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79 on Malden payroll topped $100,000 in 2008

Posted by Marcia Dick  August 20, 2009 11:30 AM

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Mayor Richard Howard ranks 37th on the list.

Seventy-nine employees earned more than $100,000 from the City of Malden in 2008, including 39 police officers and 35 educators, according to public records obtained by the Globe.

Police dominated the list of the city’s highest paid workers, with eight lieutenants and captains landing in the top 10. Police Lieutenant Paul Hopkins was the highest paid city worker in 2008, earning $175,601. Police Lieutenant Joseph Pontbriand was the second highest, earning $169,960.

Two school department officials also made the top 10, led by Superintendent Sidney Smith, who earned $166,500 in 2008. The 10th-highest paid city worker was Ferryway School assistant principal Paul Abare, who earned $130,868.

Mayor Richard Howard, who ranked number 37 in the top 100, said he was not surprised by the list and believes it’s necessary to pay people well to fill key positions. He added that many could receive more money if they worked in the private sector.

‘‘You’ve got to pay,’’ said Howard, who oversees an annual budget of $153 million in the city of 54,000. ‘‘I would say we’re probably right in the middle of the pack in terms of where we sit and what typical salaries are for departments in municipal business.’’

In nearby Medford, a city of 55,000, Mayor Michael McGlynn made $138,426 in 2008 — almost 20 percent more than Howard, who earned $114,400. Malden Police Chief Kenneth Coye earned $119,758, almost $17,000 less than Medford Chief Leo Sacco Jr. Malden’s school superintendent, Smith, earned $6,300 more than Medford’s superintendent, Roy Belson, who earned $160,200.

Coye, the police chief, acknowledged that police are well-paid and said that beyond salary, officers are eligible to work overtime along with traffic and security details.

Unlike Medford, the city of Malden did not provide a breakdown of pay by details, overtime, and other categories as requested by the Globe through the Freedom of Information Act. Coye could not give a line-item list of how Hopkins, the lieutenant, earned his $175,600, but said it was through a combination of overtime, detail, and Quinn Bill higher education benefits.

Hopkins could not be reached for comment.

In 2008, 12 patrolmen made more than $100,000, nearly doubling their base salaries by working extra shifts and receiving Quinn Bill funding.

While 44 of the police department’s 107 officers made $95,000 or more in 2008, Coye said the downturn in the economy would contribute to Malden police earning between $15,000 and $20,000 less this year. Though the city is still contributing $450,000 to the police department to pay for the Quinn Bill, the state — which previously matched the city contribution — will give Malden less than $100,000 in the coming year because Governor Deval Patrick and legislators cut 80 percent of the bill’s funding statewide.

Coye said he plans to decrease overtime by at least $50,000, and the department already has eliminated hiring three extra officers for the Friday and Saturday midnight shift. In addition, detail work is down at least 50 percent, the chief said.

Coye, whose current budget of $7.9 million is $1.1 million less than in fiscal year 2009, said the department is expecting to save as much as $700,000 by not filling seven positions. He also said the department could save $35,000 by preventing accidents that occur when officers use sirens in their squad cars. Now, officers can only use a siren during medical emergencies, when officers request back up, or to go through red lights at intersections.

In the school department, Smith also is dealing with less funding and has fewer educators this year. With a $48.9 million budget, about $2 million less than last fiscal year, Smith cut 52 school workers — including 19 teachers and assistant Superintendent Jo Sullivan, who earned $128,460 and was the 12th highest paid city employee in 2008.

‘‘Every single cut we made was a difficult one,’’ said Smith, who came to Malden in July 2007 after serving as director of curriculum and instruction for the Boston public schools. Smith, who oversees 700 school workers — including 500 teachers for seven schools — said the district saved $2.5 million with the layoffs.

Smith said there are now nine nonunion administrative positions in the school system, with seven principals, one assistant superintendent, and himself. The union workers also include assistant principals and directors of programs, allowing for 26 administrators to receive salaries that exceeded $100,000 in 2008.

