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Tough Guy Challenge 2010

The 24th annual Tough Guy Challenge took place last weekend, on Sunday, January 31st, on South Perton Farm, near Wolverhampton, England. Despite being billed as "the safest most dangerous taste of physical and mental endurance pain in the world", this year's race still attracted over 5,000 men and women - all of them signing a disclaimer saying "It's my own bloody fault for being here". About 600 racers did not complete the course this year - the winner being Paul Jones of Oswestry, England, completing the course in one hour 18 minutes. The Challenge is annual event to raise cash for charity with funds going to the Mr. Mouse Farm for Unfortunates. Special thanks today to photographer Mike King, who was kind enough to share 16 of his great photographs of the 2010 Tough Guy Challenge below. (31 photos total)

A competitor emerges from muddy water during the Tough Guy Challenge, at South Perton Farm, in Wolverhampton, England, Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010. Thousands run the biannual assault course, and are challenged by 21 different obstacles, including, fire, tunnels, and swamps to complete the track. (© Mike King)
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167 comments so far...

I don't want to be a tough guy

Posted by julien February 3, 10 12:04 PM


Posted by Oscar February 3, 10 12:10 PM

17 - super man looks to of been defeated..

Posted by ts February 3, 10 12:13 PM

I don't want to be a tough guy neither.

Posted by Kevin February 3, 10 12:14 PM

that must be an awesome event

Posted by maxi February 3, 10 12:19 PM

I do.

Posted by Tycho February 3, 10 12:22 PM

That looks incredible.

Posted by Mike February 3, 10 12:23 PM

No way. I am a total wuss.

Posted by jr February 3, 10 12:26 PM

Looks like fun!

Posted by MarketGarden February 3, 10 12:26 PM


Posted by marty February 3, 10 12:27 PM

Wow, they really put themselves through a lot!

Posted by Frederic February 3, 10 12:29 PM

Fantastic photos. This event always looks like utter madness but everyone I know who has done it said the thoroughly enjoyed it.

Posted by G February 3, 10 12:30 PM

Looks like awesome fun!

Posted by gimmeesomeemail February 3, 10 12:34 PM

There must have been kryptonite in the mud/barbed wire obstacle :)

Posted by Jeroen Haringman February 3, 10 12:38 PM

I wanna be a tough guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Hoanho February 3, 10 12:41 PM

Is Paul Jones, the eventual winner of the Tough Guy 2010 Challenge in pic 22 wearing eyeliner?!

Posted by mikey February 3, 10 12:42 PM

Life is tough and fun.

Posted by mokhtarsahmalik February 3, 10 12:44 PM

I hate that it's called TOUGH GUY. So only guys can be physically tough, huh?? B.S

Posted by Broomstick February 3, 10 12:49 PM

This Mike King guy is a phenomenal photographer!

Posted by Jami February 3, 10 12:55 PM

That looks like so much fun -- and I have no doubt that halfway through the race I'd be curled up in a fetal position, crying like a baby and sucking my thumb!

Posted by MarkH February 3, 10 01:06 PM

i want to be a tough guy buy tougher.. i'll do all that in my red heels.

Posted by Jen-Jen February 3, 10 01:15 PM

#26 is totally great.

Posted by artie kuhn February 3, 10 01:18 PM

Seems like a riot... to watch from the sidelines. Love the spartans.

Posted by Ernesto Tantao February 3, 10 01:25 PM

Never see so many people smiling during a race, awesome pictures, makes me want o get out my camera and even train for this event if i could

Posted by John T February 3, 10 01:28 PM

ugh i bet this sucks so hard... smh but i would do it!
ice on top of mud under barbed wire! tough guy indeed

Posted by Royce February 3, 10 01:40 PM

Marathon, Schmarathon! This event is totally worth training for! I bet the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction for finishing is 10 times greater for this event than most others, like a marathon. Absolutely love the pics! Maybe this is something I should do when my mid-life crisis finally comes... Much better for my marriage than some of the alternatives. ;) Great post Big Picture!

Posted by Paul February 3, 10 01:53 PM

#17 Obviously there's Kryptonite mixed in the mud. The organiser is a malicious bloke.

Posted by Schmierwurst February 3, 10 01:56 PM

#6 #31 great teeth. I have to be a tough guy, I will go this week to the dentist.

Posted by agnes February 3, 10 01:59 PM

What a group of complete idiots. We have people starving, dying and living on the streets and there are people paying to do something like this? TOO stupid.

