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July 31, 2009 Permalink

Dive right in

As the summer crawls into its later stages, the weather outside is heating up (in the Northern hemisphere at least). Cool waters call out to those who would leap in, momentarily letting gravity have its way with them, pulling them down as they flail, shout or twist. Collected here are a handful of photos of divers around the world, showing their professional artistry, daredevil bravado, or just simple joy as they take the plunge. (35 photos total)

Chinese diver Li Kang prepares for a dive during the Women's 10m final on July 18, 2009 at the FINA World Championships in Rome, Italy. (FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images)
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143 comments so far...

Man, I love these collections where you take a simple theme and just roll with it! Brilliant stuff!

Posted by Mr. BabyMan July 31, 09 11:59 AM

Love the polar bear! Viewing the whole series of pics is a great way to cool off. Thanks!

Posted by Kerry July 31, 09 12:05 PM

Makes me want to go swimming. Great pictures!

Posted by Melissa Stoneking July 31, 09 12:05 PM

just great! pic 15 is simply genial! 9, 29 y 35 so sexy!

Posted by Lufimaterial July 31, 09 12:07 PM


i like the icebear!^^

Posted by JNGS July 31, 09 12:09 PM

another incredible collection. 5 is inexplicably beautiful.

Posted by Paul Rez July 31, 09 12:09 PM

Great as always. Particularly love #30.

Posted by Aaron Fuegi July 31, 09 12:18 PM

Great pictures as always. I think it's time to go on a holiday where i can also enjoy the water :) I wonder ig its safe to swim in the Yangtze though

Posted by Sert July 31, 09 12:18 PM

Is there no swimming in the United States? Also, Is China an exporter of swimmers now? Besides that, al the pictures are wonderful.

Posted by Cody July 31, 09 12:21 PM

hey, it's SUMMER!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous July 31, 09 12:23 PM

These images are awesome - just AWESOME!! Keep it up!

Posted by Adam July 31, 09 12:23 PM

Great collection. Very interesting moments in time. Some of the expressions are very thought provoking.

Posted by Beaker July 31, 09 12:24 PM

#27 is amazing.

Looks like she's standing on her hands.

Posted by Mau July 31, 09 12:25 PM

Amazing, Once again

Posted by Aditya July 31, 09 12:28 PM

Beautiful... great work.

Posted by Bunbun July 31, 09 12:30 PM

a high bar for action photography has been set

Posted by James July 31, 09 12:31 PM

Love the polar bear!

Posted by Kelvin July 31, 09 12:32 PM

Foto fantastiche, come al solito!

Posted by Patfumetto July 31, 09 12:34 PM

what fun! really excellent work here, the silhouetted ones are my favorite.

Posted by KIP July 31, 09 12:47 PM

Water looks beautiful...the photos so well convey FUN, beauty, and precision!

Posted by John July 31, 09 12:48 PM

#30 is, by far, the best!

Posted by Pedro July 31, 09 12:50 PM

#30 - preved medved!

Posted by sb July 31, 09 12:52 PM

4 - funny skinny policemen
5 - seems no effort, lol!
13 - insane dude
15 - great concept
28 and 34 - the best so far
35 - pretty =)

overall, great collection!

Posted by holman July 31, 09 12:52 PM

Splash ! Splash! Splash !

Posted by Muralidheran July 31, 09 12:54 PM

#7 Watching the divers jump off Stari Most (Mostar) 1st-hand was incredible.

The water in the Neretva River is C O L D !

Posted by Aaron July 31, 09 12:55 PM

hmmmm @ #35

Posted by Z July 31, 09 12:58 PM

Brilliant pictures, brilliant blog. I visit every new post...

Posted by Anja July 31, 09 01:01 PM

Wonderful images!!!

I would like to be brave enough to try one of those dives, it has to be a hell of a feeling flying like that.

Posted by Leandro López (inkel) July 31, 09 01:04 PM

Yup... working around an idea is also sooo interesting! Thanks for sharing it....

Posted by Richard July 31, 09 01:05 PM

Incredible shots, especially 2,5,6, 26 and 34 !