With just one assistant superintendent, Smith said he had taken on increased responsibilities this year overseeing the district’s curriculum. ‘‘We’re running a pretty lean machine right now; people are working their tails off,’’ he said.

Smith said all of the salaries are set by collective bargaining except for the principals, assistant superintendent, and his own post. The average superintendent makes $144,000 a year, according to the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents.

While nine Malden school teachers made at least $100,000 in 2008, the highest teacher salary in Medford was $94,779.

Steven Rosenberg can be reached at

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55 comments so far...
  1. This understates the compensation--by a lot. These figures do not include pension payments and other perks. These forms of compensation tend to be far, far higher in the public sector than in the private sector. The only reasonable explanation is that such compensation is difficult to value, hence the hacks can hide compensation for their friends. How much longer will Mass voters put up with such things? If you keep voting democrat, this will continue. We need competition among the political parties.

    Posted by jim August 20, 09 12:48 PM
  1. Mr. Rosenburger, I think the 100 individuals who are on your list should be proud of themselves for having a good year. Their hard work and time spent working instead of time spent with their family must have been difficult at times.

    When are you coming out with a list of Massachusetts citizens who received over $50,000 in Welfare/SSI benefits for doing the following: sitting around on their brains all day, making unwanted babies, smoking crack, and/or assaulting others and/or vandalizing the property of others? Where's that list? Not enough ink to print it?

    Posted by jimboj August 20, 09 12:54 PM
  1. Uh huh. Those folks would be able to step out right now and find jobs paying that much in the private sector. What a fraud.

    Posted by Dot August 20, 09 12:58 PM
  1. I have absolutely no problem with these salaries. Our police officers risk their lives daily for us. The teachers work hard to prepare our children for their future. I'm sorry I did not see more fireman listed as they too risk their lives on a daily basis for us. Look what the professional sports players make yearly? Yes, they provide entertainment for us, but they do not risk their lives so I believe the police officers and firemen deserve a high salary.

    Posted by Cathy August 20, 09 01:03 PM
  1. But yet we have to pay for our trash!

    Posted by Cindy August 20, 09 01:29 PM
  1. Why were 44 of the police department’s 107 officers making $95,000 in the first place...

    Posted by JH August 20, 09 01:50 PM
  1. that's what those trash bags pay for......

    Posted by loonbro August 20, 09 02:27 PM
  1. Ok again Cops always top these list. Its no wonder towns and cities have no clue what to do about budget. HELLO. Its called stop paying these crooks that kind of money. To the people who say they deserve it come on they choose their profession knowing that death can happen. What will happen when some day the taxpayer revolts against this. Actually now is the time for it to happen. Millions get wasted on cops who stand around most of the time doing nothing. Oh but cops are so great. Yeah at robbing taxpayers of their hard earned money. Time for change not Obama change but ousting unions who steal. Sworn to oath a LEO should protect and serve however I see more serving of themselves then of the public who pays them. DISGRACEFUL.

    Posted by budgetwhatbudget August 20, 09 02:44 PM
  1. Now I know why the roads are in such terrible conditions... we're spending all that money on police details. I'm not sure what's more outrageous, the corruption or the people who keep voting in the same politicians.

    Posted by llbean26 August 20, 09 02:53 PM
  1. I wish they'd make some changes to stop the madness:

    Stop the crazy state mandate system forcing local towns and cities into bankruptcy throwing money to union interests.

    Cap pension benefits for Police/Fire/Educators.

    Eliminate pension benefits for all future (new hire) state workers, converting them to private 401k and Social Security (excluding police, fire, teachers, prison workers and elected officials)... including hacks, school administrators, administrators and everyone else.

    Eliminate police detail work, or make it mandatory regular time for each police officer to be included in their 40 hour workweek. Additional police can be hired at lower salaries to make up for the lack of dedicated police (ha, ha) work.

