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77 Medford city workers topped $100,000 in ’08; 47 were police

Posted by Marcia Dick  May 27, 2009 10:47 AM

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Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn's total compensation grew
to $138,426 in 2008, 5 percent more than in 2007.

By Steven Rosenberg
In Medford, the economic downturn has forced Mayor Michael McGlynn to consider cutting dozens of teaching positions that pay under $100,000 a year.

But come July, when the city’s budget is set, few of the jobs that pay city workers over $100,000 annually will be eliminated. And most of those workers will actually receive a raise.

In 2008, 77 out of the top-paid 100 city employees made more than $100,000, according to information obtained by the Globe through the Freedom of Information Act. And 47 of those 77 were members of the police department. Overall, seven out of the top 10 highest-paid city employees were police. And for the second straight year, Police Captain Alan Doherty was the city’s highest paid employee: in 2008, he earned $165,880.

Last year, Doherty’s base pay was $83,910. But like other police officers, he was eligible to receive fringe benefits and had extra work opportunities.

In 2008, he earned $21,300 working traffic details, $31,192 in overtime, and $8,500 for longevity (training and years served). In addition, he earned a $20,976 educational subsidy for having a college degree.

Last year, Medford officers received a total of $984,521 in educational subsidies from the city and state, under a law known as the Quinn Bill.

In 2008, School Superintendent Roy Belson ranked second in pay, earning $160,199. McGlynn, the mayor, ranked sixth, earning $138,426.

McGlynn, who has served in that job for 21 years, has seen his pay nearly triple since 1988, when he earned $52,000. As the city’s chief administrator, he received a base salary of $123,598 last year. He also earned $12,480 for serving on the School Committee, $1,248 for travel expenses, and $1,100 for longevity. In all, his 2008 pay represented a 5 percent increase over 2007, when he earned $131,669.

McGlynn, who presides over a community of 55,000, is also one of the highest-paid mayors in northern Massachusetts. He earns 31 percent more than Malden Mayor Richard Howard, who makes $105,000 a year in a city that has a population similar to Medford’s. McGlynn also earns more than Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone, who makes $125,000 a year overseeing a city of 77,000, but less than Winchester Town Manager Melvin Kleckner, who earns $146,806 a year.

‘‘I work very hard at what I do and I feel that I earn every penny I make,’’ said McGlynn, whose salary is approved by the Medford City Council. ‘‘I can’t speak about other mayors, what they do and what their salaries are.’’

McGlynn is scheduled to receive a 1 percent pay increase next month, and like other City Hall employees, has agreed to a pay freeze for the next fiscal year.

Medford’s teachers, who are looking at possible deep cuts in staffing, already have agreed to a one-year salary freeze. Other school unions also have agreed to the freeze.

Meanwhile, McGlynn said the city is staring at a $9 million shortfall in funds for the next fiscal year, which begins in July. McGlynn said deep payroll cuts would have to be made. ‘‘There will be layoffs no matter what,’’ he said, adding that more than 100 school jobs could be eliminated, along with jobs in other city departments.

McGlynn is also preparing to restructure the city’s Department of Public Works. In June, DPW Commissioner Paul Gere will retire, and McGlynn said cutting back overtime by reassigning workers to weekend shifts would be a top priority.

In 2008, several DPW workers earned more than $30,000 in overtime. The city’s fifth-highest-paid employee, Peter Kerger, made a total of $139,999 — including $80,476 in overtime. McGlynn said most of Kerger’s overtime was spent fixing water main breaks and maintaining other underground water pipes.

But even with the proposed cutbacks and the possible layoffs, the city branch with the biggest earners in the municipality — the police department — is expected to remain mostly intact. Police also are scheduled to receive between a 2 and 3 percent raise this year.

Police Chief Leo Sacco Jr., who earned $136,602 — ranking number eight on the city’s highest paid list — said overtime helped push up the incomes of the city’s police. Last year, the city spent $1.023 million on police overtime, a $340,000 decrease from 2007. Sacco attributed the overtime to a lack of overall staff and a need to fill shifts when officers are sick, on vacation, or injured.

‘‘In 2001, we had 132 officers,’’ said Sacco, who has served as chief since 1990. ‘‘Today, we’re back to 110.’’

The combination of low staffing and overtime has boosted most officers’ base pay by more than 20 percent.

While Doherty, a captain in charge of internal affairs, earned $31,192 in overtime by mostly working weekend shifts, another captain, Kenneth DiBlasi, almost matched his overtime, earning $28,709 last year. In the patrol division, 19 patrolmen earned more than $13,000 in overtime last year, including the chief’s son, Leo Sacco III, who joined the force in 2006. The younger Sacco earned $13,460 in overtime, and a total of $99,681 in 2008.

