MIT Museum's Kinetic Art exhibition

The MIT Museum in Cambridge has a new exhibit featuring kinetic art called "5000 Moving Parts." It features large-scale works of sculptures and machinery by contemporary artists such as Arthur Ganson, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Anne Lilly, and John Douglas Powers. The art will be on display until November 2014.

In the following cinemagraphs of selected pieces, artists and the show's curator, explain their thought process behind creating each one and provide insight into kinetic art.

Electro-Magnetic I, No. 13
“[Takis] has persistently been interested in the idea of invisible forces, and this sculpture is an example of that kind of force.” - Laura Knott, guest curator
“[It’s] capturing that notion of the sirens, that there’s something beautiful and seductive, but perhaps a little bit menacing at the same time.” - John Douglas Powers, artist
“I’ve always been interested in movement and gesture. For me, the essence of making a sculpture has to do with creating something that will move and capture I feeling that I have.” - Arthur Ganson, artist
To Conjugate
“I was interested in the idea of a lever, and the way that a see saw like this could be used to facilitate conversation.” -Anne Lilly, artist
“You have the field on either side of you, the sky on either side of you . . . It conjures the notion of that place in a general enough way that the viewer is allowed to say which landscape it is, it becomes the one that they grew up with or the one they’ve seen or the one they’re familiar with.” - John Douglas Powers, artist
By Andrew Ba Tran (@abtran) and Samantha Laine (@SamanthaLaineMN) for