How to Advertise

Jason Kissell, Executive Director, Advertising
Phone: 617-929-2710

Why should I advertise on a Town Page site?

  • Local businesses are an integral part of your local community
  • 1.8 million people in the Boston DMA say they shop closer to home, including more than 400,000 users
  • 62% of adults say that advertising is one of the top reasons they visit a newspaper site
What are the available ad positions?
  • Overall Sponsor
  • Premium position located in the town homepage header
  • One buy gets you all towns, your ad will appear in the header on all town pages
  • 100% SOV
  • 3 month minimum commitment
  • Cluster Sponsor
  • Largest ad unit on the page, above the fold
  • A cluster is a group of towns geographically and/or demographically related (i.e. Newton, Needham, Waltham and Wellesley)
  • Available to 2 advertisers, a 50% SOV
  • 3 month minimum commitment
  • Feature your “Flyer” in the town(s) most important to you!
  • Click-through rates are 2-3x that of banner ads
  • Ads will be displayed on a virtual bulletin board (down the left rail on each town) and rotate from top to bottom positions
  • Ads change position every time a visitor comes to the site, so your ad could appear at the top for one visitor and in the middle for someone else
  • Ads expand to nearly full screen when clicked
  • Ads automatically include built-in map & sharing features (email, Facebook)
  • We can create an interactive ad from any graphic (flyer or print ad), or use a template
  • Click here to get started now!
  • Real Estate Featured Property
  • Thumbnail photo, headline, & short description
  • Opportunity to change listing throughout the month