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August 23, 2007 -- Christopher Muther

Looks from the men's Spring/Summer 2008 collection by Dior in Paris. (AP Photo/Jacques Brinon)
Christopher Muther is a staff writer for the Boston Globe's Thursday Style & Arts section and a recovering Chess King shopper. He answered readers' questions about men's fall fashion and other sartorial queries.
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Christopher_Muther: Welcome! Let's talk men's fashion
Christopher_Muther: Ok, we can also talk about lady's fashions too. I'm getting ready for Fashion Week in NYC, so I'm feel very fashion-forward. Questions?
rog__Guest_: what color's are in for men in the fall?
Christopher_Muther: This fall is all about gray.. and lots of it. Not dark gray, but light charcoal. The look is about head-to-toe gray.
Christopher_Muther: Fortunately, most guys look good in gray.
rog__Guest_: thanks...good to know
Christopher_Muther: Chocolate brown, which was huge last winter, will still be around, and it's also a good look. You're very welcome
stylish_pete__Guest_: You had a lot about suits in today's paper. What do you think of the new Thom Browne suits.. worth the money?
Christopher_Muther: Good question, Pete. I had a chance to check out some of Thome Browne's Brooks Brothers collection first hand. It's very well-made. I'd say if you're ready to make an investment, and you can pull off a suit with flair, it's worth investigating.
rog__Guest_: anything new in men's fashion from Europe?
Christopher_Muther: There are a few things that showed up on the Milan runways this year.. most frightening of all is the return of pleated pants.
Christopher_Muther: I think it will be a while before they make a return to the States. At least I hope it's a while
Christopher_Muther: Indeed. I don't think most guys look in pleats. They make for awkward pouches of fabric.
rog__Guest_: why do you say that? you prefer plain flat fronts?
Christopher_Muther: sorry.. I answered without posting your question
Christopher_Muther: I think flat-front, fitted pants are much more flattering, and it's a cleaner, sharper look
rog__Guest_: I have a question about Bananna Rep...I like their clothes..the cost, styling,etc..but they dont push the envelope and their clothes are for a certain generation..where would you shop if you were over 35
Christopher_Muther: Gee.. 35 is a long way off for me. Let's see. If you're looking at the chains. I'm a fan of Club Monaco. Good casual clothes. Stylish and well-made.
Christopher_Muther: I'm a big fan of Uniform in the South End. It's an independently-owned store. Gary, the owner, is great about finding clothes that work for you.
rog__Guest_: for those over 35?
Christopher_Muther: Definitely.. you should be looking at buying a cardigan for this fall, and they have some nice sweaters there.
newchris__Guest_: HI, I'm new to town and was wondering: where's a good place in boston to shop for men's shoes that look good both in an office setting or on a night out
Christopher_Muther: Hey Chris. Shoes are definitely a challenge for guys here. Nordstrom is opening at the Natick Collection in two weeks, and they have a killer shoe department for men. It started as a shoe store in the Northwest before becoming a department store.
Christopher_Muther: Chris.. can you wear sneakers to work? If so, Diesel has some great combo shoe/sneakers that are great for work/night out.
newchris__Guest_: Thanks! There's also one down in Providence too, isn't there?
Christopher_Muther: There is, if you want to make a field trip. I've gone down many times just to check out the shoe department.
rog__Guest_: what do you typically wear to work?
Christopher_Muther: Hmmm. Interesting question. It all depends on the day. Sometimes I wear jeans and a track jacket if I'm just sitting and writing. If I'm on interviews or covering parties, I tend to get spiffed up.
newchris__Guest_: Yes, I can! Sometimes at least. Have been trying fun tie/sneaker combinations, but also need to do something more traditional sometimes.
Christopher_Muther: Yeah, traditional can be more tricky. I've been phasing out square-toe shoes and moving into more mature territory. But a cool pair of black Diesels could really rock. I am a huge fan of the tie/sneaker. and also do the suit/sneaker combo. Sharp!
rog__Guest_: your lucky..its shirt , tie and dress pants for me everyday
newchris__Guest_: BTW, I second what you said about Uniform, they're great (and I'm 36).
rog__Guest_: Do you think Nordsrom's in Natick..its still a mall, will have the same level of service they are known for elsewhere?
