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A crash, then a fall


Explosions in the Sky

All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
(Temporary Residence)
Essential: "The Birth and Death of the Day"

It's fortunate that teen angst-filled pop metal already snagged the emo tag. Otherwise, given the emotional heft of Explosions in the Sky's fourth album, "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone," some wag might subcategorize such so-called post-rock bands with the silly moniker. This magnificent follow-up to the Texan instrumental quartet's so-so score to the football flick "Friday Night Lights" and to its previous masterwork, "The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place," has a simple regime of sharp militaristic drumming and experimental, shrill guitar riffing, which is mismatched with calmer, classical plucking. Epic crashing chords are sweetened by twinkling melodic notes, evoking both hope and helplessness, and beauty and sadness: the very stuff of inner life. Call it emo for adults. [Linda Laban]