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October 7, 2009 Permalink

The Berlin Reunion

Earlier this week, 1.5 million people filled the streets of Berlin, Germany to watch a several-day performance by France's Royal de Luxe street theatre company titled "The Berlin Reunion". Part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Reunion show featured two massive marionettes, the Big Giant, a deep-sea diver, and his niece, the Little Giantess. The storyline of the performance has the two separated by a wall, thrown up by "land and sea monsters". The Big Giant has just returned from a long and difficult - but successful - expedition to destroy the wall, and now the two are walking the streets of Berlin, seeking each other after many years apart. I'll let the photos below tell the rest of the story. (35 photos total)

A police boat makes its way past the "Big Giant" of the French theatre company Royal de Luxe, who is lifted out of the water in Berlin on October 3, 2009. Part of an open-air theatre spectacle with two marionettes named Little Giantess and Big Giant seeking each other out, visiting various historical sites in the Berlin, as part of celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the falling of the Berlin wall. (JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty Images)
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380 comments so far...

wow, what an amazing way to tell a story. That would be a show hard to ever forget.

Posted by Matt Parks October 7, 09 12:16 PM

Amazing :)

Nice: They laid them asleep while departure... adorable :)

Posted by Rico Neitzel October 7, 09 12:17 PM

this is just weird, but I know... it's because I don't understand it

Posted by David October 7, 09 12:17 PM

This is pretty amazing. I can't imagine what it would be like to bump into something like that on the street.

Posted by Kyle October 7, 09 12:18 PM

I have not heard of this before, but it's so interesting. The face of the Little Giantess is so expressive.

Posted by Julia October 7, 09 12:18 PM

woah! thanks for sharing this! i'd never heard of such a thing!

Posted by jon madison October 7, 09 12:22 PM

Awesome! really makes me stop breathing...

Posted by den October 7, 09 12:24 PM


Posted by Armando October 7, 09 12:29 PM

Interesting performance.. Thanks for posting..

Posted by tnyo October 7, 09 12:29 PM

Wow, very cool

Posted by zander October 7, 09 12:30 PM

Okay once again I'm terrified of what Germans do when they get together in large numbers

Posted by Doug Fresh October 7, 09 12:32 PM

nice picture..

Posted by Markidi October 7, 09 12:35 PM

So amazing! Just proves if you dream big, you can make anything happen. I would have loved to have been able to see it in real life.

Posted by Jolene October 7, 09 12:39 PM

So....France sent Germany an 'giant' statue to move throughout the city. Wasnt there a similar situation with a giant Trojan Horse?
But really, great pics. I love this site. Keep them coming!

Posted by Ted Ferguson October 7, 09 12:40 PM

Very nice!

Posted by Udi October 7, 09 12:40 PM

wow....that's nuts!

Posted by Eugene October 7, 09 12:41 PM

sad pics

Posted by Rohan October 7, 09 12:44 PM

Amazing! Love it...

Posted by José Pablo Robles October 7, 09 12:44 PM


Posted by Glocklt4 October 7, 09 12:44 PM


Posted by Jamie Cameron October 7, 09 12:45 PM

Kind of a weird performance... but nevertheless nice shots!

Posted by Tobias October 7, 09 12:45 PM

Awesome. 24 almost brought a tear to my eye.

Posted by Mark October 7, 09 12:47 PM

Weird. Cool, but weird. I also can't stop imagining the Big Giant breaking free and running rampage through the city, kicking over buildings like a movie monster. But that's just me. :-)

Posted by MarkH October 7, 09 12:52 PM

Is it just me or does that little giantess look really creepy?

Posted by Lamb October 7, 09 12:57 PM

ISN'T this like BIOSHOCK videogame FOR XBOX360,? the big dady and the little sister just made giant.

Posted by Bio-shockBatman October 7, 09 01:09 PM

The French have public monies to put on this type of spectaular show only because they're not interested in invading the Middle East and stealing oil. Thanks for showing us how money should be spent.

Posted by shockandawedacity October 7, 09 01:10 PM

Is anyone else a bit freaked out by the girl??? Very interesting...

Posted by Deb October 7, 09 01:12 PM

Absolutely amazing. Each Royal de Luxe performance seems to top the last.

Posted by Anonymous October 7, 09 01:20 PM

@11, that`s funny.

Posted by luca October 7, 09 01:20 PM

Number 20 the giant looks as if he could use a Coke. : )

Posted by Michael October 7, 09 01:25 PM

human creativity never ceases to amaze me... incredible

Posted by pedro mota October 7, 09 01:28 PM

A great and imaginative (and wonderful) way to tell a story. Great images too, and the last one is just so sweet :-)

Posted by Robert Zimmerman October 7, 09 01:35 PM

Very intriguing performance! That would have been very cool to see in person! Thank you for the great photos. I like the photo of the little foot behind the giant's foot (#30). #16 is just too cute in her "little" slicker and 23 (with the hair) looks so real!

Posted by Tomara October 7, 09 01:41 PM

Like the Sultan's Elephant, La Princesse et al. I wish Royal de Luxe would produce films of their 'happenings'. They create the most beautifully crafted events in the world EVER! Bar none.

Posted by madge October 7, 09 01:48 PM

I'm not really a theater guy, but I'd definitely go watch this show.

Posted by Hans Gruber October 7, 09 01:54 PM

A good way to tell a story about Germany. These Giants are like Germany: devided and reunited.
To Ted Ferguson: "So....France sent Germany an 'giant' statue to move throughout the city. Wasnt there a similar situation with a giant Trojan Horse?"
No there wasn't. There was a similar situation when France sent to the US the Statue of Liberty. Remember?

Posted by Offspring October 7, 09 01:54 PM

I saw the first show in Nantes (France) in June. Very spectacular ! Tens of thousands of peole following it in the streets ! I'm a bit jealous of the pictures seen here :)

Posted by saska October 7, 09 01:56 PM

creepy, but I can appreciate it.

Posted by Alex October 7, 09 01:59 PM

#4 looks painful. That had to hurt.

Posted by JLJ October 7, 09 02:08 PM

Surprisingly intense and touching. Amazing photography

Posted by Evelyne October 7, 09 02:11 PM

reminds me of City of Lost Children. somehow a very french aesthetic to the whole thing...

Posted by travis October 7, 09 02:24 PM

Love itttttttttttt :D

Posted by nat October 7, 09 02:24 PM

Its Bioshock!

Posted by Joe Blow October 7, 09 02:24 PM

Does anybody here understand that the reason for the celebration was the tearing down of the Berlin Wall? Does anybody have enough understanding of history to know what that even means? Berlin exists as a free, united city (and the German nation as well) because the US, along with a handful of lesser allies, stood in the path of the Soviet army at the end of WWII and resolutely refused to give it up for over FORTY YEARS!. Ever hear of the Berlin Airlift? Ever read a history book?

Posted by DaveS October 7, 09 02:27 PM

"Nice, wonderful, cool, amazing", I red in these comments. That's not exactly the truth : I'm a lucky citizen of Nantes where the Royal de Luxe Company stays. All of their shows are absolutly unbelievable and give us so many emotions that when you've seen that you're not the same person anymore.

Posted by Richard October 7, 09 02:58 PM

If you want to see some pictures of the French show "La géante du Titanic et le scaphandrier" (quite the same story), in Nantes in June, it's here :

Posted by jc caron October 7, 09 03:06 PM

@44 whats a berlin?

Posted by acme October 7, 09 03:07 PM

This was so awesome I wanted to see how they actually moved. Here's a video on youtube. So lifelike. This was such a great post, Alan. Thanks again for all your constant good work. There is such a great mix of serious and light in your postings.

Posted by RV October 7, 09 03:11 PM

I saw their performance at Nantes, it's one of the greatest things i've ever seen! I was in the verge of tears when they finally reunited...
This performance, adapted to the history of the Berlin wall, Wow! it must be so touching to people who actually where separated from their families during those years!
There's not enough room for walls! Never again!

Posted by ollin October 7, 09 03:19 PM


Posted by Jeff October 7, 09 03:21 PM

@DaveS. I'm sure everyone here gets it, thanks. Just because some commenters chose to react with humor, instead of reverence and awe, doesn't at all diminish the performance. Relax.

Posted by MarkH October 7, 09 03:24 PM

I think the Germans are fast approaching the Japanese in their level of weirdness.

Posted by Adrienne October 7, 09 03:33 PM

Oooh - I'm so sad that I missed their Berlin performance. They did one in London called The Sultan's Elephant which was absolutely magical. All Londoners left their usual cynicism at home, walking around instead in a child-like wonder trying to spot the little Giantess having a nap in St James's Park (she snors!) or the elephant, accompanied by the Sultan and his court, walking down Picadilly. I guess it's one of those 'you had to be there moments', but absolutely wonderful.

Posted by Alba October 7, 09 03:35 PM

i love this style of art / puppetry at such a HUGE scale. and on pic #29; check out those monster cymbals ! wonder how they sounded...

Posted by double_G October 7, 09 03:47 PM

Great shots.
To me, It just misses some pictures of REAL people, and their reaction/emotions to this show.

I saw it in a TV reporting, and you often see ADULTS literaly crying.
This brings so much emotion !