Sacco said it’s cheaper in the long run to have fewer full-time officers and fill the gap with overtime, but said the extra work takes a toll on the officers. Still, with the downturn in the economy, Sacco has already pared back overtime. He said the city’s top earner last year, Doherty, and DiBlasi — who ranked fourth in pay in the city in 2008 with $149,163.16 — have had their overtime eliminated. Sacco also said DiBlasi is scheduled to retire in September, and he is unsure if the captain’s position will be filled.

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69 comments so far...
  1. According to Chief Sacco there are 110 police officers in Medford and there are 57 police officers in the 100 highest-paid Medford officials list on this site. So half of the police force constitutes more than half of the highest paid city employees and we need to cut teachers? I got into the wrong line of work. Nothing to see here, please move along...

    Posted by Medford Resident May 27, 09 02:27 PM
  1. I'm confused, how does a Public Works foreman who makes just under $58,000 have over $80,000 in overtime pay?? Also, the same for another Public Works foreman who made over $35,000 in overtime pay. Something isn't right.

    Posted by kisskiss May 27, 09 03:35 PM
  1. Its really unbelievable that is allowed to happen. What an incompetent city government, although that is the norm these days.

    Posted by really? May 27, 09 04:52 PM
  1. Why doesn't the Mayor and the School Supeintendent take a pay CUT!
    The Teachers are taking a pay freeze.

    The Mayor and the Superintendent should not only take a pay freeze, they can afford and should help out the city by taking a pay cut!

    Posted by MEDFORD RESIDENT May 27, 09 05:01 PM
  1. why is it that being a cop, a job that requires so little work, pays so much money, I know doctors who had to go through ten plus years of school and don't make that much and work twice the hours

    Posted by copsareoverpaid May 27, 09 05:05 PM
  1. Memo to self: I have a college degree! Must ask boss where annual $21,000 bonus is.

    Posted by good idea May 27, 09 05:13 PM
  1. And this is why we need to get rid of unions. It is amazing that such a large percentage of city workers get paid a huge amount while their city is running a deficit. I would like to see the justification for these overtime and traffic detail bonuses. We all know that traffic detail is a cash cow for these guys. There is no reason why this cant be contracted out. But unfortunately the Unions control everything and the time honored tradition of getting free money from the state will continue. The politicians wont do anything about this since they want to get re elected. So what happens..our tolls go up, our property taxes go up along with everything else.

    Posted by Chris R May 27, 09 05:14 PM
  1. Teachers are not paid hourly. they work at home, attend meetings, and do not get $1 of overtime, not to mention the hundreds of dollars they spend in the classroom. So why are police officers eligible for overtime? Someone please explain the logic!

    Posted by metoo May 27, 09 05:16 PM
  1. If they let the unemployed folks do the traffic details for half the money you would solve two problems. The police would be well rested and you would be sharing the wealth in the community, may even lead to less crime. The mayor of 21 years? Time for change with fiscal responsibility.

    Posted by RaginBull May 27, 09 05:18 PM
  1. Really?: The city leaders are not incompetent at all, but rather quite competent at making sure they get theirs.

    Posted by Medfa resident May 27, 09 05:34 PM
  1. I guess we know why they were out writing scores of XX parking tickets a few months ago, and why residential street cleaning is done with such backwards precision.

    Posted by soon to be former medford resident May 27, 09 05:39 PM
  1. The DPW commissioner is retiring? Maybe that's why the Christmas lights are still up in all the squares . . . they're going to turn them on for his retirement party! The guy makes $112,000 a year, meanwhile every crosswalk in the city is faded away and the DPW yard looks like a bombed out bunker. Thank you Boston Globe for publishing this information!

    Posted by medford1630 May 27, 09 06:22 PM
  1. How ignorant for someone to think that being a police officer in a city like Medford requires very little work??? They deserve their pay and put their lives on the line every day as the firemen do. Are they supposed to reject the money? Shame on the city for allowing things to get so out of hand.

    Posted by Glad I left!! May 27, 09 06:46 PM
  1. Maybe that is the reason why I'm paying 5k a year in real estate taxes and can't get the trash men to pick up a 2 foot piece of 2x4. Time for some new blood.

    Posted by Bailey May 27, 09 06:55 PM
  1. Now I remember why I left Medford.

