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June 3, 2008 Permalink

Daily Life in Afghanistan

Snapshots of life in Afghanistan, as seen by press photographers over the past two months. (12 photos total)

An Afghan Special Forces policeman walks through a poppy field as he searches for Taliban fighters in the village of Sanjaray in Zhari district early April 26, 2008. (REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic)
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Wow really impressive photos. Especially of the marine who's ducking away from being shot at.

Posted by Tyler June 3, 08 03:48 PM

I'm grateful for to pursue a project like this site. It's great to see news photography on the Web used for more than link bait. You've won another reader (viewer?) in me.

Posted by Kawika Holbrook June 4, 08 09:14 PM

Truly devastating what has happened to Afghanistan over the past two decades

Posted by Rob June 4, 08 09:45 PM

Thank you for these photos.
The one of the girls swinging is lovely, I am putting it up.
I am now a fan of picture, and will pass it to my friends,

Posted by Eve June 4, 08 10:36 PM

Clearly still a very beautiful country.

Posted by Vole June 5, 08 09:03 AM

Why dont we see our Heros more often lately?Could it be - SUCCESS?

Posted by dale June 5, 08 09:39 AM

Amazing pictures! The pictures of the boy on the donkey and the girls on the swings are touching.

Posted by Vid June 5, 08 10:03 AM

woooooooooooow,thank you,
it was wonderful,photoes,Especialy the one Afghan special forces police man walking through the poppy field and the little girl Swinging is very sweet.
again thanks to the for the nice photo

Posted by shirin s June 5, 08 10:45 AM

I find it interesting. We spend so much on gear for our soldiers -- and rightfully so -- but our enemy gets around on business shoes and rubber sandals :)

Posted by moreno331 June 5, 08 12:10 PM

agha damet garm kheli bahal bood
very very good tnx

Posted by kaka shaltook ha ha June 5, 08 12:44 PM


Posted by Judy June 5, 08 02:47 PM

Dale, we're laughing at you, not with you.

Posted by Vole June 5, 08 03:05 PM

Amazing that Dale can look at these beautiful (and devastating) pictures and declare success. Mission accomplished Dale? Not quite, sadly.

Posted by Jamila June 5, 08 07:02 PM

Afghanistan is very good and I like it.but i can‍'t go there.
I am a afghan boy

Posted by A June 5, 08 11:51 PM

Hi - i am a Afghan & Iive in HERAT
Sorry - i not good English Speaking
I love my Country , My Land is 30 years war ...
Thanks for this images
i am 13 age I love Afghanistan ....

Posted by Aziz Badghisi June 7, 08 12:42 PM

if that is truly taliban how in he** did he get a us military issue bdu shirt, he is probably one of those lowlifes who says he is a friend to our forces to their faces but in reality he is a backstabber.

Posted by jerry June 7, 08 09:15 PM

How courageous from those taliban fighters to stand against the most powerfully equipped army in the world with merely guns and old shoes to fight. THEY do not need a pay at the end of the month to put their life at risk as mercenaries do. They do not back off at the first shot as many afghans from the coalition forces do (or used to), though they are not more well-trained than them. They believe in their fight. They fight for moral issues.
Frank -a christian not keen on extremism but rather impressed by courage and actual belief (sorry for my approximative English)

Posted by Frank T. Mueller June 8, 08 06:06 AM

isn't it some Papaver somniferum on the first picture?

Posted by jjdskfjds June 8, 08 08:04 AM

These photographs are stunning and sadly evocative of the chaos that is the Afghanistan and "war on terror".

Posted by charles clifford June 8, 08 11:49 AM

Why don't Marines wear helmets?

Posted by Laura June 8, 08 12:42 PM

Frank, you're right, they are very courageous. Especially when killing teachers and burning schools to ensure that Afghan children cannot learn anything other than 'moral issues'. That doesn't even take into account the morally glorious gift of heroin addiction they so selflessly share with the world. THEY are surely heroes in any culture, not just those that treasure death more than life.

Posted by Charles Robinson June 8, 08 12:46 PM

If that young Afghan girl were captured by the Taliban she would be senenced to death for being without Burkha. Lovely photo nevertheless.

Posted by Truthful James June 8, 08 01:06 PM

Actually, Frank, it's time to put romantic notions (fed by Che posters) aside: most of them fight for money too. except it's paid for by the heroin that is also killing your people on the streets of Europe.

Posted by Chas. June 8, 08 01:42 PM

Stunning photographs. We have clearly not won the war and our courageous soldiers fight on needlessly for oil, for ego, for a sick kind of power over the rest of the world.

Posted by Kennedy June 8, 08 02:29 PM

Clearly still a beautiful country!!! When a woman--who knows how old, how hot, how sick--must beg for alms on a dusty road.

Posted by Anonymous June 8, 08 02:37 PM

Thank you for sharing these photos. They are stunning. My heart goes out to the innocent people of Afghanistan who are under siege from the hysterical Taliban. God bless the soldiers who risk their lives to defend these people. I am also grateful for the brave (crazy?) journalists who put their lives on the line to get these images so that the rest of us in our cozy, air conditioned peaceful homes can see what is happening in parts of the world where people are not so lucky.

