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Third annual Allston DIY Fest set for July 21; music lineup unveiled

Posted by Matt Rocheleau  May 23, 2012 01:13 PM

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(Allston DIY Fest website)

The planned music lineup for the third annual Allston DIY Fest at Ringer Park on July 21.

The third annual Allston DIY Fest is scheduled for July 21.

The free, all-ages, day-long festival says on its website it celebrates do-it-yourself culture, along with “freedom of individual expression, community building and alternative education, using a gift economy rather than money and oppressive consumerism.”

Do-it-yourself culture, as the name suggests, promotes self-sufficiency – rejecting the practice of buying goods and services from others, it instead encourages people to try doing and making things on their own. A “gift economy” involves giving away goods and services for free without expecting anything in return – not now, not later.

The festival at Ringer Park in Allston will feature a free market, where people can drop off things that they don’t want and take things they do want without involving any legal tender, organizers say.

There are 13 musical acts scheduled to play on an acoustic “hangout” stage and 14 acts scheduled to play on an electrified stage powered by a bicycle generator, according to a flyer released this week.

Those two stages are booked, the event’s Facebook page says.

But, the rest of the public park space is open to anyone and everyone, including organizations, who feel compelled to share their skills, setup workshops, express themselves through art, including non-powered instruments, publications, records, performances, hoops and other toys, or otherwise participate.

The event is arranged at no cost by organizers, who arrange themselves in a non-hierarchical fashion, the festival website says.

“Please respect the park and respect all the people in it, helping us create a safer space by keeping oppressive language and behavior away,” organizers of the “sober festival” write on the event’s website. “Racism, sexism, agism, classism, sizeism, ableism, transphobia and homophobia are uncool and unwelcome.”

To read more about last year’s event, click here and here.

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(Ethan M. Long)

Spontaneous hooping at the inaugural Allston DIY Fest in 2010.

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