Posted by Raphael October 7, 09 03:47 PM

So very beautiful.

And I envy you Richard (#45).

Posted by Alli October 7, 09 03:49 PM

#51: Except this is a *French* theater group. Maybe all us Europeans are just nuts ;)

Posted by nha October 7, 09 03:55 PM

Absolutely beatiful, historical story. Visually stunning. History brought to life! Loved it!

Posted by Yasmin S. October 7, 09 03:59 PM


Posted by elmo October 7, 09 04:04 PM

I'm from Germany and saw parts of the performance and I just didn't get it until I just saw these photographs. Beautiful! Well done!

Posted by Alex October 7, 09 04:15 PM

Very European. Requires large commitment, money, time & community. New Yorkers would want more action & explosions. The comments are not revealing enough. More people should comment; it's part of the experience.

Posted by Philip Herman October 7, 09 04:25 PM

Too many similar shots. Whole series could have been reduced to about six pictures.

Posted by PeeWee October 7, 09 04:32 PM

If you want more pictures about Royal de luxe (others spectacles...)

Posted by Jean-Jacques G October 7, 09 04:37 PM

If you enjoy street theater, their elephant is not to be missed either :-)

Posted by Yogi October 7, 09 04:43 PM

Pure magic. Thank you for the pictures of the performance. It was beautiful and I wish I could have attended.

It makes me sad to think that so many people view the fantastic as something odd.

Posted by vicki b October 7, 09 04:45 PM

great pictures! thank you!

Posted by icke2000 October 7, 09 04:50 PM

Simply amazing & beautiful done. I am always overwhelmed by Royal de Luxe. The costumes of the Lilliputians are also very nice.

@44. Don't ruin the beauty of these pictures with your ranting.

Posted by Paul October 7, 09 04:50 PM

culture at it's best ...
you don't have to be interested in art or have to have any status in society, this is a simple story, which becomes huge not only by the measurements of the string puppets but by the amazing gestic & facial expression people can create with them....
it was such a great performance, many people almost cried when the little giantness & the big giant finally hugged in front of the no. 1 symbol for reunion...
even watching this on TV made this experience unforgettable.

Posted by Stefan D. October 7, 09 05:12 PM

Absolutely Amazing. I can certainly imagine that this was quite an emotional experience. I got emotional just looking at the photos!

Posted by Lane Ellen October 7, 09 05:13 PM

I never could have that such a performance could exist. Extraordinary. Thank you to all the photographers and artists.

Posted by Bootleg October 7, 09 05:18 PM

This show, with the giant girl, came in my home town (Le Havre, France) in October 2006. I've never seen another so beautiful, wonderful and poetic show.
Photos on demand ;-)

Posted by GeoTrouvetout October 7, 09 05:33 PM

So very beautiful.

And I envy you Richard (#45).

Posted by Alli October 7, 09 05:34 PM

Ubelivable...cogratulation to company for made this, and congratulation to Berlin

Cheers from Brazil !

Posted by Margul October 7, 09 06:19 PM

Interesting!!!!!!!!! I would like to have seen puppets on such a massive scale.

Posted by Charles Davis October 7, 09 06:25 PM

Everybody knows the marionettes are giants because of global warming - sorry couldn't resist! Just trying to make this like every other Big Picture post comment- quick, somebody add a atheistic comment bashing organized religion and it's impact on giant puppets who collect government funding...hahahahaha

Posted by MCHammer October 7, 09 06:26 PM

As a European from France, those beautiful pictures brought tears of joy and pride in my country (Europe feels like one nation in those occasions), because of the power of this symbol: 65 years after WW2, a nation of this continent does not care if the theater company hired to celebrate its own most important event of the century comes from their former worst enemy (remember WW1...) 1.5 million people just enjoyed together this fantastic and beautifully symbolic show... It feels the same as when Jessye Norman sang the Marseillaise for Bastille Day on the Champs-Elysees in 1989 for the bicentennial of the french revolution. To see a black american woman singing the french hymn meant so much to me and was such a great symbol of the values and hopes brought by the Revolution and the Enlightenment...

Posted by Garz October 7, 09 06:41 PM

Liked it in real in France and re-like it now in pictures, such a great theatre company!

Posted by Luckyfrench October 7, 09 06:45 PM

Beautiful. Beautiful. Literally. Symbolically. Emotionally. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to learn and see something I could never have imagined. Bravo to everyone involved in this art. My world is bigger and better tonight because I seen the Big Giant and the Little Giantress.

Posted by Moli October 7, 09 06:56 PM

It's the little things like this that give me a bit of hope there is still something worthwhile saving about humanity.

Thank you for taking the time to share this.

Posted by Quinlin Hopkins October 7, 09 07:09 PM

Hats off to the people of Berlin, they have much cause to celebrate!
A classy display of European style!

Cheers from Canada

Posted by Paul Wo October 7, 09 07:49 PM


Posted by Vitaly Altoiz October 7, 09 08:01 PM

I'm sure glad I didn't run into them in Rapture.

Posted by Kent October 7, 09 08:03 PM

wow that looked like a real girl at first! then i was like wait a minute..haha this is breathtaking

Posted by elle October 7, 09 08:13 PM

Such a beautiful performance. And to think that I had to stay put at home because of a nasty cold while about a kilometre away this stunning spectacle was happening. I hate you viruses!!

And thanks to France and the artists who brought us such a nice and unforgetable experience. Politicans and their interchangable speeches grow dim compared to this ...

Posted by stoertebeker October 7, 09 08:15 PM

@53, how nice of you to assume that Londoners left their 'usual cynicism' at home for the Sultan's thing. Do you tar everyone with the same presumptuous brush?

No sir, THIS Londoner was thoroughly infuriated and therefore justifiably cynical about his encounter with The Sultan's Elephant as the crowds it drew around Piccadilly Circus made him late for a date.

Bloody French.

Posted by Nairn October 7, 09 08:39 PM

Anyone else extremely creeped out? And what is it with the Germans and this build-a-man mentality?

Posted by Jdog October 7, 09 08:44 PM

It puts the lame-o Macy's parade with those dumb balloons to shame.

Posted by Shazza October 7, 09 08:52 PM

Wow! What a show! Is there more to it, though? Are they trying to prepare the puplic for a return of the Nephilim????? Hat is off to #44.

Posted by freedom_fighter(terrorist) October 7, 09 08:54 PM

This isnt a massive waste of energy or anything is it?

Posted by Robespierre October 7, 09 09:15 PM

this is why, the french remind you, they are better than you

Posted by Roger October 7, 09 09:48 PM

This is absolutely adorable...and yet terrifying. I hate puppets, especially human like puppets. I think if I saw these HUGE ones, I would die, haha.

Posted by TheOnlyAsianOnTheBlock October 7, 09 10:30 PM

Alive I tell you, them creatures that blink and look like they don't really see you, but they do. They go into large crowds carefully, walk as guided, slowly absorbing the breath of your souls while you watch. Then sleep,

Posted by LorrieJo October 7, 09 11:02 PM

Beautiful... the theme, the presentation and the photography... are all awesome...

Posted by Sudhir Kumar Suru October 7, 09 11:16 PM

What a masterpiece!!!

Posted by Alex Travous October 7, 09 11:42 PM


Posted by Luis Cala October 8, 09 12:25 AM

Wonderful that people still conceive of great and dramatic and artistic events...and are allowed to make those dreams reality!!!!

Posted by Anonymous October 8, 09 12:29 AM

Amazing! It is awesome!

Posted by Devadas, Bangalore, India October 8, 09 12:37 AM

Chill out #44. I'm a Historian for the USAF, and the Berlin Blockade (Airlift) wasn't until 1948. That is nearly the same legth of time after the war that America spent in the war. I don't know why you are ranting. Everyone is commenting on the awe and beauty...not their lack of understanding of the events. Furthermore, to say that other allied forces are "lesser", that is an insult to the Millions, not a typo...MILLIONS of Soviets (Russians) that gave their lives. Plus the UK lost as many as we did (give or take) and their population in 60% smaller than ours. Not to mention the UK and the USSR spent 2 long years fighting and getting bombed, REPEATEDLY, for 2 years prior to our official entering of the war. Don't take away victory from the allied nations. It makes you sound like an idiot.

Posted by Nathaniel October 8, 09 01:00 AM

i kept my tears in my eyes when i saw the picture where they met and hug each other! OH MY GOD :'(

Posted by place light October 8, 09 01:14 AM

thats one beautiful story depicted in a beautiful way...

Posted by Munish October 8, 09 01:57 AM

Wondrous. How profound, a simple change in scales.

Posted by Jeff October 8, 09 02:23 AM

oops! thar''s really so cool how they did it? and what's real story between big giant and loli of giantess. (Form China Beijing)

Posted by Kevin October 8, 09 02:39 AM

The Big Daddy and his little sister. The first thought which came to my mind was: Bioshock has come to germany!

Posted by till October 8, 09 02:46 AM

It is a beautiful show, though i find it a bit difficult that the puppet-makers / the circus gets supported not only by french tax-payer's money but also by right-wing nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen. So no surprise they made this 'Reunion' show in Berlin.