Posted by Laura June 8, 08 08:38 PM

Frank, how come the ANA (Afghan National Army) smashes the Taliban/AQ/Pakistani resistance about 20-50 to one in almost every military engagement?

How come the Taliban generally run away from the ANA? Why are the Taliban (mostly not Afghans) so scared of the ANA--a real and legitimate muslim army?

Do you know a single Afghan? Have you talked to them? Have you talked to a brave and talented soldier from the ANA? Well, if you want to learn the meaning of manhood, courage, tenacity, and execution . . . you might want to talk to a soldier from the ANA.

If you want to learn more, read:

A new update on the ANSF (Afghan National Security Forces) comes out in the next few days.

On another topic, the Pakistani army has lost more dead fighting Frank's Taliban/AQ recently than the US military has in all combat operations since Vietnam put together.

The Taliban prefers to fight the Pakistani Army, which performs much more poorly against the Taliban. (Does anyone know why?)

Posted by anand June 9, 08 01:11 AM

I still can't believe anyone would say Afghanistan is better off, or anything close to a success.

The only real reporting on the Middle East occurs in the foreign press... for example here's a good article by the Guardian:

The media over here might be able to take a few pretty pictures, but everything else is fluff or propaganda. Never trust the corporate media.

Posted by Mark June 9, 08 04:24 AM

A war so distant; photos which remind me that the sun still shines on every man

Posted by Sean D June 9, 08 06:11 AM

This last photo of the girls on the swings gives me ideas. Talented photographer.

Posted by Cats June 10, 08 12:00 AM

These photographs are...extraordinary !

Posted by Suzanne June 10, 08 07:59 AM

Impressive..i believe its hard to take pictures of a talib as they were so much strict for photography thing when they were ruling the country..i m impressed who ever done that..

Posted by Peace.Wisdom June 10, 08 08:11 PM

Very good and admirable.

Posted by Ali Hakimi June 11, 08 01:01 AM


Posted by ABAS June 11, 08 01:03 AM

A real reality check to see what those soldiers were doing on April 26th when I remember that day and what I was doing here in a free country because of their service and bravery. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH- I BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU FIGHT FOR.

Posted by Kristi June 11, 08 10:11 AM

best photo journalism i've ever seen on something close to a daily basis

quality is the only thing that will save the news

Posted by www June 12, 08 01:05 AM

Darul Aman palace didn't look like that when I lived there in the 1970's.... what a shame. Aside from the war photos, Afghanistan still looks relatively unchanged in out in the countryside.

Posted by Dre June 12, 08 10:38 AM

Please keep taking photos. My brother is with the B company of the 24th MEU and it is so relieving to us family members when we get to catch a glimse of them.

Posted by Jenn June 12, 08 01:36 PM

To AZIZ who wrote:

"Hi - i am a Afghan & Iive in HERAT
Sorry - i not good English Speaking
I love my Country , My Land is 30 years war ...
Thanks for this images
i am 13 age I love Afghanistan ....
Posted by Aziz Badghisi "

We all very much hope Aziz that you will one day soon be able to live in your country with freedom and happiness. With its beauty and its people it will be a wonderful place.

Please can we come and pay a visit then?

Posted by Jon Tilney June 12, 08 01:51 PM

Great photos, every one of them. What an abysmal place to have to exist in.
I'm glad that Marine ducked at just the right time. Shouldn't he have a helmet on?

Posted by kevjohnphotography June 12, 08 05:05 PM

I love Muslims,,ALLAH RAB UL EZAT hum sub ko apnay Iman may rakhay

Posted by Muhammad Awais June 14, 08 07:46 AM

My goodness...we should count ourselves soooo fortunate; this is clearly a life of hardness and dispare; I lowered my own head and asked God a Prayer....give them Peace and a life of goodenss and not fear.


Posted by Kasey Klingensmith-laplander June 14, 08 10:54 PM

this photos were fantastic keep it up

Posted by roheen June 17, 08 07:40 AM

Great shots! Could you please enable them for piclens?


Posted by peter June 17, 08 05:52 PM

these images make the issues of Afghanistan not seem as bad are perhaps what they are or what we are told they are...

But is really shows the different aspects of life that still occur

Posted by bek June 18, 08 01:25 AM

hi i am afghani this is very good page i also work in afghanistan one time the taliban kingnape to me in northern area

Posted by Adram Jan June 19, 08 06:59 AM

Jen - if you haven't done so already visit Despite it's name it's not just for parents but that's who started it. There are chat rooms for most deployed units, parents, friends and siblings. You can usually go to a thread and someone can give you a specific site to find pics. I knoe the24 MEU is photographed a lot. I was looking for pics of the 2/7 and found these wonderful shots. The Marine w/o his head gear will probably never take it off again! Luckily he wasn't injured. His wife was 7 mo pregnant when she saw the photos (there are actually a series of them) and was exteremly upset, injured or not. He not only had his head gear off but doesn't even have on his sappies! Keep up the good work here, I'll be back!

Posted by mar1nemom June 19, 08 03:43 PM

Rahmat Gul has taken some of the most remarkable photos. I love his work!