    Eliminate or cap all non-crime related police overtime (details, traffic stops, lunches at home). If a city cannot function with capped time (dedicated to crime prevention) then hire more police with the savings.

    Stop dedicating so much police time toward slush fund ticket revenue (at the expense of honest commuting taxpayers) and dedicate more time to patrolling and crime prevention.

    Force a mandatory, top-down scaled pay cut, in all public positions. If they can make more money in the private sector as a "vice principle" or "policeman"... good luck. Welcome to capitalism.

    I'm betting that nothing will change, instead our illustrious leaders, hacks, lobbyists and unions will squeeze every dime out of our pockets until the state is bankrupt.

    Posted by stop the madness August 20, 09 02:59 PM
  1. If the taxpayers really believe that risky jobs should be rewarded with oodles of tax dollars, why not pay commercial fishermen and loggers (the two most dangerous professions) wages commensurate with the risk of death?

    Posted by tom August 20, 09 03:39 PM
  1. "Why were 44 of the police department’s 107 officers making $95,000 in the first place..." Ask your State Representative Fallon.

    Posted by John August 20, 09 03:55 PM
  1. Once again bashing the police. Seems it never gets old to Mr. Rosenberg and the people in these comments. I love to ignorance of people. Do people really believe that the city and taxpayers pay for details. Details are a second job not anything other than that. This second job puts more police on the street at no cost to the public. Next whining will be that everyone pays higher utilitiy bills and blah blah blah. None of it true. Commence whining.

    Posted by Axel F August 20, 09 04:02 PM
  1. I understand cops risk their lives everyday they put a uniform on...but didn't they choose to do that? Here is an idea that many states have adopted...make details paid jobs for any qualified citizen not just cops. Its amazing that Officers receive higher pay for getting secondary or certificate education! I'm pretty sure that if i want some additional education not only am i going to have to pay for it on my own but my boss isn't going to give me extra money because i completed it.
    Oh wait a minute i'm in the private sector i should be making much more then them. Thankfully i have a 401K plan that will soon not receive a match from my employer and Medicaid...much rather have that then 80% avg of my highest Salaried years paid to me and my spouse w/ full medical until we are dead.

    Posted by Chuck August 20, 09 04:05 PM
  1. "He added that many could receive more money if they worked in the private sector. "

    Umm.. so you're telling me a cop can make more as a private security guard? Or a principal can make more as a tutor? Granted, I believe they should make a decent wage, but $175K is a bit much since 1/2 that time is standing at a construction site doing nothing.

    Posted by Vin August 20, 09 04:12 PM
  1. I don't see any problem with this list. Frankly, I'm not terribly surprised. Is $100k really that high of a salary in MA? I don't think so. Any criticism of the pay should also include a list of compensation from the private sector, of people with equivalent experience and education levels. I work in the private sector and at my last company most of the 200 employees who were higher than admin level or right out of college made $90k or more. Quite a few made over $200k.

    If people honestly believe they will recruit and retain employees (public or private) by treating them as some in these comments suggest they're fooling themselves and trying to make fools of others. If you think you can pay cops $50k for to do whats basically a crappy job that have crappy hours and still keep crime levels down you're wrong. I'm typically the first to criticize cops for some of their questionable behavior (such as the nonsense about the flaggers), but cutting their pay is going to lead to bigger problems in the long run.

    Posted by Bart August 20, 09 04:15 PM
  1. I dont get this policechief and what sirens have to do with anyhting.Every interview he does is about this I think he brought up sirens when the police shot that guy too. How can you justify cutting back on police on the street and then bragging about it. I think he lives in a bubble and not be aware what the rest of us in Malden see everyday in front of our homes. I want as many police on the street as possible and his cost cutting has cost us our city Wake up mayor and city council please

    Posted by Confused and dazed August 20, 09 04:25 PM
  1. Congrats to those who work hard and extra to live a better life. Most bloggers are whiners at heart and are are jealous of anyone who achives anything especially on the public payroll. But they are always the first to complain about lack of services or the abundance of crime on the streets.
    Remember most complainers are just "TOUGH TYPISTS not TOUGH GUYS. They hide behind there screen names and call for anyone getting ahead "Head"!
    Stop being so negative and look at the real world world outside of your basement.