Posted by Stefan October 8, 09 02:56 AM

so amazing & meaningful!
wish I was there!

Posted by Juno October 8, 09 03:10 AM

Wow! Awesome..

Posted by Shashikiran Srinivasa October 8, 09 03:31 AM

#53, "bloody French"? in which century do you live to come up with such a stupid comment? AND if you have to rant at somebody, check who in London ask the French company to come for the show...they didn't invade London I presume, though that could be nice once in a while to remove some sticks out of some stiff asses like yours.
#86: few people will creep out because they used their brain and realised a French company manufactured the puppets. Use yours too.

Posted by ben October 8, 09 03:43 AM

Merci France!

Roland de Berlin

Posted by Roland October 8, 09 04:29 AM

Astonishing and inspiring!

Hats off to everyone involved!

Posted by Marcel October 8, 09 04:42 AM

'Lesser Allies'. Nice. Guess who wrote that?

Posted by matt October 8, 09 04:44 AM

amazing..absolutely mind blowing !!!!!!

Posted by Pete October 8, 09 04:48 AM

Hi every one ! i'm french and so proud about this masterpiece. This company "Royal de Luxe" is one of the most creative and ingenious founder of the "spectacle vivant" in the world. You should see that by your own to understand not just looking pictures. Nothing compare to live !
Trust a F....... french guy ;)
PS : I'm amaze by some "post" sometimes i feel happy to live far from you !

Posted by Dylou.K October 8, 09 04:52 AM

Just cool stuff!!

Posted by Alok October 8, 09 05:00 AM

Astonishing and inspiring!

Hats off to everyone involved!

Posted by Marcel October 8, 09 05:02 AM

Very impressive! But the german government should have better used the money that was spent on this event for supporting a kindergarden or a school in Germany, where many are in need for new rooms, books and even teachers!

Posted by T.Will October 8, 09 05:24 AM


Posted by csidedektiflik October 8, 09 05:26 AM

Thank you for those beautiful pictures. I had only seen the performance on tv, quite touching nevertheless. Here are some more pictures, video and information:

Posted by Olli October 8, 09 05:29 AM

@44/DaveS: In fact, the western Allied Forces traded an entire state for West-Berlin: the Free State of Thuringia, at first liberated by the US and GB, but then put on the plate of the Soviets. But thanks for spreading your propaganda and spitting in the face of the poor people of Thuringia, who had to endure being locked in the GDR instead.

Posted by NP October 8, 09 05:40 AM

extraordinarily good and wonderfullllllll

Posted by aisha October 8, 09 05:48 AM

come on, its not the Reichstag anymore its the Bundestag. Third Reich is over !

Posted by Tristan October 8, 09 05:49 AM

Отличная реализация!

Posted by ктото October 8, 09 06:06 AM

This is absolutely adorable...and yet terrifying. I hate puppets, especially human like puppets. I think if I saw these HUGE ones, I would die, haha.

Posted by tiffany October 8, 09 06:14 AM

Nice Post as always...

One Correction.. Letter "L" is missing in the word "Parliamentary" in the description of # 14. Thanks. Gaurav

Posted by Gaurav Pant October 8, 09 06:44 AM
Posted by Anonymous October 8, 09 06:44 AM

so amazing

Posted by fish October 8, 09 07:10 AM

Fanbulous !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is a man made Miracle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lilly Donatelli Ristic

Posted by Lilly Donatelli Ristic October 8, 09 07:22 AM

@120: It is still the Reichstag.

Posted by Adrian October 8, 09 07:26 AM

Good photo's, well done France!

#26 The French government had no economic/political benefit from invading Iraq. They were Iraq's largest trading partner with a lucrative oil for food program, and were also happily supplying arms to the county for years. Iraq owes the French $6 billion in arms debt from the 70's and 80's alone. Maybe this is how they have the public monies to pay for this wonderful spectacle.

Posted by Nick October 8, 09 07:32 AM

Royal de Luxe almost came through New York with this show, but it fell through because of financing. Anyone who wants the show in their town, please rally, call your politicians, your arts councils, foundations and tell them you want Royal de Luxe!!! They're ready to come over!!!!

Posted by rainbow m October 8, 09 07:41 AM

Wow!!! Must be something to watch closely!!!

Posted by RR October 8, 09 07:44 AM

What the heck has the French got to do with the fall of the Berlin Wall? And again what the heck has this rather strange street show with a deep sea diver and rather ill looking girl got to do with the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Posted by Dave Sanchez October 8, 09 07:45 AM

A story to remember! It describes just a small piece of the pain this Wall caused for many generations, but it is a unique way to touch feelings of people, no matter they have witnessed this madness or not. I deeply regret for not being there when it took place.

Posted by Edi Rumyan October 8, 09 07:51 AM

I was trying to imagine this happening in the USA. Ha. We have no cultural heritage or respect for it, nor do we have any interest in the arts. We've been so dumbed down, it's kind of embarrassing. Impressive show.

Posted by Marla October 8, 09 08:01 AM

These came to London in 2006 - it was absolutely amazing! Surreal and bizarre.

Posted by Tanya October 8, 09 08:04 AM

Where did they come form? :)

Posted by Kartik Iyer October 8, 09 08:09 AM


it's still the 'reichstagsgebäude' or 'reichstag'

Posted by bounty October 8, 09 08:30 AM

Why are we looking at just still photo's?
No one had a video camera?
It would be more impressive to see them in action!

Posted by Psd October 8, 09 09:26 AM

@ Comment 48
Thanks for sending a link to the YouTube video. The photos are amazing. Seeing the Giant and Giantess in action was breath-taking.

What an extraordinary display! I would love to see something like that in my town of Indianapolis, IN, U.S.

Posted by Deniselookingout October 8, 09 10:02 AM

these pictures remind me of "La Princesse" in Liverpool

Posted by Paulo October 8, 09 10:28 AM

No kidding, THE Greatest 'Big Pic' post so far. What the world needs now is fantasy, sweet fantasy.

Posted by Yusuke October 8, 09 10:40 AM

This is incredible!
I had never heard of this festival.
This staff is the best!
Many thanks to the Boston Big Picture.

Posted by Carlos October 8, 09 11:00 AM

I love our european "Country"...

Posted by Anonymous October 8, 09 11:00 AM

rather kitsch

Posted by MSG October 8, 09 11:05 AM

Wonderful, wonderful artistry and great photos too! I love this "Grand Scale" street theater idea - I wonder when it'll come to America. It's already been in France, England, and now Germany...


Posted by Shalin October 8, 09 11:06 AM

@44 @131 remember that the US president and congress absolutely did not want to do that, and had to be begged for weeks by the British and French to do it, and that for the first 10 years, more than 80% of the troops at the gate and along the wall on the German side were actually French, until the German's reconstructed army took over under the American command.
Besides, the French were the ones who were invited by the Germans to actually pull down most of the wall, in recognition to them convincing the Americans to save the city from the Soviets!

I think it's YOU that needs to read a good history of American military presence in Europe.

I don't think you need a German professor of history to tell you this - your own textbooks should tell it to you! I lived through it all, here in Berlin, myself, and remember the French tanks rumbling back and forth in front of our apartments for years as a child.

Posted by Bernard Bachmann October 8, 09 11:36 AM

This is like Bioshock! For Real!

Posted by Julia October 8, 09 12:16 PM

Where will they be performing next? I want to see Royal de Luxe live!!

Posted by Agnes October 8, 09 12:21 PM

Impressive Poppets

Posted by Herman October 8, 09 01:01 PM

I'm impressed by the scale of the objects from an engineer's perspective. Can't get my brain around the emotion associated with the spectacle however. Might be the smallness or stillness of the pictures contrasted with the subject.

And to Dave S., commentor #44, better check the supplies at your cabin in the woods. I'm certain the Trilateral Commission has your number. Better yet, go there. Stay there. And please, stay off the internet.

Sheesh, what a moron.


Posted by William October 8, 09 01:43 PM

@ 47 - It's a jelly donut

Posted by JFK October 8, 09 02:17 PM

reminds me of bioshock...

Posted by russfussuk October 8, 09 02:39 PM

As a Padi Advanced Open Water Diver, I found these photos to be very eerie.
Wish I had been there in person. I'm diving the Red Sea in Egypt on a bi-monthly basis in Dahab.

Posted by Stacie Rissmann-Joyce October 8, 09 02:55 PM

Mister Bubbles.......!

Posted by ds October 8, 09 03:10 PM

Put 'em in a New York City parade, it would be a nice change from our same ol' same ol'.

Posted by Dean October 8, 09 03:16 PM

The thing that makes Royal de Luxe's productions special is the way that they're designed to be stumbled upon and seen in fragmentary ways -- the intention is that everyone will take something different away from what they see, shaped by their imaginations.

That's why they've avoided filming them: you can watch a DVD of the Sultan's Elephant in London, but it doesn't convey, for instance, the experience of a commuter encountering the giant marionettes in the course of an ordinary day. As that link says, it inspires a remarkable emotional investment from people whose daily lives are briefly part of a fantastic story.

Posted by nick s October 8, 09 03:21 PM

Simply beautiful! Thanks to the French and the Germans. I am beyond overwhelmed!