Posted by Darrell June 20, 08 10:19 PM

hallo ich bin auch afganish aber ich glaube dass diese fotos vr 12 jahren sind
ich liebe meinen land und ich liebe alle afganische leute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE AFGHANISTAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ICH LIEBE AFGANISTAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by YALDA June 21, 08 11:58 AM

Goran Tomasevic IS ONE GUTSY PHOTOGRAPHER. His two photographs of the marine nearly taking a direct hit was remarkable. I'd have been throwing myself on the ground and covering my butt not taking photographs. I would have loved to have seen a portrait of the young marine after the near miss and I bet he shot the portrait and the editors just skipped it.

Posted by TC Fitzgerald June 23, 08 08:51 AM

Don't give up, Afghanistan. It's worth the fight. Those who only see dismal squalor and poverty do not see small improvements and justice, however slowly, evolving. Don't give up on freedom. This is not (just?) about oil, this is about the Afghani people and their right to be free in the country they love and call home. The despicable conditions (especially for women) under the Taliban were unspeakable. A long way to go, but things are better than they were under Taliban rule.

Posted by Chen G. June 23, 08 02:30 PM

I'm a former Marine who has served overseas...a few of you questioned the lack of headgear on the Marine in the pictures above..I have a possible explanation( or a few). First, the heat. The weather forecast for Bost/Laskar Afghanistan is sunny and 113 for tomorrow. Sometimes, you take some protective gear off when in a defensive position (which it appears they were in). Usually in a squad or platoon level, half the Marines will break for food and water, while the other half watch the perimeter. If you look at the Marine behind him, he is "geared up" with kevlar helmet and flak jacket. My guess is that the Sergeant was recovering, possibly with the photographer seated beside him, when they were attacked. It is important to find the direction of attack and return fire immediately. More so than scrambling for gear. Secondly, he was probably being fired upon by small arms fire (7.62 Kalashnikov most likely) which would penetrate a kevlar helmet with ease. The helmet is useful when receiving indirect fire like a mortar or artillery from above that generates shrapnel. So, while it would be better if he was wearing one, it wouldn't have helped had the Taliban been on target. Third, it's easier to fire and manuever without as much gear - on special missions your light infantry will leave behind gear for the added benefit of speed and mobility - Marine Recon, SEALS, Delta, etc. don't wear Kevlar helmets. Generally speaking though, Marines have combat discipline, and in most cases will be wearing their Kevlar, as they are shock troops usually involved in heavy firefights with direct and indirect fire. FYI Semper Fi

Posted by Michael B June 23, 08 04:20 PM

I am happy to watch fotos but really feel hurt to see afghans and afghanistan situation.....thnx for uploading.

Posted by qurban June 24, 08 06:16 PM

Afghanistan has this situation for almost 300 years. Nothing new.

Posted by Jason V. June 25, 08 05:10 AM

ïðè ðîññèè òàêîãî íå áûëî

Posted by Anonymous June 25, 08 05:16 AM

Yeah, now the marines trying to do what Soviets do pretty well for decade. But Soviets at least have been building new schools and hospitals in Afghanistan, while USA is building new jails now. All hail to democracy, indeed.

Posted by passer by June 25, 08 05:44 AM

Take a look at firts photo.

This is poppy field, one of many, that feeds warlords and Talibans alike.
But occupying forces don't destoy it:

a) most of heroin, refined from this poppy goes to Russia, so who cares.

b) the rest goes to Europe so who cares

c) poor peasant's have no other means to live but to live off the heroin

d) but occupying forses do not even TRY to re-establish a normal life by building
industry and agriculture as soviets did during soviet-afgan war

So war will carry on.

Posted by YeOlde June 25, 08 05:52 AM

It will never stops untill americans and euro troopers come back home from Afghanistan.
I hope all this cocainum come to US! and happy birthday DEMOCRATE!

Posted by John Rembo June 25, 08 06:04 AM

i want to ask everybody about the taget of US army mission in Afganistan.
what is a really summ result of this mission?
have they bild the democracy country?
have they brought the freedom and peace for simple people/
i think NO!!!
US soldier dies in this contry for nothing
Talibs is fighting for a heroine and money! it's just a simple buisiness for them. this is a their way to live
my brother fight in Afganistan 82-85 and broght another photos from this war for heroine

Posted by AW June 25, 08 07:06 AM

Je mehr sie ihnen helfen, desto mehr Slodaten sterben werden. Talibs sollen aussterben!!!

Posted by Student June 25, 08 08:41 AM

Ëèöåìåðû. äêìàþ ÷åì áîëüøå Ñîäàò ÑØÀ áóäåò óáèòî òåì áûñòðåå ïðåêðàòèòñÿ ïðîèçâîäâî íàðêîòèêîâ.

