Inside look at a Polar Beverages bottling plant

Take a look behind the scenes at Polar Beverages, the largest independent soft-drink bottler in the country. Polar has a long history in Massachusetts. The company was established in Worcester in 1882 by Dennis M. Crowley to sell mineral water, ginger ale, seltzers, and alcohol. The alcohol part of the business was abandoned during prohibition and these days, the beverager focuses on its other brands. Click on any cinemagraph for descriptions of the scenes from Executive VP Chris Crowley, the great grandson of the founder. [Water Week stories]
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"Polar is 130 year old, fourth generation family business. We're famous for our Polar seltzers."
"That material is very expensive but you don't want to have any possibility of cross-contamination."
"We have flammable and non-flammable, so that's largely the non-flammable extract storage area."
"He's batching extracts and compiling all the ingredients to make a simple syrup."
"In a diet soda or seltzer, you measure the amount of solids."
"That's filling at about 300 bottles a minute and our faster line does it at 400 bottles a minute."
"That's filling at about 1,200 cans a minute now."
"We're kind of growing in different direction than a lot of the industry but it's a direction we're very, very comfortable with."
"The Germans and Italians make very good labelers."
"Those are plastic reusable shells that we get hundreds and hundreds of usage out of."