Whether you love her or hate her, she's going to be around for a while (no way yet of knowing how long), because of the importance of this issue.

This is, of course, a serious disaster. Any thoughtful person grieves for the families of those who were killed or injured; mourns for the loss of wildlife, beaches, and marshes; and worries about the hard times ahead for the thousands who make their livings from the bounty of the sea -- fisherman, crabbers, shrimpers, folks who work in the tourist industry, ... Some bloggers are screaming at one another about the relative importance of human lives vs. the environment, but there's no way to separate one from the other, when you think about it.

Thanks to those of you who work in the offshore oil industry for your enlightening comments. It's hard for the rest of us to understand what happened, how the backup systems are supposed to work (and why they didn't), and what the alternatives are for shutting off the flow. Don't worry about those who scream at you -- that's the nature of blogs -- but do keep the information coming.

In response to the sawdust/peat moss suggestion: Does anyone know if such solutions have been tried in previous cleanups? Did they work? Or did they just add to the mess? There must be huge amounts of organic waste that could be hauled out in barges and dumped, though I have no idea about the logistic difficulties, the costs, or the possible negative consequences. In addition to sawdust and peat moss, natural products might include grass, brush, agricultural waste, detritus from logging sites, and all those things suburban residents put at the curbside for pickup. On the manmade side, how about paper, cardboard, cloth -- again the things that we sort for recycling.

Thanks also to those of you encouraging others to keep this discussion calm. Like almost everyone else who's reading this, I'm 100% CERTAIN that I know the answers. But then I remember how sure I was that I had all the answers to raising kids before my own kid entered adolescence. (He's 29 now and doing fine, thanks.)

Y gracias a toda la gente hispanohablante por dejar comentarios y sugerencias aqui!

The cause? This was the failure of a complex system. All human-designed systems have (unknowable) failure rates: cars, bridges, banks, churches, marriages. Yes, it's true that corporations have economic reasons for trying to cut corners wherever they can. (You teabaggers keep that in mind as you try to get the government off of the back of business.) And yes, it's true that regulators and other government employees can be lazy or incompetent. (You liberals keep that in mind as you design a health care system.) As you wrestle with how much regulation we should have, you might ask yourself, if BIG government is bad, are there any problems with BIG corporations?

Finally, yes, it's possible that someone intentionally did something malicious, just like sales clerks and teachers and priests and car mechanics and computer geeks and carpenters sometimes intentionally wreck things. But even if everyone is honest and hard-working and intelligent and brave, clean, reverent and true -- well, shit does indeed happen sometimes. This was the breakdown of a very complex system.

More important, cleanup is going to be an incredibly hard problem. BP has an important role to play, and so does the government. It's going to cost bazillions, and you and I will pay for it regardless of how we divide the bill between BP and the taxpayer. (I agree that BP's liability cap ought to be big enough that they really feel some pain; Exxon-Mobil dragged the Exxon Valdez settlement out for 20 years, and only the lawyers made any money.) Sadly, most of the price will actually be borne by people who live along the Gulf Coast. Given the behavior of Big Oil in the Exxon Valdez case, and the behavior of the US Government after Hurricane Katrina, folks on the Gulf are going to be the real losers in this.

Yeah, we ought to get out of our cars, and we ought to consume less. I bought a house within a couple of miles of my workplace (in Atlanta, a city of 5 million people), so I do walk to work. Yeah, it makes me feel holy sometimes, but that's mostly BS, because the real reason I walk is that I love to walk and hate sitting in traffic. Besides, I drive halfway across the country from time to time just for fun, and I live in an air-conditioned house, and I buy plane tickets, and my garbage can is just about as full of plastic crap as my neighbors' trashcans are.

Unfortunately, for a naturally conservative person like me, the only real solutions to issues of energy/environment/climate change do require the intervention of government. Only government can control zoning and the design of our highway and rail systems, and only government can design tax systems that reward innovation penalize waster. I'm old enough to remember how the car companies insisted that seat belts wouldn't work, that no one would wear them, and that they were too expensive. A mandatory seat belt in a car I bought in 1977 saved my life about a year later. And we might learn something from those African countries that have banned plastic bags, because of the damage these do to the environment, both in production and in disposal.

Well, enough. Thanks to all y'all for the things you've written, for reading this (I don't know why, but I feel better), and for whatever you have to say down the line...

Posted by ycronam May 7, 10 11:12 PM

Thank you ycronam for saying so much of what i was thinking. I just wish people would stop freakin out over this kind of thing. SH*T HAPPENS. IT SUCKS. Blaming people and bitching about it aren't going to fix it or help prevent it from happening again. At this point in time, why it happened doesn't particularly matter, getting it cleaned up matters far more. And to be honest, I'm quit sick of people blaming America for everything. We are far from perfect, but we are not the all encompassing evil that it has become trendy to refer to us as. My prayers go out to the families and friends of the 11 people who died. Sorry for ranting.

Posted by BC5583 May 8, 10 03:53 AM

This travesty cuts far deeper than economics. There are things we should not be messing with, and this is one of them.

Posted by Tom Lee May 8, 10 09:36 AM

This country has no business sending another dollar - not one dollar - overseas unless and/or until our own national disasters are addressed and remedied. I'm all for helping my neighbor, but when I see post-Katrina areas, it makes me sick. Hundreds of millions of dollars were sent to help the victims. Where did this money go? And why are we now ignoring the region? It's shameful. Let Switzerland help Haiti. We have Gulf States who need us more.

Posted by Bluejeans May 8, 10 10:03 AM

Our American engineers abilities to solve problems is so low, why can't we ask the Japanese or the Korean engineers help us?

Posted by Niel White May 8, 10 04:32 PM

Seems a bit strange how Our President oks oil exploration off of our coasts, then before you know it "THIS" Words cannot explain or fathom what this is going to do to the ecosystem,People of that area, The reefs in Florida,"It will make it that far ,before it is contained, plus kill and destruct everything in it's path . It makes me sick.
Do you have any idea how many years it will take to restore the coastlands ?

Posted by Devon Rawn May 8, 10 05:09 PM

Let me state the obvious: you don't have to choose between caring for turtles or humans. The oil spill is really bad news for both species. So, we pray for the families of the oil workers, and we worry about the families of shrimp fishermen & women, and we do our utmost to save the wildlife.

Lastly, we work hard to be more frugal with energy use and to switch to renewable sources. There is a cost in lives and to the environment with every fossil fuel source. You don't need to buy into any religion or political ideology to get to this conclusion, just apply commonsense.

Posted by P. Hogan May 8, 10 08:30 PM

#274 said, "Oil is not man made, it is natural to the Earth.. the earth knows what to do with it... Humans suffer, the Earth endures."

Yeah, the earth buried it deep inside it's own crust, safe from biological life. The life that exists on the earth can not survive smothered in oil. It is mind boggling how so many humans are willing to lie to and deceive themselves in order to continue to live selfish, greedy, and destructive lives.

Posted by Wake Up May 9, 10 12:31 AM

yaraklığın alemi yok

Posted by ali veli May 9, 10 08:18 AM

I have lived here in southern Louisiana all my life. I am quite stunned at the simple, narrow thinking between the two: sea turtles vs. human lives parties. It is a false choice. The energy situation requires more complex thinking. Go all green now at the flip of a switch? Spain tried that three years ago, and two jobs were transferred to Asia for every one 'green job" created. With unemployment at 25%, Spain is the next EU domino to fall. The greenies here would have plenty of time to type about the environment while unemployed. While the rest of the nation has unionized themselves into double digit unemployment during this downtown, cajunkidunemployment rate

Posted by cajunkid May 9, 10 08:49 AM

(continued) Louisana's unemployment rate is less than 6%, due mostly to good paying energy industry jobs. Continued refinement of rig safety, rapid containmentment procedures,and improved cleanup technologies are called for. We can, and must, continue to use our own natural resources, WHILE responsibly transitioning to more renewable green technologies. We can enjoy a clean and bountiful environment, AND provide our economy with homegrown energy that is carbon based AND nenewable. Of course, the Kill The Drill crowd can ditch their car. Obama will still deliver their unemployment checks right to their door.