    Posted by Wareham52 August 20, 09 04:39 PM
  1. Just goes to show you. Don't waste 100K on an education, just buy your way onto the police force. You will make more money, and not have to spend as much time in school.

    Posted by Kevin August 20, 09 04:43 PM
  1. The arguement that you have to pay a lot for people that could get more elsewhere is total nonsense. These people work in municipal government because it is the only job they could get. Clean up these salaries with pay for performance and you will save lots of money!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by jimmarine August 20, 09 04:55 PM
  1. So now you know where all your property taxes go! Remember this list next time a prop 2 1/2 override comes up because the POLICE, FIRE and SCHOOL DEPARTMENTS say they need more $$$ in their budgets.

    Posted by concernedindividual August 20, 09 05:34 PM
  1. The other part is, how many actually work the hours they say they work?
    Hey, I got a great idea to save money, instead of reducing their pay, let's shut off the street lights.

    Posted by duckman August 20, 09 05:52 PM
  1. After seeing the Needham list and now this list, I really do not want to hear about teachers complaining about being paid too little with 3 months vaction time. Wow. Most of those Police work extra shifts and details, so I can see how many of them they can make this much money. It does not bother me that teachers are pulling this much coin, I'm just sick of the same old song and dance that they put on.

    Posted by Marshvegas August 20, 09 07:31 PM
  1. That Hopkins guy sure works a lot...

    Posted by fenceman August 20, 09 07:54 PM
  1. "To serve and Protect"...for a price. I do not have problem with police officer salary. I just want all the state of massachusetts drop this kind of logo. It makes tax payers look stupid.

    Posted by johnny August 20, 09 08:03 PM
  1. Those poor and I mean poor firemen and firewomen, no wonder why some of them work 2 or 3 jobs. I guess they're just like the rest of us....slugging it out just to make ends meet.

    Posted by MikeH August 20, 09 08:38 PM
  1. Simply disguting, a bunch of dunkin donut educated cops are making over 100k a year. Also operating on a 154millions dollar budget, sinced when did they become accountants too? We can tolerate a cop making 45k-65k a year, but this is riddiculous. Lay off those 39cops and you could get 60 more cadets with starting salary.

    Posted by mrflabbergasted August 20, 09 09:04 PM
  1. Hey "stop the madness", the state is ALREADY broke so just sit back and let this joke of a state play itself out, that is ,wait until we become the Soviet Union and have it implode upon itself, it's the only answer.
    (and even then it won't do much good because they'll be replaced by OTHER politicians)

    Posted by w48 August 20, 09 09:21 PM
  1. Public Sector jobs should NEVER be this lucrative. Public sector jobs have more job security than private sector, and an unsustainable pension plan as well. The City of Malden -- that bustling metropolis of 54,000 people -- employs not one BUT TWO Police lieutenants at a combined salary of over $345,000.

    TWO Lieutenants........covering a city of 54,000 people.

    That's not sustainable at all -- and soon, there may be a taxpayer revolt because of it. These two Lieutenants -- after lording over their city of 54,000 people -- will retire with a pension north of $150,000 a year. THAT is unsustainable.

    The Quinn Bill is a joke as well -- it simply fattens cops' salary at the expense of the taxpayer. When more than 40% of your police force is making $95k and above, that is unsustainable.

    Posted by The Ultimate Authority August 20, 09 09:46 PM
  1. Bart, post #16, wrote "I don't see any problem with this list. Frankly, I'm not terribly surprised. Is $100k really that high of a salary in MA? I don't think so. Any criticism of the pay should also include a list of compensation from the private sector, of people with equivalent experience and education levels. I work in the private sector and at my last company most of the 200 employees who were higher than admin level or right out of college made $90k or more. Quite a few made over $200k."

