Dinner With Cupid

Infectious enthusiasm

Will their mutual zeal make for a great meal?

June 5, 2011

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Laura Peluso, 25, analytics news specialist

On a desert island, she’d need: my sewing machine, a library, and snorkeling gear

What makes her a catch: my sense of adventure and zest for life

Jon Lakow, 28, business manager/rock band manager

He enjoys: working out in a boxing gym, soccer, weekends at the lake

What makes him a catch: I am well traveled and always looking to take new adventures.

7 p.m. Tangierino, Charlestown

Great expectations

Jon: I had a pretty good feeling about the date. I get a high from meeting new, interesting people and thought that if it went well, great, and if it went horribly wrong, it would still be a great story.

Laura: An accident on 128 created a huge traffic jam. I was worried about arriving late, so I called the restaurant to let Jon know. I still felt rude. But he was really gracious.

Jon: She showed up around 7:25 but was thoughtful enough to call ahead. It also gave me time to have a beer.

Laura: Jon was at the bar. He was attractive. He was well dressed and had great eyes. He greeted me really warmly and offered me a seat.

Jon: I thought she was petite and cute. She was stylish and carried herself well. She also had a very kind smile.

Pursuing passion

Laura: Jon immediately began talking about his interest in music, so I knew we would get along.

Jon: We had a good icebreaker – how bad the traffic was in Boston. She mentioned that she had lived in the same apartment complex in Andover that my parents lived in 30 years ago. We chatted about how she studied in London and how we both think it’s a great city.

Laura: Jon is great. He loves traveling, learning new things, and is really comfortable with himself. For our meals, we both enjoyed lamb and shared desserts.

Jon: Thankfully, she wasn’t a picky eater and enjoyed trying different food.

Laura: We enjoy hiking, sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. We both mentioned the satisfaction we get from accomplishing large goals and small tasks.

Jon: She has a dream of starting her own business and owning a fashion line. I talked about how my true passion is music and traveling the world and how the perfect job would be a full-time touring band manager.

Laura: Jon is a great conversationalist and I enjoyed listening to his stories. He obviously loves life.

Jon: We both like to go out dancing, and she likes it when guys “twirl” their dates on the dance floor. We both like going to The Burren in Davis Square, and part of the appeal is the great live music.

Mind matters

Laura: [I liked] when he mentioned think tanks. I really appreciate someone who values ideas.

Jon: It would have been a deal breaker if she had been unintelligent. She spoke extensively on topics from wildlife to fashion and history. Even after the bill was settled, we stayed and chatted.

Laura: We spent about four hours talking. Jon walked me to my car and gave me a hug. Such a gentleman!


Jon: A

Laura: A

A second date?

Jon: I would probably go out on another date with Laura. She was a sweet girl with lots to share. Like me, she wants the most out of life.

Laura: I definitely would. I think we still have lots of travel stories to swap!

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