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BC and Berklee bands play the HoB Foundation Room

Posted by Kristin Mingrone  March 4, 2011 01:23 PM

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House of Blues gig 02-25-2011 003.jpg

Martin Mogelnicki

House of Blues Foundation Room

The following was submitted by Kendall Bitonte, a student at Boston College, for Your Town.

Headroom, a Boston College and Berklee University student band, were headliners at the House of Blues' indie spirited Foundation Room Friday February 25th. It was their biggest gig yet, which opened with appearances by Joker to the Thief and Y.S.B.

The chance to play at the House of Blues is impressive and exciting for these college bands, who do not generally attract a large audience outside of the dorm rooms. Dan Mogelnicki, Boston College senior and lead vocalist and guitarist for Headroom, caught the eye of a prominent local music promoter at their last gig, which was at The Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge.

“We were so excited for the opportunity to play such a great venue. It’s been rewarding to continue to push the limits and find more and more fans of this kind of music and take them out to some of the best rock venues across the city.” Mogelnicki said of the growing fan base of the band’s jazz and rock influenced, improvisation music style.

“Dan lived below us last year and was working with his own band. He was constantly looking for ways to network and ‘break the BC bubble.’ When they got this gig, Dan called us to play and of course we accepted!” said Dug Yun, Boston College senior, lead guitar of Y.S.B.

Students were packed inside the dimly lit and warmly decorated Foundation Room. With the music loud, any conversation between the 21+ crowd was limited, but the students were still managing to socialize. The plush couches in the Foundation room were full and the bar was busy the whole night.

Emma Anderson, Boston College senior, has attended past student performances and greatly anticipated this event.
“All three band have very talented Boston College students and I was excited to see them perform at a new venue. It was good to do something else on a weekend.” Anderson said.

Headroom took the stage around 11:15, launching into a more classic rock and roll style, in contrast to Y.S.B’s higher energy party band fare.

“We originally were formed as a group that played music that pushed for a revival of rock music, in its purest form and emphasizing musicianship and the live performance. After playing a few shows on campus and at off-campus parties, we were finding that many students were able to appreciate what we were trying to do,” said Mogelnicki.

Early into their set list the band switched lead guitarists, as the original, Deuce Bennett, was asked to leave the stage by House of Blues personnel. Headroom quickly adjusted and continued to play their set with their former guitarist, Shane Becerra, who was planning on making a guest appearance for one of the songs later in their set.

“When I relocated from Boston back home to Albany in September, it wasn’t possible for me to continue playing with Headroom,” said Shane after the show. “After moving back to Boston earlier this month, however, Dan and I got in touch and I was very pleased for the invitation to join them on stage for one song. At the gig, after it became clear that Dan needed me to fill in for the other guitarist for the entire set, it was surreal to see myself playing all the tunes that we used to play in front of a such a large audience, without having practiced them in months. It was an unbelievable night, one of the wildest I’ve ever been a part of.”

Headroom also incorporated other guest performers throughout the set, as is commonplace at their shows, and ended with a long rendition of the Allman Brother’s “Whipping Post” with all of their guests invited back on stage.

The night was a success in bringing both college students and bands off from their respective campuses to share a night of original music talent in a popular venue.
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