Posted by Mike October 8, 09 03:46 PM

Such a magnificent, yet tender symbol of this great family returning to each others' arms.

With much affection from your American cousins,


Posted by David October 8, 09 04:02 PM


Posted by Poku October 8, 09 04:11 PM

# 24 - True Father Daughter relationship

Posted by Sujee October 8, 09 04:22 PM

how beautiful. i cried as i looked through each photo.

Posted by heather acq October 8, 09 04:32 PM

With 1.5 million people in the streets, you can merely "stumble" upon the giants : you're weaving through the crowd to try and see them! However, it was amazing and of course a beautiful symbolic moment, the audience was really excited and marveled as the troupe was approaching. Here are some photos of the crowd i took :

Posted by robin October 8, 09 04:44 PM

Needs more action and explosions.

Posted by Robert in NYC October 8, 09 04:54 PM

I'm from Minnesota but have lived in Berlin for four years now. Last Saturday I thought the whole thing was a pretty stupid waste of tax money - that is, I kept asking myself what these two gigantic figures had to do with the Reunification Anniversary as they held up traffic and made it impossible to get around the city by foot. But after reading the captions under some of the most amazing photos of Berlin in this article, I definitely get it now. I wish the information in these captions had been publicly known or at least published in one of Berlin's newspapers before the event took place.

Posted by Jim October 8, 09 04:57 PM

When you go to Berlin there is a brick line through the city almost like the freedom trail, except it is the line of where the wall once stood. Riding over it on a bike tour, our guide stopped and said "look down; people were shot and killed every other day for 28 years trying to do what you just did." It is quite humbling and something I will never forget. Can you imagine if the freedom trail evoked such bad memories. What an amazing way interpret the reuniting of Berlin, it really is a giant part of their life.

Posted by james October 8, 09 04:58 PM

cripe that blows my mind

Posted by Josh October 8, 09 05:10 PM

#1 on reddit because of your great way of displaying images compared to other newspapers. Keep up the good work!

Posted by Kalle October 8, 09 05:13 PM

#61: Yes, you're so right. *No* Thanksgiving Day parade in New York would be complete without massive explosions, gangstas firing off a round into the crowd, hookers writhing around in bikinis on top of floats, and a ritual animal sacrifice or two. We Americans are so uncreative and have such short attention spans, that absolutely nothing of cultural or artistic merit has been produced in the history of the nation, right? Ugh...can't you just appreciate the art and allow others to appreciate it without the gratuitous and irrelevant America-bashing?

Posted by mpanzera October 8, 09 05:17 PM

No 120, that is not correct. In today's usage, the German term Reichstag or Reichstagsgebäude (Reichstag building) still refers to the building, while the term Bundestag refers to the institution.

Posted by Stephen Coady October 8, 09 05:22 PM

These things have nothing to do with religion and don't generate profit. Wont happen in the United States.

Posted by Juanny Choo October 8, 09 05:27 PM

beautiful! a couple of years ago, the little giantess came to chile and was a huge hit. hundreds of thousands went out to the streets just like the germans. great idea. great execution. great to see it again.
and, please just stick the comments to the subject.

Posted by perro October 8, 09 05:47 PM

This is unbelievable, Berlin at it's best and the reason why Europe and specifically Berlin is way ahead of us in the realm of Art's and Culture.

Posted by Franky October 8, 09 05:56 PM

I have mixed emotions about this. Yes, this took a lot of hard work and devotion. But I think I would be fascinated by it for about 5 minutes and then turn and walk away. They're just big puppets, right? Or am I missing something? I find it odd that people are wasting such valuable resources during a time when we should be helping the environment. I just think of all the trash that will end up in a landfill somewhere....and for what? Oh yes...big puppets.

Posted by Joe October 8, 09 06:24 PM

I thought it was brilliant, amazing and I would have loved to have seen it in person

Posted by Marlene Webber October 8, 09 07:04 PM

How very wonderful! I only wish my puppetry students and I could have been in Berlin to have seen this spectacle of artistic splendor and hope.

Posted by Lorie Annarella October 8, 09 07:33 PM

# 145


Posted by Heinz Augustin October 8, 09 08:28 PM

They looked so real...nice job.

Posted by Ali Caruso October 8, 09 08:39 PM


Posted by Rhaitza Lara October 8, 09 09:02 PM

#44 got ponned!! But #145, you really have an uncontrollable need to correct people. Just accept the fact that #44 is a brainwashed, desensatized puppet. From a psychologist's point of view, you are the pathetic one.

Posted by Sigmund Frued October 8, 09 09:08 PM

@78 yrs old and counting i remember the young girl telling me how naieve the US was as a young country when I mistook what i perceived as "Short Time?" as one of the unmentionables??? Smiles, I see it all quite clearly now>>>>>>>>>>>

Posted by elhawk October 8, 09 09:14 PM

What a great idea! We should do that in the US with Sponge Bob and the Cheetos Cheetah. That would be awesome!

Posted by Maroboduus October 8, 09 09:18 PM

Jesus..............How cool is the human race when they are putting thier minds to something creative and artistic as opposed to self destruction.......thankyou Courtney L Mullen.........x

Posted by David Hartley-Wiliams October 8, 09 09:29 PM

People around the world are starving to death yet this is the sort of sh*t we waste our energy on and accept as the dominant culture in the world. What a messed-up world.

Cool art all the same.

Posted by Igby October 8, 09 09:31 PM

The Big Picture always comes up with beautiful or astonishing topics. This was so fanciful and fun, especially after such tragic topics. The crowds really turned out. Thanks for the trip to Berlin!

Posted by Bruce October 8, 09 09:53 PM

This is amazing! We should never take our Freedom for Granted!!!!!!!!!! It made me think about all the people that died there,and also the men and women serving in our armed forces every day,puting their lives on the line.Be proud of them!!!!

Posted by joanne nichols October 8, 09 09:58 PM

truely amazing!!

Posted by L October 8, 09 10:00 PM

I hate puppets, and I hate performance art, yet this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Posted by EH October 8, 09 10:12 PM

It's really amazing! Hope we could also have that kind of magnificent event in Panmunjeom, Korea... celebrating its reunion someday.

Posted by Sang October 8, 09 10:14 PM

it's amazing........

Posted by knight October 8, 09 10:18 PM

Can you say....Bioshock? This looks almost exactly like a big daddy and little sister. For all of you commenters who don't know, check out Bioshock to see how similar this is? I wonder if the person who came up with this idea has ever played the game....

Posted by Tyler October 8, 09 11:48 PM

The puppets are amazing. It is an art form different from those we have developed in our country. Although we enjoy many smaller forms of puppetry, this has been taken to a grander scale. There are so many sides and views to see with regard to life, war, art, culture, and humanity. Gulliver's Travels was a book about the Lilliputians who trapped him by staking the giant to the ground...and it was symbolic of large governments and the worlds around us and how the various countries with many stages of social systems including various languages, clothing, slavery, emperors, kings, czars, sheiks, presidents, generals, and dictators all from varying levels of honesty, religion, respect, and or, lack of it. This is a statement of the celebration of freedom from bondage....and although this control and slavery and child and gender abuse still exists in all cultures, the culture in America is a composite of democracy, freedom, and still has many poor hungry elderly, and young as well as fallen heroes who are homeless and hungry. To make a world statement like this is monumental. Now, if they could just disarm the weapons of mass destruction which hang over us all, perhaps we could get back to the art of theater, puppetry, music, composing, dancing, painting, sculpting, welding, designing and respect each other. If the worlds could all stop the propaganda and lies that make us question our very existence all the philosophies and lose respect for nations whose total purpose is to destroy every Christian, Catholic, and Jew in the world in every country where we live besides every beautiful flower, honey bee and church in our country...think about life without apple pies and bbqs, no baseball or football, or fireworks....And before you know it freedom will ring.... but it takes faith, love, respect, honesty, kindness, dignity, morality, generosity and acts of kindness to recognize the art around us and help rebuild and free those enchained people still under the control of the giants who lie and hate their own.

Posted by Dr. Shery October 9, 09 12:31 AM

That's just weird, but then I think Macy's parades and other pomp is weird too.

Perhaps we could enjoy watching them light up at Burning Man one day?

Posted by acmetech October 9, 09 01:11 AM

Hard to believe that it's been 20 years. #78 written by Moli pretty much expresses how I feel about this. Wonderful.

Posted by Mar Tee October 9, 09 01:12 AM

WOooooooooooW so giant GIIAANTTSS
From art point of view : really a masterpiece
A true combination of technology and art

From Economic point of view : not sure if it generatae money
but if it didnt then truly a waste of money and energy

well human feelings have no logic

and even dumb items used by celebs get sold for millions
atleast this is better

Dont know we should promote these or not

Posted by Anonymous October 9, 09 01:45 AM


Posted by evek October 9, 09 02:07 AM

i ve never seen something like this ever before.

Posted by Anamika October 9, 09 02:37 AM

They'll be performing in Santiago Chile at the end of January, most likely

Posted by raindowm October 9, 09 03:13 AM

I watched on TV, it was wonderfull.
das war sehr schöne..

Posted by Selim October 9, 09 03:54 AM

I am stunned! Incredible!