Posted by cajunkid May 9, 10 09:02 AM

Hope there's no war anymore!!

Posted by steven May 9, 10 01:22 PM

This could be the worst environmental disaster that the U.S. has ever seen. They claim that this oil spill could cover all shores, wrap around Florida, and head up the East coast of the U.S. This will collapse the economy and envirionment. Enter the book of Revelations:

"18This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666."

Revelations 13:18

Carbon 6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons..

Posted by John May 9, 10 03:48 PM

Now they tell us that the bell they have deployed to catch the oil is fouled with Ice crystles. They have just set it aside and are doing nothing. Let's get in gear and do something. pull it up until the ice thaws, than pump warm water into it. The gulf temp. is now 80 degrees. Pump surface water down. Than lower THE BELL down onto the oil leak.
The next thought is add a second pipe to pump warm water down and let the oil and warm water come up the present pipe. Lets go quit sitting on your hands DO SOMETHING.

Posted by Anonymous May 9, 10 10:46 PM

Yep, we're all in this together.

We'll have to work very hard to figure out what we're going to do about it.

We'll need to make sacrifices.

There are ramifications to our continuing demands... we all want way too much... There are ramifications to sustaining a particularly high standard of living (despite debt), ramifications to our consumer-driven economy... versus our personal 'health' and the health of the environment and other living things on this planet.

Yep, it's true, as a country, the stats tell us we are fat and lazy and stupid. We take way too much for granted. We strive for 'comfort' and we believe in lies, and let them control our minds.We better do something about all that, quik.

Our very idea of what makes 'us' who we are, what makes a 'person', what is 'reality', and what we define as 'important' in life is tied inextricably to the societies we live in... 'consciousness' itself has evolved in human-beings into a force that can destoy all life on the planet...

We are incredably gluttonous and self-serving, and we think the Earth is ours to exploit for everything it is worth.

We expoit ourselves, we find every excuse we can to legitimize our actions. We lie and invent more lies... for money, and 'comfort'.

We all want (our consciousness) to live 'forever'! Almost all of us think we will. We all seem to think we are 'individuals', separate from all other 'individuals', and with our own 'lives' to live any way we please. we can 'choose' our 'destinies', and decide to do whatever we want, without consequences. we can be 'complacent', we can pick and choose our own agendas, and sit back in our easy chairs and watch TV for as long as we want. Drive out to Mcdonalds and grab a burger without even knowing how the beef was obtained. we have separated ourselves from many of those experiences that once made 'people' into what they were, in exchange for a 'new' set of experiences... that shape our 'consciousness', our 'world-views', our ideas of 'self'.... Perhaps, we are ALL more like each other than we might like to think we are. perhaps human 'consciousness' in each of us is actually derived from the very same 'pool'.

Yep, we are truely in this together, as we are in all things 'human'.

In the not-to-distant future we will face extreme hardships and challenges similar to what early humans experienced during the ice-ages... it will certainly happen, unless our 'consciousness' changes very dramatically.

I hope we can all help each other to make the changes we need to make.

The fact is, we need to become much more 'humble' and take less 'for granted', be more 'mindful' of our environment, use less resources, and be more aware of our shared 'consciousenss', ...and adapt to new ways of living... those 'people' who result from such changes... those people who are successful doing this over the long-term... will survive.

Turn off the TV tonight, don't go shopping today, spend some time outdoors... get some excercise... spend some time to prepare a good meal... and if you have to... TAKE THE TIME BACK from your computer, from your creditors, from your TV, from your church/religion, from school, from your employer... do what YOU have to do. You don't always have to 'follow' the usual conventions, or do the same 'ol thing. Change your life up a bit. Take some 'time off' every now and then... but don't take anything for granted.

It is incredibly improbable that life should exist on this planet (but it does), and that YOU are a living creature here (but you are). MANY statistically improbable events had to occur to allow life to exist here, and MANY conditions STILL must exist for it to continue... we need to be more aware of these facts... and not be so eager to destroy what keeps living things alive and healthy on this panet simply because we 'want' things that society 'tells' us we should want.

Collectively, we are all the 'same'; as 'individuals' we are very much the 'same'; and, we are destroying ourselves being the way that we are.

You gotta make some changes in your life!!!

Before it's too late.


Posted by Anonymous May 10, 10 03:16 AM

Is Transocean or BP to blame???
This spill is actually small fry compared to ones that have gone before - it will be about 15000 tonnes now compared to 37000 tonnes spilled by the Exon Valdez. Ixtoc 1 - also in the Gulf was a spill of 476000tonnes. The present spill does not yet register in the top 50 spills. An estimated 1.5 million tonnes of oil were released into the Persian Gulf by Iraqi forces as they retreated from Kuwait.
A Vlcc has a capacity of 2 million barrels & you get larger tankers than VLCC's. The Atlantic Empress spilled 287000 tonnes in 1979.
In terms of lives lost this spill is serious.
It took 9 months to cap Ixtoc 1.
Having said all this the biggest leaks are not necessarily the most environmentally destructive. The type of oil will be a factor in this, weather conditions, etc.

Posted by Anonymous May 10, 10 04:11 AM

that is horrable

Posted by Anonymous May 10, 10 02:40 PM

May the greed of the stock market now be realized, in a maner that has never been taken to heart since our world became oil dependant. All wars over the past century held an under pinning of gas, oil, coal ... which fueled the wars to last. Even 911, Valdez ... and now this spill. What will it take, to wake up the world of mankind?
At least now we have some improved knowledge though it remains too little, too late!

Posted by John May 10, 10 04:29 PM

DRILL BABY DRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find humor in the fact that people who know zero about the offshore industry, zero about the fail safes that go into drilling, and 100% no tolerance policy involved with contaminating the oceans chime in. I for on work in the industry. I am one of the guys out here right now working to shut this thing down.
Keep listening to your know nothing president and media. If you truely felt this way, book yourself a ticket, fly to Louisiana or MIssissippi and go to work. Otherwise shutup and let the rest of us do our jobs so you can have all of the things you like in life!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous May 10, 10 06:32 PM

what kind of job is it when your KILLING the enviroment. Over comsumpution is killing all of us. All exxon did was speed up our deaths. THANK GUYS

Posted by JOnathan Ball May 10, 10 08:51 PM

Type your comment here...Why have we forgotten that what happens in any part of the world affects everyone. From bankruptsies to failing industries, Economic devastation, Starvation & wars. We all need to see what is happening to our world. Although greed has a great deal to do with the present economic crises, we must not lose sight of the natural disasters which are plaguing our world. Should we say to the rulers and politicians, Enough is Enough! What kind of world would it be if world leaders & Business managers were punished.for their greed.Much better! t

Posted by Michael 'G' Giacomantonio May 10, 10 09:03 PM

OK everyone that is distraught, disgusted and fearful about this horrible oil spill and the massive destruction it will cause to the environment it will invade soon, WHAT are you personally doing, ( starting TODAY) to decrease the amount of fossil fuel you personally consume and what products are you boycotting that directly OR indirectly require fossil fuels to produce.

If you can't answer that, don't have an exact list, aren't committed personally to altering your own lifestyle/comfort, no complaints please against big, bad profit-seeking oil producers!

