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2005 Year in Review
Celebrities who made the news this year
For her last Life in the Pop Lane column Renee Graham's recognizes not only the memorable moments of the past 12 months, but also those folks who through their remarkably stupid, illegal, and publicity-hungry actions made writing the column "so easy."    Story

We can now customize our culture, but at a hidden cost

This is what the historians will probably record: 2005 marked the beginning of the end of serendipity. (Boston Globe)

Top celebrity news

Just what were you looking at in 2005? Take a look at our month-by-month reflection of the top-ranked celebrity news stories of the year.

Wesley Morris - 2005 Movies
The box office was down, but the best films took risks and reflected the cultural climate. (Boston Globe)
Ty Burr - 2005 Movies
The box office was down, but the best films took risks and reflected the cultural climate. (Boston Globe)
Tom Russo - 2005 DVDs
The top discs offer more than movies; they take us inside the making of the film with a bevy of bonus features. (Boston Globe)
Rhonda Stewart - 2005 Local Film Scene
The local film scene goes out with the old and in with the new. (Boston Globe)

Richard Dyer - 2005 Classical Music
James Levine and the BSO are changing the way orchestras connect with their audiences (Boston Globe)
Bill Beuttler - 2005 Jazz
The many benefit shows after Hurricane Katrina allowed performers to help their own and honor the music's heritage. (Boston Globe)
Steve Morse - 2005 Pop Music
Overall sales from concerts and CDs fell, but tours by U2, the Rolling Stones, and other acts perked up the industry. (Boston Globe)
The Boston Globe's top CDs of the 2005
After sifting through thousands of CDs during the last year, nine Boston Globe music critics give their takes on the best of the best in 2005.

Matthew Gilbert - 2005 Television
Serial dramas were the thing, and thanks to technology, we watched them wherever and whenever we wanted. (Boston Globe)
Joanna Weiss - 2005 Media
It was a year of transition in journalism, with anchors leaving the air and newspapers trying to find their footing. (Boston Globe)

Karen Campbell - 2005 Dance
Local audiences were treated to a great array of work, while local companies joined forces to survive. (Boston Globe)
Ed Siegel - 2005 Theater
Playwrights proved they're ready to take their work to the next level as the scene bursts with quality shows new and old. (Boston Globe)
Cait McQuaid - 2005 Visual Arts
Anticipation builds for the opening of the new ICA, as the MFA breaks ground on its own expansion. (Boston Globe)
Robert Campbell - 2005 Architecture
Art museums and scientific buildings were among some fo the major additions across the world. (Boston Globe)
Cate McQuaid - Art galleries
Boston galleries have been thriving in 2005. Harrison Avenue overtook Newbury Street as a gallery district, after the rush of gallery openings there last year. (Boston Globe)
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