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Michael Jackson, all over your dial

Posted by Joanna Weiss  June 26, 2009 03:18 PM

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Haven't seen enough of those "Thriller" video reruns yet? This weekend and early next week will be filled with retrospective coverage of Michael Jackson. Here are some highlights.

MTV continues its wall-to-wall Jackson footage until 6 p.m. Friday. At 6 comes a new special, "A Celebration of Michael Jackson on MTV," followed by an encore presentation of "Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew" featuring Jackson's greatest hits. Both shows will re-air multiple times over the weekend.

MTV2 will air a marathon of Jackson-related programing from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday.

VH1 Classic will air nonstop Jackson videos all weekend.

Tonight at 9, ABC will air a special "20/20" episode, "Michael Jackson: The Man and His Music." The regularly scheduled "20/20," at 10 tonight, will also include Jackson-related reporting.

Tonight at 10, NBC will air a "Dateline NBC" special, "Michael Jackson -- The King of Pop," hosted by Ann Curry. (From 8-10, the network will re-air "Farrah's Story," the documentary about Farrah Fawcett's battle with cancer.)

On Monday, Fox will re-air this season's Top 13 episode of "American Idol," featuring Jackson's songs.

E! weighs in with multiple Jackson specials, including the two-hour "True Hollywood Story: Michael Jackson," which re-airs Saturday at 11 a.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m. On Saturday at 10:30 a.m comes the half-hour "E! News Special: Michael and Farrah: Lost Icons." And at 10 p.m. on Monday, June 1, the network will air the special "E!'s Michael Jackson."

On the Fox News Channel, Greta Van Susteren will host "On the Record" live from Los Angeles tonight at 10. On Saturday night, she will host special coverage from Los Angeles at 9 p.m. On Saturday afternoon from 2-3, the "Journal Editorial Report" and "FOX News Watch" will be pre-empted by Jackson coverage.

On Saturday at 10, Biography will air a special, "Biography Remembers: Michael Jackson."

On Sunday from 2-7 p.m., TV Land will re-air the miniseries "The Jacksons: An American Dream." (The Farrah Fawcett retrospective comes on Saturday, with two episodes of "Charlie's Angels" at 7 and the first two episodes of the series "Chasing Farrah" at 9.)

Next Wednesday, July 1 at 8 p.m., MyNetworkTV will air an encore of the 2006 World Music Awards, featuring a tribute to Jackson.

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8 comments so far...
  1. Gloved One, Loved One
    (For Michael Joseph Jackson)

    My eyes are heavy as I watch news footage of you gliding across the stage and
    gyrating your pelvis,
    At this moment in time this is bigger than the Duke, man, this is bigger than Elvis!
    Though you made your living with words, today there are no words to express
    the way the world feels,
    Right now there is no need to go into your discography because it
    encompasses valleys and hills.
    But where do I begin, should I start with your amazing solo career or should I
    start with the Jackson 5,
    When you were just a cute little boy,
    On stage you were talented and outgoing,
    Yet off stage you were introspective and coy,
    In the 70's, you put the world into a trance with your ‘fro and bell bottomed jeans
    as you did the robot,
    Michael, you had everyone at your feet because when you danced and sang you gave
    all that you got!
    I am old school and I remember coming home from school putting your album on
    These were the days before CD’s, MP3 players, and IPODS,
    Goodness, listening to your music was Heaven sent directly from God.
    You were a great admirer of the legendary James Brown,
    It warmed my heart to see you at an award show holding his crown.
    You ruled the 80's with a glittering iron glove,
    Moon walking into the hearts of millions
    Moving as gracefully and as freely as a dove.
    Newborns coming into the world already know your name,
    Ailing grandparents in their last days know the same.
    You are Gary’s finest but the world dubbed you the ‘Gloved One’
    Michael your legacy is HIStory, DESTINY, OFF THE WALL, INVINCIBLE,
    BAD and most definitely a THRILLER.
    You are the King of Pop the ‘Man In The Mirror!’
    You ‘rocked our world’ for over 40 years,
    You gave us such memorable songs as Who’s Lovin You, Gotta Be There,
    Heart Break Hotel, Butterflies, PYT, Billie Jean, Earth Song, Can You Feel It,
    Working Day And Night, The Girl Is Mine, Say, Say, Say, and
    ‘We Remember The Time’ you told us that ‘We Are The World’
    And to ‘Ease on Down The Road.
    Back in the day we wore your buttons and donned white socks and penny loafers,
    And here we stand today in shock and sadness but we know your pain is over.
    Michael, we miss you and though you said “Heaven Can Wait’, You Are Not
    Alone, I Just Can’t Stop Loving Love You.
    You were a great humanitarian a sensitive human being
    Who came to earth and completed your journey now you will have eternal rest
    The world loves you ‘Gloved One’ but the Lord truly knows best.

    Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee

    Posted by Doreen Van Lee June 26, 09 04:47 PM
  1. i can't top that poem and i was not yet born when the jackson 5 took off their career but i want you to know this i still know some of those songs i cherish your sucess even though im a new cat i still can't help myself from singing one of your tunes. You just don't know how it feels to be in your embrace. After reviewing your videos it was warming, it felt good just to see you having fun and loving it. You and that dancing woo made everybody smile. And that smile you had especially when you was younger made every young girl wish they knew you. I never realized what happened to your skin complexion but you still looked good the only thing that surprized me was you changed your nose, never listen to tabloids blllloved your

    Posted by brandy lawhorn June 28, 09 10:15 AM
  1. I know you are in a better place now but just know you are truly missed. And I hope everyone cherish your memory as the legendary Micheal Jackson. Hopefully Chris Tucker understands this is what GOD wanted and it had to be done because I know he is taking it harder probably harder then your family. And it sucks for me because if i ever made it in the music industry i wanted to at least work with you for one song but my dream has evaporated when yo left this earth and I am so sorry to see you go buddy I may not be your biggest fan but i am one of them.
    (Love, Peace, and Equality ) R.I.P: The beloved Micheal Jqckson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TBeloved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111Micheal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by brandy lawhorn June 28, 09 10:24 AM
  1. when i was a teenager you were my idol i had posters pins tapes (before cds).i thought you were the greatest.when you got burned during the pepsi commercial i cried.i was a huge fan .i never will forget you rest in peace forever.kelly

    Posted by kelly ryan June 28, 09 11:47 PM
  1. It was a thing of grieve a rear game fading away at this time.
    i was bittered and even douted the news of the death of a hero micheal jackson he is my mentor i have ever dreamed to be like him. may his soul rest in peace and in the bosom of the lord god.

    Posted by Emmanuel jacob oti June 30, 09 05:36 AM
  1. - A million diamonds -
    "I know the sun shines bright on the shore where you are...
    I know angels sing exquisitely so in joy...
    I know the meadows are green and flowers bloom where you are...
    I know winged creatures surround you happily dancing in rejoice...
    I know old friends greet you with a smile and a cheer...
    I know the river sparkles clean and clear
    ... making wink-ies at the sun...
    I know you smile and tear...
    ... because you leave ones so dear...
    But I also know, you know Now, that you are loved...
    ... Beloved one
    I see you walking in heaven's sun...
    I see you weeping tears of victory...
    .... I see you smile that smile...
    I hear you laugh in that childlike laughter...
    I see you know your life was bright as a million diamonds on a beach...
    ...So bright
    ...So bright
    ...So bright
    And so you leave us with the memory of your everlasting light"

    - Ida Mariana Azmi -

    You are deeply missed Michael.
    You are truly loved.
    Blessed be.

    Posted by Ida Mariana June 30, 09 11:15 PM
  1. Michael joseph jackson,you are truly missed by everybody all over the entire continent.When you were alive,you impacted and changed peoples life with your natural fragrance songs.I pray that may almighty GOD in its infinity place you in the right position.Bye till then.Payne oluremi

    Posted by Payne oluremi July 1, 09 05:11 PM
  1. MJJ, ialways which to meet u, now u gone i see u when i get to heaven. rest in peace.

    Posted by sherley July 3, 09 06:24 AM

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