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Hingham Jewelers gives back with scavenger hunt

Posted by Jessica Bartlett  December 5, 2012 01:23 PM

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The first clue: The green squares on the left. Can you figure out where the jewelry was hidden? Scroll to the end of the article for the answer.

Little green bags filled with free jewelry are popping up all over the South Shore once more, as Hingham Jewelers begins their “12 Days of Christmas” giveaways.

Done once before in 2010, the regional scavenger hunt encourages locals to follow @HinghamJewelers on Twitter or “like” them on Facebook in order to see daily clues about where the 12 free gifts are hidden.

“We started it as a thank you to the community, because we had a really bad robbery early in 2010…so we thought it would be a great way to thank the community and give something back,” said Stacey Page, president of Hingham Jewelers. “It went over so unbelievably, so we reenacted it in the spirit of giving this year.”

The event, which started on Dec. 5, will last until Dec. 12, with a free gift hidden somewhere in the South Shore every day during that time period.

The gifts are each valued up to $850, and includes necklaces, bracelets, and a watch.

“I have many elves who are helping me, because to pull it off, we need many hands,” Page said. “But people are so into it. I marvel of how many people are commenting and following. It becomes a group event.”

This year, the clues will be a bit more complicated, as last year people found the gifts sometimes within seconds of a clue being announced.

According to Page, the quickest anyone solved a clue was 34 seconds. The longest was 45 minutes.

It doesn’t take long for the hunt to get intense, with Facebook fans communicating with each other on the store’s page about where bags could be hidden. Some people even start traveling before the clue comes out to see if they can predict the outcome.

Crews are anticipating the same fervor and excitement this time around, and people were already commenting about it on social media before the contest began.

“It’s very funny. People are totally into it. There are great things to find. Who doesn’t like something for free?” Page said.

Clues go out at different times each day to encourage people with different work schedules to participate.

Once a gift is found, a little note on the front of the bag encourages the finder to email Hingham Jewelers to share how they came about the gift and what they will do with it.

Of course, pictures are always encouraged, Page said.

“For a lot of people finding it, it’s perfect timing. They couldn’t afford to buy someone a gift or someone did something special they wanted to thank,” Page said of last year’s winners.

A YouTube video advertising this year’s scavenger hunt even shows the pictures of some of 2010’s winners, smiles big as they hold the little green bag in their hands.

As for this year, the first gift was already found within 15 minutes in Braintree at the Square Café.

For more clues as the contest continues, visit here or here

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