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Quincy Obama/Hendrix mural repaired; bar owner plans next steps

Posted by Jessica Bartlett  October 11, 2012 03:46 PM

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Photos courtesy ofPRC Quincy

Presidents Rock Club employees clean off the mural on the side of their building that was vandalized with paint Tuesday night.

Thanks to the work of club employees, the Quincy mural that blends the likeness of President Obama with Jimi Hendrix shows no traces of the vandalism from a couple of nights ago.

David Keville, one of the owners of the Presidents Rock Club, said he left the bar at around 9 p.m. Tuesday and received numerous messages the next morning that it had been defaced by white paint splashed across the face on the mural.

But a little paint wasn’t going to deter the mural's fans.

“The guy Colin Campbell, who raised the awareness [about the mural], it’s his baby, and to say he was upset was to put it mildly,” Keville said about one of the employees of the club. “He’s 6’5 fresh out of the army…and he wanted to find out who done it. But in his anger, he spent three hours of cleaning and it came off perfectly.”

Although Keville said he was initially disappointed with the actions of the vandals, the next step in this saga has elicited another outpouring of support, through Facebook messages, emails, and phone calls, he said.

“People have said, 'If you clean it, I’ll come help. I don’t support that thing.' That’s the kind of good will we’re getting. People are saying, 'I don’t even vote for Obama, but I don’t agree with any of this here.' That’s the general consensus,” Keville said.

Meanwhile, the mural's creator, who refers to himself as “Brandalizm,” brushed off the vandalism in an email.

“It's kind of amusing to be honest. I guess it came off with a little soap and water.. I wouldn't repaint it, or fix it. Que sera, sera. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens next..,” he said.

For Keville, the next step is to get a permit for the work, which he still plans to do.

Keville is also looking for suggestions on ways to expand the mural to make it less partisan.

“We’re contemplating doing a whole facade of presidents and who they would look like. Maybe do the Bushes, maybe smaller, because Jimi Hendrix is huge. But we’re contemplating putting a few more presidents up there, maybe taking the 'Forward' sign down cause it’s taking up a lot of room,” Keville said.

“We will have to seek permit on things we want to do. We need an artist rendering of the full wall to present to City Hall,'' Keville said. "But I would encourage people to give us a break that we’re not being partisan. There will be Republican presidents up there, and the two Adamses, father and son, we will find space on that wall.”


PRC Quincy

The mural looks brand new after the cleaning

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