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Q&A with comedian Steven Wright, a famous former Burlington resident

Posted by Gail Waterhouse  March 3, 2010 10:00 AM

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S.jpgWere you born in Burlington?

No, I was born in Cambridge.  I don’t think you can be born in Burlington. I guess you could be born in the Lahey Clinic.

Did you grow up in Burlington? 

Yes, I grew up in Burlington.

Do you remember which schools you went to?

Well for elementary, I went to the Wildwood School, then the Union School, then I went to Francis Wyman  junior high, then Burlington High School. I don’t think Francis Wyman is there anymore.

Do you remember any of your teachers?

I remember my first grade teacher, Mrs. Walsh, and I can still picture her in my mind. I don’t know why she has such a presence in my head, maybe because she was the first.

And then in high school there was a math teacher named Mr. Harrington. We joked around a lot. We’d have fake fights before class started – we’d have fistfights for a few minutes before it started. And I remember Mr. Phillips, my art teacher. I remember that I liked that class. And in junior high, Ms. Dalton.
 Steven Wright2 highschool.jpg

The funnyman during the Burlington High School years, right.

Me and my friend Gary really liked her, and we got to be friends with her a little bit after we graduated. She was very kind, very nice. 

What were you like in high school?

I was very shy, yeah. That guy Gary that I just mentioned, was one of my good friends. I was shy but I would make my couple of friends I had laugh. I wouldn’t want the attention of the class though. I wouldn’t try to make the whole class laugh. I was too shy for that.

After high school, you went to Emerson, right?


So when did you leave Boston?

I left in the fall ’82.

Do you get to go back and visit very often?

I live in Carlisle, even though I’m in LA now.  And we have that same house that I grew up in; we had it until about a year ago.  No, less than a year. We had it till about last summer, so I’d be going in that house all these years.  I moved away in ’82 but I came back about 8 years ago. 

Do you have any siblings?

Yes I have 2 brothers and one sister. I have an older brother named Bob, a younger brother named Ricky, and a younger sister named Mary Lou.

Do they live nearby?

Yes, they all do. Bob lives in Reading. Ricky lives in Milford, and Mary Lou lives in Chelmsford.

Do you have any particular memories of times growing up?

Like, school memories?

Sure, like anything.

I remember in the 6th grade we were on double sessions, I remember going to school like around 1 in the afternoon and it’d be dark out by the time we got out.  Do you know what double sessions are?


In schools back then there were so many kids that sometimes they couldn’t go all at once. Some had to go in the morning, some had to go in the afternoon.

How long did you do that for?

I did that for about a year.  And I remember walking around in between classes, all the commotion in between the hallway, and the lockers with combination locks. I remember going to gym, and all that.

Were there any places you remember going to hang out or go on the weekends?

I usually was playing outside. I played baseball in the field next to my house.  Playing little league baseball was a great experience and a lot of fun.  I remember particularly my little league manager named Mr. Morgan, he was a really nice guy. 

Are you working on anything now? What are you up to now?

I’m not. I’m in LA, trying to write with a couple of my friends.

I saw you were on tour recently and came to Pittsfield.  How often do you get to come to Boston to perform?

I play Boston about every 2 or 3 years. I perform in like Foxwoods, and lots of towns in New England, Connecticut, New Hampshire. 

Where’s your favorite place to perform?

I don’t really have a favorite place, I have a favorite city, New York City. I lived there for about 7 years. 

What do you like about it?

I like the energy, and all the stimulation and all the people in the street and all the action. There are so many restaurants, and the stores, and just the whole thing. And museums and clubs and bars. 

Anything else you’d like to add that I haven’t asked you about?

I really liked growing up there, it was very, wasn’t that built up when I lived there, the mall I think was built in ’68, it was very, a nice place to grow up, less commotion than it is now.  We could go play in the woods and the field and be around nature.  Some of my best friends are still from that town.  And that’s it I guess.

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