Posted by Will July 31, 09 01:06 PM

Another great collection, makes me want to have a swim!

And in case anyone asks, #2 was done either in post, or with a tilt-shift lens on the camera.

Posted by MarkH July 31, 09 01:06 PM

A very refreshing theme...

Posted by Tony July 31, 09 01:10 PM

Ha ha! #30 was so unexpected and whimsical, I laughed!

Posted by Barry Brown July 31, 09 01:10 PM

Brilliant is exactly the word to describe these picks. Thanks Alan!

re: #6 - I cannot figure out the perspective of this picture. Where did boy jump of from? And where is is going to land?

Posted by Mosez July 31, 09 01:11 PM

Very refreshing on such a hot New York day.

Posted by Muggy July 31, 09 01:12 PM


Posted by Ste July 31, 09 01:16 PM

BTW - if anyone wonders, the impact of jumping in water from 10+ meters (30 ft) high is pretty big. If youre body doesn't cut the water like a knife, you're going to be in serious pain or worse.

Posted by Mosez July 31, 09 01:17 PM

The one with the bear is nice =))

Posted by Tahorg July 31, 09 01:19 PM

What program do you use to enhance these images? They're great quality with the perfect focus and clarity!

Posted by J K July 31, 09 01:30 PM


Posted by Claudia -California July 31, 09 01:37 PM

So nice! It's so beautiful!

Posted by Anonymous July 31, 09 01:45 PM

Tania Cagnotto is a BABE.

Posted by hildergarn July 31, 09 01:47 PM

Awesome pics again. Thanks TheBigPicture!

Posted by Dezorian July 31, 09 02:06 PM

Thanks! all were beautiful, but #32 brought back my childhood when we did the same "cannonball" splash dives.

Posted by SheilaM July 31, 09 02:19 PM

cool stuff

Posted by eldo July 31, 09 02:23 PM

Awesome ....

Posted by In your dreams July 31, 09 02:29 PM

The inclusion of #30 is pure genius. Thanks for the broad smile.

Posted by brittney July 31, 09 02:31 PM

Thanks BigPicture! I love almost every photo set you post. And it's sad when you get to that last picture :) Keep up the good work!

Posted by Apoelistas July 31, 09 02:37 PM

#39 The program is called "Professional Photographer" but unfortunately this program isn't available to the general public. The public domain program called "Years of Experience" will get you close though.

Posted by Matt July 31, 09 02:56 PM


Posted by Anonymous July 31, 09 03:08 PM

Great idea, really a good theme! I like the fact that the pictures chosen are from around the whole world.

Posted by Maxime July 31, 09 03:34 PM

As a diver and a Bostonian, I love love love these pictures. It's so awesome to see amazing sport photography - good diving photos are not easy to find!

Posted by Kristin July 31, 09 03:51 PM

I'm not too keen on diving, but #9 is simply awesome. Looks like something Rodin would chisle.
Agree with a couple of statements above: #35 Tania Cagnotto is absolutely gorgeous. Would do her. any favour she'd ask me for.

Posted by Schmierwurst July 31, 09 03:58 PM

Brilliant. Simpy Brilliant. Now, I gotta take some jump shots for myself.

Posted by Akshat Gait July 31, 09 04:05 PM

Nice photos!
There is a mistake in #2. There is no such a country called 'Columbia'.
Orlando Duque is from Colmbia, with 'o'. This is a very usual mistake, I've found...
On the other hand, #30 is the best!

Posted by MarioA July 31, 09 04:25 PM

Love your reply, Matt. Did you steal that information from

Posted by Luke July 31, 09 04:26 PM

beaufitul :)

next a collection of summer countryside in the summer :) ;)?

Posted by ha! July 31, 09 04:31 PM

one of the best set at The big picture. my favourite is the #8, but lots of beautiful pictures here.

Posted by Anonymous July 31, 09 04:42 PM

Red Bull seems able to pick much more interesting settings than FINA. Maybe the latter should kick it up a notch.

Posted by Des July 31, 09 04:46 PM

Missing a pic of someone skinny dipping. Maybe next time. Great pics

Posted by troyerboy July 31, 09 05:39 PM

Regarding #11... It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Asian Superman!!!

