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Boston.prom Prom Guide - Forever Young
Prom season is now upon us, we're taking a little stroll down memory lane. So we put together this quiz to determine what type of prom date you were on that special night. Were you the cat's meow ... or a hairball? Take the quiz and find out.

1) How did you dress for prom?
A tux with tails or a designer gown
Mall knock-off
Dad's sport coat or homemade dress
Anything denim, polyester, or purchased at a thrift store.

2) What was your prom transportation?
Drove your parent's car
Parents drove you
Borrowed a sports/luxury car

3) What flowers were on your corsage?
Stems and baby's breath

4) Where were your flowers obtained?
Full-scale florist
Funeral home dumpster
Supermarket produce department
Back yard

5) What was the first thing you heard when you walked into prom?
Where's your date?
You look wicked awesome!
You clean up nice!

6) What were you doing when they crowned the king and queen?
Eating ice cream in front of the tube
Outside smoking a butt
Clapping for the winners
Accepting the crown

7) What were you doing when classmates started grooving on the dance floor?
Waiting for the slow ones
Starting the Electric Slide
Faking a cramp
Having a second dessert

8) What were the last words you heard when leaving the prom?
Those are really shiny crowns!
See you at the after party!
Need a ride?
Crickets chirping...

9) What were you doing after the prom?
Watching old movies on cable
Splitting a "Moon over MyHammy" with your date at Denny's
Hanging out with your classmates

10) What were you doing the day after prom?
Still crying
Sleeping in
What prom? Already forgotten
Meeting your date for lunch

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