    Posted by Larry May 27, 09 07:04 PM
  1. Instead of giving the Public Works guy $80,000 in over on top of his salary- why not hire an additional guy or two and create a few more jobs instead. I dont care what you say, if you have two or three guys doing the same job as the one- the taxpayer (ME) will probably get more work for the money.

    Its just so obnoxious.

    Posted by Vivalaselvis May 27, 09 07:09 PM
  1. This defies all logic. Almost 50% of the police force make over 100k. Most of these bozos would be flipping burgers or banging nails were it not for that beloved civil service test. I love how this cheif says the overtime is taking its toll. Police overtime is not like overtime in the private sector. In the private sector you work and use your brain, and use overtime to get your work done, and dont get paid for it. Police overtime is just hours, sitting around waiting, talking, drinking coffee. Just mindless hours.

    Posted by jayfro May 27, 09 07:09 PM
  1. McGlynn ‘‘can’t speak about other mayors" salaries. Hard to believe that he is not aware of how fortunate he is! I know that Newburyport and Amesbury Mayors Salary are in the $65,000 range.

    Posted by Metro_Boston_Defector May 27, 09 07:14 PM
  1. I wonderhow many hours, weekendsand nights it took to earn that money? I bet if you do the math the cops were making about 25 bucks an hour and never seeing their families for this "rich" pay. But why let the facts get in the way of a obviously agenda filled article.

    Posted by Stan May 27, 09 07:30 PM
  1. I live in Medford, and I can't tell you how little the city does for us residents. The police are unresponsive, park illegally, refuse to ticket areas that the Mayor says are off-limits, and treat people rudely. I have never met such a group of unpleasant city workers - members of the "old boy" club. In Medford, street cleaning happens about twice a year - I work in Somerville, and their street cleaning happens every other week during the good weather weeks. Medford government is totally pathetic. I have called various city agencies, and no one responds! We badly need a new mayor who will make people accountable. My last word: Bob's Food Store is ruining the neighborhood and nothing is done about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Medford Resident May 27, 09 07:54 PM
  1. Listen, police officers work nights, weekends and holidays risking their lives. Why is it that with all the breakdowns on here, nowhere in this article does it say how many hours these officers work per week? The cities and towns save money by having their employees work overtime because they are understaffed, rather than hire additional salaried employees with a pension, health benefits etc...where are these statistics??? I guess it was time for the weekly police bashing article.

    Posted by DDP May 27, 09 07:55 PM
  1. All cops, that's all cops, should be required to have a BS in Criminology before they can pin on the badge. The current system is ridiculous because it grossly rewards cops with some education because they've proven they aren't stupid... on paper anyway.

    Posted by ghostofbon May 27, 09 07:56 PM
  1. This story makes me think of all the other salary issues that have come up lately. At some point good laws were written to encourage things like police officers to get college degrees with a financial incentive. The idea behind that is good but it seems like it's being misused if someone gets an extra $21,000 in salary for going to college.

    It sounds like a lot of people in Massachusetts are very good at knowing special things that can earn them significantly more money. The governor and the legislature need to re-examine state laws that allow people to get huge extra chunks of money. Otherwise they need to stipulate that state funds can not go to pay salaries or special bonuses to city employees. Cities and towns would need to publish base salaries and then if they still want to allow employees to earn excessive bonuses they could do that with city funds.

    Posted by Tiggrstaar May 27, 09 08:03 PM
  1. McGlynn is overpaid for his level of competence and accomplishments.

    Posted by Gerry May 27, 09 08:28 PM
  1. seems like many people have just two issues with municipal employees ...when they are not working...and when they are

    Posted by kara May 27, 09 08:30 PM
  1. To all of you who are whining about how much Medford Police officers make, stick a sock in it. The last time I checked, police officers put their lives on the line for us every time they put their uniforms on. They deal with drunks, thiefs, drug dealers, abusers, and losers (like some of you) on a daily basis, and they do it to protect us, they do it so that we can feel safe walking down the street, and so we are able to sleep peacefully at night. So, to all of you who claim that police officers just sit around talking and are idots. God forbid an officer take a coffee break, grab something to eat during their 8, or sometime 16-hr shift, or have a conversation. I believe the rest of us do that daily at our jobs....or, maybe some of you sit at your desk for 8 hrs straight without so much as looking up from your computer? Yeah, that's what I thought. Most of the police officers I know have a college education....from some of the best schools, and they deserve every penney they get, just like the rest of us who went to college to land a better career that pays well. And while most of us work 5 days a week, 8 hrs a day (well...except for teachers who have the Summers off and several other vacations a year), those police officers making $100,000 are working 6-7 days a week, working overtime shifts, double-shifts, working over night shifts, etc... When was the last time any of you did that? Maybe if you did, your salary would indicate that. My advice: take the police exam, pass it (if you are lucky), and then tell me how easy police officers have it.