Posted by Ñåðåãà June 25, 08 09:50 AM

>ïðè ðîññèè òàêîãî íå áûëî

â ñìûñëå - ïðè öàðñêîé ?
øó÷ó êîíå÷íî, ñêâîçü çóáû

"îò ÑÑÑÐ îñòàëàñü - ÐîññèÿÔ, îò ÐîññèèÔ óæå íè÷åãî íå îñòàíåòñÿ"
(ñ) - à âîò íåïîìíþ

Posted by Anonymous June 25, 08 03:24 PM

Ìóæèêè, à ÷òî åñëè àìåðèêàíöû îòòóäà óéäóò ìåñòíîå íàñåëåíèå íàðêîòèêè ïðåêðàòèò âûðàùèâàòü? Êîìó-òî òàì íàäî íàõîäèòüñÿ òàëèáîâ çà ÿéöà äåðãàòü. Ïóñòü ëó÷øå àìåðèêîñîâ òàì ñòðåëÿþò, Ðåìáà òðåòèé ïóñòü òàì äåìîêðàòèþ ñòðîèò. Îíè æå òàê ïåðåæèâàëè çà ñâîáîäîëþáèâûé àôãàíñêèé íàðîä. Ïî-ìîåìó ýòèì äóðà÷êàì ïî êàðìå âåðíóëèñü òå ïàêîñòè êîòîðûå îíè íàòâîðèëè â 80-õ.

Posted by kov June 25, 08 03:40 PM

Àãà, ïðàëüíî ÷åëîâåê â 57 îì ïîñòå ãîâîðèò. Ïî÷åìó æå âîéñêà íå óíè÷òîæàþò ïîëÿ ìàêà ? Ìîæåò áûòü ïîòîìó ÷òî áîëüøèíñòâî ãåðîèíà èäåò â Ðîññèþ ? Èëè íàðêîòà ýòî íå íåôòü, íå òàê èíòåðåñíî ?

Posted by sa June 26, 08 02:28 AM

Ñâîáîäó Óýñëè Ñíàéáñó!
Èçâåðãè àìåðèêàíñêèå, íèêàêîé ó íèõ äåìîêðàòèè...÷î òâîðÿò...âçÿëè è ïîñîäèëè òîâàðèùà íèçà÷òî...òðåáóþ ìåæäóíàðîäíîãî âìåøàòåëüñòâà âî âíóòðåííèå äåëà ÑØÀ! Ýòî ñîâåðøåííî àâòîêðàòè÷íàÿ ñòðàíà...ñàæàþò çà ðåøåòêó ïî÷åì çðÿ! =)
Poster whith president Bush on it, and f-16 behind...
On the middle of a poster we see an inscription:
Do u still dont bealive in democraty? Than we are go to u country!

Posted by num June 26, 08 03:15 AM

ïèäàðàñíÿ àôãàíñêàÿ. àìåðû - óåáàíû, â àôãàí ïðèøëè, ÷òîáû ïîñàäêè îïèÿ â ðàçû ïîäíÿòü?

Posted by Evgenium June 26, 08 10:04 AM

Very sad. These paople are dying for tons of drugs planted only to destroy russian children.
The war is ugly and the americans take part in it.

Posted by Coo June 26, 08 01:20 PM

The first photo shows the meaning. Drugs is the main weapon. Against whom? Please find the answer yourself. hs
And who's weapon is this? The answer in on the surface.
Poor Afgan people are just a mean.

Posted by Coo June 26, 08 01:22 PM

It is really sad 2 c this.These pictures tell me how lucky i am

Posted by Anonymous July 15, 08 07:47 AM

There's something that bothers me on the photo of the man on the bike and the woman begging... His bike is fairly new...

I don't usually generalise, and won't right now. So I won't say that the US Citizens are all stupid scumbags. I'll just say that the oil thirsty politics of the USA is not my bag.

Posted by Mr. Evil July 24, 08 08:45 AM


Posted by EDIK August 3, 08 02:52 PM

I am a Marine and have been there. We do wear helmets and a flak vest. Those Marines with the 24th MEU were probably tired and not on post. Therefore, were attacked by surprise. These Taliban fought Russians with the Mujahideen in the 80s. They are as good with their mortar systems as my boys with 81mm Mortar Platoon are with theirs. 2/7 out of 29 Palms right now are getting combat replacements because of their amount of casualties. I'm on Pendleton and am thinking of going to help them out. Also, the Taliban are mostly foreign because of their Jihad and ever since the war with Russia, many foreigners have stayed. Russia fought and had a hatred that was mutual between them and Chechnaya. After that, many Chechynayans went there to keep fighting Russia. You can hear Pashtu, Russian, Farsi, Arabic, etc... Anyway, my point is they all are there to specifically fight the good and dictate and thug around everyone of lesser strength and organization because they are terrorists and need their own place to operate and do something like organize a major attack, such as 9/11. American military and the innocent people of Afghanistan deserve to be rid of these men, these Taliban. If you see a few guys wearing something called the "color of the day", then kill them because they are Taliban and the world will be a better place.

Posted by Ghost August 18, 08 11:23 PM

Yea the Taliban gets all their money from heroin. Haha you also think that the US is also worse with the people of Afghanistan than Russia. Russia would throw mustard gas like capsules into their wells. I'm a marine thats been there and have seen a school being built by soldiers after it took them TOO LONG to convince some religious cleric to let them build it. Girls cant attend there because he says so too. So watch what you say if u dont noe wat ur talkin abt. #52 Michael B. knows what he is talkin about. Also, a lot of Taliban will wear a cami blouse to show that they've killed a man that was wearing that. That's American cami pattern though from around Desert Storm time, and we were never there when that cami was being used. However, if you look at pictures of Taliban, you may see Russian Spetznas cami. They got those trousers with Russian special forces cami pattern because they took it from the Spetznas that they killed.

