Top prom movie moments: No. 1

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1. "Just One of the Guys" (1985)
Our vote for the greatest prom moment in a movie goes to the beach scene in "Just One of the Guys," starring Joyce Hyser and Billy Zabka (better known as Johnny from "Karate Kid" fame). The main character Terry Griffith (Hyser, left in photo), who is a woman, has been secretly posing as a high school guy at a crosstown high school in order to win an internship at a big daily newspaper. At the new school, she meets Rick Morehouse (Clayton Rohner, right in photo), who believes Terry is a newfound guy friend. Nope. And when he eventually finds out at the prom, well ... that's the top moment in our book. Hands down.
Can we please take a moment to honor Billy Zabka ... just a great cinematic bully?