Posted by Deb February 3, 10 01:59 PM

Looks awesome!! Would love to go and do, that is amazing!

Posted by Anonymous February 3, 10 02:02 PM

I went to school like that every day, and back home again. Uphill.

Seriously, is that Tim Roth in #14?

Posted by idahogie February 3, 10 02:07 PM

Hey Broomstick - nope girls are Tough Guys too. About 15% of our runners are girls, and they tell us they want to be known as Tough Guys, not girls. And Jen....bring on those heels!

Posted by Ever Smiling Doug February 3, 10 02:08 PM

#30 is a spectacular photo.

Posted by Paul February 3, 10 02:10 PM

Looks like fun for a grown up kid, awesome.

Posted by Pedro Duarte February 3, 10 02:18 PM

This looks like so much fun! We have a smaller event of this type here in Chicago, but it's in June. Doing it in winter must be so much worse/more fun! I'd love to do this at least once. Thanks for the pictures.

Posted by Aijaz Ansari February 3, 10 02:38 PM

I love this series, brilliant.

Posted by Frederik February 3, 10 02:42 PM


Posted by elmo February 3, 10 02:46 PM

RE: Comment #29
Did you not read that the money raised for the event goes to charity? What a blast to do something that tests you physically and looks like a lot of fun for a good cause! Makes me want to sign up next year!

Posted by Girly lookin out February 3, 10 02:50 PM

What, no Borat this year?

Great set of iimages...

Posted by Chris February 3, 10 02:53 PM

I can't believe no one came dressed as Borat or the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

I think number 30 looks like a scene from Platoon or Full Metal Jacket.

Posted by Flogging Murphy February 3, 10 02:58 PM

I took part this year for the second time. It's a great event where finishing quickly isn't the issue. If you are in a ditch you help push the person in front out, once you’re out of a ditch you turn and help the next person and they do the same for you. I’m glad I did it a second time, but it was way too cold. There won’t be a third.

Posted by Steve D February 3, 10 03:20 PM

Hey Deb. Maybe because there are people starving, dying and living on the streets all rest of us should do nothing? Do you work? If you do, how dare you make money when people are starving and dying? How dare you take your time to write here when people are living on the streets. If you think it's so terrible that people want to pay to have fun you have serious problems with yourself. I like to go to the bar, pay money, and have a drink or 2 even though people are dying. By the way, we are all dying. Just because terrible things happen doesn't mean that the rest of us has to stop living! Awesome pics, great event

Posted by Lars February 3, 10 03:32 PM

This is what we need to change the perception that these holidays are for drinking your life away. Come on South Africa, let's have our own series here at home.

Posted by Gideon Sam February 3, 10 03:40 PM

#27, team "dickheads", bwahaha.
Also loved the guy carrying the giant Rubik's Cube in #3.

Posted by coda February 3, 10 04:05 PM

Muy buenas fotos.. sería la raja una competencia así.


Posted by February 3, 10 04:11 PM

Amazing images. Really done well. Love them all.

Posted by justarizona February 3, 10 04:40 PM

My 23rd, and then there are the 13 Summer Events. Seriously, a lady was the very first to brave the Underwater plunges and that was about 15 years ago. The girls do have that extra layer of subcutaneous fat and survive very well. They seem to enjoy getting down and dirty. So do the photographers who seem to congregate at Stalag and the Fiery Holes... There are some good shots to be had amongst the Tiger Tails and out with the Ghurkas

Posted by John Mackay February 3, 10 04:54 PM

Mike King and Michael Regan are my heros, awesome snappers the pair of them

Posted by Ben Duffy February 3, 10 04:54 PM

That's the spirit i wonder if we have this in our country (heerlen the netherlands).

Posted by Yves van den Hof February 3, 10 04:58 PM

I loved the guy in Robocop costume and I do not want to be tough guy either :)

Posted by Fatih February 3, 10 05:20 PM

Love the caption on #19.

Posted by Andrew February 3, 10 05:25 PM

Why have Olympics every two years if this is already a sport and probably needs more muscle than a lot of the Olympic sports (summer and or winter). But I would not know as I am not a Tough Guy :-)

Posted by Leslie February 3, 10 05:49 PM

Wow, great Images. Mike King in particular - what a brilliant set of images.

Posted by Justin February 3, 10 05:54 PM


Posted by lexrex February 3, 10 05:58 PM

awesome pics!