Posted by As Such May 10, 10 09:43 PM

Hence, the necessity of a computer module for all mining or oil rigs to produce round the clock or close to caclulation of the area of possible disaster. Then this module should be run with different disasters happening and each disaster should have an applicable safety plan that can be implemented to save lifes and stop leaks in a short time i.e. a day or two. This has become a serious problem and it is way out of control. Fishing boats turned into skimming boats should be done. If it is just a pipe it should be fitted with an extension pipe using either a male adapter or a female adadpter. If it is the oil well or a leak in the ground then the funnel should be used. However, the funnel/dome needs a deep water radiator system so it does nto freeze over. Basically how does a multi billion dollar company not know how to fix it's own problems? Know there needs to be a machine built that can also clean up the oil from the bottom of the ocena if it has settled there. Along with that fishing farms need to be implemented so as to help stabilize the fishing economies of that area. There should be a whole armada of fishing boats turned into skimming boats with skimming motors on each side booms directing the oil into the motors and bags being towed behind being filled with oil. Then the oil is dumped in a holding station qickly and the fishing skimming boats are sent back out to skim more. Why has this not happened?
I see not the understanding of the problem. Something is leaking, it either needs to be plugged, extended or funnelled. Why is it that they do not do the calculations to a T. Ecosystems, whole economies, and a way of life are possible at stake here.
Is anyone working on a machine to clean up the oil from the ocean floor. I know it can be done. I wish I could do it, I would need time and resources to get it done. I mean give me a million dollars and I would have a machine to clean the floor up and a plan and strategy to get it done.
What is the shelf life for oil on the ocean floors. What is the shelf life for oil in the ocean current?

Posted by Archamedies May 11, 10 03:19 AM


Posted by Anonymous May 11, 10 04:09 AM

Everyone reading this, We have the nerve to call ourselves advanced and humans, because we show humanity, recent studies have proven this:

What is the behavior and nature of a Virus? They multiply and consume everything that is around them, then go out and find more...We humans are no different?

Wait a minute, We are humans, we have consumed as much of the earth, we are constantly multiplying, We even managed to take ourselves out of the circle of life... IMO my sympathies to the loved ones who's families were lost, that unfortunately is life, but look at the whole picture, 11 human beings, vs the millions of animals that are put down and massacred by humans daily.

It is not our planet, who gives us the right to separate it and say who goes where. we own nothing, we should be greatful Mother Earth has let us live on her, and abuse her so much... Think, and spread the word

Posted by Trinity May 11, 10 12:43 PM

I hate BP

Posted by Radoo May 11, 10 05:01 PM

Thanks for this information. I'm an mud engineer and hate when I see these enormous environmental problems that will bring serious problems to our fauna, flora and local community.

Posted by Leonardo - Brazil May 11, 10 08:10 PM

"Using the millions of unemployed and welfare recipients that receive government money to clean this mess up is the obvious choice. Plus getting them off the sofa and out working will help their health and reduce our health costs."

I don't agree the point here raised by Max Karlos. This is the responsibility of everyone here. There are people who were forced to leave their jobs during this "crisis" created by the MM, they are actively looking for jobs but simply couldn't find any. If you are one of the unemployed or your family members are among the unemployed, I don't believe you will say that.

Finally, this is not the place to comment on the unemployement, this is for the sake of envoirnment, plants, and animals, who suffer the most!!!
Look at the birds that are soaked in the oil tainted water... I am speachless...

Posted by steve z May 11, 10 08:37 PM

2 things:

1. Americans as a whole are addicts to consumerism. Just like any good addict, they are oblivious to, or willing to discount/ignore the problems their addiction causes. Anyone who is optimistic that this will change in the near future is high on something.

2. I've heard in the news that BP has stated that they could handle such a blowout (before it happened). Now they say that the attempts to fix the problem have never been tried at this depth. Huh? Was this their attitude when BP was begging for permission to drill here? Is it unfathomable that a blowout preventer would fail? What was the backup plan for that scenario? Obviously there wasn't one and the responsible executives at BP, Halliburton and Transocean should be tried for crimes against humanity. EXTREME RISKS REQUIRE EXTREME PRECAUTIONS - and they cut corners to make a profit.

Posted by Ted May 11, 10 08:55 PM

this needs to stop! fishes and other sea creatures are dying off as a result!
Lets all pull together and find a solution for this. Quit relying on BP alone. They obviously can't stop it. Someone needs to step in and help them!

Posted by Candace May 11, 10 11:06 PM

i think they should drop a giant sponge in the gulf and suck up all the oil

Posted by Bob May 12, 10 08:44 AM

One of our societies largest problems is that the BIG BUSINESS only pays a portion of what it should when things are their fault. The middle class, who are arguably the most pressed in the country, will have to clean up after the companies whose mistakes made this problem. How can we keep giving money if we cant get it? Pretty soon we will all be poor, and the big businesses will have to pay for us, the economy, there screw ups, and the debt. Which is more important, fessing up for a mistake and paying up, or running us broke and blind to our own avoidable end?

Posted by The Thinker May 12, 10 11:40 AM

We are greedy by nature. Period.

This is just one more notch in our belt as humans. We conquered the oil drilling offshore. Kudos to us. Now, we pay for our sins.

Instead of pointing fingers, we all should be helping in this situation.

This will impact many things on many levels. We have no clue what lies ahead. But, if you have half a brain, you know it can't be good.

Hold on tight, people. We are in for a bumpy ride.

Posted by Linda May 12, 10 01:52 PM

Again big business is cutting corners at everyone but theirselves expence. They could have day 1 put a bomb on the shaft and stopped the spill. But that would have meant they might lose the oil, and a great deal of money!! It's all about their bottom line and their $5 mill a year pay. No one in the US should buy BP gas anymore!! Go electric, solar and wind. It doesn't hurt the environment!

Wake up America. Stop selling everything out to make or save a buck!!!!

Posted by David Bartley May 12, 10 02:57 PM

This is a warning to us all, that we have to find an alternative energy source, fast.

Posted by No Name May 12, 10 04:40 PM

i was wondering if there were any job openings to help clean up the oil spill

Posted by terry fuentes May 12, 10 05:09 PM

I hardly ever darken the door of a church, although raised by Christian parents, and heard a good deal of Bible prophecy as a child. Today's newslines have caused me to reread those words from Revelations 8 that predict that one day, one-third of all sea life will suddenly die. Now I see how that could happen.

We are utterly selfish...all of us. Nothing short of personal (and worldwide) spiritual renewal will save us from ourselves. If Christ is to return, let it be soon. We do indeed need "a new heaven and a new Earth", because we're quickly destroying this one.

I'm going to find a church Sunday. I really am.

Posted by john May 12, 10 07:09 PM

hola mi nombre es . Alfonso Negròn Delgado. lo primero que pido es que le heche ganas la compañia BP para que controle este genocidio en el golfo ya que es una lastima que tanta vida marina muera por la negligencia de uno el hombre la naturaleza nos cobra las facturas y EUA deberia de ser mas razonable e equitativo como pais de primer nivel, yo lamento que no se pueda controlar esta fuga por las especies donde van a parar ? ayudemos al planeta no lo destruyamos, animo BP acepten ayuda o pidan ayuda internacional para terminar con este derrame yo ojala pudiese ayudar pero soy una persona humilde y lo unico que hago es trabajar para vivir humildemente soliciten ayuda la encontraran.

Posted by Alfonso Negrón Delgado May 13, 10 10:08 PM

God knows what those dispersants will do to the fish...or to us if we eat them. I wonder if those chemicals are better or worse than mercury...

Nice work, BP, for ruining it for everyone.

Posted by Laura May 13, 10 11:09 PM

Esto sucede por sobreponer los intereses economicos por encima de la seguridad del personal y de los ecosistemas, La Brithis Petroleum y Halliburton por querer ahorrarse unos cuantos dolares estan ocasionando una grave destruccion mas de los espacios naturales de nuestra querida, contaminada y unica nave espacial llamada tierra.