Posted by Ghost August 19, 08 03:24 PM

Ñïàñèáî çà ïîñò. Íåäàâíî çàäóìàëñÿ íàä èññëåäîâàíèåì ýòîé òåìû - è âîò íà òåáå - âàø ïîñò! Î÷åíü êñòàòè!

Posted by Ýäèê August 31, 08 06:07 AM

War is business.

No one cares about Afghans or democracy. My house is hardly 2 km away from Presidential palace in Kabul Afghanistan and yet after so many years we still do not have electricity. You can immagine if the situation is so in Kabul how bad the living standard would be for rest of its citizens.

USA spends more money on war in one month than total aid provided to Afghanistan by ALL countries in the last 7 years. Poverty and hopelessness creates more desprite people who would do anything to feed their starving children so the cycle of war continues. Warlords are still in key government possitions and the elite and governent officials are busy filling their bank accounts.

So who is the real winner in this war?

Afghans are not benefitting from this because they are subjected to more and more war. The winners are the big defense contractors who provide bullets and weapon for the war. I wonder how much more money these warmongers need to make before they leave us Afghans breath the sigh of relief?

Posted by Ajmal Humraz September 2, 08 08:45 AM

What else human being can do other than killing each other ?

Posted by apan September 18, 08 02:09 PM

Õîðîøî íàïèñàíî. Ïî÷èòàþ åùå.

Posted by Äèìîí September 20, 08 01:27 PM


Posted by SUMIT September 26, 08 08:33 AM

Âñåì ïðèâåò...
Õîðîøî, ÷òî âåäåòå òàêîé èíòåðåñíûé ñàéò
Òåïåðü íà áóäó ÷àùå çàõîäèòü

Posted by Ýëèçàáåò October 10, 08 10:43 AM

Reply to comment 24....There is not any oil in Afghanistan. the fight is to repel taliabn lawless rule.

Posted by jim October 18, 08 09:30 PM

I came across this web page because I am searching for ONE photo of a US soldier building a school in Afghanistan. NOT a fully armed and armored soldier handing out clothing, toys and candy. NOT a slick US military website photo. Not a Dutch, Canadian, Australian, or German soldier. Not UNICEF. Here in the US we are told of US soldiers building schools in Afghanistan and I want to see if I am being lied to. I am not even saying a US soldier SHOULD build a school in Afghanistan - I am just searching for proof of what I am being told through media in the US. If you are a US soldier and you can state that you have built a school in Afghanistan, tell me about it.

Posted by Neal November 1, 08 01:34 PM

In response to #52...I hear ya, except that unit discipline should not allow both of these soldiers not to wear headgear in such a position. Too, note that the "shrapnel" of the ricocheting rocks can cause head trauma that a Kevlar helmet would protect against. In addition, the distance of the Kalashnikov has a distinct effect on its penetration probabilities...the farther away the shooter is, the less likely she'll penetrate Kevlar and body armor. Sadly, too often Marines seem to eschew basic combat skills in favor of "machoing up," as it were. Too often Marines don't dig in or construct proper defensive positions, to their detriment. Nothing against them, but it is a reflection of their leadership.

Posted by MojoGuzzi November 13, 08 11:56 AM

My heart goes out to the Afgan people,because all that's happening currently is of outside influences.I hope for the Afgan people get left alone from the rest of the world and allow the Afgan people to live there own lives and make there own decissions.

Posted by Shamiel Rabin November 17, 08 02:02 PM

i agree with 82

Posted by tommy December 9, 08 04:00 PM

Some of you have the right idea. People do not realize how lucky/blessed they are tobe able to live in a country that gives us the freedoms that the United States does. All these liberal douchebags are a bunch of bleeding heart morons who should move to Afghanistan and talk to some people who have lived with the Taliban and dealt with true oppression. I am so tired of people who badmouth the United States and call us the oppressors, and especailly tired of people disparaging the troops. These troops are making huge sacrifices to help to liberate a country from true oppression and establish a free society. These soldiers, myself included, go for months at a time without seeing their children and spouses, so all you liberals have the freedom that you have to spout your nonsense. Try and say the thing you say about our President and our country over in Saudi Arabia or in Iraq before we ousted Saddam. God Bless America and the freedom that we stand for in the world.

Posted by ScreaminEagle December 21, 08 12:17 PM

I'm a future combat medic, and will be shipping to basic on the 21rst of january.
These are awesome shots of a beautiful country which i will probably see first hand next summer, just as i complete Medical training.
It's crazy the Taliban are roaming the streets openly, i will probably have to make
some martyrs (which is unfortunate).

Posted by max December 22, 08 01:56 AM

more about taliban/american occupation/presence:
Its wery sad.

Posted by simon meszaros December 28, 08 06:25 AM

Good work buddy ... keep it up.... my best wishes for u.

Posted by ashish January 21, 09 03:23 PM

Very exciting to watch and want more and more.

