Welcome to Boston, America's college town! In between the classes, activities, and parties, we hope you will take some time to explore your adopted home.

To help you navigate the city, we've assembled a guide for local accounts to follow on Twitter, based on suggestions from our Twitter followers.

We've listed a selection of the accounts below. You can subscribe to the entire list here.

Know your city

In addition to being a member of your college or university community, you are now a resident of Greater Boston. Keep tabs on what's going on in your new city with these governmental and police accounts.

Who's who in Boston

Get to know of few of the big players in the Boston and Massachusetts politics by following them on Twitter.

Getting around

Soon, you will become intimately acquainted with Metro-Boston's transit system, the MBTA. These accounts will help you track your commute and prepare for the occasional delay.
The T runs from about 5 a.m. to shortly before 1 a.m., with the times varying based on stop. It runs throughout Eastern Massachusetts and into Rhode Island. If you're unable to take the MBTA, here are some travel alternatives.

Follow local news

Stay updated on the happenings around town by following local media accounts.
Note: This is a small selection of the local news outlets. More can be found on the complete list.

Attend festivals and events

The city and surrounding communities are filled with events and activities, many of which are free. Stay attuned to what's going on by following these accounts.

Eat out

You'll get sick of that dining hall food pretty quickly. Luckily, the city has a number of eateries to help you find culinary variety, and several food-related accounts to help you find the ideal destinations for your meals.

Listen to live music

Free (and paid) concerts abound in Boston. Keep tabs on who's playing this weekend by following these accounts.

Root for the home teams

Boston is one of America's great sports towns. Follow all the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, and college sports updates with these (and other) accounts.

Stay informed about campus news

A shameless plug: Boston.com has 15 campus-based news websites, all of which are on Twitter. Follow your school's Your Campus account for campus news and events.

Follow Boston.com

Boston Move-In Week 2013

Boston Move-In Week 2013
Moving into Boston can be a bewildering, exhausting, and frustrating experience. Check out more online coverage honoring the annual influx of student bodies.