Posted by Louwna van Wyk October 9, 09 04:22 AM

Great pictures, wish i was there...

Posted by Dezorian October 9, 09 04:40 AM

Looking at the picture reminded me when I was 10 yeas old running the streets in a country deep deep in the heart of Europe..
The air is different in Europe, even the air, even the air....

I will share it with my friends in America

Posted by Marsel October 9, 09 05:07 AM

... ( breathless !!! ) ...

Posted by Olivier Bonjour October 9, 09 07:24 AM

Incredible artwork! People complaining about he "resources" spent here: Man does not live on bread alone. We waste plenty of money on less significant, less beautiful things (unfortunately). I wish I could have been there to see them move!

Posted by Sharon Rose October 9, 09 07:46 AM

What took 3 years of discovery, 3 months of logistical planning, weeks of preparing in Berlin resulted in 2 days of awesome performance. It was a the biggest present we could ourself.

Posted by Salid October 9, 09 07:48 AM

Its alive.....its alive !

Posted by wilco October 9, 09 07:54 AM

I'm British, live in Berlin, but was in France and only saw this on Arte, the Franco-German cultural TV channel. Try as I might no to, I cried. To the few on here who don't get it - try to see a video, especially the Arte 30 min. long programme. Look at the reactions of the crowd: Berliners, Germans, visitors from everywhere who came just to see it. Or: just consider the "slowed-down" emotions, the playing out of simplicity, closeness, separation and reunion. And the Lilliputian helpers, perhaps representing us all? Then if you still don't get it…

Posted by Brian October 9, 09 08:35 AM

absolutely beautiful, incredible work, inspiring story...GREAT WORK!

Posted by Nannette Fischer October 9, 09 09:48 AM


Posted by Joe October 9, 09 09:52 AM

wat moet dit wezen

Posted by carlotte October 9, 09 10:34 AM

It was truly amazing! I was there on saturday, 3rd october among the crowd watching it. Wonderful event. I believe the puppets were made in Nantes, France where my son's girlfriend is from and she was very proud of that fact on the day. wonderful show and so fitting for the 20th aniversary of the re-unification of Germany after the wall came down.

Posted by eileen keelan October 9, 09 10:45 AM

Astonishing and very fascinating!I wish I can see it in person. :)

Posted by sNaiLviN October 9, 09 12:03 PM

As a Canadian I respect this effort to impress upon the world the terrible sacrifices Europeans went through during world war 2. These puppets are absolutely inspirational. The originators deserve a Nobel Prize for Art or Peace. OR BOTH!!
I can not beging to express how wonderful this tribute is but I can say my heart was deeply touched.

Posted by Vance McFadyen October 9, 09 12:22 PM


Posted by SUDHIR October 9, 09 01:03 PM

@178 - It's 'pwned', not 'ponned' ;-)

@200 - Is there something wrong with the air over here in the US? I can't help but think your comment is infused with smug feeling of superiority...

Posted by lcozzarelli October 9, 09 01:10 PM

I love the pics but hate the comments about US and European relations. Please EUROPE (France) remember that without world help your countries would not exist as you know them today i.e. with the same names as before world wars. You would not be speaking so freely about things either. The US protects its intersts world wide. Thanks for the statue of liberty but keep the stench that is your thankless attitude to yourself.. Thanks for the PIcs and the event was probably one the great things we as people will see. Art never dies It always transforms. Royal De Luxe you have outdone yourself. Thanks for making me smile.

Posted by NDR006 October 9, 09 01:17 PM

Quite fascinating. The concept, the performance and all the work that must have gone into this astounds me. I could not take my eyes away. My only regret is that I do not understand enough German to follow what the narrator in the youtube video was saying.
Reading the posts was equally intriguing. Not too many people made negative comments, most were glowingly positive, yet the negative comments gathered the most attention.
Both the production and the blog about it are interesting experiments in human nature. I wonder what they tell us about ourselves?
#112 - I do not blame you for being glad you live far away from such cranks.

Posted by Margot October 9, 09 01:48 PM

Come on, #214...although I too am annoyed at the gratuitous and irrelevant America-bashing, using the same tired "You'd be speaking German today if it weren't for the US" isn't going to help matters (and probably will worsen them). There were plenty of other Allied countries losing plenty of lives in WWII along with us.

Posted by lcozzarelli October 9, 09 02:05 PM

Come on, #214...although I too am annoyed at the gratuitous and irrelevant America-bashing, using the same tired "You'd be speaking German today if it weren't for the US" isn't going to help matters (and probably will worsen them). There were plenty of other Allied countries losing plenty of lives in WWII along with us.

Posted by lcozzarelli October 9, 09 02:23 PM

Sad how a beautiful art piece is spoiled by political talk
shame on you 214

Posted by oliver laplace October 9, 09 03:31 PM

217... its not about the US coming to save the world. As I said before, "without the worlds help" and that includes many different armed forces as well as the US, The french might be speaking mongolian for all intensive purposes. I just wish that people would get their heads out of the BS agenda pushing tabloids and be thankful for what they have and thankful to the persons whom fathers and grandfathers helped provide a blanket of security for others in a time of need instead of bashing My homeland for reasons unprovoked.

Posted by #214 October 9, 09 03:34 PM

218 did you even read the comments.....214.I love the pics....Thanks for the PIcs and the event was probably one the great things we as people will see. Art never dies It always transforms. Royal De Luxe you have outdone yourself. Thanks for making me smile....? The "shame of which you speak is aimed at many above comments relating tojust exactly that political babble from the French! get a clue 218 and review related comments before you speak. I too enjoy the Art.

Posted by 214 October 9, 09 04:17 PM

A truly Great Show for all ages to see and enjoy.

Posted by loneagle113 October 9, 09 05:02 PM

Thanks for posting. Giant puppets, who would have thought

Posted by Tommy October 9, 09 05:42 PM

Yes, amazing show, but it reminded me of another wall , three times taller than the former Berlin wall, and it's....guess where? Middle east, built not by communists ,but by Israel.

Posted by Elizabeth October 9, 09 05:43 PM

wow, so very cool!!! btw, who's the Lilliputian w/ the dreds in pic #33?! reeeeeer lol

Posted by gigi October 9, 09 06:25 PM

Beautiful and wonderful. Well worth whatever it cost. Thank you, whoever paid. Thank you for the performance we can share and thank you for supporting whoever made it happen.

Posted by Adam Nieman October 9, 09 07:19 PM

I'm Korean, my country is the only devide nation in the world.
I dreamed Korean re-union too.

Posted by Kim Chon October 9, 09 09:05 PM

This is truly too amazing! Visually stunning and what a lovely story (politics aside)

Posted by Lynn October 9, 09 09:34 PM

Wonderful story, full of symbolic meaning. Thanks for the article.

Maybe they *could* come to USA.

We could have a giant GW walking around DC searching for his poor, lost weapons of mass destruction, mumbling "I know they're here somewhere..."

I'd help fund that.

Posted by Ken Mitchell (KT) October 9, 09 10:15 PM

Fantastic street theater!
The French have a long history of connections to Berlin.
The French have loved giants since Rabelais wrote Gargantua and Pantagruel back in the 16th century!

Posted by Robert Mark Megna October 10, 09 12:21 AM

This a huge, mechanical poetry. Hope it will come over the streets of Brussels to give us a higher idea about creation and public show we all need to recover our childhood wonders and illusions.

Posted by olivier finn October 10, 09 02:40 AM

Come to México theres a big stage. THe center in front of the cathedral. and lots of ppl.

Posted by Kite October 10, 09 05:55 AM

good story told in a better way.excellent artistry of cource.

Posted by pammi minhas. October 10, 09 06:35 AM

The arte/ZDF documentation mentioned earlier can be watched online:,CmC=2868668.html

Posted by Florian October 10, 09 07:04 AM

Very cool aesthetically aside from its intended purpose. Also quite useful in acclimatizing people to the advent of the super robots which will be superior in their peacekeeping role.

Posted by Anonymous October 10, 09 08:42 AM

Totally and completely amazing!

Posted by Lindsey7 October 10, 09 09:30 AM

Thank you Anne for this slide show, it is amazing! there is a long tradition of puppets (guignol) in France, for children from 0-100 years and older, a very popular community and street theatre, an ancient art form.

In response to Elizabeth who is reminded of the wall in the Middle East, many medieval cities in the world are walled, as was customary to protect its inhabitants from outside attack and invasion, and this is true of Israel
today, who is just as anxious to protect its citizens from the daily shellings by its neighbours. The Soviets too suffered greatly at the hands of the Nazis, and for this reason erected the wall in Berlin. The Great Wall of China was similarly erected to protect the land from invasion by (mostly) the Mongols and other nomadic tribes in the area. It is not just in the Middle East!

Posted by Annie Hershkowitz October 10, 09 10:04 AM

>The Soviets too suffered greatly at the hands of the Nazis, and for this reason erected the wall in Berlin.
No, it was erected in 1961 long after the war to prevent defections to the west.

It was a prison wall.