Es un ejemplo mas del capitalismo salvaje del hombre. Lamentable... Deberia haber una muy dura sancion a BP y HB por este crimen ecologico y sentar un precedente ejemplar para que las petroleras sean mas concientes...

Posted by Luis colmenares May 13, 10 11:45 PM

I'm trying to help with the clean of the spill.
so far bp will not help me to help them.
did you know that you need a Hazwoper certificate to pick up oil I now do .
it cost $990.00 and I need 10 people to sign on to get the place Two Rivers to teach the class.
because I'm not in one of the effected areas (yet) bp is not going to help me to get the certificate?
any one out there with any ideas please help me get on this clean up .

Posted by ciers 618-838-5170 May 14, 10 11:54 AM

To the families who lost loved ones on the oil platform God Bless You all. To everyone working on confining the oil spill godspeed. I hope by some miracle we can stop this mess soon and save what we can. God help us all.

Posted by Sandy Feyes May 14, 10 11:55 PM

... and we were talking about the melting of the polar ice caps???? the consequences of consumerism and pollution on the reefs..!!! this is sad, sad ! Blame Bush and more Bush ! Steal from one side of the planet and leave people in a nation or 2 in Poverty under puppet regimes presided by bank robbers who have enjoyed a taste of American life. leave millions in abject poverty, their resources in the form of oil and more oil flowing away in front of their eyes under the guise of 'democratic processes' and freedom.... .... there is a just judge up in the sky who gives in balance and practices equity... take out from one side and loose more form the other... this is called God giving justice.. no color, caste or class or citizenship , no flag matters... we can only pray that our leaders have brains when we elect them for their blunders cost and weigh upon innocent people and women and children ..... Yes, this is the sure pathway towards a major global catastrophe that cannot be measured in money , that will affect the whole planet gradually- not only the Americans, this is another one of the beginnings towards a rapid end........ at the end fo the road , you will discover that there is no one by God.. he who created what you are toying with ....

Posted by Tasneem May 15, 10 07:24 PM

And we were talking about the melting of the polar ice caps?
the consequences of consumerism and pollution on the reefs..!!! this is sad, sad ! We can Blame Bush and more Bush ! Take from one side of the planet and leave people in a nation or 2 in Poverty under puppet regimes presided by bank robbers who have enjoyed a taste of American life. leave millions in abject poverty, their resources in the form of oil and more oil flowing away in front of their eyes under the rhetoric of 'democracy and freedom' ....there is a just judge up in the sky who has asked us to practice equality and equity... take unjustly the resources out from one side of the planet and one can end up loosing more from the other.... no color, caste or class or citizenship , no flag decides the results of injustices meted out for greed of resources and oil on innocent people .. we can only pray that our leaders have better vision in their actions and deeds, for their blunders cost and weigh upon innocent people and women and children ... Yes, this is the sure pathway towards a major global catastrophe that cannot at all be measured in money , a catastrophe that will affect the whole planet gradually in unfathomable ways - not only the Americans, this is another one of the beginnings towards a rapid end... an end where we will find the one who entrapped us in this human bodies and have us a habitable earth to live our lives for a trial period ....we are failing in the trials ...

Posted by Tas-Fj May 15, 10 07:41 PM

i beleive this is the begining of the end . the gulf of mexico is contaminated and spreading.west coast fla. see ya

Posted by rusty May 16, 10 10:53 PM

I see that some of these comments still refuse to accept the incomprehensible magnitude of this environmental disaster. To just brush it off and say the environment will recover is ignorant. There are still lasting effects in Alaska from the long ago Valdez accident and that pales in comparison to this spill, still ongoing.
Drill, baby, drill... indeed.

Posted by Grandma B. May 17, 10 07:11 PM

orale carnal wat happened ese lol

Posted by elchuy May 18, 10 09:34 AM

i was really surprised when i found out i am very worried about all the anmals :(

Posted by esther May 18, 10 03:51 PM

I have personal knowledge of talks between Exxon (who has an oil-rig near the explosion). On about day five, Exxon told BP that they already had the equipment on site and that Exxon could have the well completely shut down in 5 to 7 days--their offer was immediately rejected and our government knew of the offer. So, neither BP or our government really cares about the enviromental hazards. It almost makes one wonder if they even want this problem to go away. If it doesn't, the enviromentalists (and rightfully so) we demand the end of all off-shore drilling. And that folks, will be the end of the USA as we know it.(Maybe their plan all along!)

Posted by Virginia B. May 19, 10 12:58 AM

i am sorry for you loss i am 12 and i feel hove your feeling

Posted by diana perkins May 19, 10 10:42 AM

i think looking at this makes me sick because of all the people that have died :(

Posted by savannah brownlow May 19, 10 02:56 PM

Let me speak in a language that you can hear and understand. You hurt me, you kill me. I sustain you and give to you. Let you undertand in the depth of heart what you do to me. Let you ache as I ache, even for a moment to fire your desire to give me nurturance now that I desperately seek it.
Please take look and see that all the activities that down trodden me are based in competition, exclusive gain and lies. Notice the lies. You are so accustomed to the seemingly small lies spoken in day to day business, commercial ads, even at home and from trusted sources of national information.
For the Babylonian Kingdoms are always the same. They seek gain and cause destruction. It is easier for you to humble your hearts and to take your eye off the destroying gain of Babylon than to wait to be humbled. Do not trust authority more than your own heart. For now I do speak Loudly to the ears of mine who listen. YOu that hear will walk my ways in surety with the Angels and come to know thyself in God.
It is done.

Posted by Anonymous May 20, 10 02:55 AM

WHY DO YOU CREATE DESTRUCTION AND HELL? FOR IT IS GIVEN TO CREATE A WORLD OF HEAVEN AND LIGHT. When you do not trust the intelligence and light of the expansiveness of your soul and chooose to dwell in fear, you contribute to the actual materialization of war and war machines.

Posted by JENNIFER EVE May 20, 10 02:59 AM

You guys are hilarious. I love how half of you are writing books and the other half are writing three word comments with horrid grammar mistakes. You guys make me and my friends laugh while reading these at school.

Really, instead of writing four paragraph essays about why we should help, why dont you do something productive and actually help? Because here's a truth to this whole commenting section: No one actually reads the long, 5047 word comments. As far as I've noticed, people have reacted more to the 'drill, baby, drill' comment that the excessive ones.


Posted by Nikky May 20, 10 08:27 AM

Boy the religious fanatics are really getting off on this one. And some of the environmentalists spew out their remarks about green energy and such while driving their huge 4x4 all over the place. The truth is all of us are hypocrites through and through. God Bless the people that died.

Posted by Matt May 20, 10 02:51 PM

that is very sad thing

Posted by Anonymous May 20, 10 07:50 PM

OMG just think of how meany aminals have died and when r we going to learn beffor we actualy learn from this.

I HOPE THEY LEARN AND FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by lola romero May 20, 10 08:24 PM


Posted by sethuram May 21, 10 04:44 AM

i think this is a huge mess and that this could be a problem for many people and animals

Posted by Anonymous May 21, 10 10:36 AM

Whistle Chirp Awwk gulp uhng

This is as bad as murder and should be get life in prison. This should cut it. All mechanics should be required to learn how to refit our engines for that biodiesel or grass or seaweed or whatever will burn as energy. Or battery charging stations must be installed at every gas station immediately.

Time to stop trying to get an overland pass thru afghanistan to move that oil. Bring our kids home and lets get busy over here. We've got a mess that needs cleaning up.

It's over. The end. Whatever oil is stored must be used for the big things like machines - We should get to take all the money we spend on our new car engines off the top of our taxes. Keep your Receipts should be the new motto.