Posted by suraj Ghimire from nepal January 24, 09 04:26 AM

salam brothers and sister how are u i hope you all are ok my name is Atal jabarzai but some of my muslime brothers in mosque call me muhammad but let we talk about the histroy of afghanistan we know all that we have 30 years long war in afghanistan but we have beautifull in all the world and good people in afghanistan i am 18 years old u know brothers and sister i left my country when 6 years old i don't remember so much about afghanistan during rthe war i miss my country so much waishallah one day i ruture to my country so is enough about me salam
my brothers and sisters bye bye

brothers and sister in islma

Posted by Atal Jabarzai January 26, 09 07:05 AM

thank you for coming 2 afghanistan bringing democracy by force
thank you for killing talibans ... yes yes thats ok while doing that u have killed thousands of innocent ppl but u had no clue who was innocent who wasnt.
thank you for destroying the whole country and instead building couple of cheap schools .
thank you for admitting that u are there 2 brain wash us
thank you for bombing the wedding we dont realy need that big weddings .
and it should be now a lesson 2 ppl who make big weddings and invite lots of ppl nowt .

Posted by free afghan February 6, 09 08:28 AM

amazing photos! thank you!

Posted by an iranian in america February 10, 09 02:12 PM

AFGHANISTAN is a country that is very diffrent to the other parts of the world and Afghans are also a nation that has showen to the world thier bavery and courage
and the whole world know now how stupid was USA gov. n for not understanding this fact yet. USA must study more history to know that they will never be able to control Afghans nor they will be able to invade Afghanistan. the invation of Afghanistan will always be an unachiveable dream for USA and who ever is wishing for it. this is a fact.

Posted by Tanya February 18, 09 12:40 AM

That was really good i like the one where the guy gets shot at

Posted by Briana February 26, 09 11:16 AM

beautiful pictures.....
i hope all afghan ppl forget the past and start to re-build AFGHANISTAN.
my name is mohammad currently i am living in the UK...
i hope i go bk to afghanistan one day and see peace between all afghan ppl..;..

Posted by mohammad zahidi February 26, 09 11:47 AM

this stuff is crazzzzzzzyyyyyyyy :P

Posted by Kacey madison March 3, 09 02:11 PM

WOW! Im doing a project about the life of Afghanis and it really helped!

Posted by Annie March 11, 09 01:11 PM

Great pics keep it up

Posted by Anonymous March 12, 09 10:53 PM

the photo are imazing thank you so much for sharing your photos
dawood .

Posted by dawood March 16, 09 08:04 AM

this is wowwwwwwwwww
i mean really wowwwwwwwwwwwww

Posted by Abid March 16, 09 10:49 AM

cant u put happier fotos like recovery and growth, so that people like me dont have 2 c so much war. Afghanistan has grown and recovered alot, so y not put pics of that in there

Posted by goldy locks March 17, 09 03:20 AM

Fighting the Taleban in Afghanistan is not only difficult but impossible. The mountains of Afghanistan are famous for defeating British and Russians during past century. Those 2 armies are the biggest armies in the world. 1919 was the year when British Army was defeated in Afghanistan and Russians in 1980s learned their lesson. Afghanistan is like a Human Body and flesh that rejects a forigen organ. Forigen countries should decide and take a strategy that respects Afghan's culture, believes, and values and give more authority to Afghan government to make its own army, police and other security forces to fight the Taleban.. Afghanistan government knows how to deal with the taleban. By paying 150 USD $ to an Afghan Army soldier monthly salary he will maintain the security of a village very well and for ever. These foreign soldiers are paid 8000 to 10000$ a month and still can't fight the taleban. with that salary of 10000$ Afghan government can hire 20 to to 50 soldiers that can sustain the security of a town.

Posted by nuknown April 2, 09 08:42 PM

Thanks for posting =)
It's sad this has been happening for so long.
Great for my report lol

Posted by wakalaka April 16, 09 12:10 PM

I am a Marine and this is going to some of you on here.
Have you forgot about 911? Have you forgot about lives that were lost during a time of peace? Maybe you should remember. Our mission over there is just. And as long as there are terrorist there will be war, and there will always be terrorist so the just and right thing to do is to do what u can to stop them. And those of u you say talk peace...YOU go over there and talk to them. I bet they cut ur head off.

Posted by Nick Sciorrotta April 30, 09 01:54 PM

I am not from Afghanistan but I am doing a powerpoint presentation on Afghan at school and I think theses pictures are great...I am 14..My name is Destan y I am American.

Posted by destany May 4, 09 09:40 AM

Great job,

i want to know only one thing who is supporting Taliban with weapons and i pray for Afghanistan peace.

Posted by raj May 9, 09 08:33 AM

great pics
pics of the year

Posted by Amel May 23, 09 12:31 PM

Why the marines are only wearing a green pt- shirtt...and they dont wear vest and helmet???? in the middle of trouble.

Posted by Irene Morales June 5, 09 04:16 AM

WoW!!!! Im thinking the way they live CANT be easy it must be hard livivg in a VERY poor country.

Posted by Daisy June 8, 09 03:46 PM

Nick Sciorrotta,
It was quite clear on the day who was responsible for 911, I watched it unfold live on TV, and simply couldn't believe my eyes. But what has that got to do with war in Afghanistan other than a flimsy lie to dupe the gullible?
Less HOORAH! and more information will help you grow up and understand what makes the world go round and the role the marines really play in the scheme of things. One of the greatest tragedies is that our best men believe fight and die for our worst men.

