MBTA crime by station and line

South Station and Alewife stations had the most crime of all MBTA stations last year, while Cleveland Circle, Lowell, and Norwood were among dozens that had no serious crimes for the second year in a row.

Those are the results of the T's annual crime report, a tally of serious crimes that includes arson, assault, homicide, rape, and various forms of theft. It does not include lesser offenses recorded by the T such as vandalism or assault without intent of injury.

Overall, reported crime on the MBTA rose 19 percent last year to 987, according to data released by Transit Police. Still the number of crimes reported at all MBTA stops during 2010 was the fourth-lowest in the past three decades.

Only 2006, 2008 and 2009, the lowest total on record, saw fewer crimes reported.

The T is working on rolling out an updated online interface on mbta.com that allows for a more user-friendly experience than the current one for commuters who want to research crime data on a station-by-station level, MBTA Police Chief Paul MacMillan said.

“We want to have a mechanism that can easily allow people to find out what’s happening at their local stops,” he said, adding that the idea to revamp the T's public crime statistics webpage was inspired in part by Boston.com's request for the data. There is no timetable yet for when the T will roll out that new online interface, which will be updated with the latest crime data periodically.

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Data Source: The MBTA