Posted by Mahala Morefield May 21, 10 08:01 PM

Type your comment here...They will never stop it

Posted by Anonymous May 23, 10 10:44 AM

Thanks for sharing some magnificent pictures

Posted by MICHEL ANDRE HEGI May 23, 10 03:52 PM

disgusting oil leak .........

Posted by francis May 24, 10 12:37 AM

This is a very important issue that we need to work on now. I think that people aren't doing the best they can to prevent the oil spill from going further. I think that we should help this by clogging the pipe with cement or something. Something that will stay there and prevent the oil from going out. Because the mud isn't working. We need more ideas to help the problem and stop complaining on what could have done before because we just need to look forward and be more optimistic. We all need to come together and work on as a team and stop looking back. Keep moving forward. Things will work out. You'll see.

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 09:52 PM

please fix it a soon as possible, Como es posible que teniendo tan alta tecnologia y no se pueda solucionar un fuga de petroleo tan grande hay mucha negligencia y falta de responsabilidad. Esta en riesgo nuestro vida y la de nuestras futuras generaciones, Ademas podemos darnos cuenta que el cumplimiento de una profecia Biblica se esta cumpliendo. Vamos estar orando para que Dios dirija a las persona s que estan trabajando en la solucion de este grande problema Y QUE DIOS NOS BENDIGA A TODOS!

Posted by aurora munoz May 25, 10 02:20 AM

WHy and how can this happen?
they are killing tons of animals and its all the ships falt
who cares about the boats?
but we should save the animals!

Posted by ashley May 25, 10 01:45 PM

that is sad

Posted by mitchell May 25, 10 04:31 PM

Seems to me that some Common Sense would be the answer to this horrible

Already it has been suggested to suck the water and oil mixture from the
top of the ocean and refine by separating the oil and water. Surely we
have the technology and equipment capable of doing this method.

Other suggestions have been made: Use porous hay and even hair in nylons as barrier to
absorb the oil and help to slow down or maybe stop the oil from reaching
our shores,

The only way to see the future results is to destroy all of the red tape
and to start working on the solutions. Some of these ideas I have
named are all less costly and will keep our shores environmentally safe
rather than any of the 'techniques" that the BP people and even our
government are considering. These ideas will allow time to get that oil
"leak" stopped once and for all.

Let's keep in mind that BP is held totally responsible for this
catastrophe including all lawsuits and lawsuits from the
families of the 11 workers on the rig who died out there doing their jobs. BP should start making payments
to the areas that will be called disaster areas. So, hopefully,
then immediate action will be taken to resolve this disaster.

Of course, the most important thing to keep in mind is how important it is to do something to remedy this horrible situation NOW. There was not any time to waste and now NO time to waste getting the job done that has to be done.

Please get those other governmental people to do their jobs. I
appreciate your continuing efforts to try to keep America safe and
beautiful in spite of some of the people you are forced to work with in


Beaumont, Texas

Posted by Helen Rutherford May 25, 10 06:24 PM

close down the mississippi. an excellent tactic for the enemies of this great country. watch and see if it doesn't get cleaned up just before it hits the atlantic and gulf stream.

Posted by darrell May 26, 10 05:05 AM

i think that the oil spill is very bad .

Posted by ambrose May 26, 10 11:18 AM

I hate this oil spill! Those poor animals!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous May 26, 10 02:39 PM

One has to wonder if all these Republicans, who claim to care about the environment, would be half as concerned if HUMAN industries like fishing and tourism were unaffected and only non-game animals were dying from the spill. I tend to doubt it, since the "Chosen Ones" think nature was put here by a deity for human use, and only has value if people can extract something from it (including tourism dollars). If the spill ends up on Rush Limbaugh's Florida beach, there might be a slight shift in attitude, but it will be temporary.

Posted by Jim C. May 26, 10 09:08 PM

will the oil effect the water temp. this storm season,that could make things unimagiably worse?

Posted by Tom May 26, 10 09:27 PM

the dispersant that BP is using a long with the oil is making a cocktail that nothing will clean up. BP said it is no worse than dish soap can any thing live in dish soap

Posted by rmb May 27, 10 04:06 AM

Obama should have taken this spill seriously and taken full control of it.
In the last 38 days, Barrack played golf many times, played basketball several times, attended dinners to make money for democratic cronies, insulted Americans by letting a Mexican leader insult our laws, tried to bride Sestak a govt Secretary position, and give lip service to oil leak disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks, Obama!

Posted by daniel borbe May 27, 10 07:30 PM

I feel really bad for the 11 people who did not make it and the families.I hope know one else gets hurt.I hope someone caps the leaks. I hope Jesus helps.I hope know animals get hurt.My name is MADDIE ,BASKIN ELEMENTARY,8 YEARS OLD. GOD BLESS EVERYBODY.

Posted by MADDIE.M May 27, 10 10:29 PM

Reading the blogs here are mind boggling. My heart goes out the families and friends of those who died on the rig. I cannot imagine a death such as theirs. My heart also goes out to those whose livings are made on the sea or the coastlines. I cannot imagine watching the oil come to my front door knowing that my whole way of life and supporting my family is now gone. As a human being, my heart also goes out to the wildlife who truly have no voice in this.

One thing I know is that the human race sure does have a way of messing things up.

Has anyone noticed what color that oil is in all the photos? It is red like blood. Seeing that stirred my heart in a way that hasn't been stirred in a long time. But it did bring something to mind in Revelation.

Revelation 8:8 reads, "And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;"

The verse and the pictures I saw made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand.

Posted by Patricia May 28, 10 08:14 AM

I read a lot of nonsense here, this verifies the image that we (Europeans) get concerning the Americans. I see people talking about a terrorist attack? Come one, this was the fault of your own people, don't try to blame it on someone else.

Talking about nukebombs and Iran, while the USA has the most nucleair bombs in the world, I rather see countries like Iran with nucleair bombs then the USA to be honest, all you people know about is war. Just like the war started in Iraq, started by bush (for oil) and continued by his son yet again for oil. All you people care about is world domination and being the strongest nation in the world. And where did that bring you? Nowhere, people poorer than poor and dumber than dumb.

Driving around in your big V8 chevy's and having the guts to talk about being green. Complaining about high gasprices while we pay dubble the amount for the same amount of gas. The worlds economy is screwed, and there is only one country to blame...

Thank god that China, Japan, Russia and last but not least Europe is still here to save the world.

There is no need for terrorist attacks on your country (thank god for that), the americans will be the ones to blame for their own downfall.

(I have to apologize for my bad english, probably noone will agree with my black-white vision)

Posted by Sander May 28, 10 08:45 AM

My heart bleeds and my prayers go out to the men, women, children and with all the living things that surround them above and below is being effected along that beautiful gulf coastal shore line. One question really bothers me about all this is that nobody has addressed the possibility of surrepititious implications. Why? Did we forget 9/11?

Posted by Dennis Nazarok, decorated combat veteran of Vietnam May 28, 10 01:08 PM

Oil Spills, Ocean's Cancer
R.S. Mallari

Dark bath for the crystal
the womb that gave birth
to all things that are living
stained and helpless
against the greedy hands
of these sentient beings
ignorant of the fact
that they too came from it
like disease spreading fast
penetrating the ocean’s heart
soon life will be extinguished
what will remain are the scars
of a punctured wound
caused by hungry beasts
beasts that continually
suckling mother Earth's breast
the breast of life
where every living creatures
depend on for sustenance
someday these monsters
hopefully be able to think
and realize that
there is only one Earth
once exhausted and destroyed
can never be replenished.

