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Dylan McKay downs Uncle Jessie

Some argue that Dylan McKay of Beverly Hills 90210 had an easy path to the title, but you can't dispute the final numbers. After tallying your votes, McKay is officially crowned's All-Time TV Heartthrob in the men's division.
Road to the finals
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Some of our favorites
It turns out that a few of the folks here at have some fond memories when it comes to TV heartthrobs. Here's a sampling:
Luke Duke
He's big, he's broad, and he brushes with the law. I'd jump into the General Lee with Luke Duke any day of the year.
- Melanie Nayer
Kelly Bundy
"Married With Children" was probably the edgiest show on TV at the time, but Christina Applegate was the real reason I watched. She personified everything that was desirable to a suburban teenager.
- Bob Finn
David Hasselhoff
While Patrick Duffy kept me company on many Friday nights from when I was 5 to fourteen, David Hasselhoff will always be my main man. I met him in person once (before "Baywatch") and he was super cool -- and tall.
- Adrienne Lavidor-Berman