Posted by pulsiv February 3, 10 06:15 PM

Robocop is my hero

Posted by Neill Wylie February 3, 10 06:26 PM

Heroes! I want to the tough guy soon.

Posted by Michael Wang February 3, 10 06:36 PM

Oh yeah! If I can find some sucker, I mean good buddy, to do this with me, that's my vacation for next year!

Posted by Mark McDonald February 3, 10 07:49 PM

Last pic - those can't be English women, their teeth are too perfect!

All kidding aside, stunning pics, love the mud splashes frozen in the air

Posted by Gil Meriken February 3, 10 08:24 PM


Posted by RobV February 3, 10 08:26 PM

Even though I would do this if I lived there, I really doubt that this particular sport would ever come to the states. If it did, the crowd would be a bunch of scum bag Lawyers looking for a way to sue the promoters every single chance they got. This is why we don't get cool stuff like this in the States, nor will we get that Ninja Game on Spike TV here, for exactly the same reason. Americans will remain the Pampered little litigious babies that we have always been. For example, look at our Football Players, ok now look at Australia's Foot ball players. Which ones look like real men? Which ones look like their Mom dressed them before they went out in the cold because they might get hurt playing with their friends...And I am an American.

Posted by SW Snow February 3, 10 08:39 PM

Wow, the water running off of faces seems frozen in time, especially 1, 27, 28, & 29.

Posted by JHB February 3, 10 08:57 PM

@29 Said: What a group of complete idiots. We have people starving, dying and living on the streets and there are people paying to do something like this? TOO stupid...

Ahh, hey Deb... If that really is your name. People are starving, dying and all you can do is type a stupid comment on a web site? And you have the nerve to buy a computer!? You probably have clothing and electricity and clean running water too. Such a hypocrite! You can have a nice expensive computer to chat away with, as people starve as you say, but the Tuff Guys should be called idiots when they spend their free time/money the way they choose. Maybe we should make Deb the queen of “how people should spend their free time and money”. Deb seems to have a very low opinion of people that don’t spend their money the “Deb approved way”. She obviously thinks she knows much better than anyone else how things should be done. Deb, here’s a plan for the dying, starving, sick people. Why not give up all your possessions and give the proceeds to the children in Tibet? Or at least sell your computer to limit the number of people exposed to your idiotic statements.

Posted by TonyG. LB-CA February 3, 10 09:12 PM

I just want to take pictures of this.

Posted by Momosix February 3, 10 10:21 PM

I have never been a tough guy... Or looking at those pictures carefully, stupid either.

Posted by Kenoscope February 3, 10 10:28 PM

so who's the winner?

Posted by aespe February 3, 10 10:50 PM

Awesome! Not sure they'd pull off such an event in the US -- too litigious... ruins all the fun...

Posted by MR February 3, 10 11:42 PM

#19 Epic.

Posted by edwin February 4, 10 12:54 AM

typiquement anglais, as well as comments

Posted by Alizé February 4, 10 01:01 AM

These picture remind me of gardening with my wife... relaxing. I wish there was a gym that had this every day. I would live at that gym. No porta-potties though, blood and guts are fine, but I crap indoors.

Posted by Hwakin February 4, 10 01:41 AM

they are not just doing it for fun, they do it for charity, Alan already said at the beginning "The Challenge is annual event to raise cash for charity with funds going to the Mr. Mouse Farm for Unfortunates".
we should show respect to all the competitors.

Posted by Sasha February 4, 10 01:52 AM

Brilliant photos making this event come alive for people far away in hot sunny South Africa. You can, Mike King!!!

Posted by Nicci B February 4, 10 02:07 AM

its tough but not as tough as the strongmanrun in weeze thats nearly half a marathon and much tougher obstakels

Posted by dutch dynamite February 4, 10 02:13 AM

It was a truly amazing experience! I finished 1st female and although battered and bruised will be returning to defend my title next year. The hypothermia gets you but plenty of sugar and hot drinks soon sorts that out. We entered a team of 8, clients from my personal training business, and I'm proud to say they all finished in style :-)

Posted by Lisa Foley February 4, 10 02:30 AM

and I fully agree with all the comments on Genius Deb, @29.

maybe another type of challenge should be developped, the Tough Obnoxious Idiots. I'd bet on Deb as a winner...

