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Malcolm Rogers

For MFA director Malcolm Rogers, no detail was too small

Malcolm Rogers has been deeply involved in every step of the MFA's expansion project, from soliciting donors and arranging paintings to selecting wall fabric.
Museum of Fine Arts

Toasting the MFA's new wing

Colorful lights bathed the stately facade of the MFA on Nov. 13, as hundreds of well-heeled partygoers poured in to celebrate the soaring new Art of the Americas Wing.
Elliot Bostwick Davis

A heritage to share

Elliot Bostwick Davis, the chair of the MFA's Art of the Americas department, has an undimmed passion for art itself, the sort of enthusiasm that's often quashed by prolonged academic study.

Shifting the MFA's center of gravity

In describing the museum's latest architectural evolution, the most obvious part of the story is Foster + Partners' lucid new addition: the airy glass and steel box in the courtyard and, directly to its east, the Art of the Americas Wing.
One man: 5,000 labels for 5,000 artworks

One man: 5,000 labels for 5,000 artworks

Benjamin Weiss may have had the single most daunting task of anyone involved in the new wing. As head of interpretation, Weiss was responsible for every wall label and text panel.
Erwin Hauer

Geometric screens bring a modernist touch to the MFA’s facade

Twenty of Erwin Hauer's light-diffusing screens appear in the new wing, not as part of the collection but as an element of the facade chosen by the wing's architects, Foster + Partners.