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Nordstrom is a hit

By Suzanne Ryan
04:26 PM

I finally made it out to the Natick Collection today. It was worth the drive.

I took one step into Nordstrom and discovered a pair of Prada shoes for KIDS! How cool is that?
They had Michael Kors and Kenneth Cole, all for kids. Talk about putting Stride Rite to shame.

The women's designer collection was equally enchanting. I grew up in California and have never been a big Nordstrom fan. Today I changed my mind. Even the stuffy old St. John selection was stunning. And the Yves Saint Laurent collection was to die for (even if the dresses were over $1,000 a pop).

The shoe department, of course, was insanely large. (Nordstrom began as a shoe store).
They have every designer and non-designer you can think of. The sales staff is so big, there's a guy running around with a microphone announcing when a woman is waiting for service. Take that Saks Fifth Avenue.

When you finally step out of Nordstrom, the rest of the new wing of the mall is equally fun. There's Stil, Juicy Couture and the Apple Store. Neiman Marcus opens this week. The entrance has red lights all over it and is sort of glowing in anticipation.

The ceiling is all glass and there are strips of artwork hanging from it. Very relaxing. Even the carpeting is plush.

It's striking when you finally reach the old mall section. It's sort of a non event. There's Lord & Taylor and the Gap and yada yada. Of course, these stores are affordable. Just not exciting.

Happy shopping. It's worth the drive.

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