Posted by ben wilhelmi February 4, 10 02:44 AM

Great pictures,
I would like to do it, tell me how pls

Posted by Johnny February 4, 10 02:53 AM

Done it a couple of times. Looking forward to doing it again. Nutter runs it for charity so check your facts, Deb.
People come from all over the world for it and you're absolutely right - it will never catch on in the States due to overbearing litigation laws. That's why we have Tough Guy, the world bog snorkelling champs, cheese rolling and villages beating seven shades of you know what out of each other for fun.
Great photos and already investing in extra blubber for next year.

Posted by Bongo Noodle February 4, 10 04:38 AM

Following on from no. 63 in response to no.29 (DEB's) moronic comment, it is done for charity therefore helping those in need. She is indeed TOO stupid.

It is an incredible event, well worth doing!!! definitely doing it again next year!

Posted by Henry February 4, 10 05:10 AM

26 is just great

Posted by Anonymous February 4, 10 05:11 AM

I've done this event twice - it is completely mental but has to be ticked off. you have to go back a 2nd time to double check that you were stupid enough to do it the 1st time.. :-)

I ran with a Florida guy for a while during Ironman Florida in 2007 who told me he'd signed up to do the event in 2008. He had no comprehension as to the coldness or mud that he would endure so I tried to be gentle with him and glossed some of it. I do wonder whether he survived.... LOL!

fab pictures that capture the day superbly

Posted by fatbuddha February 4, 10 05:27 AM

I ran it this year with my brother and a mate, and as several people commented I would like to thank those for sticking up for the charity raisers! Deb - yes I spent 100 pounds of my own hard earned cash to enter (excluding paying for myself to get there and stay in a hotel...) I did not take the cost out of the money I raised which ended up turning into in excess of 2,600 pounds for charity that supports cardiac death in the youth and the bereaved families left behind. So if my "stupid" actions can help save one life and help one family from having to go through the ordeal of losing a child or sibling or just help comfort them after a death, I will take the title of "too stupid" with pride.

As an aside if you want to enter you just need to go to but be warned this year was VERY cold!

Posted by TM February 4, 10 07:40 AM

For those commenting on Deb #29's comments and to Deb. This isn't just for fun, the money raised here goes to a charity to help horses (who have been ill treated) and Kids from depraved homes (I believe). So if anyone wants to do something for the hungry kids Tough guy is for you.

To the "Midlife crises" comment. Did my first last year when I was 42 and going back this year. Admittedly I did the tough guy (summer event) not the crazy guy (winter event) :)

Posted by Clive February 4, 10 07:52 AM

@#61 move somewhere else! I watched this race on travel channel or something it looks like so.much fun!

Posted by mike February 4, 10 08:30 AM

id love to organize/run something like this in the states. Perhaps we would need to sanitize some of the more hazardous obstacles.. (replace barb wire, etc..)

Isn't there a rule that organizers of a sporting event can't be held accountable for injury if they take adequate safet? Etc,,

Posted by guy February 4, 10 08:41 AM

.... Yes it was a great event and i want to congratulate each person who
had successfully finished the race !

PS: It was not really cold - wasn´t it ?

RN: 3760 / Christian Vollenhofer

Posted by Christian Vollenhofer February 4, 10 08:58 AM

# 30 >> AMAZING!

Posted by ziolele February 4, 10 08:58 AM

Wonderful pictures... an amazing day. Congrats to all finishers from the "Finish Team"

Posted by Tom February 4, 10 09:38 AM

Everybody is looking like they are having a great time except Superman!
I think the cameraperson did the best!!!!

Posted by Ralf February 4, 10 09:51 AM

Spartans!!!! Prepare for GLORY!!!!

Posted by Epic February 4, 10 10:14 AM

Wow, no matter how many Big Picture posts I view, I am always amazed. The Boston Globe rocks.

Posted by Anonymous February 4, 10 10:39 AM

We do have these here in the states. They're called mud runs, but I don't believe they involve fire. usually they're 5 K distances through mud pits, obstacles, etc. Here in Virginia the annual one is hosted on the military base

Posted by Jay February 4, 10 10:42 AM

I like the robo-cop better than the superman tough guy challenge rocks!!!

Posted by Fred Lopez February 4, 10 10:50 AM

Ive done 7 and Im proud to be a tough guy, I've met many good people on the way round this course. This is only a race for the super fit front runners, for the rest of us its about the spirit of the event; overcoming your fears, helping others round and never giving in. Everyone should do it at least once in their life... and Mr Mouses Charity is a very worthy cause that deserves every penny it gets.