If you think out of the box for a second, and imagine that his flight path is horizontal and not vertical, he could easily be flying by the onlookers on his way to parts unknown...

Posted by abstract July 31, 09 05:59 PM

Good pictures but i wonder. Where are the divers from la quebrada in Acapulco Mexico?

Posted by german torres July 31, 09 06:06 PM

Very Nice Indeed, I am slowly but surely becoming ¨The Big Picture¨ junkie
I was always fascinated by the cliff jumping, especially into the sea. Where You have to timed Your jump with tides and/or waves, if not you may not find enough water to cushion the body entry into the water. South East Asia and especially South America is a bonanza with places to jump off the cliffs.
Here are few links to some jumps. The photos quality not as good as We saw it here:

Posted by Peter Bullert July 31, 09 07:14 PM

#23 - I visit this site every day and imagine my surprise when I see a picture of my cousin at graduation!!!

Posted by Jeannette July 31, 09 07:28 PM

Great pictures!! It doesn't matter what nationality, creed, color or religion, this pictures are stunning examples of the sheer elegance of the human body. One of Gods greatest creation, simple, agile, pure athletic prowess.

Oh, the polar bear was great too, cute paws!

Nice job!

Posted by Jon July 31, 09 09:05 PM

#29-- That's my high school! Such a great tradition... even our retiring superintendent jumped in a few years ago! The water is FREEZING!

Posted by SkanGrad July 31, 09 09:07 PM

Great photos! Diving is always a moment you feel alive.

Posted by Nina July 31, 09 09:31 PM

#34..... best of the best

Posted by dex July 31, 09 10:25 PM

This is a just perfect !

Posted by kosmo July 31, 09 11:19 PM

some fantastic perspectives in these photos. #34 is great!

Posted by Geoff July 31, 09 11:48 PM

Great great pictures. My favorite ones are #3 and #26.

Posted by Mahshid August 1, 09 12:03 AM

#26 is amazing !!!!

Posted by nadorama August 1, 09 12:29 AM

Great Photos!

I need water, water to drink
Water on my brain, water sustain,
Water over me
I want water, water I need
Water to think, water to drink
Water over me

Posted by Kaveh August 1, 09 01:36 AM

Excellent! This is one of my favorite Big Pictures.

Posted by Andrew Janke August 1, 09 02:03 AM


I quite like 34 btw.

Posted by Anonymous August 1, 09 02:09 AM

damn yo!

Posted by maggie August 1, 09 02:18 AM

Hellllllooooooo Tania.
Nice pictures by the way.

Posted by raul briseno August 1, 09 02:20 AM

Awesome shots. One of the best posts in a while.

How about the "other" diving... SCUBA diving! Love to see some Big Pix of that.

Posted by Bob August 1, 09 02:48 AM

nice one.....
really fabulous

Posted by stevie teever August 1, 09 03:02 AM

There always nice pictures here , great work

Posted by M.brookman August 1, 09 03:54 AM


Posted by DZRTJ August 1, 09 04:20 AM

amazing. #30 was a pleasant surprise.

Posted by tim August 1, 09 05:42 AM

Polar bear is is nice but I like Tania Cagnotto better.

Posted by Dave August 1, 09 07:05 AM

Absolutely awesome collection of photography, but #30 was delightful and caught me by surprise.


Posted by Bronson Harrington August 1, 09 07:37 AM

Amazing shots, great photos!

Posted by Alon August 1, 09 08:17 AM

#25 and #27 - lovely pictures! The elegance and grace with which Guo Jingjing moves through the air is simply amazing.

Posted by Kay August 1, 09 11:03 AM

hilariously amazing set. love the angle on number 26

Posted by hidalgo August 1, 09 11:09 AM

Thanks for the great shots :)

Posted by Zdravko Stambolov August 1, 09 11:28 AM

Begs the question..."How'd they do that???"

Just awesome!

Posted by LegallyBlonde August 1, 09 11:49 AM

I can not begin to fathom how one is there at the right time to take these photos (some of the have to be staged. As in 1...2...3... JUMP).