Posted by Trude October 10, 09 02:20 PM

@ 214

I could not agree more with 216, American bashing is just as ridiculous as your WW2 argument. if you want to play that game, remember French involvment in the American Revolutionary War without which (I quote) "your countr[y] would not exist as you know [it] today"...
Helping each other is what being allies means, isn't it? Anyway, let's move on!

Posted by Agnès October 10, 09 04:54 PM

I worked with the Bread and Puppet Theater for many years out of Vermont, of course Peter Schumann is German, but big puppets have been here in the US and will continue to be here for many years to come, they are awesome because they are beautiful and make us realize the scale of our lives and of our connection to something greater than ourselves!
I love their beauty and continue to create big puppet parades for High sierra Music Festival every year with 3rd planet productions out of Willits, CA.

Posted by Pamela Astarte October 10, 09 05:39 PM

So very beautiful, moving, creative, talented, stunning, meaningful... I'm glad this happened, and I'm glad I learned of it.

Posted by Amurana October 10, 09 08:48 PM

Almost looks like bioshock : D So ffing cool. That really is our neighboor country Germany : )

Posted by Thomas October 11, 09 05:14 AM

i ve already seen the little giant in le havre france !
it was wonderful !!

Posted by rob October 11, 09 07:45 AM

Love it! Amazing work

Posted by Manne, Sweden October 11, 09 09:44 AM

I haven't seen anything this beautiful in a very long time. Well done to everyone involved. Amazing

Posted by Rue October 11, 09 10:30 AM

Fantastic to see a difficult looking concept carried through. I, like some others here am fascinated by the large scale of these kind of projects. Come to Leeds in the UK, so we can get a closer look...

Posted by Noonanio October 11, 09 10:41 AM

Esta chingon, estos Liliputenses se la rifan machin. y que afortunados los Berlinenses de tenerlos en su ciudad.

Posted by Rael October 11, 09 02:43 PM

Many thanks to The Big Picture for this set. An astounding set of photos!

Posted by Ding Pression October 11, 09 04:59 PM

The human race's unlimited source of creativity and inventiveness continually amazes me.

Posted by Diane Cassidy October 11, 09 08:25 PM

just to ^pay a little tribute to FRANCE, in case nobody noticed it until now: The giant puppets have been created by the "ROYAL DE LUXE Théâtre", a French theatre troop well known and appreciated on this side of the Rhein river. This amazing troop who plays mainly outdoors, was born in the South of France on the Riviera in the 90's, and then moved to Nantes, on the Atlantic coast.

other amazing pictures here:

Sharing my life between both sides of the Rhein, I am happy to see this great contribution of my country, to the celebration of the greatest European event since the return of peace after WWII.

Posted by bluerider October 11, 09 09:12 PM

this is wonderful amazing craftsmanship. as most visual entertainment is computer generated, its great to see this kind of work. i choose to not live in the past, but refuse to shut the door on it.old school works like these never loose they'er time and space, i love these puppets and all the incredable labor that must have gone into them. we need more of this in the world, and look at the crowds assembled to view these awsome figures, just marvelous.

Posted by john b davis October 11, 09 10:13 PM

Thts a Great Show...
Great efforts and good concept...

Lokanathan Nadar (India)

Posted by Lokanathan Nadar October 12, 09 03:06 AM

What a work of art. When I saw the size of the figures against buildings and people it straight away reminded me of Gulliver and the Lilliputins in Gulliver's Travels.

I love the fact that some humans think of an idea (and this is a big idea) and somehow find a way to make it happen, even if it requires an amazing amount of effort, time and most likely, money. For what purpose??? For a variety of enjoyment and the ability to accomplish something unique to be treasured with a we CAN do it attitude.

Congratulations to all involved...simply amazing characters!

Posted by Deb Smith October 12, 09 04:00 AM

Here are few links about "Royal de Luxe" and the shows !

First if you have missed Berlin

January 2010 : Antofagasta, Santiago, Concepción - Chile
( for the independance bicentenial )

February 2010 : Wellington - New-Zealand

21-21th August 2010 : Anvers - Belgium

2011 : Perth - Australia

Royal de Luxe is a french street theatre company based in Nantes (France)

Official Website (in progress)

[In French]

[In English]

THE LAST SHOW : The little giant and Titanic's Diver
A day by day for the first show in Nantes in June 2009 - Many pictures [in French]
A video about the three days (52'),39022.html

In Berlin

and more on Flickr', Google; Youtube, Dailymotion,.....

Posted by Cybereric October 12, 09 09:18 AM

A sigh.An uncle and his niece lost in the holocaust. Reunited.

Posted by Craig Berry October 12, 09 11:15 AM

How do they store those things?!? There HUGE!!!!!!! Cool..... but silly 2.

Posted by Renet Scashpar October 12, 09 01:12 PM

Wonderful...I would have loved to see this in person...

Posted by LisaR October 12, 09 02:47 PM

What actually astonished me most of all is that there are people who don't understand how amazing this really is.

Posted by Anne Donovan October 12, 09 07:35 PM

cheers to Royal de Luxe and cheers to Berlin.
thank you for sharing this unforgettable performance.

Posted by chad calease October 12, 09 08:07 PM

Every country should aspire to have their own icons on show to the rest of the world. History showed us that we are a species who thrive on achievement. That's why they invented the Olympic games...right? Sport is not the only showcase. Our passions should always be on show as well. And here the Germans showed us how. I just never knew that the Germans are also passionate. Then again, some of the best music is German, best food, best beer. And puppet shows. And cars. And highways. And....

Posted by Visko van der Merwe October 12, 09 08:29 PM

That is an amazing show and must have taken so much planning wish I saw it in the flesh..

Posted by Martha Cashman Cork Ireland October 12, 09 09:36 PM

Wunderbar!!! Wish the world was something like this...

Posted by Ruler of Istanbul October 12, 09 11:14 PM

very very awesome

Posted by jamie of new zealand October 13, 09 02:02 AM


Posted by imammase October 13, 09 03:42 AM

To number 219:
It's,.... for all intents and purposes, not "intensive purposes".

Posted by prymal October 13, 09 09:20 AM

I live in Nantes, where the Big giant and the giantess were born.

it's so nice to folow them travelling across Europe :)

Posted by hadrien October 13, 09 12:39 PM

The ideals presented here are awesome.
Wish that some people could leave off the negative comments, aimed at other people, with different feelings and thoughts about things.
Having lived in the time that the wall was build, The anger that was evident around the world, but without action to stop it.
And then the coming down of the wall, my goodness, can we not just appreciate the symbolism behind this fabulous show?

Posted by Betty. October 13, 09 02:18 PM

#190 ... loco

Posted by Pierre October 13, 09 04:56 PM

#214 I can forgive you for being American, but not for writing 'intensive purposes'. Tsk.

Posted by #268 October 14, 09 07:27 AM

How wonderful to see The Big Giant in front of the Reichstag instead of armed guards with machine guns!

Posted by Grace October 14, 09 12:02 PM

Absolutely amazing I have never seen anything like it in my life.

Posted by Terry Haub October 14, 09 12:52 PM

Coisa linda. Uma manifestação digna. Gostaria muito de ter participado.

Posted by Francisco J.Silva October 14, 09 01:39 PM

This is art. People go to a lot of trouble to create art, if it is worth the trouble. This is brilliantly conceived, expertly executed, and extremely simple, which is a strength. The only complexity about it rests in its fabrication, execution, and coordination.

That is its ethos. Its pathos is to touch the heart. As to that, it is as successful as it can be. It's only limitation rests within the hearts of the individuals who experienced it, either first or second hand.

5 Stars

Posted by Daryl Todd October 14, 09 03:49 PM

This is So Cool!! - Amazing presentation, wish I could have been there to see it. Congratulations to the theatre company & to Germany. For the negative comments - Lighten Up People!

Posted by Liz Marchesa - USA October 14, 09 04:13 PM

I'm already a little lovesick but after seeing this... O dear me, I think my heart is maxed out.

Posted by Nic October 14, 09 05:42 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 14, 09 11:34 PM

A touchy-amazing hard work.
Like a wooden tear drop

Posted by Cem S October 15, 09 05:11 AM


Posted by ÕŽú October 15, 09 09:59 AM

The many varied comments to this event show how vastly different people can perceive something. Please note: Dr Shery, #190, has eloquently explained the origins of the underlying symbolism of the story. I recommend everyone read posting #190 before commenting. The event was not intended to mimic or challenge the Macy's Parade. It's not about size, for the sake of, size. It's not about wasting resources on a silly extravagance. This was a gift from the heart to heal, to celebrate our common ground, and look to a better future. This was art in the service of humanity; this was transformational and the French know that best!
Thank you to everyone involved in creating this beautiful story for the world.

Posted by NRDp October 15, 09 10:20 AM

that one was the coolest performance I've ever seen, wicked!!

Posted by santi October 15, 09 10:34 AM

ART.. true art.. no words necessary.. Dan.. IRL

Posted by Dan Ellliot October 15, 09 12:24 PM

that is so awesome it is true art

Posted by zoey October 15, 09 05:55 PM

I remember seeing a clip of this in Being John Malkovich. I had no idea that it was real and a regular event.

Posted by C October 15, 09 08:41 PM

its like a fairy tale!!!

Posted by susie zhang October 15, 09 11:43 PM

This is so amazing.