No mention of the hill repeats yet?.... he he

Posted by Jon February 4, 10 10:57 AM

You can't sue anyone if you sustain injuries etc because all competitors have to sign a 'Death Warrant' before they're allowed to take part - you do, quite literally agree to sign away your life!

Posted by Liz February 4, 10 11:03 AM

Imagine all of that, but with paintballs

Posted by Glader February 4, 10 11:04 AM

pigs :)

Posted by gdfgsfd February 4, 10 11:09 AM

Super Bilder !!!!!!! It was my 2nd Tough Guy.See you in 2011. Peter S.

Posted by Peter Schmidt February 4, 10 12:27 PM

wow doesnt look that tough... just looks a bit uncomfortable.

Posted by m February 4, 10 12:39 PM

I never have fun!

Posted by Estjea February 4, 10 01:23 PM

YOHIMBÉ - the 86th Gewürzgurkha-Battalion

Posted by Festus February 4, 10 01:27 PM

I want to do this! If anyone knows of a competition like this around the Boston area please post details! I think this would be a BLAST. To DEB#29 - there is a medication out there called prozac that would do wonders for your pessimistic outlook on life. live a little or die trying.

Posted by JulieB February 4, 10 02:26 PM

Finest pigs...

Posted by michael February 4, 10 02:53 PM

It looks like something similar is coming to the US check out

Posted by Warren Denning February 4, 10 03:13 PM

I did Tough Guy a few years ago and will never forget the experience ( pain ). Lol. No seriously it is amazing and you feel fantastic afterwards.

Posted by Scott February 4, 10 04:36 PM

I'm tough but I can see from these photos that I definitely need some teeth whitener.

Posted by Sheepish February 4, 10 04:51 PM

Looks easy!!

Posted by The Champ February 4, 10 06:50 PM

#26 made my day

Posted by Sars February 4, 10 07:47 PM

I have no words... There are no words

Posted by Words:ThereareNone February 4, 10 10:03 PM

This race makes our annual "Let's Get Dirty Race" at Slippery Rock University in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, look easy, and I always thought we were crazy for doing this race in freezing weather, mud, and water. Hats off to the fearless men and women who complete the "Touch Guy Challenge."

Posted by Misty O'Connor February 4, 10 10:08 PM

Looks almost fun, except for the fact that it must be really cold.

Posted by B-Girl February 4, 10 10:32 PM

looks like lot of fun!

Posted by DCM February 4, 10 10:53 PM

much better if you include the winners photo
btw I like the way you catch robocop!
fast shutter speed+good positioning of P'grapher = cool photo!

Posted by thenavigator_fm_aomen February 5, 10 12:00 AM

These guys are HOT! Damn!

Posted by Emma February 5, 10 12:32 AM

Great........awesome pics!

Posted by Sanjay Patil February 5, 10 01:54 AM

#1 that one big booger coming out of her nose

Posted by Tim February 5, 10 05:55 AM

Fantastic photo's, really like #30. I took part in this last week, it was absolutley brutal, freezing cold at the end.

Posted by Brian - race no:3017 February 5, 10 06:02 AM


Posted by pedro February 5, 10 08:08 AM

These photos are absolutely STUNNING!!! They're amazing! Respect to the girls that took part as well!! :)

Posted by Caitlin February 5, 10 08:37 AM

These photos are absolutely STUNNING!!! They're amazing! Respect to the girls that took part as well!! :)

Posted by Caitlin February 5, 10 08:39 AM

omg i like this i will join when i grow up lolol tht was so brave kool and scary wat u guys did was so kool

Posted by miguel February 5, 10 10:14 AM

this is soo cool omg nd it's nastyyy

Posted by Anonymous February 5, 10 10:15 AM

omg i like this i will join when i grow up lolol tht was so brave kool and scary wat u guys did was so kool

Posted by miguel February 5, 10 10:15 AM

it would be cool if they turned it into a television show...ether way its really funny.

Posted by Jasper February 5, 10 10:16 AM

Loved the photography. Amazing. Didn't look like fun at all to me, but I bet the after-race parties were. Makes the Ironman competitors look like wusses. Reaffirms the well-known fact that Brits are insane. :-)

Posted by Mad Jayhawk February 5, 10 10:16 AM

I did it this year, ran alongside a couple of guys who had flown over from the US! It was amazing (SO DAMN COLD AND PAINFUL) but the greatest sense of achievement ever!