All of these photos show just how amazing the human is. We have learned how to swim, synchronize, and build a camera that can stop the world with out a single blur of motion.

My self being a amateur photographer with a $800.00 camera could only dream of taking these photos.

Posted by Jeremy August 1, 09 12:37 PM

very nice pictures!!!

Posted by prabhu August 1, 09 12:55 PM

#25, 27, Guo Jingjing, you look so good.

Posted by stephanie August 1, 09 01:35 PM

Amazing shots of movement of water and divers! My favorite: #24 & 34 - so poetic.
These are the kind of pictures that make one look at them again and again. Worthy of magazine covers.

Posted by Frances August 1, 09 01:49 PM

Great Photographs !!
Amazing Collection !

Posted by Anoop August 1, 09 01:52 PM

I love diving. My favorite is of the older Chinese man's swan dive... love the look back. It's something you can do for years and years without much abuse on the body. When I'm seventy I'll still be doing gainers.

Where are the good bridge, quarry jumps these days? Someone on here has to know!!! What about vacation spots?

Posted by Eric August 1, 09 02:39 PM

#13 - Nothing like a nice cool dip in the ocean. And when seawater freezes the surrounding water becomes more salty, so he should float ok.

Posted by zach August 1, 09 03:24 PM

Sorry, i think this is a weak set. I see all the rave comments, but I don't think this merits all the praise. 35 is the only interesting shot IMO, because she's beautiful, not because it's a great photograph. 6/10 at most.

Posted by Mezzo D August 1, 09 03:39 PM

No doubt the bravest of the bunch are the Chinese who are swimming in the Yangtze.

lollll...that river is getting all of the pollution we used to make - multiplied exponentially.

Posted by ibsteve2u August 1, 09 04:19 PM

How awesome to see those incredible photos ... 5 years ago my wife Melissa and I ... life long Pennsylvanians ... decided to pack up at move cross-country to Scottsdale, AZ. We had started a thriving internet business that we can operate from a laptop and mobile phone from any location ... so why not live where we dreamed?

Thanks for these pictures. We "stood on the high dive" ... had lots of fear ... but "jumped right in" anyway.

Such a metaphor for life. Oh, by the way, we did the same thing when starting our internet biz 5 years ago. Here's the great news. We watched others dive in first, so we knew we could, too.

More details on our site. Just Google our names. Kevin Knecht and Melissa Knecht.

Go Red Sox! LOL (At least until they play the Phils in the Series this year!)

Posted by Kevin Knecht August 1, 09 04:20 PM

These are simply STUNNING.

Posted by John Smith August 1, 09 04:40 PM

Every one of those pictures is amazing, to think so many people (and polar bears) are crazy enough to jump off cliffs for fun and exhilaration. I think it's quite wonderful that many individuals, on so many different levels (excuse the pun), chose to jump into cooling waters, in a space of ten days, all over the world. Especially like the guys from Wuhan in photo #5.

Posted by Andy August 1, 09 06:22 PM

F A N T A S T I C !

Posted by mama August 1, 09 07:09 PM

Seriously? "THE" Ukraine? Do you say "The Canada", "The Australia", or "The China" !?!

Come on people, the U.S.S.R. doesn't exist anymore.

Posted by Frustrated August 1, 09 07:18 PM

Love 5 and 18.

23 is simply perfect. Such a wonderful time to celebrate!

Posted by Katie August 1, 09 07:18 PM

#9 Ms Cagnotto looks extremely fit- absolutely perfect body.

Posted by HardWorkingMan August 1, 09 11:13 PM

Fantastic photos. Enjoyed everyone

Posted by John August 2, 09 12:13 AM

#17 - looks like he's posing, not diving lol
#35 - WOW :D

Posted by ryan August 2, 09 12:41 AM

Amazing shots.

Posted by Miharu August 2, 09 01:08 AM

human poetry in motion...deeply moving...thankyou

Posted by Toula Karayannis August 2, 09 08:15 AM

I can take several photos like the #16... I am an expert to take this type of photo!

