More than 300 residents sign petition urging state to revise plan to rebuild Cambridge Street overpass in Allston

December 10, 2013 02:30 PM

By Matt Rocheleau

Sixteen organization and 332 residents have signed a petition calling for state transportation department officials to make a series of changes to its plan to rebuild the Cambridge Street overpass in Allston.

The letter says the state should install crosswalks and pedestrian signals to make the street safer to cross on foot, and it says the state should cancel its plan to install a fence on the median of Cambridge Street.

The petition, similar to an earlier letter, also asks the state to lower the speed limit along Cambridge Street, to install physical barriers between bicycle and vehicle lanes and to change the design of plans at other key intersections the project would affect.

Dozens of other comment letters about the two-year, $10-million project were sent to state officials recently.

State officials for months told residents they could not install a pedestrian crossing on Cambridge Street, which runs over the Massachusetts Turnpike. But last month the state transportation department announced it is considering the idea and conducting an analysis to see if a crossing would be feasible.

To read more about the project and residentsí concerns over the plans, click here, here and here.

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