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Dreamschool finder: Massachusetts school calculator tool

There is no perfect way of measuring a school's success, and part of that is because we expect different things from schools. That's the premise behind the Dreamschool Finder. Allocate points to what you think is important, and we will generate a ranking. This tool was a collaboration between the Globe and College of Holy Cross professors. All data is from the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Read about the methodology here.

Elementary School: Any school that has some enrollment in grades PK-5

Middle School: Any school that has some enrollment in grades 6-8

High School: Any school that has some enrollment in grades 9-12

Schools may be in multiple categories, but only the relevant 2013 MCAS growth scores for each category are used for ranking. For example, a school with K-12 enrollment would only have its 10th grade MCAS growth scores used for scoring in the High School category. It would only have a weighted average of its 6th-8th MCAS growth scores used in scoring in the Middle School category. Finally, it would only have it's 4th-5th MCAS growth scores used in the Elementary School Category.
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Alvin Chang for The Boston Globe, Matt Carroll, Globe Staff, and Anil Nathan and Jack Schneider, College of the Holy Cross