Couldnt recommend it more highly.

Posted by AH February 5, 10 10:17 AM

This was my first Tough Guy but will be doing it again next year. The sense of achievement for all 15 of our group was amazing and I'm so very proud of them all for taking part and putting up with the pre-event training regime - fantastic!
It's a rea shame people feel we have forgotten about all that is bad in the world but doing something like this to raise money for both the Horse and Donkey sancutary and the 'Help for Heroes' injured Armed Forces personnel ticks every box for me.
Great to see so many nations coming together and helping each other all the way around.

Posted by Stefan Taylor February 5, 10 11:11 AM

awesome photography - especially Muddy Water Man....looks like sculpture!

Posted by amor February 5, 10 11:49 AM

Calidad Absoluta.....

Posted by APG February 5, 10 11:50 AM

There's something about #19 that really gets me. Looks like real Spartans in a real battle, don't you think?

Posted by Sophie February 5, 10 12:28 PM

This is a superb photoserie. My compliments!!!

Posted by Maarten February 5, 10 12:54 PM

amazingggggggg dude keep it up .

Posted by rajkumar February 5, 10 01:25 PM


Posted by Social Media Commando February 5, 10 05:07 PM

#13 & #31: Go, girls!

Posted by redheadedbuddha February 5, 10 05:35 PM

Fabulous photos. Fabulous charity. I think Robocop is my favourite...Deb...just ignor her...don't waste your time.

Posted by Anonymous February 5, 10 06:46 PM

That's why the traffic was all a mess heading home that morning. Not bad for the 5th worst city in the world.

Posted by Joe February 5, 10 09:32 PM

As always: the best of the best!

Posted by Hurkunde February 6, 10 03:58 AM

wow. nice coleection...but No.28 is my favorite

Posted by Ashraf attar February 6, 10 05:03 AM

Amazing stuff. I've never heard about this competition. And these photos are just awesome. Really clear- no matter that everyone was covered in mud.

Posted by Krzysiek February 6, 10 06:37 AM

My Grandson Peter completed this event this year. He will not be 18 until April. His elder brother did it last year. Let those who want to criticise try it first and earn some money for a charity at the same time . It's not called Tough Guy Challenge for nothing. I am so proud of all the entrants.

Posted by grandmapat February 6, 10 11:26 AM

This is NOT a charity event. If it was, it would have a charity registration number. It is a registered BUSINESS that makes a great deal of money out of the extortionate entry prices. Maybe some money goes to this farm, but its still a business not a charity event. Don't know how they keep getting away with calling it a charity race. It makes the organisers a small fortune. People should not be misled in this way. You should know where your entry fees go then its your choice whether you want to pay that much in entry fees. They should publish exactly how much goes to charity. Try asking them how much goes to charity. They just send an abusive e-mail saying mind your own business!

saying mind your own business!

Posted by Alex Lambert February 6, 10 12:17 PM

Terrific images !! I am a pro-photographer and lecturer and would be well chuffed if I had produced a set like this. I think I'll try for a press pass next year. My son Murray was taking part and said he had NEVER been as cold but made it to the finish in mid field. I think he felt that it was his biggest physical achievement so far. Luckily I'm too old to be persuaded even if I was fit enough. Well done to all those who even got to the start.

Posted by Colin Barratt February 6, 10 01:57 PM

There are events like this in the US. There are plenty of muddy trail runs (I haven't thought about Slippery Rocks "Let's Get Dirty" since high school) and the ever popular endurance races. Also, try searching for challenge races. I did a fun one in the middle of Staten Island! And, although I haven't had the chance yet, the Vermont Death Race looks pretty similar. Only, I'd have to say that it looks a bit tougher than this race. Lawyers can't ruin everything!

Posted by KC February 8, 10 08:49 AM

Everyone who took part in this event did so of their own free will, gladly paid the fee and proved that humans are still capable of helping complete strangers, no matter what their gender, colour, ability or nationality.
In a world of lawyers, wars and safety-first, why not just enjoy the photo's, either for the technical qualities, or for the fact these people, including me, got their arses out of bed on a cold Sunday morning and proved they were still alive.

Posted by Steve No: 5034 February 8, 10 05:27 PM

Wonderful images....... Like them all............