    Posted by May 27, 09 08:39 PM
  1. Great expose of public information. Plenty more out there. Next story: follow around a few of these administrators to see what they do all day and then figure out to whom they are related.

    Posted by Concerned reader May 27, 09 08:45 PM
  1. Police wages/compensation is WAY above the market. I guarantee 100s of people would be lining up for the job at half the compensation. It is nothing more than a shakedown of the taxpayer. But idiot taxpayers continue to vote representatives who increase their taxes. I say quit your job and go on the government is the only way to starve these thieves.

    Posted by publius May 27, 09 08:58 PM
  1. Don't blame me. I voted Yes on 1.

    Just keep overfeeding the government that you think can spend money wisely.

    Posted by rabbitism May 27, 09 09:00 PM
  1. Absolutely ridiculous. They're saying the City is bankrupt and then you read this. Back when times were supposedly good no one looked at these things now
    with the economy struggling it's all coming out. You talk to the average resident in Medford and they've had it there, the roads and parks are in deplorable condition the schools and public facilities there are a total joke, the City Hall inside is poorly
    heated and poorly lit and yet they have money to waste on 100 empolyees who
    just sit around and push paper while nothing is getting accomplished in the city to help the average citizen.
    I speak to residents there and the quality of life has regressed dramaitcally.
    Like several of these communities there's no where near enough jobs. Another MA community completely bloated with idiots.
    Making it MA what a state!!

    Posted by Anthony May 27, 09 09:17 PM
  1. After reading the list of the Medford city employees making over $100K, can someone tell me WHY a city needs FOUR police captains?

    Posted by tedmic May 27, 09 09:19 PM
  1. WIll u people stop crying......cops work EXTRA on top of their regular shifts to make money. You guys think its part of the salary, but you know its not...... If you guys want to work 70plus hrs/wk, make100g a yr, and deal with the scum of the earth everyday, then take the test, put on a bulletproof vest, and hit the streets hoping you'll make it home ALIVE after your shift. STOP WHINING, because I know each and everyone of you have dialed 911 once in your lives praying for that cop to help you out.

    Posted by tim C May 27, 09 09:35 PM
  1. Listen, you can get mad all you want that they make so much money via details and overtime, but the simple fact is that those details and overtime shifts NEED TO BE COVERED. If the city would hire more police officers, then these guys wouldn't be earning so much individually. They also wouldn't have to spend so much time away from their families to cover the OT and detail shifts!!! They arent making 100k for working a 40 hour week . . . they're making 100k by working a 60 or an 80 hour week.

    Posted by Citizen May 27, 09 09:39 PM
  1. So what this article says basically is that cops who work, nights while others are in bed, holidays while others are celebrating, weekends while others are going away....arrest deviants, while others stand by and call for help, deal with contagious diseases while others run away from helping, work 70-80 hours a week while others complain if they get stuck "late" at work for an hour, deal with adults on a dail ybasis who cant settle simple problems...all for 100K!! wow they are really living large.....funny there must be a line breaking down the door to get these jobs...what? Departments are actually driving applicants to the test to ensure theyll show up?? They are waiving the application fee so people will take the test?? But why?? Its such a great least thats what tthe ignorant will tell you...funny....why havent they applied for these lucrative jobs?? huh?? oh yeah...maybe they are flipping burgers to take a quote from Mr "know it all'

    Posted by Stan May 27, 09 10:11 PM
  1. Why is that the job that is intended to serve and protect the public is robbing us blind. Look at any city or towns highest paid and most have LEO's as the highest paid. I want to see a break down of who paid the overtime, who is retiring soon (80% pension for the last few years you work must be nice to get 80 plus for life), and finally why is that the people who raise the children aren't on this list. This police state is killing the taxpayer and until taxpayers stand up our kids will continue to lose out. We only have a couple people to blame the mayors, unions, and of course the group of people who pledged to serve and protect not rip off.

    Posted by chrismis May 27, 09 10:16 PM
  1. Didn't the Medford police once blow their way into Depositor's Trust to rob the safe deposit boxes? Now, I guess they just steal from taxpayers legally.

    Posted by BostonHarold May 27, 09 10:29 PM
  1. I respect the job the police and firemen/women do, BUT why is it that they get so much high praise for doing their job? I don't get it. No other profession gets praise like this. How about teachers, doctors, etc. I'm tired of it. really.