Posted by R.S. Mallari (SpK) May 31, 10 06:54 AM

In my opinion BP is trying to save this well. There has to be something they can send down into it which would expand and stop the flow and allow them to cement it closed for good. I know it cost hundreds of millions to drill and speculaters have already calculated its potential but come on now its time to shut it down. Next time drill smaller safer holes that can be controled. This well is huge and an absolute example of throwing caution to the wind.

Posted by John May 31, 10 08:18 AM

i feel really bad because the sea and the sea creatures are sufering and they don't deserve that.

Posted by Anonymous May 31, 10 01:17 PM

Cant they find an alternative in any way to recapture this spit oil, i think there should be any mandatory precaution to do this by these oil companies.there should be some way to capture the spit oil on the water surface and through proper treatment at least apart of it should be regained. Sometimes a law to abide this will make some changes in these people's mentality.

Posted by nitin viswambharan June 1, 10 05:43 PM

Come in spinner!!

Posted by Anon June 2, 10 12:17 AM

I have lost faith in humanity (if I ever had it). I personally desperately wish for the day that the entire human race is wiped off the face of the Earth, myself included, for I will defiantly become a resource-using, hypocritical retarded American bastard when I grow older. I have thoughts of suicide sometimes. Better to end it now than to wait for the eventual destruction of the planet that I will surely witness in my life time. Even as a unimportant 13 year-old, I feel that humans are simply a parasite on the planet. I suppose it isn't our fault, at least entirely. It is human nature to be absolute ****heads.
I have fantasies of the environment getting revenge upon our species for it's idiocy. We suck. BADLY.

Posted by Pessimist3877 June 2, 10 02:09 PM

Dear BP and all parties responsible for the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill,

This oil disaster is the saddest, most devastating crime against nature and humanity since bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I am outraged by the negligence and the selfish priorities that have caused this devastation. Your (BP, Halleburton, and related perpetrators of this spill) lack of concern for the greater good is causing continued irreversible pollution of the Gulf of Mexico and the surrounding pristine waters. Stop trying to put a fix on BP's interests and just stop up the leak! Build a mountain of cement over it if necessary. Your loss of revenue as a company is not the priority here. The priority is to stop the leak and protect the greater environment. Cut your losses and get out, or be warned of grave consequences to the whole earth, not to mention your mortal soul. How dare you pollute the world my children will grow up in!
You have no right in the eyes of the highest love intellegence/creator to do what you are doing to mother earth, and nobody escapes the impending consequence. In this case, not even the innocent can come out clean.

In grave sincerity,


Posted by Robert Albanese June 2, 10 02:21 PM

In the early days of this oil spill mess my husband and I was watching the news and a spokesman for BP said that the could cap the well right now but it would be permanent cap and they could not use the well again, and they were not interested in doing that. Are we the only ones in the world that heard that? Why has no one mentioned this? It was not in BP's best financial interest to permanentally cap this well, that is why it is taking so long, they are trying to save their drilled well at our expence! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Posted by Katrina Mendez June 3, 10 01:18 PM

I think there can be many different ways to solve the oil spill..even though I'm 15 years old i know that the government could put a more effort into it. It is hurting many animals and killing them. They don't deserve it and they didn't do it.

Posted by Courtney June 3, 10 07:08 PM

people are all worried about how, "it is BP's fault," but we need to get the oil cleaned up. Right now, the oil spill is in the Atlantic'Arctic ocean. The seven oceans circle the planet, so if we do not clean the oil up, our planet could easily be covered in oil. What would we do then???

Posted by conserned June 4, 10 07:43 AM

I'm never surprised by our governments impotence and PC line of BS. This will only further the crippling of our economy and increase our need (greed) for foreign oil. No fishing for decades in the gulf region means less jobs and less food. Guess we'll just buy fish from other countries. That's appropriate since the good old US of A doesn't really produce anything, we just consume everything. What will it take to motivate a change? According to our reactions to this spill, it'll take a nuclear war and total devastation, and something beyond the point of no return. How long did the Roman empire last? Without a true vision for the future, all good things come to an end

Posted by Evan Waterman June 4, 10 09:42 AM

this may be the event which turns the malaise and doom and gloom of the collective national conscience into a positive turn. It happened during the 70s and we brought forth Ronald Reagan and the country turned on a dime.

Posted by davidvincent June 4, 10 10:09 PM

i am concerned about acquatic lifes and the life of birds living on coastal belt. This is yet an another tragedy gifted to the environment gy greedy human.

Posted by Mohammad yusuf B June 5, 10 07:46 AM

Main transportation 1971 Vega 4 cyl - 1982 S10 2.6 lt 6 cyl - 1990 Geo Metro 3 cyl - 2000 Eclipse 4 cyl - 2006 VW TDI 4 cyl 42 MPG and less than .6 gal per day now. If only 10% of all cars got 40+ mpg there would be a oil glut. 30% would be great. Generation II Bio fuels combined hybrid electric is the solution till hydrogen is practical. Until then USE LESS, plan your trips, combine.

Condolence to families. God forgive us for the eco disaster. The oil companies need to be held accountable. Anyone found to be negligent needs punished, sent to prison. We will all pay for the cleanup so fines are debatable.

Posted by Will Fellowes June 5, 10 01:17 PM

Why can't the billion dollar dufus plug this leak. I think that they could do something like the ballon method used in angioplasti for veins, to plug this leak. They just need a strong enough inflatabe that they can stick in this pipe then inflate. After this the pour all the cement they want to permenantly seal the pipe. After all we know they shoved hoses to pump mudd in it shouldn't be that hard to make some inflatable blockage.
Eric Dwinell FL

Posted by Eric Dwinell June 6, 10 10:07 PM

As I said before, in a previous post, I know that Exxon offered to fix the problem in the first week of the spill--but BP did not want their help and our government did not force them to accept that help!!!! So.... what does this say about BP and our government? Maybe, they want the spewing oil to create enough of an environmental disaster that all of us here in the South will vote for Obama's "Clean Energy Policy" when he brings it up for a vote again!!! As a Mississippi native (and lover of the beautiful beaches and wildlife in the Gulf) I hate,hate, hate the impact that this oil is having and will continue to have on all of the people and our way of life here in the South. But completely eliminating oil exploration and drilling will only allow other countries to drill for the same oil-- then charge us whatever they want to! People can't you see and understand this--Green Energy and Cap and Trade (the two big issues that Obama wants to push through) will mean and end to the United States as we know it. BP (who is one of Cap and Trade's biggest supporters) has no incentive to end this environmental disaster. Don't take my word for it. Look up the issues, get a reporter to ask BP about all I've said here, then make up your own mind about this entire mess.

Posted by Virginia B. June 7, 10 02:54 AM

Althouh I'm just a German and I do feel a lot of sympathy for America(USA); but I don't feel the same for your'Mr. YES, WE CAN!' as he's the one, who allowed BP to get a drilling permit for this area, which has/used to have such a sensitive ambience. But what he's doing now?!? Getting/Being angry to BP.. I simply think, he should have reacted much earlier; and not continuing with buisiness as usual.
So to me he is now Mr. 'YES, WECAN'T!!

Mr. Chris Monday, 07th. of June 2010

Posted by Christian STEPHAN June 7, 10 09:06 AM

I see we have a country full of idiots. Send our troops and all that bla bla.

369 Radoo You hate BP? You better say I hate the top of BP including Bush and Dick Sheeny .they are really the big criminals. The are still making money over American death bodies in the middle east and Afganistan. To bring democracy? Forget it they smell the oil. No oil no democracy.

If you read how the accident happened on the platform. actually inflicted by the hot shots of BP who took the haughty responsibility to pass up the
strong recommendations to repair the BOP and a damaged seal. Time to perform this cost to much mony. You see the results. And now the republican adherents are doing their best to put all the blame to Obama.

