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Howie Carr okay after Wellesley accident

Posted by Your Town  September 28, 2009 01:31 PM

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Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr is apparently okay after crashing his car into a telephone pole in Wellesley Sunday morning.

According to police, the 57-year-old scribe and WRKO talk-show host was driving south on Wellesley Avenue, between Oakland and Forest streets, when his 2004 Acura suddenly crossed into the oncoming lane, hit a curb, and slammed into a telephone pole.

Wellesley police Sgt. Marie Cleary said Carr refused medical treatment and the car was towed. (The pole was split in half.) Carr was cited for a marked-lanes violation. "There were no signs of alcohol or anything suspicious of that nature," Cleary said yesterday. "It's a windy road there. I'm not sure if he was distracted for a moment."

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22 comments so far...
  1. Oh, c’mon Globe. You so missed the obvious headline: Herald’s Howie OK after Carr accident.

    Posted by Kate's Nonna September 28, 09 02:13 PM
  1. Was Tom Menino anywhere near the scene???

    If not, perhaps it was just Karma.

    Posted by mark September 28, 09 02:24 PM
  1. Pull his license before he crashes a farmers market.

    Posted by WatchTheLine_Chump September 28, 09 02:25 PM
  1. maybe the car was pulling to the lelft and he tried to get it back to the right....

    Posted by michael cain September 28, 09 02:28 PM
  1. Howie is always ready to complain about attempts to regulate cellphone usage while driving. Would interfer with his callers apparently. Wonder if he was talking on the phone or texting.

    Posted by honk September 28, 09 02:55 PM
  1. Hopefully the pole does a better job next time.

    Posted by fenian1967 September 28, 09 03:05 PM
  1. Was Howie texting or just talking on his cellphone. You know how he hates it when MBTA employees do that

    Posted by Striker57 September 28, 09 03:08 PM
  1. What time Sunday morning was the accident?

    Posted by namaste September 28, 09 03:55 PM
  1. Was he perhaps reading one of Kevin Cullen's impeccable columns?

    Posted by JFC September 28, 09 04:04 PM
  1. Probably got cut off by a cyclist.

    Posted by Stormbringer September 28, 09 04:15 PM
  1. You should have said he was unhurt. Howie has not been OK for years.

    Posted by Wiseguy September 28, 09 04:25 PM
  1. Maybe he was texting his bff Tom Menino or Mike Dukakis.

    Posted by Ed September 28, 09 04:41 PM
  1. Another example of the elderly not knowing how to drive . . .

    Posted by Goonie September 28, 09 04:42 PM
  1. Glad to hear your OK Howie! How bout them dirty Dems?

    Posted by JoeDonNuggett September 28, 09 05:10 PM
  1. Maybe we should consider re-testing drivers after the age of 57?

    Posted by Tundra September 28, 09 06:46 PM
  1. The RMV shopuld road test any pesimist over 57

    Posted by Paul September 28, 09 07:12 PM
  1. Who cares ? So another one of the wealthy 'beautiful people ' gets into an accident.

    Posted by Jenn September 28, 09 09:42 PM
  1. Howie is as cheap as he says he is---makes millions a year and is driving a 2004 Acura !!!!

    Posted by Grappa September 28, 09 11:11 PM
  1. I'm surprised Howie didn't try to blame this on Obama as well.

    Posted by Paul Mc September 28, 09 11:16 PM
  1. I think it was Dick Cheney that crashed into him.

    Posted by BGDad September 28, 09 11:19 PM
  1. Oh no! Does this mean that Howie was not doing something absolutely perfectly? How shocking! I'm sure he was putting on his Charmanie face cream while listening to Leon Russell at top volume....all while he was texting Rush Limbaugh. It will have to be someone else's fault......probably the state workers who didn't paint the dividing line in the road straight!

    Posted by Nelle September 28, 09 11:24 PM
  1. Contrary to all reports, there was NO BIG SHOE involved in this accident. The big shoe does not fit in the drivers compartment so it has it's own seat in the back.

    Posted by Howard Lawrence Carr October 2, 09 04:38 PM