    Posted by safe May 27, 09 10:31 PM
  1. I am a Medford resident who was robbed within the last five years. The police department did NOTHING to help me - the one who took the report could not have looked more bored or inconvenienced. The detective did not follow up with me or return my calls - every time I called he was "on vacation" or "out of the office" - and seemed to do very little work on my case (and if he did do some, he never called to let me know. Both of them seemed fairly senior in the department. Is this what my tax money is paying for? Being treated as a bother and a burden by those whose salaries I pay?

    Posted by Jane May 27, 09 10:35 PM
  1. Unions and Democrats. Ultimately this is what the situation boils down to. We like to think of ourselves as progressive liberals living in Massachusetts but we need to learn to be fiscally conservative in today's difficult economic environment. Cutting back on Union benefits would certainly help rectify the problem.

    Posted by Oscar Dorfers May 27, 09 10:51 PM
  1. I don't think that officials should necessarily be on a ramen budget or anything, but the state of the pavement in most of medford (and especially everything south of the Mystic) is an absolute travesty and should really be addressed soon.

    Posted by yuppiescum May 27, 09 10:53 PM
  1. For all that try to defend the $100k police salary with the tired "life on the line" adage, let's compare those union-inflated salaries with an experienced soldier earning hazardous duty pay in Iraq: his or her annual pay, with all the bennies = $54k.

    Posted by Poster May 27, 09 11:00 PM
  1. Obviously this is all the fault of lazy greedy teachers and their unions.

    Posted by TheMovieFan May 27, 09 11:11 PM
  1. Chief Sacco has done a terrible job. Patrolmen have been historically a rude group of people. Command officers have never been able to provide any leadership nor has the patrolmen respected them. McGlynn is completely and utterly versed in old school politics, patronage and plainly not interested in exerting any restraint on PD or in any other financial matters because if he did he knows the public, press might examine his and his family's excesses with public money.

    Nothing is going to change in Medford.

    Posted by dohassoc7784 May 27, 09 11:12 PM
  1. This is pathetic and ridiculous. Plainly some people should be forced to take pay cuts in order to save jobs. Medford still has its Christmas decorations up in Medford Square.

    Posted by David B. May 27, 09 11:27 PM
  1. How about the community development director pulling down $105K? Her salary must be based on some formula that multiplies the number of vacant storefronts and boarded up buildings in Medford Square...

    Posted by Amelia May 27, 09 11:29 PM
  1. I don't think the mayor, the police chiefs, or the city workers are malicious...they are simply ignorant and lazy. The town is run inefficiently and ineffectively and is not moving forward with the rest of the world. The citizens are pxxxd, but the barriers to fixing these issues are too high, so people simply move. They over-rent their two-family house to a bunch of imbeciles who park their cars illegally and they move their family to new hampshire and never look back. Medford is the perfect town for absentee landlords because there is no code enforcement, no parking enforcement, and the police and city admins do not listen or respond. The city looks like crap and people treat it like cxxp because the city leaders do not care.

    Posted by sickandtired May 27, 09 11:29 PM
  1. Its almost pathetic seeing the ignorance on a cop with a base pay of 50k is overpaid? So dealing with your junkie son or daughter who has Hep C, mediating an argument between two of you so called adults who call the police because one of you is having an affair, breaking up parties at 2am from lil know it alls who think they know everything, ticketing people who break the law and then get mad because you "didnt give them a break" "or was it because you are a different race" "whatever the reason you surely didnt deserve that ticket. Yes thats worth 50K. Then they go out and work EXTRA to earn EXTRA for their family and are slammed. Maybe they should get that desk job that so many of you have...making 70-80K. Get to laugh and gossip at the water cooler, read the paper, leave early to go for drinks. You kmow the same people who hear a noise outside and call police, the same people who call 911 and scream do something when their parent has a stroke. The same people who get a ticket and call up their cop "friend" and want it fixed. Hypocritical cowards is what you are. Do a ride along....maybe at night for one week and well see how quick you all go crawling back to your "hard" wonder why cops are miserable?? Probably because we have to deal with whiny, uneducated, jealous, cowards that have infiltrated this board.

