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Watertown students remember high school, Lady GaGa, McDonald's

Posted by Jaclyn Reiss  June 26, 2011 10:00 AM

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Watertown High School graduating seniors put excess class funds toward creating a time capsule, which will remain on display at the Watertown Public Library until the graduating class of 2061 opens the module on June 3, of that year, exactly 50 years after the class of 2011 graduated.

Students have collected and will include articles, photographs and personal statements in the time capsule from late April’s Royal Wedding to Whitey Bulger’s capture in Los Angeles.

Senior class advisor Karen Trenholm submitted statements, quotes and “bucket lists” on behalf of some students. Here's what the minds for a number of members of the Class of 2011.

Meghri Ishakian: "One thing I have to say is that I have learned so much during my years in the Watertown Public School system that it has prepared me to face the real world, take chances, and not be afraid to try anything new."

Naira Aleksanyan: “This letter is for the future generation as well as for the future me… When I see myself in the future, I see a dentist living in a single-family house with a family and husband… One of my main hopes is that my mom is with me when the time capsule is opened. "

Anthony Fierimonte: "Ultimately, I want to be a CPA and open up my own accounting firm. I hope to be a self-made millionaire (though that may not seem like a lot of money to you guys) who is able to live an easy life after retirement… By the way, this may seem crazy to you, but McDonald's has a dollar menu. That's right, everything is one dollar."

Andrew Salvas: Bucket list items include giving a gift of more than $100 to a stranger, skydiving while eating a sandwich, and spending a sunset in a rocking chair next to his best friend.

Katreena Alvar: Bucket list items include seeing the Northern Lights, making a difference, solving a Rubic's Cube, and taking pictures once a day for 365 days.

Eric Albano: “I started to keep my room clean for once because I don't want a messy dorm room and I don't think my roommate wants one either.”

Shagufta Naz: “Up until high school, we only worried about what we would get on an assignment, and worked hard just to see that A on our report cards, but now we are up to doing something that we will all use and need in our lives… I see myself as a neonatal nurse in 10 years from now.”

Ana Mesa: Bucket list items include getting her PhD in counseling psychology and opening her own practice, as well as owning three houses (one in Ecuador, one in Columbia, one here [Watertown]).

Nicole Panza: “I joined the softball team this year and we won our first game in 10 years!”

Mireille O'Connor: “Take time to realize how great of a town Watertown is... I'm just figuring out that my hometown really is my home."

Julia Tolman: “As the days of my high school career quickly come to an end, I cannot help but be anxious yet extremely excited to start a new chapter in my life… I cannot explain how I feel about going off to college. It is crazy to think that I will never be in a classroom with the same people ever again. When I leave this summer, I will not be coming back to Watertown High School. It is almost too much to grasp.”

Diana Kagramanyan: “I don't know you and I might not ever meet you but we will always share Watertown High School.”

Tim Bemis: “Whether or not high school has prepared me for college and the rest of the world, I am confident that I will someday overcome life's many difficulties.”

Kiley Alpaugh and Despina Najarian: “So, do you guys have flying cars yet? It's OK, we didn't either. But we do have this person named Lady Gaga, do you know her? She is an amazing performer.”

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