Posted by Congo June 24, 09 06:51 PM

This is the first time I've posted any response to these pictures. My name is sgt William Bee, and I'm the guy photographed in Goran's "Close Call" photo. Just to get the story straight here, I have a few points:
1. I wasn't wearing gear because it was over 115 degrees outside, it was during my rest period, it weighs about 50 pounds, it was in a compound with 2 1/2 feet thick walls ( you'd be amazed what it takes to penetrate that) and I was checking on one of my Marines who had received sniper fire a few seconds prior.
2. Marines (and soldiers) aren't still volunteering to go over there after 8 years of war for any political reasons whatsoever, it's because they have a wish to do something which escapes the majority of people on this blog about how evil and horrible America is ( while excercising the right for freedom of speech...hmmmm), and that is actually caring about our fellow man and wanting to rid the world of people who do these kinds of thing. ( Trust me, the media isn't making the crap up)
3. GORAN, IF YOU READ THIS BLOG, DUDE YOU ARE THE SH*T!! THANKS FOR THE SMOKES ( it got you in the platoon's good graces, especially since Jack Treptow had run out, haha!) AND CONGRATS ON THE AWARD!! and I quote- "They will not give me an award, I am F*&#ing Serbian..." HA! HIT ME UP SOMETIME!

Posted by Bill Bee July 9, 09 03:58 AM

usa marines corp is the best!!!! semper fidelis!!!

Posted by frank the snake July 20, 09 07:49 AM

I got so afraid when i saw those photos coz my husband is working there.I pray god will look after him.Please keep taking photos so we can see wat exactly is hapenning.God bless Afghanstan

Posted by Yusuf August 3, 09 09:57 AM

I'm an old soldier. I'm crying. People mistake us for killers. We fight for peace. Remember: no matter what polical party rules the day, we serve it - Democrat or Republican. We do what we're told. Politicians ruin beauty ... we fight for it.

Posted by Old Grunt August 11, 09 05:02 PM

Well here we are again...still have a hippie movement to this very day just like in the time of Vietnam !! Sure folks blame a soldier for what you voted for . Just like the Vietnam era. My hat is off for the soldier no matter what country or side he is on because he is trying to finish by offering his life so that arm-chair warriors can cry and complain what is wrong or right . We sent him there... we were the ones who voted to authorize this police action just like in Nam . Now do not forget to call the soldier a killer for defending himself , oh and yeah let the taliban beat the women and children to death or grow dope to fund weapons to control their people !

Posted by Vietnam era soldier August 13, 09 01:32 AM

I love you afghanistan afghanistan afghanistan afghanistan afghanistan afghanistan afghanistan afghanistan afghanistan afghanistan afghanistan

Posted by Moqaddas August 17, 09 09:20 AM

i think the wars should stop people are getting hurt we are on one planet were like one big family .please stop.NOW!!!

Posted by charlotte September 7, 09 12:32 PM

the war has already been won

Posted by Anonymous September 22, 09 05:35 PM

What absolutely astounding photos...especially the captured one of the two lovely girls swinging.....the other one's of the marienes actually saddeneds me.....

Posted by Rahab Klingensmith October 3, 09 10:26 PM

May Allah give all the Muslims strenght to fight their personal evils then only we muslims will succeed.

Posted by Yousuf Ali Sajid October 11, 09 08:35 AM

What amazing pictures. Incredible to be able to see the country while a war is happening. You have provided an opportunity for us at home to learn of the geographics of Afghanistan as well as pictures of our heros and the citizens. I pray daily for all of you and the families you left at home. My prayer is for this war to not be in vein. God bless each of you. The sacrifices you are making are unmeasurable.

Posted by Margaret Elmiger October 31, 09 01:45 PM

May Allah give all the Muslims strenght to fight their personal evils then only we muslims will succeed..............

Posted by Rahim Khan, Hyd,India November 22, 09 08:58 AM

What wonderful evidence of how life deteriorates into death and destruction when some imaginary deity is involved. Any people who insist on living under a self-imposed set of primitive rules deserve exactly what they get. They should also dnounce all western inventions and discoveries too, just to 'purify' their miserable lives and remove all 'infidel' influences. (like medicine, the firearm, electricity, etc.)
Note that under christian fundamentalism, life would not be much better !

Posted by Blue Screen November 22, 09 01:48 PM

nice stuff

Posted by Anonymous February 9, 10 12:34 PM


Posted by ANNOYNIMOUS February 22, 10 01:28 PM

hi i like all of these pictures you have a great photographer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by annonimous February 22, 10 01:33 PM

awome pictures
i luv 'em.. :)

Posted by so in FCS Class March 5, 10 08:17 AM

HERE is another point of view of the involvment in Afghan country:Ok, I agree with all of you concerning the cruelty of the talibans' action etc... in the warfields but.... is there anybody who can write me down the talking points that can explain why (except US forces) there are expedited army forces (from Holland and GB) in the SouthWest area of Afghanistan (Helmand etc...where the poppy grows in thousand hectars) Maybe those countries want to control the routes for the heroin trade agreements

Posted by AGA March 7, 10 05:55 AM

when God made man , He thought this is His best creation,
but i'm sure now He thinks that he should have made more pigs instead.

