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Do you have photos from a club event or party that you want to post online? DO IT NOW!

Note: We have a photo tool that allows you to post your photos on yourself. You MUST fill out your own photos captions. Don't forget!

When you upload your photos, be sure to include:
  • Name of your promotion company or event
  • The date and location of the party
  • The names of people in the photo
  • Step-by-step directions on uploading your photo:

    1. Go to
    2. Click "sign in" in the upper right corner (red text). Sign in using your own account. You'll be brought to a page where you create new photo albums.
    3. Click "create a new collection" -- Collection is just a genre, it's up to you to decide how you want to organize your photos. You may have a "collection" called "parties" where you keep all your photo galleries together. Fill in the collection name and then a description if desired.
    4. Then click "add gallery" on the middle, left hand side. Name the gallery and then pick a category (in this case Misc) from the dropdown menu.
    5. Now you need to "upload" all your photos. Click upload on the far right and you'll be taken to the multi-file uploader so you can upload a bunch of photos. If you'd rather do them one at a time that option is there as well. Assuming you choose the multi-file uploader, click "add files" on the right and then select the photos from wherever you've saved them. Presumably from your desk top or another folder on your machine.
    6. Once you've selected the photos, click "upload files." When the screen refreshes, you should see small versions of the photos on your screen.
    7. Click on one of the photos and you'll be taken to a new screen that allows you to write in caption text. Fill in the caption if you wish, and then click "save and open next photo" and go through your gallery and add in the captions.
    8. You're done! Go to this page to see your new gallery:

    This is a new section for, so if you have any questions, comments, or need some help navigating through the site, please e-mail to
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