Posted by Emil Peters June 7, 10 04:25 PM

..and everything is for getting British Petrolium prosper more capital??? what an ignorant and futureless approach; attending to exploit oil under the ocean-base while sufficient & safe technologies are not yet available. how many environmental disasters do you think this planet can further-bear?? you have just shorten the life-time of the planet for a very big period and you have no slight right to do this to us and to the next generations..if you wanna commit mass-suicide you better perform it by UK-abouts (as your are BP) and not other parts of the world.You are strictly condeminated by international community and I would simply ignore BP stations from now and on..any country and government involved with this catastrophy is far responsible on the recovery!!!

Posted by yesim demir June 8, 10 09:10 AM

Greed and now suffering

Posted by leone June 8, 10 01:30 PM

why did you need to take out the oil

Posted by frank June 8, 10 01:50 PM

BP has cracked the sea floor. IN fooling with mother nature as they have, they have set a process in motion that will change this planet forever. And most of us are not going to live through it to see how it all turns out.
Live everyday to its fullest people....................

Posted by roberta C June 9, 10 10:20 AM

Avoiding BP gas stations won't help. The BP gas stations are NOT owned by BP. They are owned by independents/mom and pop operations. In essence, innocent people will be affected. Furthermore, if you boycott BP gas stations, owners will be forced to fire employees to cut costs.

In fact, if you feel like you need to avoid BP gasoline, then you need to avoid QuikTrip, RaceTrak, and MANY other stations as well, because BP supplies oil to all of these stations.

The BEST thing you can do is to not purchase BP stocks in the stock market. This is the ONLY thing that will really affect the company. Even if you might be tempted to (b/c the price of their stock is going down), DON'T buy their stocks!

I feel so sad for all the people out there who lost their lives and others who have lost their only sources of income as a result of this. It is truly disturbing.

Posted by P.K June 9, 10 06:05 PM

So now that there's oil in the water, what happens when Hurricane season starts kicking up? There could be huge rainstorms with oil in them that come inland. Also I have always thought of oil as earth's lubricant, sort of how it works on cars. It probably keeps the surface cooler because the oil in between the core and the surface likely absorbs much of the heat. Now without that oil inside the Earth, more internal heat from the Earth will come towards the surface and global warming will exponentially have an effect on our lives.

Posted by E from Arizona June 9, 10 10:38 PM

They are drilling 2 more holes (defied moratorium) in the name of fixing the geyser. What happens if it turns into another two new oil geyser spewing oil into the gulf? Catch 22, leave it leaking, orders relief wells as a fix, relief wells goes bust by hurricane, negligence, gross incompetence, or by orders to make the well go bust then says relief wells was approve as a fix to the original geyser. Where does it end? Next generation will have a polluted ocean, disease associated with oil and its dispersant and more extinct wildlife.

Posted by Four Oceans June 10, 10 03:41 AM

people lost all there lives from the rig its so sad can,t you imagene if you lost your life!!!!!!

Posted by megan amico June 10, 10 07:46 AM

Take a good long hard look at a photograph of our planet from space. There are millions of people living on this ball of dirt. It's our ball and it's in our court. This planet is our garden. It feeds us, nourishes us, keeps us alive. Through our greed and consumption we will destroy that which sustains us. From space we are so tiny yet we believe we are so big. We're greedy, we consume, we don't replace. And we don't care. We place the blame, we'll fight with each other because we don't like the way someone looks or what they believe or because we want power. But we all have to know, every man wonan and chile, as human beings, are responsible for maintaining our garden. If we destroy it what will be left to fight over?

Posted by Leone June 10, 10 09:44 AM

Eine furchtbare Katastrophe und doch liefert sie phantastische Bilder.

Posted by H. Peilnsteiner June 10, 10 05:51 PM

there is so much red tape we sit and watch our beautiful country be destroyed in all.,not just the coast, but from the inside also. why doesn't the president tell B.P. we have had enough deceiption from you, now it my turn to blindside america . i am watching my country turn to ------- .. oh boy i'm now labeled unamerican GOD save us..

Posted by jordan June 11, 10 08:06 AM

When will you people get it in your heads that YOU make this world go around. Nothing comes about that you don't make go around. It comes down to capacity of each individual and their willingness to either change, or cheat themselves out.

You talk about the financial situations, you talk about the wars, you talk about the housing markets, you talk about unemployment rates, you talk about all the mishaps and shortfalls of your lives, then look to put it off on someone else, but when will you ever get it into your thick skulls that your body can't do anything that your min d doesn't tell it to do first. People are too lazy or either too busy to take the time ad think about what they are doing or producing.

Corners are cut, precautions overlooked, rules broken, and a general lack of information is presented in order to produce the quickest... Everyone played a role in this tragedy...

Posted by The Foreseer June 11, 10 04:49 PM

Cheers to the folks who promote less consumerism, cleaner environmental standards and BP responsibility. Somehow we must make sure this company and its cohorts pay the huge sum of $$$$$$$$$$$ that this spill is costing us taxpayers. Not to mention jobs elsewhere. I live in Alaska and my partner may be laid off much earlier from his job because federal $$$$ is being removed from current programs like the Park Service. We have a 2 year old son and while we haven't felt the environmental affects personally (it may take a year or so, we live on the coast) we're already feeling it in the pocketbook. Continually, I'm appalled by BP's response, by all the pictures of birds and fish covered in crude oil and am simply stunned by the magnitude of this disaster. What if this is the beginning of the end?

Posted by Emily June 11, 10 04:57 PM

Nobody really gets together more than to talk about the weather or to conspire. I woke up this morning with an engineering marvel idea I wanted to share with the world and stop this leak. It sounds to me like they already have a bell cap but it is downed for lack of a heater. This is as far as I can tell, Willfull destruction from here on out, 6 carbon, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. That is something even my dumb ass can wrap my mind around. I can finally see.

Posted by Anonymous June 11, 10 09:16 PM

One thing that amazes me, this the delta area of the Mississippi River. While passing through the area of this rive, one sees barges being pushed by tugs up and down this river. Are there any Barges that are bottom unloaders? If so, a picture above show the local folks signing up to assist in any way possible. Get these bottom unloading Barges, fill them with gravel, rocks, Many tons of heavy non invasive material,. Get the GPS fix for this leaking well, tow many barges out there over many days and carpet bomb the area. Get this material 75 or 100 feet deep. Wouldn't this stop the flow of oil?
If any one knows if this can be done, reply to me and lets see what the locals think

Posted by Dave June 12, 10 01:16 PM

The earth will survive this... no need to worry. In a couple of decades, when people have finally managed to annihilate their own kind, the planet will begin to heal, and without the humans in the way, everything will go back to normal... True, it will last for ages or even millennia, but hey - what's a couple thousand years for a planet? Just a wink probably. This whole situation proves that people really are really stupid.

Posted by dominman June 12, 10 06:32 PM

Disappointed. Disappointed in that last three generations that have done nothing to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Apparently, as a group, all sell-outs. We all are to blame for this... Big V8 trucks, Hummers, RVs, boats...we've only contributed to this problem. Unfortunately, our way of life is not sustainable and the legacy we leave is over consumption and pollution (air, water, land)...we are raised to over consume from food to crap from walmart. The only way this stops is a series of major catastrophe's, apparently we can't fix it or we would have. Just a shame...SELLOUTS all of us...

Posted by Doug June 14, 10 12:20 PM

everyone shut up n get out there and help clean it up.. BP can screw themselves. so can the gov. if you wanna save the " birdies and animals" get out there n actually do it. dont waste your time talking about it. i flew out from florida to lousiana and am helping clean up everyday.
i wonder what it would be like if it wasnt british petrolium...but something like Mexican petrolium instead. ill tell you how itd be. more ridiculous imigration laws.. yea they would really get punished. but now lets not punish our mommmy brittain.yep the gov is in bed with bp.