    What company was this Bart? And are they hiring? I would guess life sciences or engineering of some sort, because I would say that is a very atypical pay scale at most medium to small businesses. Correct me if I'm wrong. And please have them take a look at my resume!

    Posted by Mass Resident August 20, 09 10:19 PM
  1. We have got to stop this abuse. There used to be a reason they got so many other benefits but with salaries like these...let's scale back the tax payer benefits. I'm sick of them using the cop shield to steal from tax payers. Crooks from the top down!

    Posted by Givemeabreak August 21, 09 12:04 AM
  1. who really cares. somehow people must make money, no one needs to know how much. where r the ones that $55,000?

    Posted by jp August 21, 09 12:29 AM
  1. You think this is bad you should check out the State police payroll.

    Posted by sick of the corruption August 21, 09 12:58 AM
  1. Steven Rosenberg and the Globe,

    Thanks for getting this information out in the public. Can we get a breakdown of the pay source specifics like it was done for Boston in this format?

    Detail, Injured, Other, Overtime, Quinn, Regular, Retro, Total

    With our local Representative's vocal Quinn/Detail support it would be helpful to know.

    Posted by Fred August 21, 09 08:00 AM
  1. To poster #29....
    The city of Malden actually has more then two LTs. The salary you are seeing includes their OT and Detail pay. This pay does not get factored into what their pension pay is. Only certain things are added into your base salary to determine your retirment payments. DETAILS and OT ARE NOT PART OF THAT. Those two LTs will not be getting a pension of 150K/year.

    Posted by Clearing the air August 21, 09 09:49 AM
  1. Malden is probably one of the citys where the roads are really bad!
    I think the mayor should try to fix the roads first before paying these monies. And, he has the courage to say that they deserve it? Explain!
    Police officers, that is ther job. That does not mean they have to be overpaid while streets in worst shape?
    That is where the bag money is going!

    Posted by jean k celestin August 21, 09 11:35 AM
  1. Two questions:
    How many of these people live in Malden?
    What is the average salary of the citizens of Malden?

    Posted by malden rezident August 21, 09 12:11 PM
  1. Time to rethink ther OT policy for the police force......

    Posted by Jeff August 21, 09 12:41 PM
  1. You are all crying over these salaries but I would bet anyone of you making this kind of money in these fluff positions would not say a word against it. Good for them by making the system work in their benefit.

    Posted by Alice August 21, 09 12:56 PM
  1. ....And that boys and girls is why we are in this "financial crisis".

    Posted by BilliaM August 21, 09 02:33 PM
  1. Go ahead, cut police and fire salaries..then when all the officers/fire men jump ship and go to and other city that pay better, Malden can pay million's more to re-hire and train for these positions. And its not the base salary, its going to be academy, training, uniforms...etc. Just like in private firms who have to pay competitive wages..the city has to in order to maintain. Oh, and when was the last time any one on here ran into a burning building.....I didn't think so.

    Posted by yourallclueless August 22, 09 12:52 PM
  1. Move to Chelsea if you don't like it...or Lynn or other cities that pay poorly...And for the moron who said that public Sector should never get payed as much as private...WHY? Whats the difference. And that's not their base salary. Why are you mad that certain people are making a decent wage. Its part of Free Enterprise in a way even though its a public sector. If you don't like it in Malden..MOVE you have that right, and I wish you would execute it. We are not a socialist county (yet) so until then people have the right to make money. There are people who''s base salary is not what they earned and work their rears off to make more...they deserve it.

    Posted by yourallclueless August 22, 09 02:55 PM
  1. The salaries reflected should have also reflected the hours worked.
    For example Police Officers are making aproximately $55,000 per year
    and there pensioins are based on that, It does not include over time details, or court time, which some would have you believe.
    So when a Police Officer retires after 32 years of service and a salary of $55000.00 per year, his pension would be aproximately $847.00 per week, and unlike other sectors, his social security benefit is reduced by the amount of his pension, even if he worked a second job and had paid into social security.
    This is called the social security offset.