Posted by Akash February 9, 10 02:27 AM

it's really wonderfull & mindblowing

Posted by sandeep pangerkar February 9, 10 05:15 AM

to tonyg ure comment bout them paying and doing this is a was t meansu dnt understand what its for then, it is actually done for charity and all monies raised and paid goes to all different charities aswell as the charities supported by mr mouses farm. my hubby done it this yr and im proud of him over 500pound going to a kids cancer fund and the heros fund this yr and he gonna do it again nxt yr. so it is worth the money!!!!!

Posted by mrs k booth February 9, 10 07:07 AM

Have to hand it to the participants...

I can appreciate a good challenge, having participated in Outward Bound, various races and marathons, as well as a 5 mile open water swim.

Mud baths? good for the skin... ice? helps inflammation... ropes course:a jungle gym on steroids...

But that fire obstacle course would definitely be a deal-breaker for me!

Congrats to those who made it from one who doesn't have it on her "bucket list" thankyouverymuch. :)

Posted by D. McManus February 9, 10 01:55 PM

No.12 is my hero, half naked man celebrating his 30th birthday. Can't wait to see what he will do when he is 40!

Posted by Barb February 9, 10 01:58 PM

To all of the guys in the world : ~Don't Stop fighting to be The "THOUGHEST ONE".... ( a recomended challenge )

Posted by kristin February 11, 10 04:16 AM

wow thats really one nice game! love the pics! thanks.

Posted by Hugo Lim February 11, 10 05:47 AM

@ 29 The complete nobhead. I completed this event and rasied over £1,300 for charity. Prick

Posted by dave February 11, 10 01:30 PM

awesome shots
would u mind sharing your lenses used and technique :)


Posted by jossi February 11, 10 08:39 PM

hate to admit this but that kinda beats what we have in kenya- the rhino charge. uuuurhg! sic!

Posted by Paul February 12, 10 05:50 AM

# 27 - WHAT A CUTIE !!! - WOOF! (dickhead or no dickhead, he's GORGEOUS!!!)

Posted by Jay February 12, 10 11:51 AM

Wow, those are wonderful pictures. I love racing but would not be up to that race!

Posted by Grace February 12, 10 07:15 PM

@ post 61

you do have something similar in the States... it's called Warrior Dash and you get beer and a Viking helmet at the end!

Posted by MrPaul February 13, 10 12:50 PM

Adventure racing is a growing sport in America, and many events have segments similar to those shown here. The only lawyers I've seen at them have been participants. Google for your local adventure racing association. You have no excuse.

Posted by Mike February 14, 10 12:31 PM

c'est pas une course de tafiotte !

Posted by z1er February 17, 10 10:05 AM

#17 Classic!

Posted by shabith February 19, 10 05:42 AM

TonyG.....How did you manage to post a comment on here without the the aid of a computer, electricity.......this is not the time or place to preach on the rights and wrongs of the big enough to congratulate people who competed in this event and raised money for well worth charities all over the world (which includes myself).....get a grip and get a life!

Posted by Stuart February 20, 10 04:52 AM

Just another day in the portuguese army =)

Posted by M. Maia February 22, 10 05:37 PM

At the age of 49 I completed my 1st tough guy this year... after 24yrs as a British Infantry Soldier I can say this ranks with the touhghest stuff I had done during my career.. I also raised over £500 pounds for the Special care Baby Unit at my local hospital in Margate, Kent. To those who knock such events... please go get a life

Posted by Julian Whatley February 23, 10 04:02 AM

I did the summer one (Nettle Warrior) last year and was shivering whilst queueing up for the barbed wire crawl so the guys that do this in the winter are complete NUTTERS! Total respect to all.
Definitely should be on everyone's 'to do' list! 3 hours of weirdly pleasurable pain! :-)

Posted by Daley Edster February 25, 10 07:01 AM

winner is Mr.satya kiran from INDIA

Posted by SK March 2, 10 02:22 PM

Did the race in July 2006! What a blast -- I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Posted by Linda Blue March 3, 10 10:56 AM

Just an FYI - they do a completely pussified version of this in the US called the "Warrior Dash." I just ran it - 3 miles with 11 "obstacles" that are all blatantly ripped off from this event, but watered down so much it's just laughably pathetic. Save yourself the time and money, because it's a joke.

Posted by Brian April 15, 10 02:31 PM

Wow awesome shots...

Posted by Geetha July 3, 10 09:40 AM
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