Map: Pub trivia nights in Cambridge and Somerville

Cambridge and Somerville has a lot of trivia options. It's the battle of the wits on almost every night of the week. Grab a brew and show off your pop culture smarts or obscure knowledge.
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Trivia companyVenueAddressNightStart TimePhone numberCity
37Stump!Fire & Ice50 Church Street, Cambridge, MAMonday6:30 p.m.(617)-939-4546Cambridge
36Stump!Tavern in The Square1815 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MAMonday8 p.m.(617) 868-8800Cambridge
35Geeks Who DrinkTommy Doyle's96 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MAMonday8 p.m.(617) 864-0655Cambridge
34Stump!Johnny D's17 Holland St., Somerville, MAMonday8:30 p.m.(617) 776-2004Somerville
33Stump!Bull McCabe's366 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MAMonday9 p.m.(617) 440-6045Somerville
32Stump!Tommy Doyle's1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MATuesday6:30 p.m.(617) 225-0888Cambridge
31Stump!Joe Sent Me2388 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MATuesday8 p.m.(617) 492-1116Cambridge
30Stump!RF O'Sullivans282 Beacon St, Somerville, MATuesday8 p.m.(617) 492-7773Somerville
29Stump!On the Hill Tavern499 Broadway, Somerville, MATuesday8 p.m.(617) 629-5302Somerville
28Geeks Who DrinkHong Kong Restaurant1238 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MATuesday8 p.m.(617) 864-5311Cambridge
27Olde Magoun's Saloon518 Medford St., Somerville, MATuesday8:30 p.m.(617) 776-2600Somerville
26Stump!Asgard350 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MATuesday9 p.m.(617) 557-9100Cambridge
25Stump!Tavern in the Square730 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MATuesday9 p.m.(617) 868-8800Cambridge
24PJ Ryans239 Holland St., Somerville, MATuesday10 p.m.(617) 625-8200Somerville
23Geeks Who DrinkTommy Doyle's1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MAWednesday7 p.m.(617) 864-0655Cambridge
22Geeks Who DrinkPhoenix LandingCambridgeWednesday7:30 p.m.(617) 576-6260Cambridge
21Stump!Tommy Doyle's96 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MAWednesday8 p.m.(617) 864-0655Cambridge
20Geeks Who DrinkJoe Sent Me2388 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MAWednesday8 p.m.(617) 492-1116Cambridge
19Stump!The Spirit Bar2046 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MAWednesday8 p.m.(617) 868-1555Cambridge
18The Druid1357 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MAWednesday8 p.m.(617) 497-0965Cambridge
17Stump!On the Hill Tavern499 Broadway, Somerville, MAWednesday8 p.m.(617) 629-5302Somerville
16Orleans65 Holland St., Somerville, MAWednesday8 p.m.(617) 591-2100Somerville
15Stump!On the Hill Tavern499 Broadway, Somerville, MAWednesday8:30 p.m.(617) 629-5302Somerville
14Stump!Casey's Tavern173 Broadway, Somerville, MAWednesday8:30 p.m.(617) 625-5195Somerville
13Stump!The Pub (Formerly Powderhouse Pub)682 Broadway, Somerville, MAWednesday8:30 p.m.(617) 776-7373Somerville
12Thirsty Ear235 Albany St., Cambridge, MAWednesday9 p.m.(617) 258-9754Cambridge
11Stump!Tavern in the Square1815 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MAWednesday9 pm..(617) 868-8800Cambridge
10Champion of ChampionsMiddle East472 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MAWednesday (1st of the month)9 p.m.(617) 864-EASTCambridge
9Rosebud Bar & Grill381 Summer St., Somerville, MAWednesday9:30 p.m.(617) 440-6284Somerville
8Stump!Tommy Doyle's96 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MAThursday8 p.m.(617) 864-0655Cambridge
7Stump!Newtowne Grille1945 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MAThursday8 p.m.(617) 661-0706Cambridge
6Stump!Tommy Doyles96 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MAThursday8 p.m.(617) 864-0655Cambridge
5Stump!SoundBites704 Broadway, Somerville, MAThursday8 p.m.(617) 623-8338Somerville
4Geeks Who DrinkThe Spirit Bar2046 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MAThursday8 p.m.(617) 868-1555Cambridge
3Cambridge Queen's Head45 Quincy St., Cambridge, MAThursday8 p.m.(617) 495-5107Cambridge
2Stump!Charlie's Kitchen10 Eliot St., Cambridge, MASunday8 p.m.(617) 492-9646Cambridge
1Stump!Thirsty Scholar70 Beacon St., Somerville, MASunday8 p.m.(617) 497-2294Somerville