Reader shares GOP’s resistance to funding wildlife program

October 6, 2011

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Patrick might rethink how he assesses presidential hopefuls

RE “PATRICK makes dig at Christie, calling him inexperienced’’ (Metro, Oct. 3): During an appearance Sunday on “Meet the Press,’’ Governor Deval Patrick evaluated Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, as too inexperienced to be president of the United States. Our governor should be more consistent in his evaluation of potential candidates (notwithstanding that Christie decided Tuesday not to enter this year’s Republican field).

In 2007, Patrick went hook, line, and sinker for Barack Obama, who had no statewide elected administrative experience. Even a year and a half as governor of a state is more valuable experience for the office of president than two years as a junior senator.

Patrick should have used some other criteria than experience when talking about Christie.

Arthur Bayer,

Chestnut Hill Reader shares GOP's resistance to funding wildlife programs

EVEN THIS lifelong Democrat has to wonder -- along with congressional Republicans -- at the need for an expenditure of $25 million for a “listing program’’ for endangered species of wildlife (“Hundreds of species up for new protections,’’ Page A9, Sept. 30).

How many computers, telephone lines, and dedicated employees are required for what would seem nothing more than a continuation of a long-existing program of keeping count and raising flags?

Robert Meyers,


Correction: A caption with a letter to the editor Sunday incorrectly said that the Museum of Fine Arts had replaced its west wing elevator with a stairway. The MFA replaced an escalator.

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