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Federal funds would be used to spruce up Condon Shell Park

Posted by Marcia Dick  October 2, 2009 11:30 AM

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Condon Shell Park would get a canoe launch, new benches, a walking path, and new plantings of trees and shrubs as part of a restoration proposed by the city’s community development office.

The city wants to use funds from the federal Economic Development Incentive Program to pay for sprucing up the area along the Mystic River.

The plan is available for review at the community development office, Room 308, in City Hall. Residents have until Oct. 9 to submit written comments on the project.

According to information on US Representative Edward Markey's website, he has requested $1.1 million for reconstructing the outdoor theater. The project "will eventually connect to a complete circulation system along the bank of the Mystic River and will also have connections into the heart of Medford Square."

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6 comments so far...
  1. Who will maintain the site? Certainly not the D.P.W., because they do not have the resources. There is a skelton crew at 21 James St. The latest tax revenue falls short $243M. This means more cut backs and possible lay-offs. Keep in mind the fiscal year just began July 1. More doom and gloom to come.

    Posted by one who has witnessed October 3, 09 02:31 PM
  1. This is absurd! Medford already has sunk more than $3 million into an indoor theater that is rarely used (Chevalier), now they want to dump $1.1 million into an "outdoor theater" that MIGHT be used for 3 or 4 months? This in spite of all the city's other dire financial needs? This is what you get when the mayor always runs unopposed and can basically do whatever he wants.

    Posted by Tax Payer October 3, 09 04:23 PM
  1. You guys are so negative, cyncial and small-minded in your thinking. Yes, of course, there are problems and shortcomings in Medford, but you do not also cancel or deny larger improvement projects because of that. even in times of distress and with a not-always-fucntional city government you do not forsake bigger-picture projects which can add greatly to Medford's profile, inward sense and outward projection of attractiveness, culture, civic usable space and overall desirability. projects like this, when reaching a critical mass, can cause many more economically and culturally desirable residents and businesses to move to Medford. Besides, this is not regular City of Medford general budget money- this sounds like specuial grant money for THIS purpose, coming through Rep. Markey's office.

    Posted by Sebastian Comeau October 4, 09 04:47 AM
  1. Hey mayor, how about getting some money for the DPW yard and the police station that are falling down?

    Posted by Medfordian October 4, 09 08:32 AM
  1. If you do not have a maintenance plan for an improvement project, there should be no need to improve. The D.P.W. cannot maintain what they are already required to do which is a shame in itself. The City is dirty, the parks are a mess, and barrels throughout the City cannot get emptied in a proper manner. I thought we had a "new" D.P.W, Director that was going to make a difference. You are only as good as the personnel that is provided, and what he has is not much. What will happen with the first snowstorm? Good luck geeting around the City or trying to pay a bill at City Hall when they really need tax bills to be paid so they can somehow put the resources out on the "street" where they are actually needed.

    Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 05:18 PM
  1. thank you, Sebastian, for a dose of sanity here. it's apples and oranges, people.

    Frankly, I'm tired of all these bitter grumps. Go back to taking your Geritol and spending your state-provided checks for social security/disability/etc. You want money for repairs? Why not boost the tax base?

    There are no bars. Fine, but if I want a drink I need to leave town, and drive because the yahoos don't want the train.
    There's no decent breakfast joints. Paul Revere's underdone sausages will kill ya.
    There's very few decent restaurants. Too many Chinese/pizza joints.
    There's no public gardens ('victory gardens')
    There's no public space that's not full of dog poop or drowned out by traffic.
    There's no place to hold a meeting.
    There's no traffic regulation.
    There's no long-term planning.

    In a City of 55k, that's embarrassing.

    Posted by sigh October 5, 09 08:50 PM