Posted by Mannas Jennaa October 16, 09 02:06 AM

With all the hate and violence in the world this is really heart-warming and amazing. How anyone can not like this beyond me. Worth every second of effort put in by those who made it happen.

Posted by Martin October 16, 09 07:07 AM

Marionetas Francesas Gigantes"Guauh!!!!"

Posted by Anonymous October 16, 09 02:46 PM

east and west in love with each other - true life

Posted by morten sokilde October 16, 09 06:02 PM

I was reminded of the time I saw Gulliver,s Travels in the Ramblas Barcelona from the heights of a Gaudi building in 1997,truly spell-binding,so good it still happens & can heighten important landmarks in present day history,allowing us to rethink/reflect....Ceri Australia...

Posted by ceri October 17, 09 01:37 AM

I wish that I'd been able to see it,what inspiratrion Fantastic

Posted by Bunny Ledbury October 17, 09 12:06 PM

Quoting a previous post: "not sure if it generatae money
but if it didnt then truly a waste of money and energy"

And this, my American friend, is why Americans will be living in mud huts and eating garbage in two more generations of capitalism.

Posted by Sam Domenico October 17, 09 07:01 PM

Wow!! What a show. Hope we could do the same thing here in Taiwan when our brothers in China and us become real one family again as our strained affection is warming up.

Posted by Lee Tsen-han October 18, 09 09:27 AM

Truly magnificant work by the French company Royal de Lux and this is a perfect example of there art taking motion and a great occasion to make it for. Beautiful.

Posted by Tracey Guinsberg October 19, 09 02:12 AM

Forget your country of birth, this is about being human. Beautiful, moving stuff.

Posted by stephen October 19, 09 03:36 PM

So interesting!

Posted by Nikki October 19, 09 06:31 PM

I am so delighted to have seen these photos. They are spectacular and a wonderful expression of...whatever it is you feel as you look. Why are so many comments negative, accusatory and nitpicking.? If we could all be a bit more open and loving the world would surely be a better place...and let it begin with me...Anna Marie in San Francisco

Posted by Anna Marie Avanzino October 19, 09 08:23 PM

Wow! It's a very great show. I have never seen a show like this. When the Big Gaint and the Little Giantess,newly reunited, sleep in each other's arms in front of the Brandenburg Gate, I can not control my tears. I cry for Germany's reunited.

Posted by posted by Freeman Kong Oct 19, 22:18 PM October 20, 09 01:20 AM


Posted by Erik October 20, 09 01:44 AM

It's huge! And big! And so, so very real!
It's gorgeous!
I wish I'd been there to see it!

Posted by Deepti Bose October 20, 09 04:44 AM

too big

Posted by Anonymous October 20, 09 12:21 PM

For the first and only time, I went to Berlin in 1983 where I stayed in the home of women I had never met but who were willing to open their home to me and walk with me in the city.
There was much breaking of glass and huge anger at the time - some amazing music was being made of those sounds - and coexisting with that fury was this open, generosity which touched me deeply. I had grown up in the USA with a certain perspective of German's and this trip really turned that narrow perspective on its head.
I remember going to the wall and feeling the fear and grey terror. I cried every day I was in Berlin, at the cruelty of humans. Yet every evening I would return to the apartment of these women who warmed me and comforted me by their gift of space and care. Though I could not understand a word that was being discussed around the table, I felt accepted and that made a huge difference as I struggled with history and possible futures.
The puppets sent the same feelings through my body. I am deeply moved by these artists and their vision - how simple and profound. Thank you. I look forward to going to Berlin again.

Posted by Hannah October 20, 09 01:16 PM

This is incredibly beautiful!

Posted by ECL October 20, 09 02:07 PM

This looks like such a beautiful thing to see, something that I am sure all the spectators will remember forever, especially the children. I particularly enjoyed that the Little Giantess had removable shoes and socks and her very own rain coat. She's just like a giant doll!

Bravo to all who were involved in putting on this show.

Posted by Abby in Oregon October 20, 09 03:36 PM

Totally amazing...what a show!

Posted by Hpe Hazen October 20, 09 03:50 PM

I'm American (not always proud of it, sorry fellow Americans, I'm not)...but the comment by one of my neighbors: "not sure if it generated money but if it didn't, then truly a waste of money and energy" is truly insulting to this event...and I apologize on behalf of my country for this comment...not all of us are like that.

I cried looking at these photos (which are amazing btw), because the importance of this event is so profound and beautifully depicted (and I only know a smidgen of the whole story). Thank you for this enlightenment.

Posted by Emily S. October 20, 09 06:21 PM

I was there too... not knowing what was going on only one day in Berlin I falow the music & peoples I got chance to see fascinating street shaw and like kid I feel the magic absolutely amazing I have never seen anything like it in my life

Posted by Nina Szczerbowska October 21, 09 09:11 AM

Beautiful pictures, An excellent work ot art. Would have love see in person.

Posted by R alers October 21, 09 10:31 AM


Posted by JOSIANE October 21, 09 01:00 PM

Stunning pictures and the photo of them asleep outside the Brandenberg gate REALLY moved me for some reason...

Posted by Carl October 22, 09 06:50 AM

Absolutely stunning! I saw the group perform "The Sultan's Elephant" in London in 2006 where the Little Giantess met an exquisite elephant. I recognized her immediately! Definitely one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I wish I could have seen this one!

Posted by Alexa October 22, 09 02:45 PM

Wonderful to see this, it gets me right into it. I grew up in Berlin,You got the spirit well Thank you

Posted by Alix Rauh October 23, 09 12:31 AM

I like the "sleep in each other's arms" picture best. Marvelous work before and after I read the comments.

Posted by Anonymous October 23, 09 09:48 AM

Absolutely amazing. I love these giants.

What also amazes me (which is true about almost all the pictures I see here on Big Picture) is how the U.S. media circus completely ignores these things. They are so busy reporting the toxic state of U.S. politics they have no time to report uplifting (and important!) stories like this.

I read the NY Times, The LA Times and the Chicago Tribune online, and never have I seen even a peep about these charming puppets or the 20th anniversary of the reunification of Berlin. Shame on these rags for trying to foist themselves as newspapers.

Posted by Barbyr October 23, 09 07:37 PM


don't purchase the rags that you are reading. do you really think that they are telling you the truth anyway?

Posted by yourkiddingmeright October 24, 09 01:05 PM

This was an amaizng feat. I am so happy to have seen in from afar.
The embrace when they touching. What history telling!

Posted by Helen Logaglio Studtmann October 24, 09 01:32 PM


Posted by angel October 24, 09 02:06 PM

This is unbelievable. Very cool.

Posted by Walt Ribeiro October 24, 09 05:29 PM

yes the lilliputan with the dreads is HHHHOT!!!

Posted by Andrea October 24, 09 09:39 PM

It's a shame that we didn't get a direct chance to see this in the middle of the U.S. I stumbled on this beautiful piece of performance! Though in contrast, my own experience is nothing, I do remember the Wall's fall 20 years ago. It was the first time I cried at an international event. (I was 8)
Kudos, and many thanks. Art can (and does) heal.

And at what scale!

Posted by Colorado October 25, 09 12:04 AM

I'm curious to know if they're coming to the US. Although many Americans wouldn't understand the message, we're always up for a good show.

Posted by Melanie October 25, 09 12:17 AM

This is absolutely spectacular--magnificent craftsmanship and artistry. How I wish I could have been there to see it!

Posted by Deborah Lazaroff October 25, 09 12:28 AM

so ccol!!!

Posted by M.L October 25, 09 01:10 AM

It was amazing to see such works of art however in the back of my mind i kept thinking of Big Daddies and Little Sisters from the video game Bioshock. But it is still great to see things like this

Posted by Brendon October 25, 09 03:30 AM

OMG, It's a Big Daddy and a Little Sister! Where's my plasmids?! I neeeeed ADAM!

Posted by Atlas October 25, 09 04:03 AM

This is a much better way to celebrate Germany's National Holiday than a military parade. This event represents the spirit if the Germans today. I was there right in front of the Brandenburger Tor, the scenery was moving and touching, despite all the cranes, mechanics and technical stuff. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures.

Posted by Nicole October 25, 09 11:08 AM

As Hannah commented here, on October 20, 2009, "I am deeply moved by these artists and their vision - how simple and profound." For a reason which I have yet to analyze I was moved after reading the introductory paragraph and then moving onto viewing the pictures. Then I read Hannah's posting.
I am glad I came across this page.

Posted by leticia terrazas October 26, 09 12:10 AM

Ken Mitchell said it all. What a spectacular idea.

Posted by Alexandria October 26, 09 01:58 AM

Stunning - such imaginations - such sensitivity.

Posted by Vic Blake October 26, 09 06:40 AM

Only the French could put together something as beautiful as this.

Posted by Eve Lim October 26, 09 08:23 AM

Does this remind you of the Big Daddy out of the game bioshock looking for a little sister.

Posted by chris October 26, 09 10:13 AM

very, very cool...fantastic idea, powerful symbolism, spectacular execution.

Posted by andré from montreal October 26, 09 01:51 PM

it's amazing that in this world of technology we live in today, how can such basic objects create such a fantastic effect and impression! thumbs up!

