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Source: Affleck bringing film crew to Somerville Hospital

Posted by Travis Andersen  September 29, 2009 03:17 PM

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John Tlumacki/Globe Staff
Ben Affleck on "The Town" movie set
in Boston last weekend.

Ben Affleck is expected to bring a film crew to Somerville Hospital this weekend to shoot scenes for his upcoming movie "The Town," according to a source close to the hospital.

"It could be both days," he said, adding that the hospital would likely finalize an agreement with the production company on Tuesday.

He said Affleck, who grew up in Cambridge, and his team would film somewhere on either the second or third floor, and the rest of the hospital would remain open during the shoot. It's likely Affleck's arrival will cause a stir, and draw a crowd, though they won't get to see much.

"If people come they'll have to stand along the street," the source said, adding that fans will be barred from entering the hospital. "They won't be able to see anything."

The news surprised a front desk worker on Tuesday, who quipped, "I'll come in [to the shoot] as an injured patient."

Hospital staffers have placed signs on the bulletin boards on the upper floors - which housed the hospital's in-patient treatment facility, until it closed in July - to make the wing appear operational, the source said.

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16 comments so far...
  1. I work in the ER hope I can GET IN to do my job

    Posted by Anonymous September 29, 09 05:40 PM
  1. why is it breaking news everytime a movie is being shot in boston? movies are a business just like starbucks, but they don't report when someone has bought a venti chai.

    Posted by dan September 29, 09 07:01 PM
  1. At least you still HAVE a job. Think of the people who worked on the unit that was closed down

    Posted by anonymous September 29, 09 08:16 PM
  1. Actually, movie making is a much bigger business than buying coffee at Starbucks. People certainly don't line up to watch you buy a venti chai. No offense, but that's a silly comparison and complaint.

    Posted by patricia September 29, 09 08:41 PM
  1. they were at Fenway for a bit and used our first floor office for crew etc.. all nice people, very polite and professional.. it was nice to have them around. though i am glad i didnt go into shell shock with all the fake gun fire around lol

    Posted by beenhereawhile September 29, 09 09:31 PM
  1. Dan said "movies are a business just like starbucks, but they don't report when someone has bought a venti chai."

    They do if Ben Affleck is the one buying the coffee.

    Posted by AIC September 29, 09 09:43 PM
  1. I'll challenge Affleck to a venti chai duel!

    Posted by Edwin Lunz September 30, 09 12:21 AM
  1. I brought up a website and there have many movies over the years, filmed in Boston. BUT, since Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have made it big in Hollywood, they have filmed a lot around this area and that brings in big bucks for Massachusetts. Thank you Ben and Matt. I mean look at Martin Scorsese; he had made a gazillion great movies, but when he filmed in Boston - THE DEPARTED - he finally received an Oscar for his work. That was soooooo long overdue. I LOVE all the movies filmed in Massachusetts and the rest of New England.

    Posted by USAisARMYstrong September 30, 09 01:15 AM
  1. As a former employer of Somerville Hospital who was laid off, I hope we warmed up the beds enough for you movie stars. At least give us a small cameo so we could get back on our feet!

    Posted by Patrick September 30, 09 05:57 AM
  1. That would be a great tribute to those laid off to be able to play a part in the movie as extras. No one knows those halls better than those who roamed them for many years!

    Posted by workeratCHA September 30, 09 09:06 AM
  1. Well, Boston IS the new Hollywood, that's for sure!

    Posted by LM September 30, 09 09:14 AM
  1. I dunno about anyone else but I work for CHA I will be totally utilizing my ID badge to get in lol they were at my worksite yesterday and caused quite the commotion lol

    Posted by Mystery September 30, 09 10:16 AM
  1. I am an employee at Somerville Hospital and I'm glad not be working that day.

    Posted by Anonymous1 October 2, 09 02:50 PM
  1. Yes, bring back the addictions unit that was closed due to budget cuts-imagine closing a unit like that for those who need the most help in Somerville. Haven't there been enough overdoses especially among the younger crowd?
    Wake up Mayor Curatone and remember all of your promises.

    Posted by Jules October 2, 09 04:36 PM
  1. Well, I just saw John Hamm and Blake Lively rushing into the Somerville Hospital movie crew entrance. Somerville just got a little bit more exciting...

    Posted by Fred October 3, 09 05:13 PM
  1. I am annoyed at the handling of extras for Boston area. The companies like Boston casting seem to play favorites and such and also CP..---I have been trying for weeks to get in with Knight and Day and the Town and no luck. They called me twice for The Town but I had other commitments those days, then the two weeks I have free, they dont have anything that is BS! I think something is going on behind the scenes and some people are getting days and days of work while the rest of us are getting screwed.

    Posted by Jeff D October 21, 09 10:40 AM