    Posted by Robert Dietz August 23, 09 08:43 AM
  1. Police officers carry firearms on the job and for good reason. I t's a dangerous job. Three weeks ago, two officers in Malden were struck by a stolen car whose occupants were trying escape during pursuit. A good salary is well deserved. As far as the overtime is concerened, if a man or woman wants to give up his or her free time to help their family, whats wrong with that? I have more of a problem with people who dont work holding out their hand for money thats not earned at all!

    Posted by Ron Gold August 23, 09 08:51 AM
  1. The police salaries include paid details which are paid by others, not the city. Teacher salaries are more shocking as every penny is paid by the citizens. How is it an assistant principal is paid so much money? More than the principal at the high school? Don't forget they get a week vacation several times a year and the summer off as well as the schools are a ghost town at 4pm.

    Posted by malden rezident August 23, 09 01:58 PM
  1. When anyone who gets a pension from private or public sector, social security is usually offset. Is it not? I know mine will be and I worked for a business and not for the government.
    Thank goodness the pension will be on base wages and not what they bring in yearly. What I want to know is how these police details are assigned to staff who are already at the top of the wage scale already and then they make mucho dollars doing the details. This is ludicrist! No wonder these publc servants live outside of Malden because they are making over $100,000 and all own expensive houses in other towns!

    Posted by KaysieMae August 23, 09 03:25 PM
  1. Well, I guess I certainly picked the wrong profession. I should have worked for the city of Malden. It seems like they just give all their money away. I understand that a policeman's job is very dangerous but so is walking down the street. Didn't they choose to take the job? Why do they need raises every year? I don't get a raise every year. Teachers and school people are great too, they help the children learn but do they really need that much when they have the whole summer off and collect? I think things are a bit out of control and we need to put a stop to it. The mayor (anyone know where he is) is complaining about cutting this and that and charging us to throw away our trash but how about making better choices. We really need to manage this city a little bit better than it is run now. I would love to know how many of these people actually live in Malden. I think it should be a requirement.

    We need change in Malden! It needs to be a better place! VOTE 11/03/09

    Posted by Squawker August 23, 09 05:53 PM
  1. Once you see this article in the Boston Globe Sunday's Page as a headliner, don't you think it's about time we make CHANGE by voting on 11/03/09! Even against the Trash Bags! We are fueling the salaries of these people!!! And, of course, most of them don't live here. Look these people up online in the White Pages who are making over $100,000 and you'll find addresses other than Malden! Our city is looking pitiful.

    Posted by KaysieMae August 24, 09 11:53 AM
  1. "45. The police salaries include paid details which are paid by others"

    Yes we do pay for them. Everytime we send in a Utility check. No to mention not getting a fully alert Officer because they put in the O/T on details.