Posted by Woody October 26, 09 05:19 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 27, 09 01:16 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 28, 09 11:44 AM


Posted by Sally Bell October 30, 09 05:48 PM

It's so Bioshock...

Posted by Martin October 31, 09 08:04 AM

Wow... It's wonderful..

I like it..


Thank you for share..

Posted by Rheza October 31, 09 08:23 AM

I just received this "event" from an artist friend. I was fascinated by the comments as well. I read nearly all of them. I'm struck by several points. First, the arrogance of some of my fellow US citizens. Some of us often have a highly over-rated sense of our place in the world. If we truly believed in democracy's "one man, one vote" we would be a bit humbled in the scope of it all. I am not saying we have not done many good things, but there is the rest of the world doing great things as well.

Secondly, I am struck with the analogy of the importance of every single puppeteer. It could be the analogy for how the world works. If it were not for each single person doing their job, the "show would not go on." If one person decided that they were more important than any of the others and started doing "their own thing," the whole is lost to the desires of one. It takes all of us to make it work. Thank you for bringing this to life.

P.S. To the person that thought this would be a waste if it didn't make a profit, it is clear as to how you value life. I am sorry for your sad and shallow world. It is heartwarming to know that some realize the value of art beyond what it puts in one's pocket.

Posted by Logdog November 1, 09 01:38 PM

Life is short but art stay for ever.

Posted by Peter S. Kuczkowski November 3, 09 03:52 AM

I was there and it was amazing.

Posted by Sally November 3, 09 11:56 AM

By far the most disturbing thing I have seen in ages. Truly frightening, the things that nightmares are made of.

Posted by smx November 6, 09 11:02 AM

I was there! Amazing show!

Posted by zuzax666 November 10, 09 05:03 AM

that is so cool

Posted by Anonymous November 12, 09 01:49 PM

koreha sugoi!
It's Amazing.

Posted by metamoog_Jp November 12, 09 06:52 PM

So Amazing Attraction & CARNAVAL I never see that is in INDONESIAN.

Posted by BONKY November 14, 09 04:59 AM

Fantástico!! fascinante! impressionante!! simplesmente maravilhoso.

Posted by Aurélio Velho November 14, 09 09:15 PM

A fellow puppet collector directed me to this site - I had seen a couple of photos of the Little Giantess but was not aware of the full extent of the project, its impact, and how moving it must have been for the spectators.
This is when the human spirit soars and ideas burst forth... thank you for the documentation of this splendid event and gratitude to the puppeteers ( and the Giant and Little Giantess) for their love and devotion to their craft.

Posted by BRONSON SMITH November 14, 09 09:54 PM

Esta hermosa obra humana debería dar vuelta al mundo
Felicitaciones a todos los creadores de esta belleza pura

Posted by Milton November 16, 09 07:12 PM

Ca c'est du spectacle populaire dans le bon sens du terme. De la poésie, de l'imagination, de la tendresse, de la beauté, du rêve, de l'humour, de l'amour. Merci à la Compagnie Royal de Luxe.
On vous attend à Calais (France).

Posted by fochins November 20, 09 09:14 AM

i thought it was surer sweet! they were gorgeous puppets. wish i had been there!

Posted by yo mama November 28, 09 12:21 PM

Straordinario!..E' la parola.. grazie ad un'amica, straordinaria anche lei.. altrimenti non avrei mai visto "Il gigante e la bambina".
Bellissimo, belli anche i commenti: e GRAZIE ad Irene!!!

Posted by Adriana November 29, 09 05:00 AM

it's so cool!! guys you have done a great job!!!!

Posted by ihsichiu December 9, 09 04:16 AM

wow i love this collection of pictures

i was there on one of the days and my pictures aren't the least as good as those!!

thanks for sharing them!

Posted by mim December 11, 09 12:46 PM

what a mesmerising show! I had such dreams as a child!

Posted by Mateusz December 15, 09 08:51 PM

E' fenomenale. Dopo il successo della storia della "visita del Sultano delle Indie": dove l'elefante é un personaggio favoloso come la piccola gigantessa, e della "Rivolta dei manichini", ecco che Royal de Luxe ci sorprende, ci fa sognare, ci entusiasma, ci fa sentiri tutti con buoni sentimentio con delle storie fantastiche e della inventiva sorprendente. E' una favola che diventa realtà e ci si sente coinvolti e non solo spettatori pieni di un intensa positiva commozione.

Posted by Emilio December 16, 09 04:14 AM

I just feel like adding a few things, since I live in Berlin and watched parts of the show.

First, the pictures are good, but there was so much more going on, than you can see. For example there was a geyser (broke out due to the giants anger) in the middle of the city, which produced a water fountain every few minutes. And the little giantess was dancing in the air after the reunion.
But the most wonderful thing was, that the little giantess looked so absulety human. Her facial expression wer just stunning. If you already think that after looking at the pictures, well... imagine it even more realistic.

Second, I think not every person living in Berlin got warmed up to the symbolic story behind this event. At least in my family there were some critical comments. But of course there bound to be different views than just one and since the whole thing was not that much about history, but mainly about the love between these two giants, it was really great for everyone even without knowing anything about the background story.

Posted by woogle December 16, 09 01:17 PM

I am so impressed and hope I can visit the performance in person in the future as this lifted my artist's soul to a deeper level of insight. Something of this nature can only inspire the heart and soul. I am embarrassed, being from the US, for the capitalistic comment about money and would also like to apologize on the behalf of my country. We are not all like that I assure all! Hail to Freedom, Love and Art!

Posted by Jill December 18, 09 12:30 PM

such an emotional response!the awesome power of puppets big and small to touch our soul

Posted by kaylene January 19, 10 02:55 AM

This is amazing!!!
Today I saw this performance for second time here in Santiago de Chile... Royal de Luxe is GREAT!!!

p.s. very good pictures here :)

Posted by selim January 29, 10 10:03 PM

Yes I am watching this amazing work of art right now on TV as these wonderful works of art are walking through the city in Santiago, Chile. Congratulations France.

Posted by Bill January 30, 10 11:39 AM


Posted by Romina January 30, 10 02:25 PM

wowowowoow!!!!!!!!!!! it´s incredible

Posted by Anonymous January 31, 10 08:28 PM

Aqui en Chille fueron tres dias maravillosos, aporte de cultura a un pais que se unio sin diferencias de clases y disfruto esta maravilla del arte
.Gracias Royal de Luxe .

Posted by Lilian February 2, 10 08:10 PM

they're just so cool, they were here in Chile recently
i'm still amazed by these two giants, i'm abosolutely in love with them

Posted by Maria Teresa February 14, 10 09:53 AM


Posted by Nilo A. C. Filho March 13, 10 08:55 PM

It reminds me of the beautiful Buddha in Korea, dedicated to the hope of reunion with North Korea. My heart just blossomed looking at these images. Thank you artists, thank you people, thank you for this breathtaking heart expanding experience.

Posted by Suzanne April 17, 10 09:24 PM

очень впечатляет, хочется увидеть в живую...

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 10 07:42 AM


Posted by veronique May 4, 10 10:57 PM

podemos ver el futuro, la pérdida inocense

Posted by edgar segarra June 1, 10 12:34 PM

Incredible photographs of an amazing event by Royal De Luxe and Berlin.

Posted by Louise June 9, 10 05:50 PM

Incredible photographs of an amazing event by Royal De Luxe and Berlin.

Posted by Louise June 9, 10 05:54 PM


Posted by Giraff June 11, 10 04:38 AM

Whaouuuuuuh ! It's gigantisime, beautiful and extraordinary !

Posted by Licia June 18, 10 01:11 PM


Posted by DEREK COLLINS July 10, 10 07:47 PM

August 20, 21, 22, Royal de Luxe are coming again to Antwerp, Belgium. with the diver and the little giant.
Seen the little giant and the elephant a few years ago, its pure magic.
We'll be there in the croud in 2 weeks.

Posted by Roos August 8, 10 06:38 PM

I saw both of them during their last day in Antwerp today. It's pure magic, and very emotional. And the crew operating the two giants must be much admired. It's very hard work, and on top they are dressed in very beautiful, but no doubt very heavy and hot uniforms. Respect!

Posted by Mechelburger August 22, 10 03:04 PM

Le Royal de Luxe parvient toujours à nous enchanter au fil des années. Nous avons eu la chance de les voir plusieurs fois à Calais et à chaque fois, c'est un émerveillement. Devant ces géants on redevient petits. Leur regard est tellement humain qu'on les croirait vivants.
Ca c'est du spectacle de rue, populaire et intelligent, ce qui est loin d'être incompatible. Si certains se demandent si c'est rentable, c'est qu'il n'ont rien compris ! Qu'ils restent devant leur poste de télé à engloutir des pubs !

Posted by BF.Duhen November 21, 10 01:13 PM

it was really grate

Posted by Anonymous January 1, 11 07:56 AM

I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

Posted by DromSertiem January 22, 11 05:48 AM

I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

Posted by Byncclosiussy January 26, 11 02:21 AM

yeah nice

Posted by Irish Tourist Board May 2, 11 12:18 PM
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