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People of Red Sox Nation and Cardinal Way

What does it mean to be a part of Red Sox Nation or follow the Cardinal Way? What makes a Red Sox fan and Cardinals fan different? We spoke with members of each before Game 2 of the World Series. These are their audio and cinemagraph portraits
By Andrew Ba Tran and Scott LaPierre, Globe Staff
Carl Yastrzemski statue
"Comes with a beard. Good souvenir, collector's item."
Tim Drane, 53, Pittsfield
"People are friendly, it's a great atmosphere."
Pesky the Red Sox clown, 47, Weymouth
"A lot of people don't like clowns... most people I win them over."
Eric Larson, 39, and R.J. Toner, 32, of Manchester, CT
"I have a daughter coming in about 18 days so I had to really sell the wife on this... When I get home I gotta build a bureau."
Keith Fisher, 64, Louisville, KY
"I flew here to Boston because it was a Bucket List item ."
Scott Becker, 44, and Steve Manley, 50, St. Louis
"Play hard with respect to the game and never leave nothing off the field. "
Sherry Hocking, Boston | Randy Trantham, St. Louis
"To Boston fans, I take my hat off to them."
Aztec Gino, 50, Everett
"For Red Sox Nation and the Band of Bearded Brothers."
Debbie Gries and Eli Gries-Smith, 10, New Jersey
"This is my first time at Fenway."