    Posted by Meffaborn May 27, 09 11:58 PM
  1. I do not have a problem with the police making what they are...however I must question why a police captain has 32K in overtime and he works in internal affairs. I can only assume that he is conducting investigations. If that is so then I think those investigations should be made public so as to root all the "bad apples". If its not investigations then it should be transparent to what it is that cost so much. I also would like to know how many people work each shift. Somedays Ill see many cruisers go by my house and others I wont see one. Police officers are professionals so I hardly think an officer making 100k working 80 hours is getting rich. Like many have said on here, someone should post the test date and all the people who want to get into law enforcement can take the test. Like voting, if you dont take the test you really cant complain much. Police officers are not at your every beck and call as horrifying as that may sound to some of you.

    Posted by griff May 28, 09 12:07 AM
  1. Alot of these folks have earned their pay. I do not think that it is right for us to dictate or be concerned with how much a state/ government employee makes.
    These salaries and benefits were all negotiated, stop acting like these people are cheating the state.
    folks should post their 2008 salaries and befits earned and have other folks comment on whether or not the salary is justified.

    Posted by iamser May 28, 09 01:40 AM
  1. to all of you frustrated citizens: if you knew what each employee actually takes home, you might change your tune a bit. i know of one employee whose deductions are over $700 a week, which makes the take home pay not as large as you think it may be.

    Posted by Anonymous May 28, 09 06:22 AM
  1. look @ what other cities pay out in overtime. medford is not any different. the only thing wrong here is a DPW worker making more than the mayor for fixing broken pipes and plowing snow! .

    Posted by diligent dave May 28, 09 06:36 AM
  1. Maybe all cops should do what some of you accuse them of...instead of rushing to your house when you call 911....stay at the coffee shop and read the paper....instead of checking your cellar at 4am because you "heard a noise"...laugh and say "hey dont worry about it, there is probably no one down there"...instead of following up at your house when your lil Johnny gets beat up at school...well just tell you totoughen up your son......Id venture to predict that if the venom continues that will happen and then you will REALLY have something to complain about it.

    Posted by copsaregreat May 28, 09 10:00 AM
  1. can someone please clarify something for me? are normal people just dragged out of their homes in the middle of the night and forced to become police officers without any choice whatsoever? that's really what every police officer wants you to think. just wondering.

    Posted by dan May 28, 09 10:02 AM
  1. Dear Globe: Thank you for publishing this information. Why stop at the top 100? Let's see the entire municipal payroll....THAT would be enlightening!

    Posted by Fourth Estate May 28, 09 11:30 AM
  1. Dear Globe..this is some great lets publish the salaries of the people who sit in their offices playing on the computer all day who act like they are so over worked in their profession. Just wondering...were all these private sector people kidnapped and held hostage the day of the police test...thats what these disgruntled "professionals" would lead you to believe. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Posted by whatsyurname May 28, 09 01:15 PM
  1. Here we go again! Let the cop-bashing begin. First of all, let's be real here, nobody on these sites ever looks at the base pay of the officers. I would be willing to bet that if any of you actually spoke to an officer you would find out that none of them want to be working details or overtime, the HAVE to. Medford, and Massachusetts as a whole, has some of the lowest base salaries in the country for police officers. These people need to spend all of their extra/spare time working just to make a living and support their families, which means a minimum of 65 plus hours a week. The base salaries around this state are a joke considering what the police have to deal with. Many people say the police do nothing and that's fine if that's what you think, but take care of your problems yourself from now on then. Take a look, an honest look, around Medford. There's junkies and thieves all over the place. Go to city hall and look up the numbers. Check out all the arrests and calls for service. Crime is on the rise and the police deal with it every day. I would be willing to bet that most if not all of you who are posting on here from your safe llittle cubicle's at work would be able to deal with even the most "routine" calls for service such as alarm calls. Would you really have the courage to walk through someones home at 3am when the alarm is going off, not knowing if a man with a knife or a gun is waiting for you around the next corner or behind the next door. Or how about going to that domestic call when a husband or wife just beat eachother or the kids, and there's blood all over the place and you have to take someone into custody knowing that they are going to put up a fight and you may end up rolling around in that blood yourself with this loser. How about the drunks and druggies that run, hide, and fight and potentially injur officers on a daily basis? Still think the police do nothing? Oh, and then there's the tickets????? They don't write enough, or they write to many??? What do you people want??? Poice do their jobs and write tickets and all of you go whining to city hall and complain, the tickets get fixed and the officers are asked to tone it down. That makes sense. Maybe if you all parked legally, got your resident stickers, registered your vehicles, and obeyed traffic signals/signs, you wouldn't have anything to complain about. But that's what you do, you complain. Jealousy? Envy? Just plane ignorance? Who knows what it is? Maybe the police department should just shut down on nights and weekends? Maybe police should just work a 9-5 like everyone else and make about 60k to 70k, a year. They would still need a raise to make that kind of money and the rest of you would be scared to leave your houses on nights and weekends after the department closed. Get a life, Get a clue, and stop your misinformed whining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by medfordres5 May 28, 09 02:17 PM
  1. Great article Mr. Rosenberg. Maybe you can take the police exam after your paper goes under. Im sure Governor Patrick will take care of you. We all know who's behind this "story."...........

