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Rail or Road: Your best choice of commute into Boston

Is it more affordable and time efficient to take the commuter rail into Boston instead of driving?

We analyzed the time and cost of commuting to North and South Stations, comparing car and commuter rail travel. The greater the gap in duration, the brighter the color. Click on each stop to see the specific comparisons, including the MBTA on-time rate.
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Methodology: We determined the distance between each station and Boston (North Station or South Station, depending on the line). The cost for commuter rail includes costs for parking at each station and rail stop zones. The cost for cars includes $10 for parking and was calculated with distance and the federal standard mileage rate of $.57, which is based on an annual study of both fixed and variable automobile transportation costs. The duration of time for a commuter rail is based on the latest MBTA statistics. For cars, the time to get to South or North Station was based on the estimate from Google Maps during 8 a.m. rush hour on Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013.

Sources:, Google Maps Directions API