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MBTA riders cry Mayday

Posted by Jeremy C. Fox  May 4, 2012 05:16 PM

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(Jeremy C. Fox for

If there’s anything worse than the train, it’s the shuttle buses that replace the train when it’s out of service.

MBTA riders cry May-Day

Storified by Jeremy C. Fox · Fri, May 04 2012 17:40:32

The month of May didn't get off to a very merry start, with a week of drizzle and cool temperatures that didn't make anyone's commute more fun. Did the bad weather make Bostonians especially cranky this week? Because local tweeters sure gave the #MBTAannoy hashtag a workout. 

This week, let's gauge which aspect of the overall MBTA has the most frustrating service by splitting up the tweets by topic. First, the Red Line, which has been undergoing weekend repairs and thus is replaced on Saturdays and Sundays by shuttle buses that no one is ever happy to see. 
Red line i tire of your BS. #mbta #mbtaannoymediacrity
Disabled redline on a busy Saturday for 'signal work'? Why am I not surprised. #MBTAannoy @mbtaGMLouJanos
#RedLine train packed at Kendall Square as people transfer from shuttle to subway. #MBTAannoy C. Fox
@MBTATransitPD not a fun ride today, the #3262 trolley to Mattapan and conductor let's people on without paying. #mbtaannoy #payyoufareCommonwealthRecycle
@mbtaGM @mbta_alerts 20 mins and no red line southbound... 300+ on platform. #MBTA #MBTAannoyJames Sutherland
Ugh barefoot guy was back on T today #MBTAannoy #gross
That last one didn't specify which line barefoot guy rides, but that floor sure looks like Red Line.

So, the Red Line isn't so great, but it's certainly no worse than the Orange Line, often noted for its random odors and ill-behaved passengers (the two issues just may be connected). 
Sitting on the Orange Line train surrounded by 4 sketchballs with a staring problem and bloody napkins on the floor. Creeped out. #MBTAannoyJeannie Rodriguez
The third Forest Hills-bound #OrangeLine train in five mins just arrived. No inbound trains, tho. #MBTAannoyJeremy C. Fox
So Red and Orange both have their issues, but maybe the Green Line is really the worst? 
You know your green line train is moving slowly when it's not even making that ear piercing screeching sound #MBTA #MBTAannoySarah Perkins
#MBTAannoy waiting 15 minutes for a train at Symphony, only to have it blow through the station without stopping.Nick Downing
0 for 4 of the trains I've been on this week have entered Park Street on the correct track #MBTAannoyKenjimal
And here's a tweet that calls out two different lines for slow service.
Slow riding in a.m. Medical emergency on Red Line, then disabled car on Green Line. #MBTAannoyBNN News
But we can't forget the buses. Though most riders would like to. 
#MBTAannoy #crazybusdriver #the57busMichelle LeCorn
Nearly 20 minutes spent waiting for the 39 to take me to the T so I can get to work. There needs to be a stronger tag than #MBTAannoy.Juliana
Last 2 weeks, morning bus Rt. 93 is wildly inconsistent. Either running too infrequently and full early or 2-3 at once and empty. #MBTAannoyScott Sinclair
Last day of bus/train Newton commute! Standing in the drizzle, no 39 in sight - don't think I'll miss you, #MBTAannoy tag.Juliana
What's with all the police at #Malden Center and why did the T just let everyone on the 106 bus for free? #mbtaannoyMelinda C
And here are a few general #MBTAannoy tweets that don't name a particular service. 
Sometimes I want to tell MBTA employees to calm the #%£! down, but I think it might just escalate the situation. #mbtaannoyanders kamp elder
Hey lady, you stink #MBTA #MBTAannoySarah Perkins
Endorsing Mitt Romney right now is like paying the MBTA fare hike. Not like you have a choice. #MBTAannoyADaveSaysWhat
Remember when "obstructing doors causes delays" was a bad thing? Now it's new #MBTA policy.Mom w/ stroller really appreciates it #MBTAannoyMichael Scoville
If you're going to stand in front of me while I'm sitting, kindly zip your fly. #MBTA #MBTAannoySarah Perkins
Sorry about that. 

But this week's commutes weren't all bad. Right? There were these #MBTAbrag tweets to show that at lease a few riders had a pleasant experience. 
#mbtabrag on time at savin hill!Sarah Betancourt
the public transit stars aligned today, door to door in exactly an hour #MBTAbragKenjimal
Driver of 2179 route 66 saw me running for the next stop and pulled over for me! Awesomest driver ever. #MBTAbragsnowgray,beautywhite
Conductor reached over & kissed me this morning, but he smelled like Old Spice so it was ok #MBTAbragHP
That last one is probably a work of fiction, but in a week with only four brags, we'll take it.

Maybe next week will be better? Could it be worse? If it is, be sure to tweet out the awfulness using #MBTAannoy.

And if a conductor gives you a peck, share it with the world using #MBTAbrag.

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