Posted by yhn March 31, 10 02:29 PM

To # 123 (Blue Screen): I think you need to go read-up on some history. Have you heard of Avicena? He is considered the father of medicine and he was born in what is today called Afghanistan. These people are victims of superpower duals, not a reluctance to embrace modernity.

Kabul in the 1970's was a very cosmopolitan city where men and women worked side-by-side and the arts, humanities, and sciences flourished.

Have you heard of Rumi? Probably not, I would assume, since ignorant people tend not to read poetry, but he happens to be the best selling poet in the United States and he was born in Balkh, a city in modern day Afghanistan.

In the future, please refrain from spewing forth your venomous, arrogant, and ignorant thoughts and pick up a book or two on world history. You might learn a thing or two.

Posted by Darth Nader April 15, 10 07:40 PM

hi dear sir

i am a photographer. i want to send you my snaps. and please send me prosiger.

Posted by Bilal Ahmed Jan May 19, 10 05:32 AM

response to #82. Funny that you say it shows their leadership, even though Marines are one of the best trained elite squadrons in the world, Marines do most of the fighting on the ground war so your opinion states that they have poor leadership? You cant be known as one of the most elite soldiers in the war and be reckless. Marine Sarges are some of the best trainers to train them for combat of all the American armed forces, we're fighting the good fight, for freedom and democracy, the same that every American has the moment they are born into this country, and yet we want to hog it all? Makes you think how selfish this country can be sometimes when we want to help a stranger the rest of America says don't do it. Marines are known as the few and the proud because they are the best at what they do. Semper Fi.

Posted by Semper Fidelis June 8, 10 06:59 PM

Amazing pictures!!! Beautifull country. Let`s all pray that the people will live in their lands peacefully really son.
I pray for all the soldier fighting for a better futur over there.

Posted by Aline June 12, 10 06:53 AM

I am a Buddhist and it is through this that I have a historical and religious connection to Afghanistan. My lineage of teachings come down from Padmasambava in the 7th century who was invited by the Tibetan King to propogate Buddhas teaching in Tibet. The Tibetans named him "Orgyan Rinpoche" because he came from the ancient Buddhist Kingdom of Oddiyana (not sure of exact spelling) which is believed to have existed in Afghanistan.

When the great Buddha statues were blown up I was not angry but viewed it as an example of the Buddhas teaching on impermanence and non-attachement. However I was saddened because of the karmic harm which I believe as a Buddhist, the bombers could be doing to themselves.

I have travelled and lived in India with the common people and came to learn that most of the people are happy to be left alone and get on with the business of living peaceful and happy lives. It is always unfortunate to see how a few seem to have the power to disrupt and harm the lives of the masses.

Many years ago I was also a soldier, fortunatly my country wasn't at war during the years of my service. If it had been then I would have seen active service like the young soldiers who find themselves on both sides of the fight in Afghanistan today, so I can't judge them.

I hope that peace will come soon for the people of Afghanistan and those who are fighting on both sides.

Posted by Thubten Orgyen Yangzom June 29, 10 11:30 PM

LEAVE those people alone...

They done NOTHING to you..

Posted by leave July 10, 10 04:38 AM

America is mired down in Afghanistan supposedly to find and, hopefully, kill the people responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. But that handful of miscreants are likely long gone or deeply hidden, leaving American troops to be magnets for foreign fighters and Taliban militants, none of whom had anything to do with Sept. 11. It is time to go to Pakistan, or wherever Osama Bin Laden is hiding, get it over with and bring our brave young soldiers home before too many more families have to go through the grief of loss. We are paying much too high a price seeking retribution. We have more important domestic issues to face.

Posted by Desert Dave July 10, 10 11:27 AM

These pictures are very inspiring. We are learning about this culture in my english class, and it was nice to stumble upon these pictures. Keep posting and educating!

Posted by ANONNYMOUS August 25, 10 08:13 AM

PEACE to all. The pictures would even look peaceful minus the guns, ammo, and all that army stuffs.

Posted by You don't know me September 21, 10 03:03 AM

great pics, real movies!

Posted by superhornet September 29, 10 09:52 PM

breathtaking pics...
life is not as simple as we see in our's something more...

Posted by Ishan October 18, 10 05:56 AM

Well i saw the pics that was not bad but one to warn american's don' know what the have done? i means why the came to Afghanistan there is to option to end the War Run away from Afghanistan or loses like other's did in Afghanistan.and other you can't hide the Innocent liking's that NATO Forces and American's do in Afghanistan

Posted by Arif December 10, 10 10:36 AM

i think the war is something that shouldnt be hapening in the world STOP FIGHTING

Posted by edgar January 28, 11 10:25 PM

Wow man, that marine getting shot at was... Jesus, I dunno! CRAZY!!

Posted by Mirage521 February 14, 11 11:41 AM

nice pics, clearly the 24th meu guys were caught off guard, but i found the comments to be much more interesting, with these wanna be intellectuals acting so smug and rightcheous. i am a corpsman for marines and a iraq/ afghan vet and i love the usmc. all of you carebears who dont like these pictures have the choice to stop looking at them and go watch frazier or whatever it is you people do lol.

Posted by doc April 15, 11 09:52 PM
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