State transportation board reduces fares for The Ride

December 11, 2013 03:35 PM

By Your Town

The state transportation board on Wednesday voted unanimously to reduce fares for The Ride from $4 to $3. The reduced fares will go into effect Jan. 6, 2014 and will collectively save riders $6 million a year.

“For two years now we have come before you. First we came to warn you of the consequences we would suffer if you approved such an extreme fare hike,” said Ann Stewart, the former president of Massachusetts Senior Action Council.

She said, “Let’s not stop here.” In 2012, when the MBTA raised fares an average of 23 percent to help close a budget deficit, fares for seniors went up disproportionately higher, and fares for the Ride were doubled to $4 with a new $5 charge for late-scheduled trips or visits to a "premium service area."

MBTA and state transportation officials are mulling fare increases that would go into effect next summer, as well.

- A. Metzger/SHNS

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