Posted by Max June 15, 10 12:27 AM

This is a bad situation , but we need to learn from this and make the changes to pervent this from happening again. we need to quite griping about it and clean it up and start over.

Posted by Anonymous June 15, 10 07:01 AM


Posted by Anonymous June 15, 10 12:20 PM

there is no hope that this will be corrected. only hope that it will be. as time passes this will be known as the worst planetary disaster created by man kind.

Posted by richard bennett June 15, 10 06:57 PM

Good work handling this Obama. Next up: Healthcare!!!!

Posted by anon June 15, 10 11:52 PM

We have in the arsenal of Russian submersibles Mir-1 and Mir-2, and they are able to perform the necessary work on the ocean floor. The crews of these vehicles are ready for such work. Russia ready to cooperate on this issue. The U.S. government and BP are aware of this possibility, but formal requests for assistance from the American side to Russia is still no. Why did the U.S. government does not want to accept assistance from Russia? American pride?
translated by Google Translate

Posted by Zhenich June 17, 10 05:02 AM

may God have mercy on your greedy souls.

Posted by laura suggs June 18, 10 08:57 AM

I wish we on the affected Gulf coast could fix this on our own, with our own knowledge of our areas, and with appropriate money from BP and gang but the problem has gotten too big. The political brouhaa has to go. We need peaceful, controlled, even, and creative thinking to see us through this mess. We do not need more chaos. Who can think in this craziness? The physical effect of the spill already is chaotic. We need calm, direct, transparent, and efficient leadership and communication. We need a sense of urgency. In addition, I will not vote for any three ring circus legisltative or admministrative clown who uses this to his or her benefit. This is serious and is not a time for greedy posturing by our politicians. Legally the oil companies must pay. Let's get it on!

Posted by KK June 18, 10 02:09 PM

what was BP thinking!?

Posted by siki June 20, 10 04:17 PM

From what I have read we have a problem of proportions that have never been encountered in the human experience. I was listening to comments on the Alex Jones website. He had a person named Williams. He claims to have inside information. If half of what he says is true, it is humanly impossible to stop this leak. He said the pressure of the well is between 20,000 and 40,000 psi. In my business we use a unit called a water jet to cut anything. It runs at pressures of 55,000 70,000 psi. It will cut 10 inches of solid steel, rock, stone or anything else you wish. If these pressures are coming from the hole, it will not be long before the well is breached and any weak spot in the rock will serve as a path and it will come up in other places. There is nothing in our technical expertise that can deal with these pressures.
There is even talk of drilling down at an angle and setting of a nuke. Williams thinks this is our only hope of stopping this mess. But if it fails then what??????? It could get much worse.
Pointing fingers does nothing but burse egos and causes problems. Lets work together and solve this mess. There is no way to just stop our use of oil in the short term.
The question needs to be ask, why were they drilling so far off shore? Could it be restrictions placed on them by government policy? If the drilling is stopped, the rigs will go somewhere else. Then this will make matters worse.

Posted by Dale283 June 21, 10 07:28 PM

ohh my gosh what a big spill it just makes me cry!!!!!!

Posted by JENNIFER June 21, 10 08:56 PM

To 487, there is no chance, that 20.000 or 40.000 psi pressure could be inside the hole. If there will by, flowing oil will cut all in the its way (pipe, valve). So thats not true, cause nothings happens yet.

I do not understand, why the hell, they do not drill other hole near this one. Put a bomb into this hole, massive explotion deep under bottom, will move soil and STOP THIS ONCE FOREVER!!!

Sorry for bad english....

Posted by tomas June 22, 10 12:02 PM

This is a problem that can only be fixed on a national level. When this leak first happened the biggest concern seemed to be that some one had to pay for it, so for the next couple of days everyone’s mind was put at ease with BP claiming they had it all under control. Over time it became obvious that no amount of cash is going to make this go away. Action is needed and action on a scale that has never been done before. But above all a plan is required something that is sadly lacking. The equipment that is being used at present is just not adequate to contain or begin to remedy this problem. A lot of it needs to be and can be made, now. I work with and design small floating oil skimmers that may be useful in some situations where oil get by the main barriers however at present there are just no barriers the piddling booms that are being deployed are virtually useless. No one seems to appreciate the sheer magnitude of this thing.

Posted by Robbert Plink June 22, 10 06:37 PM

According to tv last night, seems there are 3500 of these oil rigs in the Gulf......ooops.....maybe it is now 3499. And I'm certain they are all built within safety guidelines with backup plans for disaster. This one just had to have been an accident........NOT!
Please accept the sympathy from me and mine to you and yours if you have lost a loved one, watched wildlife die in front of your eyes, or are financially devastated by this totally unavoidable catastrophe at the hands of every person making decisions on what is supposed to be good for this entire country. God help us.

Posted by Laura. June 23, 10 07:00 PM

This katastrophy is got told to the police in Germany 2006 in Mai. The police told me, that even when all the oil will spill into the Golf the police wont akt for, not even when I am right.

They held this as a secret. I have an evidence for this on a video I took, when I spoke to the police again. On the video the police tells me, it is not possible for a normal policeman to reach the data from me because it seems, like it is a secret.

It is true.

I am sorry for that. Once in the '68er years they plant it. Since this time I do know from. When they startet to plane any deepwateroilplattforms they suddently wantet to have a sabotage on it for to show how them, how bad it is.

Who is able to get all the statements I gave to the police? When they held it as an secret nobody.

Greetings to all of you
Tilmann Turnage
- I am the most hugh secret of the world -

Posted by Tilmann Turnage June 24, 10 12:34 PM

oh my that is so bad.......

Posted by Anonymous August 8, 10 09:05 PM

BP should now stand for "Boycott Plastic"
use wood, paper, ceramic, glass, wool, cotton. These are renewable resources that don't feed Fat Oil Cats and destroy the oceans.

Posted by Magie August 10, 10 05:04 PM

This is the most horable thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Megan August 13, 10 08:07 AM

why are ya taking long to take out the spell.

Posted by jack nap August 31, 10 08:30 AM


Posted by Anonymous September 2, 10 10:05 AM

This is amazing and describable ,the pollution ,the life lost and the hazard to the coastal region .
I felt for the life lost than the property destroyed,please may the good lord never let this happen again .I extend my condolence to all families and the

Posted by Fernadez Edmond. October 15, 10 11:35 AM

that is sad

Posted by Anonymous October 18, 10 11:05 AM

I live in Alaska. Far, far away from Louisiana. Looking at these pictures it makes me very sad to know that people died. I hope every one is better now. Never give up hope. Good things come to even the worst situations.

Posted by Megan October 29, 10 06:28 PM

I live in Alaska. Far, far away from Louisiana. Looking at these pictures it makes me very sad to know that people died. I hope every one is better now. Never give up hope. Good things come to even the worst situations.

Posted by Megan October 29, 10 11:48 PM

I really hope that BP have made MORE THAN ENOUGH to minimise the lethal impact in the fragile ocean environment!!!

Posted by Tobias November 9, 10 04:52 AM

:( Evil Bp.

Posted by Anonymous November 9, 10 10:45 AM

Im doing a project on this in 6th grade right now and looking at this didnt no how bad!

Posted by lexiiiii November 10, 10 09:27 AM

Those pic just makes me want to cry.

Posted by Justice Skeem 8th Grader. November 20, 10 12:29 AM

were all guna learn a lesson from this i hope

Posted by Anonymous November 22, 10 11:54 AM

That is bad for the animals! : (

Posted by kaylie December 7, 10 08:03 PM

..the signs are already comming....

Posted by mary joy January 9, 11 03:00 AM
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