    Posted by frankie May 28, 09 03:35 PM
  1. Great idea, lets get rid of the Unions and their benefits. Sure, no problem. It is of course the Unions fault that the city can't make a budget. It is the Unions fault there is crime, house fires and medical problems in Medford. Get rid of the Union and let city hall fire anyone without just cause. I don't like the way you look, you are fired. Yeah that is a great idea. Unions were made so people could NEGOTIATE fair contracts and don't have to be worried about being fired or suspended for no reason. The Unions protect their members. Oh we don't need benefits either, we will just pay cash for our doctor and dental bills. Its all the Unions and the Democrats fault. What a load of xxxt.

    Posted by Union May 28, 09 04:06 PM
  1. This article is a disgrace, and Mr Deval Patrick should be ashamed of himself.( he is behind this article for a person gripe with McGlynn ) It is well know that Deval does not like Medford people, he stares down his nose at the people of that city, from his Berkshires Mansion. Deval appears to have too much time on his hands, hopefully he will get picked to be an ambassador in some third world country so we can get rid oh his drama queen behind.
    The Police deserve every penny they can earn in my opinion. They have done so much for me and my family , I would never vote for Deval again !

    Posted by Jean st Pierre May 28, 09 05:10 PM
  1. Its funny how this article quickly turns into a cop bashing frenzy. What a surprise! Not a comment about teachers who the city of Medford has a huge surplus of. Not a comment about them always being in a contract because if you dont give them what they want...they will strike...without any regard for parents. Summers off, weekends off, holidays, school vacations, education incentives, longevity incentives, shorter school days. After all this, and Medford's school system is rated at or below that of Revere, Malden and Lynn...absolutely embarassing. I support teachers but lets look at productivity. Compared with police, who for the most part have stopped Medford from becoming a Lynn, Revere, Chelsea, Malden etc...the teachers have failed. Id also venture that there are quite a few teachers on here bashing their fellow union members. You know what they say about throwing stones. As for Deval, the people of Medford overwhelmingly voted this clown in as they always vote Democrat...and hows that working for you huh? Contiue voting the Devals, Kerry's, Kennedys', Obamas' and other incompetent tax loving liberals and you will keep you have no one to blame but yourselves.

    Posted by Stickman May 28, 09 06:30 PM
  1. I wonder what would happen to society if ALL cops worked 9-5, and had weekends off like all the nerds writing these complaints on this post. hmmmmmmmmmm.......thats what i thought.

    Posted by tim C May 28, 09 09:11 PM
  1. If the police put in the hours then they deserve the pay. I work a 9-5 desk job , and have weekends and holidays off, and i am home in my bed at night. My base pay iswell over what the police make, and thats just for 40 hrs work. i never have to deal with gun calls, knife calls, fights, drugs, accidents, inclement weather, or any of the other stressfull stuff they deal with.

    I am one citizen thats glad its not me out there having to do what they do, god bless em ! Give them a raise I say !

    Posted by Brent Brenner May 29, 09 01:44 AM
  1. a society that makes war on its police had better learn to live with its criminals,maybe if some of you whiners and complainers were violated a few times you would appreciate what the police do.

    Posted by frank June 4, 09 10:32 AM
  1. What happened to the law of supply and demand --- there are plenty of qualified people who'd love to have these jobs at less pay. Municipal Unions have become an albatross around the necks of cities and towns.

    Posted by John June 9, 09 06:25 PM
  1. just out of curiosity, how many city employees have take home vehicles? in the private sector, there are not too many jobs that you get to take home a car and have all the gas paid for?..Another city perk.. And the Quinn bill.. my, i love that one.. I have two advanced degrees, and except for the fact that they make me competitive to gain employment, they certainly do not automatically allow me to get additional percentage raises based solely on that? And they are from real universities, not drive through universities like many of the cops i know have went too.. The mayor gets an additional 12K for being on the school comm? That’s insane.. Is that not in the understood job description of the mayor that he will oversee that committee? Another hidden bonus.. And finally, as for the cops that are working 70-90hrs a week.. yes, ultimately they may only be getting 40-50 dollars an hour (which in itself is ridiculous). however when they work that many hours a week, is it a surprise that the end product is a inefficient as they are? I work in a field that our hours are monitored and limited because like cops and fire, we perform an on-demand service to the public.. And with that, we have the responsibility to be well rested when reporting for duty to ensure that we can operate in the safest and most efficient and competent manor.. Perhaps our friends in the municipal sections should follow our example..