    Posted by Fred August 24, 09 05:50 PM
  1. Let’s see where to begin... For all the people that said “they knew it was dangerous and there is a chance that they could die doing their jobs”, you haven't a clue. The job isn’t just dangerous because you might face the barrel of a gun or rush into a burning building; the danger grows with each passing year. First responders used to not wear rubber gloves and did mouth-to-mouth without plastic masks, responded to everyone's cry for help and did not have to worry about AIDS, Hep A, B, or C, and H1N1, just to name a few. What about air bags and side curtains? You love them in your cars, but have you given a thought to when you celebrated the company who added them to a standard package that this was one more thing that a first responder has to worry about killing him or her? In the last 20 years our jobs have continued to be cut, putting a bigger work load on the men and women who do these jobs at a greater risk. The cities save millions and you celebrate.. See most of the people look at these jobs like insurance; thank god you had it when something went wrong, but complain the whole time about paying it year after year. We receive demotions, pay cuts, pay freezes, hiring freezes, and budget cuts in similar fashion as the private sector. We are not immune during tough times because we are unionized. But where you lose a cube mate who might increase your workload, I lose a potential lifeline. Each of us on a truck or in a cruiser has a job and without each link in the chain we add risk to ourselves and to the general public. The list at first looks very daunting, but what the reporter neglected to mention is that these salaries do not reflect these individuals’ base salaries, the number of hours worked, the amount of money reimbursed by corporations and/or utilities for details, and the fact that pensions are not based on cumulative pay, but base salary at retirement which for a deputy chief could be as low as $60,000. As or teachers, I have friends who as teachers are faced with the challenge of teaching high school seniors the basics of the Bill of Rights, who’s classes are interrupted by police officers forced to arrest a student because he or she cannot be found at their permanent address, and who deal with parents expectations that as a teacher you are responsible for raising their children instead of teaching them. Keep in mind that these individuals are the people who provide the foundation for your children’s future and protect you in your greatest hour of need. I am no matyr, I’m a civil servant. My job is to serve the community and therefore, this is why your tax dollars pay my salary. Malden was rated as the best place to raise a family, well, that’s all I’m doing – keeping your family and status safe. All I want is to be able to go home from a day of work and to see my family, while the day before I would put myself in harms way to protect yours…. How much would it take for you to get shot at, or run over by a car, or get blood sprayed all over you and then hope that this person does not have any of the wide spread disease I mentioned before, or get stuck by needles, or run into a burning building, or deal with the people you see while you drive your cars and lock the doors when you drive by. Then look at your families and put a price tag on how much it would take for you to give your life to do any I listed above. By the way that is just a small list of things there is not enough space here to list them all. Remember most of the men and women that risk their life for you day in and day out didn’t have families or even thought of them when they accepted the job. I urge you to vote I think that you should look at who you voted in and see what they have done for you during their terms. These people are the ones that have all the control not the people on the streets. Maybe they can explain why we are renting a fire station we once owned, but now is owned by the charter school and yep that’s right one of the biggest person in the charter school is on the board of selectmen…

    Posted by Clearing the air August 25, 09 04:25 PM
  1. To clearing the air I must say you said it all. Now the rest of you continue whining.

    Posted by Nuff' Said August 26, 09 11:22 PM
  1. Clearing the air: Your points are well taken. It is obvious though you don't live here in Malden or else you would know we have a City Council instead of selectmen like they do in the "town" you must live in. How many of the people on this list do not live in or contribute to the city where they make all this money? Maybe if more of you lived here it wouldn't be as bad as it is and you wouldn't have to work so many details to afford your town? It seems once you start making money off us who do live here, you take it elsewhere. Please excuse my whining.

    Posted by malden rezident August 31, 09 11:42 AM
  1. I had a small part in a movie shot in South Boston. While waiting to shoot, I began to talk to 3 Boston cops. They said they always worked security when there was a movie shot in Boston. Sometimes they even played the part of a cop, like in the movie, Good Will Hunting.

    Like myself they had been at the shoot since 5am. One of them said he had his night shift 12-8. I asked him how he could work at the shoot all day, and then go to work that night. He said no big deal. He would sleep in the back of the cruiser, while his partner kept watch. I know I feel much safer now!

    This does not represent all cops, but The Quinn Bill, and construction details are a huge farce, and costing taxpayers hundreds of millions!

    Posted by Lefty October 17, 09 03:32 PM
  1. How did we end up with NINE teachers who got raises in excess of 10% in one year -- in one case, 23% -- teachers who weren't your stereotyped badly paid educator but who were already making more than $80,000? Who gives raises of 23% in one year to people who are already well paid, and why?

    These salaries should be big news.

    Posted by Corylea October 24, 09 08:03 PM
  1. It's not as if Malden hasn't changed over the years. They deserve what they get as long as the city can afford to pay it from its tax base. if not, adjustments shuld be made just like any entity who has a budget and can't meet its forecast of expenses.

    Posted by John Public November 2, 09 11:09 AM