Christopher_Muther: I think they will. Especially given that this is a new market for them. They'll need to stand apart with service.
bex__Guest_: Hey, *I* think Uniform is great, and I'm a girl!
Christopher_Muther: There you have it.. three cheers for Uniform.
rog__Guest_: where is Uniform ? I'll be in the southend this weekend?
Christopher_Muther: It's on Tremont Street in the South End. Near the Boston Center for the Arts
Christopher_Muther: If you go in, ask for Gary and tell him that Chris from the Globe sent you.
Christopher_Muther: Of course, there are plenty of other cool stores for guys in Boston. I'd like to hear from you guys about some of your favorites too.
rog__Guest_: Great to know..I"ll check out uniform and 'drop' your name..maybe I'll get a discount...
Christopher_Muther: Lol.. I can't say you'll get a discount.
rog__Guest_: I have to get back to work...its been nice to talk to you about fashion. Keep up your great work. When is ladies fashion wk?
Christopher_Muther: Why thanks Rog. Kind of you to swing by. New York fashion week is starting Sept. 4. There are some guy's shows that week as well, which I'm excited for. Ducky Brown, John Varvatos
rog__Guest_: I like Hugo Boss at Copley ...
Christopher_Muther: Ditto on that. Kenneth Cole is also good. If you have a few extra dollars to spend, I'm also a fan of Reiss on Newbury Street.
Christopher_Muther: And if you're feeling super indulgent, Alan Bilzerian.
rog__Guest_: I guess you'll be heading down there for a busy wk. I'll enjoy reading your articles
rog__Guest_: thanks for the suggestions....I"ll look at uniform and reiss...
rog__Guest_: Bye ..thanks for the chat
jayzee__Guest_: What are some of the men's fashion faux pas that drive you crazy?
Christopher_Muther: Is this the jay-z? Nice!.
Christopher_Muther: We can start with pleated khakis
Christopher_Muther: for the longest time, I couldn't even look at flat-front khakis, but I've come around
Christopher_Muther: Other things: Cell phones worn on belts.
Christopher_Muther: Tevas, Crocs.. OK, Jay-Z, I could go all day. I think I hear Beyonce calling. She's having troubles with her blouse.
bex__Guest_: Are facial hair styles cyclical? Is the three-day-stubble look still in? Was it ever "in"? (I like it, if done right)
Christopher_Muther: A lot of bros are still rocking the Grizzly Adams look. I think fuller beards on younger guys definitely works.
Christopher_Muther: Stubble really needs to be balanced. If you're going to wear stubble, I think the rest of you should be fairly neat. Otherwise, it just looks like you're too lazy to shave.
jayzee__Guest_: I'm thinking about buying a new suit.. any suggestions?
Christopher_Muther: With the new suits, more is less. Buy a suit with no more than two buttons. Three-button suits are fading fast.
Christopher_Muther: I mean less is more
Christopher_Muther: that's the last time I start drinking mai-tais in the middle of a chat.
Christopher_Muther: Also. if your a slender guy, think about buying a fitted suit. It doesn't need to be tight, but it should fit you without being baggy.
bex__Guest_: What do you think about vents on a suit jacket -- does "less is more" apply there?
Christopher_Muther: I think the vent question is usually decided by body type. If there's a lot of junk in the trunk, it's a good idea to have a vent, otherwise, the jacket won't fit correctly. But if you're a skinny guy, I'd say you can skip it.
ricky__Guest_: Who do you think is the best-dressed man? Esquire said it was Tom Brady.
Christopher_Muther: Ah yes, Papa Tom. He's a handsome guy, and certainly looks good in his clothes, but, I wouldn't say he's the best-dressed dude on the planet.
Christopher_Muther: Someone with a real sense of style, like George Clooney, ranks high. I'm also a fan of individuals, like Rufus Wainwright. He dresses to express, which always wins big points in my book.
Christopher_Muther: OK everyone, thanks for stopping by. You can always e-mail me at if you have more questions, or fashion concerns. Stay stylish.
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