    Posted by just another guy June 10, 09 01:52 AM
  1. I support pay for police and fire, though I would like to see more in South Medford to police the rif-raf that are taking over our neighborhoods.

    The real issue in Medford is Mayor McGlynn. What are his accomplishments over the past 5 years? He should be required to publish his annual Goals and be subject to a performance review just like the hard working citizens who's taxes pay for his salary.

    In addition, why are we paying him $12,480 for serving on the School Committee, and $1,100 for longevity. Shouldn't part of his job be to ensure the success of the School Committee and logevity, what are we rewarding him for? what is he doing? please educate me because it is not obvious.

    At the end of the day, the residents of Meford are not getting value for their dollar. Look at the job that Joe Curtatone is doing in Somerville, economic revitalization and creating a town that people want to move into!

    There are alot of smart, hardworking people in Medford and it's time the residents of Meford step up to the plate and demand change and results!

    Posted by Fed Up Medford Resident June 12, 09 08:51 AM
  1. Being a cop is supposed to be a civil service job, you're not supposed to get rich doing it!! And just so everyone knows police officers turn in their hours to Town/City Treasury departments who pay them because they have to! If Town's dispute Police officer's/Fire fighters hours the union lawyer's cause a big stink! My wife is the assistant treasurer of a town where they know the police and firefighters are working un-necessary hours just for pay and are not regulated in the hours they work...basically they work as many hours as they can, lie on their time cards, and get as much overtime as they can clock...I respect that cops put their lives on the line- BUT THAT'S WHY THEY ARE CIVIL SERVANTS- THEY SHOULDN'T BE MAKING SUCH HIGH SALARIES.

    Posted by one of the competent American's August 10, 09 12:04 PM
  1. I just spent over 150 dollars on required school supplies for my 2 elementary school children. Binders, notebooks, pencils, pens, dry erase markers, plastic page protectors, copy paper, kleenex, clorox wipes, hand soap, hand sanitizer. Now- I don't really mind spending on education, but when teachers have to shake down parents for hand soap and paper....that is just pathetic. Now, I have a job, and so does my husband. We have 2 kids. It was, for us, a hardship to come up with this stuff. So- how do people with fewer resources do it? What happens in school for those children? Or after school? Look at the recently released MCAS scores district wide. Again, pathetic. Look at the cost of after school programs here- hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month, or the Boys and Girls Club if you are lucky enough to get a spot. (They recently had to cap their enrollment at 150 kids, where last year they served about 100 more- that is 100 kids who have now been left with no care option.) I want more of my tax money going to support children. Not MY children, but OUR children. And for those who have not got kids here, it affects you too. Do you really want to have unintelligent, unambitious young people hanging on your stoop because we can pay cops but not fund schools well enough to be effective and provide affordable school programs so parents can actually work? We need to think about paying forward, investing in bringing up good citizens here. In 10 years, the police force will have serious problems on their hands, just as Dorchester does, believe me. They will be earning that money for sure then- but is that the way we want it?

    Posted by justsaying September 17, 09 07:10 PM
  1. Truth be told, while I have all the respect in the world for police officers, other communities I have lived in or worked in have far more responsive and committed police forces. One two occasions we have truly needed the police and on both times we were severely let down. I see them racing around the city all the time but I wonder where to, because in my experience they never came. Hardly worth 100K a year in my opinion...

    Further, our streets are covered in potholes from last winter, which I assume will only get bigger THIS winter. And, speaking of winter- the archaic rules for snow parking make it extremely difficult for residents of busy streets to even FIND it in the winter. Residents of Boston Ave. have virtually NOWHERE to park all winter long, but especially during snow storms. Meanwhile- the side streets are nearly empty, but you need a permit to park there.

    City Council won't budge on the issue, nor will the Mayor. I understand in an urban environment that parking is a premium- but I had an easier time finding parking in South Boston and Central Square, when I lived in both of those places!

    It's funny to go down the street and see how differently Somerville is operated (read: better). I like Medford as a whole, but certainly would never buy a house or condo here- I can't condone what my taxes would be going to (read: subpar service and a difficult local government).

    Posted by Glad I Only Rent... September 28, 09 08:01 AM