Posted by Russel August 2, 09 11:01 AM

really nice pics.. very nice

Posted by edvaarveru August 2, 09 11:23 AM

Absolutely amazing photography here.
The images are so crisp and every single one seems to capture the diver at exactly the right moment.
Well done, it's incredible and a massive inspiration!

Posted by Emilia :) August 2, 09 07:25 PM


Posted by LINDA LUTZ August 2, 09 07:34 PM

Captivating images, truly mesmerizing!

Posted by AnnaMariaDJ August 2, 09 07:58 PM

#26 and 27 are insane.

Posted by Akhil Tandulwadikar August 3, 09 03:10 AM

#6 indian kid, jumping on boats? Nice cam work here..
I love the swim toned body, miss it.

Posted by Brahmin August 3, 09 03:18 AM

Pic 30, Pres. Medvedev ?

Posted by michael August 3, 09 03:49 AM

for #13, I met a scientist from New Zealand, telling me that a nice ice bath was customary for people coming at MacMurdo base - once, at least, even though some are known to take regulary a swim in ice pools ...
Man, I want badly to go to this place :)

Posted by bratisla August 3, 09 04:45 AM

Nice photos. Like those water sports and watch them on eurosport.

Posted by TDM August 3, 09 05:48 AM

The young boy in photo 6 has such grace. That one is without a doubt my favorite.
When I see these individuals dive I see love in their bodies. To capture that is a beautiful thing.

Posted by F. Magdalene Austin August 3, 09 06:11 AM

super fantastic!

Posted by anirudh g August 3, 09 07:55 AM

Number 7 picture; the boy who jumps; that's a peace of photography; really outstanding.

Posted by thierry mat August 3, 09 08:04 AM


:D it was badass

Posted by Jack August 3, 09 09:16 AM

No. 25, great composition, poetry in motion.

Posted by marix August 3, 09 11:32 AM

The policemen in #4 seem to be having more fun than any of the children shown!

And I find #6 confusing too....he appears to be doing a random karate move in mid-air above a bunch of boats. Land safetly, young Superman!

Posted by Anonymous August 3, 09 01:11 PM

#31 Who made the decision for the judges to look towards the sun?

#32 Now that sounds like a great idea for a water sport! Perhaps at the next FINA World's?

Posted by Simon August 3, 09 07:57 PM

so cool

Posted by fefe August 4, 09 01:09 AM

vaya amazing photos!!!

Posted by c´monalex youcandoit August 5, 09 03:20 AM

# 6 amazing

Posted by Beto en la playa August 6, 09 06:57 PM

@104 But we do say "in the UK" or "in the United Kingdome," "in the Philippines," "in the Republic of Maldives," "in the Democratic Republic of Congo," "in the Czech Republic." Ukraine appears to be the only one of the former USSR entities where "in the" is commonly used instead of simply "in". I wonder why that is? It's a strange and rare convention in english but I doubt it's due to people mistaking Ukraine for the USSR. Even Russia isn't refered to by using 'in the Russia."

Posted by Maria August 7, 09 06:48 PM

Where are you from? Is it a secret? :)

Posted by Rufor August 8, 09 03:30 PM

#30‘s great!

Posted by IanTsai August 8, 09 08:38 PM

oh, It is cool

Posted by sophia August 10, 09 10:09 PM

wow surprize! exerent

Posted by princess August 11, 09 04:52 AM

that's very coooooooool~!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like cool! :)

Posted by nano August 11, 09 05:02 AM

Ha!Ha! So cool~!

Posted by Anna August 11, 09 06:57 AM

gosh such awesome shots !

Posted by MiddleChild August 12, 09 06:48 AM


Posted by JACK August 14, 09 05:14 PM

These pictures are both phenomenal and fun to look at! Great job!

Posted by Brenda R. MIller August 19, 09 02:57 PM

You should get shots fromt he cliff divers at Acapulco.

Posted by Kate September 15, 09 09:35 PM

Amazing captures thank you for sharing

Posted by Rebecca October 1, 09 12:51 PM

Amazing, just ended wishing i had a pool next to me.

Posted by diegotumblr October 27, 09 09:41 PM
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